Friday, February 04, 2011

Four For Friday

At this point in time, I am about $534 short of the goal, but really want to reveal all ten blind items on Monday so hope you will keep hitting the button to the left. Thanks again!

#1 & #2- This used to be B list actress, but now probably a C. Our actress has always been kind of odd. She was on a very hit show. Like one of the most hit shows ever. It ended last year and since it has ended she has spent some time in a mental health facility.

#1 - actress
#2 - show

#3 & #4- STD at 16. This A list tweener, but without the name recognition of some of the Disney stars was dating a cameraman from her show. He is about 15 years older than her. So, not only was he committing statutory rape he also gave her an STD she will have forever.

#3 - tweener
#4 - show

Random Photos Part Three

Apparently Billy Crudup only likes the number one position so I put him on top.
Bruno Mars entered into a plea deal for his coke bust. No jail and no permanent record if he is good.
Chelsy Davy is back in England and headed to Prince Harry. Looks like she is going to stay awhile.
Colin Farrell and the performers of "O."
Cheryl Hines does that whole Taylor Swift thing.
Cee-Lo looks to be headed for some hunting after the event.
Amy Smart canoodling with Carter Oosterhouse.
Drew Brees at a party.
When you don't want to have anyone know it is you and what you are ashamed to be wearing.
When you combine your love of horses and high fashion.
The haute couture version of surgical masks.
To show your love of toilet bowls.
That has to keep slipping all night.

Random Photos Part Two

I can't help it, I am a sucker for Hangover like movies so want to see Cedar Rapids even if it does have Anne Heche in it. At least Ed Helms is in it too.
Is that a wink or has Heidi Klum gone wonky eyed?
Hayden P out and about and trying to live down what is going to be an awful movie that she made about Amanda Knox.
Jenna Leigh shows off her new lingerie line to Alex & Simon. Yeah, when do you think Simon last pretended he cared what kind of lingerie Alex was wearing?
Jennifer Lopez wins the fake smile of the day award.
Jodie Sweetin and her new boyfriend, the Unabomber.
Kim Kardashian now has a jewelery line. Great. Leo & Tom Hardy watch the Lakers get beat last night.
For a second I thought Miley Cyrus was calling herself an American Legend.
Michael Emerson, Carrie Preston and a very cute dog.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

This is how you and your plate should look after every meal. I am very jealous.
Maria Menounos tries her hand at rapping.
Naomi Campbell laughs at her boyfriend's jellyfish sting.
Pregnancy time with Natalie Portman and
The looks like Spiderman is having sex photos of the day.

Terrell Owens and a really big bottle of vodka. I'm drooling right now. Food and booze all in the same group of photos.
Umm, Tori, don't let Paris know you can have a goat.

Hef Says Kimberly Conrad Cheated

In a new interview, Hugh Hefner says that while he was married to Kimberly Conrad that he remained faithful but that she did not. Previously everyone assumed they got divorced because he was 100 years older than her and Viagra had not been invented yet. But, it turns out they got divorced because she was unfaithful. Hef says that after the divorce he overcompensated by having multiple girlfriends. Uh huh. Hef told the NY Times that this time he is getting married and it will last forever. Well, it is not like he is going to live 30 more years or something so I can say that is probably accurate.

Gisele Bundchen Thinks Sunscreen Is Poison

Gisele Bundchen has opened her mouth again and I think everyone just wishes she would stay quiet. Either that or just combine her thoughts with The Goopster and be a full-time contributor to GOOP. That way we could get out all our laughs at one convenient place each week.

Gisele says she does not use any sunscreens and would not use them on her baby either. She says she does not believe in anything that is not natural and that she thinks sunscreen is poison. Then how come she is always on the beach and in bikinis? Well, if you believe her it is because she only exposes herself to the sun prior to 8am. Uh huh. Meanwhile she has ticked off all cancer experts around the world who say there is nothing poisonous about sunscreen and if you don't wear it you are asking for cancer.

Gisele made the comments as she released her own line of skin care products that are organic and natural and presumably full of poisons.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This one’s a little too gross, we almost didn’t share. This A/B list, film mostly, British actress is a little self-obsessed or else a little nasty. She saved some of her tonsilloliths (google it, we had to) at the request of a fan who was willing to pay big bucks for them. He saved them in a little vile around his neck and calls them “Pearls of [Actress name].” Say it with us, YUCK!

