Friday, February 19, 2010

Four For Friday - Celebrity Employers

#1 & 2 - This foreign born still A list model/reality star and her foreign born celebrity husband have lots of employees. The thing is they treat them all very, very well. Not a day goes by where they don't send someone on their staff a letter, card or e-mail which tells them how much they are appreciated. It's the little things.

#3 & 4 - At the opposite end of the spectrum is this couple which consists of a foreign born B list movie actress and her former A list movie actor husband. Not only do they regularly berate their employees and yell at them, but the actress loves to have what she calls cleaning days. Not cleaning one of their homes mind you, but cleaning out all of their employees. As in firing them all. Her other special thrill is firing someone right before they are scheduled to go on vacation.

Random Photos Part Three

Lionel Jeffries - RIP
If you have an extra $4M kicking around and want to buy Ashlee Simpson's house, now is your chance. Although she and Pete Wentz live there, Ashlee bought it before they got married.

I think this might be the first time in Shape's history they added weight to a cover model. Oh, and of course you can also learn about the hot sex tip all women are talking about. Do tell, please.
Three more weeks until Alice In Wonderland.
The betting money is that is Knox that Brad is holding, but no one really knows for sure. Zahara always cracks me up.
Brooke Shields gives runway tips to the models.
Denise Richards' car broke down on her birthday. Sucks for her. Of course it could be some porn fantasy that Charlie wanted to act out with her.
Well well, it is Duncan Sheik. He is standing next to Jake Hoffman.
David Walliams and James Corden get busy for the cameras.
Geri Halliwell posing before hitting the runway.
And after.

Random Photos Part Two

Ed Westwick listens in to Hayden P and Rosario Dawson while Ashley Olsen slouches. She looks 100 the way she is slouching. I also think the rumors are true that Hayden P got some new breasts.
Speaking of breasts, I'm not sure that this fan is age appropriate to be seeing the pictures in that photo spread of Ines Sainz.
Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake at another Fashion Week event.
Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton - New York City
In the I don't know what to do with my hair so I will just throw it in a big pile on my head photo of the day is Kaley Cuoco.
Maria Bello and Kristen Stewart. Kristen says she is going to be a presenter at The Academy Awards and that Breaking Dawn is still not 100% confirmed yet. Really? She says pretty certain but not 100%. I find that hard to believe.
Out in front of the countdown clock in downtown Vancouver that now appears to be counting up, are Michael Phelps and Alexandre Bilodeau. Michael wanted to show Alexandre what gold medal winners should do so after the photo they went and hit on strippers. No, just kidding. Well, kidding about Alexandre.
Still one of the coolest men alive. Michael Stipe.
Also fairly cool are Pierce Brosnan, The Edge and Ewan McGregor.
Penelope Cruz on a French television show.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Although I love the new hair color for the Princess, I kind of wish she would have at least put on a clown nose for this photo. Is it not royal to do that?
Russell Crowe when he was about 22.
Have you noticed that since that whole Jake Gyllenhaal thing ended that Reese is always smiling. Of course it could be just that new guy in her life, but whatever it is, she has not stopped smiling.
Sadie gets to ring the opening bell at the NYSE.
I think the earth stopped for a second. Scarlett J is smiling.
I'm going to take a guess that either Seth Meyers doesn't have an assistant or this is his way of working out. I noticed that he is standing in front of Juicy Couture. So, imagine this same picture, but with Lindsay Lohan holding the bag and the caption would go something like this. Lindsay looks around to see if she is spotted while making her getaway and next month's rent money.
Tokio Hotel in San Remo.
Kate Moss and Trudie Styler do a breath check. As usual, Kate smelled like booze and left over Pete Doherty
William Hurt. Great actor, terrible person. Here he is with a first timer to the photos, Eddie Redmayne.
One of my favorite photos of the day. Yasmin Le Bon, Manolo Blahnik and Elizabeth Saltzman.