Your Turn

Your pick for the big game on Sunday, or are you even going to watch it?

Amber Portwood Calls Police On Gary Shirley

All has been relatively quiet on the Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley front for the past few weeks, until now. Radar is reporting that Amber called the police because Gary was allegedly harassing Amber and that she could hear Gary's girlfriend in the background also doing the same thing. There is a no contact order between the two so if Gary was calling her then he would be in violation of that order. So much drama. I can only imagine what that little girl thinks about all of this everyday. Each day that goes on like this is another day that the girl will probably be permanently damaged.

Gabriel Aubru Hates When People Call Nahla Black

Today was TMZ's turn in the war between Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry. That of course means today is the day Gabriel gets to look bad. On Monday, Radar will probably take their turn and make Halle look bad. TMZ says that Gabriel goes absolutely nuts whenever anyone calls Nahla black. The report goes on to say that whenever Gabriel reads a report saying that Nahla is black he always wants Halle to do something about it and get a retraction and have the article refer to Nahla as white. Who cares if she is black or white or mixed? She is a gorgeous kid who should just be loved regardless of what color she is. If she is called black, who cares? Just love your child and move on.

Another Political Sex Scandal

I'm pretty convinced that the only people who have more sex scandals and affairs other than celebrities are politicians. The National Enquirer is reporting that John Boehner, who is the new Speaker Of The House has been having an affair with not one, but two different women. They claim that one of the women is a lobbyist and the other woman is a former press secretary. Boehner has been married for 37 years, but when you read the story it sounds like the two do not spend much time together and live separate lives. The National Enquirer actually called Boehner's wife and she would not discuss their personal life. That to me does not really sound like a denial.

Real Housewives

I know, I know, where is the Real Housewives Beverly Hills post so everyone can talk smack? Well, you can write your comments in this post. As much as I'm dying to see part 2 of the reunion show, I have been really busy and it is just sitting there on my DVR waiting for me, calling out to me like a tequila at noon on a Friday afternoon. Oh, you sweet sweet drink. I am going to savor this last episode of the show like that first Krispy Kreme donut after going without for two days and watch it this weekend. Feel free to say what you want though about it, the surprises will not be ruined for me and I can never get enough.

Now, as for New York, Bravo had to change things up a bit because the premiere episode was so boring. They are all going to be boring and useless after Beverly Hills. Bravo should just give up right now. The problem with any of the cities is that after awhile, anything the woman does is something that is associated with the show. That is because they don't have as much money as the Beverly Hills women and so are always out there in the public eye and always stirring things up. I think that with the Beverly Hills group, you will not see much of them until the next season. They don't need the money so there won't be too many appearances. The exceptions will be Kyle who loves this whole spotlight thing on her and Camille who despite not needing the money is addicted to this drug called fame. Speaking of Camille she is going to be $#*! My Dad Says.

And at the top of the page is the cast of Miami.

NY Post Blind Items

Which New York princess used her considerable p.r. power to cover up a trip to rehab a few months after her wedding? .

Which male magazine editor made his girl friend have an abortion be cause he wasn't ready to settle down? .

Which mega-rich mogul shocked diners at a top New York restaurant when he left celebrity guests at his table and locked himself in the loo with his wife?

Tara Reid Makes Movies In Her Mind

I don't know about you, but when I wake up and go to work it is bad enough that I don't need to daydream about working some more on things that don't exist. I mean who sits around and dreams up having to do more TPS reports and wishing they could? Well, in the acting world it is a little different and to keep her name out there and relevant, Tara Reid said the other day that she is going to start working on The Big Lebowski 2 very soon. Umm, this was all news to the Coen brothers who are very excited to watch it when it comes out. Just Tara being Tara. Who would even want her back? Find someone else. Oh, and she is also going to make American Pie 4 this year. Umm, last I checked they were already on like number 7. It has more lives than Police Academy Movies. I do think Eugene Levy has been in every one though kind of like the guy who made all the voices and sounds was in all the Police Academy movies. Tara needs to go back to doing what she does best. Drinking and partying and finding rich guys who want to sleep with her.

Miley Cyrus Gets 5th Tattoo - Up To A Pack A Day Habit Now

Now that Miley Cyrus is 18, she is doing pretty much everything she can to run away as fast as she can from her Hannah Montana image. The other day day she revealed tattoo number 5 and according to her she is going to get at least one or two a year, which means that when she is 30, she will be looking very similar to Kat von D, but with a worse tobacco habit. Now that she is 18, Miley does not hide her cigarette habit. What used to be a few smokes only when she was locked away from the paps has turned into a full blown one pack a day habit that has sometimes been two. A word of advice Miley. Your voice is pretty raspy as it is, and you have no discernible acting talent so you might want to lay off the cigarettes so that way you might be able to hit the casino circuit in a few years and make some money.

What I suggest is switching to chewing tobacco. That way you can smack gum or be spitting pretty much all day and the only thing you have to worry about then are your teeth falling out or losing part of your mouth.

Ted C Blind Item

As we discovered yesterday, the Oscar-winning Vice crowd is gearing up not just for the Academy Awards, but for their not-so-private, scandalous crescendos, as well! Jeez, do these folks deal with the strain of competition by resorting to their bad habits even more than usual?

Kinda the same way Charlie Sheen copes with the rigors of being the world's highest paid television star by engaging in habits that cause his teeth, cars and sobriety to disappear?

Yep. And you're about to read about the gay equivalent of sordid Mr. Sheen:

Meet Dick Wadd, Oscar-nominated scumbag who doesn't live in L.A. full-time. Therefore, he needs an impossibly snooty hotel to stay in when he's in town—as he has been, lately, for tons of Academy-Award-type events.

And just as Dick's counting on winning the big gold Feb. 27, he's also relying on the playthings that help him survive a Hollywood stay, which has never been one of his favorite things (Dick thinks he's slumming it, really, when he visits the West Coast).

So, Mr. Wadd always has the higher-up worker bees at his temporary address manage a few necessities for him. You know, just the usuals: drugs, male hookers, more drugs and...more male hookers. See, straights like Sheen aren't the only dumbos who live this way! Only difference is Dick likes his boys young and fresh, unlike Charlie, who seems to like his girls more on the partied-out side, let's say.

Indeed, it's gotten so bad, the unlucky employees who are forced by Wadd to do his illegal bidding have gone to their bosses to complain.

Result? "We don't want to know." Meaning: We value our high-profile client's stays with us more than your distaste with silly little things like prostitution and cocaine runs.

Wadd would have it no other way. The only thing he enjoys more than his debauched requests is the extreme discomfort he knows these arrangements cause the people who provide them. He really is true to his moniker—and then some.

It Ain't: Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth, Christian Bale


Today is the last day for the donation drive and that little button on the upper left. I want to thank everyone who has contributed or sent words of encouragement. Over the next three weeks I will be passing along more information about the show. Thanks to everyone who has offered to help on the show too. All of you are wonderful. Today, for the last day of the drive, I thought I would reveal a blind item for every $100 received. So, if it were like the other day, there would be 15 blind items that I would reveal on Monday morning. The goal though is more modest. $1000 and 10 blind items is the goal. That would bring the total for the week to $3000. Thank you again!!!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Today's Blind Items

#1 - This B- list television actress has a bit of a drinking problem. This is very evident. What is not well known is that she can't get any new work now because her nose candy problem is getting out of hand. Oh, and she is not married. Don't want you to confuse her with some other drunk actress.

#2 - I did not believe it was possible. Yes, this B list television actress who has been around since her pre-teens has been cheating on her recent husband since even before they got married. I always thought he was oblivious, even when it was mentioned in this space, but it turns out he might know after all because he is having sex with this A list Academy Award winner/nominee actress who also has a significant other.

Random Photos Part Two

Maria Schneider - RIP
You just know from that look that Ally Hilfiger has been a blind item.
I would never recognize Aubrey O'Day unless you told me who she was.
Adam Sandler gives Oprah some lingerie.
Beyonce in New York
The Black Eyed Peas getting ready for the SuperBowl.
Chris Rock at a Knicks game.
A great group of women. Donna D'Errico, Jennifer Tilly, Amanda Plummer and Claire Fordham.
Ginnifer Goodwin and Hilary Swank.
Chris Martin's parents have split.
Hilary Duff in Paris at the same
time as her ex honeymoons with his wife.
INXS - Perth
Justin Bieber at the premiere of his movie in New York with LA Reid.
Deborah Norville also showed up.


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