Tila Tequila In Australia

In case you have been wondering why it has been so quiet for the past few days on the Tila Tequila front it is because she is in Australia. Now, the Aussies are getting to experience Tila front and center and are getting to hear all of her wild ramblings live. She is even recycling old stories because apparently she must think they have not heard them all before. Tila was on a radio station in Australia and Char was kind enough to e-mail me the link.

In the interview she says she is still on track to be the US Ambassador to Vietnam within the next three years. Previously it was going to be next month but I guess with the pregnancy thing and the adoption that she needed to put it off for awhile. Even though she maybe had a miscarriage, she didn't deny that she was still pregnant either. When asked whether she was pregnant, Tila responded by saying, "Yes, I am glowing." She is still adopting a baby boy and apparently is also filming a new reality show and lots of networks are hoping to fight over it. Honestly, as much as she is a train wreck, I have to say that following her around with a camera makes a whole lot more sense than some other reality shows. What I wish they would do in her case is set up cameras in her house Big Brother style and let her go about her day. I think people would be riveted to their televisions and computers just waiting to see what she did next.

If you want to listen to her interview or an interview with Wolfmother then take a listen.

Your Turn

With the Winter Olympics in full swing, I thought I would take this opportunity to ask you about your favorite Olympic sport. It can be summer or winter. I will even take a favorite Olympic moment (Miracle on Ice for me). Heck I will even take your favorite story even slightly related to the Olympics like you got engaged during them or something. I'm sure you will think of something.

UFO Documents Released

I have problems sleeping so I often listen to Coast To Coast. Therefore I get a full dose of UFO and other conspiracy theories. Although I am not sure I believe most of what is said on the program, they do make you think. Well, the UK Government who has always taken an interest in UFO's released lots of formerly classified documents about UFO sightings and it has all been compressed into this great two minute video. Definitely worth your time.

Dear Richard

Dear Richard,

I had to drop you a little note from here in Los Angeles. I recently had the most interesting flight. Obviously because it was interesting, it was not your airline that I flew. I instead flew Air Canada. On Monday I had just spent a weekend in Vancouver at the Winter Olympics where I got to see some hockey and curling. Did you know that it actually has nothing to do with styling hair? In fact, the best curler in the world barely has any hair. Hello Kevin Martin. Anyway, I had just finished my complimentary glass of champagne. Yes, Richard, they provide free alcohol. On your planes it is a necessity, but on this flight it was a luxury.

I was seated next to an interesting man who I thought was the founder of Blu-Ray DVD's. It turns out though I misunderstood his name. It is actually Sky Blu. Isn't that a vodka? Ahh, Richard, there is nothing quite like the taste of an ice cold vodka martini, but I digress. Anyway, we were just discussing his job which appears to be as a rapper for the group LMFAO. I have seen the term, but don't think I can share its meaning even in correspondence. I fear it is a bit bold and racy.

As my companion settled into his tale, he leaned his seat back. Well, the man seated directly behind him took great offense to this and told my seating companion in no uncertain terms to out it back up immediately. As the plane had not begun to move and the door to the plane was still open, I saw no reason for this brashness, however the man was not to be denied. When the seat was not returned to its normal position, the man behind my companion who is named Mitt Romney and apparently ran for President, reached around and grabbed Sky's shoulder. Sky knocked the man's hand away. The man then called for assistance and almost immediately Vancouver police were on the plane and dragging my companion off the plane. While I was grateful for the additional room, I must say I found it all a bit disturbing. Not as disturbing as the food you serve on your airline, but disturbing none the less.

I found some video of the incident Richard and am sending you the link. I wish you good day.

Tiger Woods - If You Are Bored

I want you to know that I sat through all 21 minutes of this video for you including 13 minutes of Tiger Woods droning on repeatedly about how sorry he was for sponsors pulling their contracts with him. Oh, except for Nike who immediately came out with a statement that basically said, "we still love you Tiger. Lap dances on us."

Breaking sports news video. MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL highlights and more.

Brangelina Staging Photos - Why?

The NY Post has a report today from an unidentified source. I'm guessing from the tone it is probably that Ian guy or one of his people. In the report it says that all these photos we are seeing of Brangelina and their brood in Venice are staged so people will know they are together. OK, here is my thing about that.

Why? Who cares? Let us take a step back and think about this for a second. Whether you are a couple that is happy together or about to split up why would you want to stage photos? If you are happy, why do you need to show the world you are happy? Every tabloid in the entire world can say you are about to split, but if you are happy that is all that matters. Why do you need to appease anyone by staging photos? I won't say the photos aren't staged, but it might just be to keep them in the spotlight and have nothing to do with showing they are a couple, because I don't think they really care what people think about that. Also, it could just be they are in a country that is fun and their kids are excited to see and they are being good parents and playing tourist. What is wrong with that?

Whoa Whoa Whoa I Smell A Rant

There I was eating a fried egg and bologna and cheese sandwich. I know, I know, but man cannot live on bacon alone. There is nothing quite like the taste of fried processed meat in the morning combined with cheese and and a fried egg. Anyway, as I was eating it, I saw that the woman who had sold her story about having sex with Ashley Cole to The Sun had been identified (above picture). She had previously been anonymous. While I was debating whether or not to show her picture in Random Photos, I read the the accompanying article and I could not believe what I was reading.

Get this. The woman works for a rival soccer team. She works for Liverpool which is owned by an American who let Alex Rodriguez get away with taking steroids but that is for another day. Anyway, it says that the club is deciding whether or not she should be fired for bringing the club into disrepute.

"We are aware of the story and will examine the facts to see if they have any bearing on the club."

This pisses me off. I shouldn't have to get this upset on a Friday morning. Did she have sex with a married guy? Yes. Is she a home wrecker? Yes, but so is Ashley Cole. It takes two people to have sex. I didn't see Ashley Cole exactly saying no now did he. So, is Chelsea going to cut or fire Ashley Cole? Are they going to let him go for bringing the club into disrepute? Hell no because he brings them revenue and helps them win games. They will continue to pay him an obscene amount of money and just say something like boys will be boys. Meanwhile, the woman in all of this might get fired and lose her job for having sex. There is something seriously f**ked up with this. Yes, she went to The Sun, but not for a very long time and only after Ashley's sexting messages were discovered. She didn't seek out the media. They sought her out.

It is disgusting that she might lose her job for this while Ashley Cole gets to keep on f**king who he wants when he wants with no repercussions. Sure, his wife is going to divorce him, but when she came back to him after the last affair and the one before that and the one before that no one ever fired him.

Mooshki - Movie Review - Hot Tub Time Machine

‘Hot Tub Time Machine’

Plot summary: Four guys go to a ski resort, get wasted in a hot tub and wake up as themselves in 1986. (Well, 3 of them as their younger selves - the fourth hadn’t been born yet in ‘86, so he goes back as his 2010 self.)

I love John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Lizzy Caplan, Craig Robinson and Crispin Glover, and I love ‘80s nostalgia (as long as they don’t bring back the fashion - for the love of god, people!) but this movie didn’t blow me away. I think it suffered by comparison to ‘The Hangover.’ I did laugh quite a bit, but it wasn’t ‘hard-to-breathe-clutch-your-gut’ laughter. Also, most of the ‘80s gags we’ve seen before. “Oh look! It’s a giant cell phone!”

Rob Corddry is the Zach Galifianakis equivalent, and he was funny, just not quite as funny. Part of the problem was that half of his jokes were gay jokes. “Oh my god, he’s getting naked in front of other guys!!! He must be gay! Hahahaha!” (Or not.) Not to get all pc on you, but most of it was ‘straight white guy’ humor, not ‘funny for anyone’ humor. Chevy Chase’s character was pretty much a waste. There were, of course, some ‘Back to the Future’ references, but I wish they had utilized Crispin more for that, although his character is one of the best parts of the movie. Clark Duke was also great. I hadn’t heard of him before this, but I think he’s going to have a solid career ahead of him. The rest of the cast - good, but I’ve seen them better.

My favorite things: “Two dollars,” “I write Stargate fanfiction,” and including “I Will Dare” by the Replacements in the soundtrack.

So, basic review: good but not great. I think it’s worth seeing at a matinee, or definitely as a rental, but I wouldn’t pay full price for it. (Release date: March 26th)

National Enquirer Up For A Pulitzer

The Pulitzer Prize Board has decided that the National Enquirer is eligible to win an award for their reporting on the John Edwards scandal. As a result, they are nominated for Investigative Reporting and National News Reporting. This isn't the first time The Enquirer has broken major news stories but it is the first time that old time, mainstream journalists have conceded that The Enquirer is eligible to compete for the award. From now on, they will not have to go through the approval process but will be able to submit their nominations. To me it should be a lock they win an Investigative Reporting award. It should also shame every single other news organization in the world that even when The Enquirer placed the story in their laps, the mainstream media still didn't want to report on the story because it had originated with The Enquirer and considered beneath them or suspect or something. If not for The Enquirer it is entirely possible that John Edwards would have been Vice-President or Attorney General.

Oh, and in some of their latest reporting on Edwards, The Enquirer says that John Edwards has been hitting on women frequently lately but still wants to marry Rielle Hunter. He doesn't want to marry her for love though. Nope. He wants to marry her so she can't testify against him in a federal trial.

Ted C Blind Item

The may not be swingers like Secretia Ohio and Chester Shorts-Off, but Henrietta Hard-Ball and her blandly good-looking husband, Elijah Schwad, have a convenient relationship when it comes to sex.

Like so many famous couples.

Henrietta's allowed to pursue (with ferocious abandon, mind you) her high-powered career, as long as Elijah takes care of the family and the home. It's an arrangement that's served both spouses well, for many reasons.

But ah, the only reason that causes us to really care about her is the one that makes Elijah happy. Can you guess what it is? A little bed-time dynamic that might make even Toothy Tile jump for joy?

Yep, you guessed it (otherwise you're reading the wrong column, really), Elijah lives to get it on with the dudes.

But like so many selfish men—is there any other kind?—Elijah also wanted a happy home and a family, so he brokered a deal with the attractive, driven Henrietta, who's about as interested in sex these days as Lindsay Lohan is in working.

So both kinda fake-married folks get what they want—a career for her, a harem of hotties for him.

What's even more interesting about this scenario is the fact that Henrietta and Elijah don't have your typical celeb following. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick they are not.

Let's just say that one of them works in a business that is mercilessly driven by what Middle America deigns right and wrong. If anybody in this corn-fed fanbase the kinky twosome so direly depends on ever got wind of the debauched details in the couple's sex arrangement, life would be over for them both—in seconds.

Hmmm. That's quite a gamble, wonder why either of them are even taking it?

Oh, that's right, Henrietta's never been known to see anything close to reason, completely forgot.

AND IT AIN'T: Gisele and Tom Brady, Mo'Nique and Sidney Hicks, Michelle and Barack Obama

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today's Blind Item - From Fashion Week

This former A list rock singer and now a shell of his former self was given a seat in the front row of a show. When he saw who he was going to be seated next to he yelled out, "I don't want to sit next to no f**king fa**ots. What made this even more shocking was his reputation for f**king anything male or female when he used to tour. Of course he wouldn't ever admit to being with guys but he always had a "valet" on tour who did a lot more than press our singer's clothes.

Random Photos Part Three

If you get the number one album all over the world almost a quarter century after your last number one album, you get the top spot. I love Sade and I am really happy for her.
Andy Garcia and the world's longest scarf.
A very pregnant Amanda Peet in Berlin.
Someone apparently got Anna Wintour's Starbucks order wrong.
Maybe she and Michael Kors share the same gofer.
Bradley Cooper always looks happy to see the paps.
Britney Spears in her Candie's ad.
And an original un-airbrushed photo from the same shoot. Not that different at all.
Brangelina and the brood in Venice.
Whenever there is snow at the Bronx Zoo, someone goes out and takes animal pictures. I love them.

Does anyone else think Chace Crawford looks nothing like he did two years ago? It is like he is a different person. Here he is with Leighton Meester on the set of Gossip Girl.
Chris Elliott returns to Letterman.


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