Saturday, July 10, 2021

Blind Item #8 - Old Hollywood

This actress was A list and one of the first dual threat A list actresses. A multiple Emmy and Oscar winner/nominee, she really got screwed out of one Oscar. The fact she even had a career with the daily beatings she suffered at the hands of her drunken husband who stole all her money, is remarkable. After he broke several bones in her back, that is where he focused his beatings. She could barely even stand, but made movie after movie and show after show.

Blind Item #7

Remember last year when things got messy between this married A- list actress/host and her long time secret lover. He went public and exposed the marriage for what it is, a whole lot of smoke and mirrors. Because of that, the actress and her higher on the list husband made a deal with a couple that had been threatening to expose even more sordid details. Our acting couple didn't want to make the deal because they had already been scammed for nearly seven figures, but wanted no more details of their lives to leak.

Blind Item #6

This singer/choreographer for reality shows/former network reality contestant has a long history of scams cheating people out of tens upon tens of thousands of dollars. Filing a police report alleging theft is just another scam.

Blind Item #5

I know the foreign born former A+ list boy bander knows better. He had a crash course in fake with the A+ list singer. It feels as if he is trying to sabotage the actress/director he is "dating." He had his significant other with him when the pap photos were taken. 

Blind Items Revealed #4

July 1, 2021

Of course the former co-star/mistress was going to stick up for the old man rapist who used to be A list.

Phylicia Rashad/Bill Cosby

Blind Items Revealed #3

July 1, 2021

The Housewife can say whatever she wants, but at the time she was on the network reality show, she did hook up with her partner.

Erika Jayne Girardi/Dancing With the Stars/Gleb Savchenko 

Blind Items Revealed #2

July 1, 2021

Every few months, this makeup artist talks again about he has slept with very famous closeted men, but never names names. The reason is he knows they will now send him a check to stay quiet. 

Jeffree Star

Blind Items Revealed #1

July 1, 2021

This A list celebrity is full on spamming anyone on any of her email lists to try and sell the backlog of inventory she has. She sometimes sends as many as 3-4 emails a day.

Chrissy Teigen

Blind Item #4

The alliterate A list mostly movie actor should be more concerned about his marriage crumbling and his late nights with the celebrity CEO and not taking on a new quest, simply because he likes the attention.

Blind Item #3

Speaking of boy toys, this summer, this permanent A+ list singer said no to his husband about bringing along a porn star on their annual vacation. Two years ago, things got a bit out of hand with the husband and the porn star they selected and the amount of cocaine they went through.

Blind Item #2

I know the mogul likes to stay young by taking his yacht overseas and doing damage to the young men he finds along the way, but he is getting a ton of pushback from guys when he tries that here. Long gone are the days when he can just throw his name around and make people panic into taking his money. There were some really ugly incidents earlier this spring that have him unwelcome and unwanted here. Even his long time boyfriend from several years ago, has spoken out against the mogul and what has been happening.

Blind Item #1

Don't let one "date" fool you. The foreign born one named A+ list singer/rapper still likes them very young. He just thinks that if he has a shot at a NBA offspring, then he needs to find the woman who can do that for him. There will be money involved.

Friday, July 09, 2021

Blind Item #13

This A-/B+ list actress/host recently discussed her past substance abuse issues and specifically one movie in which she starred. She got that job because of her expertise in pegging. The A+ list star who made all the casting decisions was a huge fan.

Blind Item #12

Let me get this straight. The sister kept all of the advance for herself and used the singer's money to pay for the ghostwriter and then is going to keep all the money from the book sales for herself even though the book is mostly about the singer. Oh, and no mention of the producer knocking her up.

Blind Item #11

This perv producer of children's television hated having any people of color on his shows. It wouldn't shock me if he was part of the whole smear campaign against an actress.

Blind Item #10

In the late 90s Mexico had a serial killer who was targeting elderly women. The police's profile of the killer was all wrong/ They were looking a highly intelligent highly organized man who was dressing in women's clothing posing as a government worker. In reality, the killer was a woman who had been sold by her mother for three beers and was a Luchador. 

Blind Item #9 - Reader Blind

This A+ list Korean artist is from a group who used to the biggest boy band from 2012 to 2015, but nowadays they aren't that big anymore. This A+ list Korean artist is from the biggest girl group from the same time period. Their relationship was staged so a departure of a member of a Korean/Chinese boy band could be belittled. The person who departed is now being accused of being a pedophile by his ex-girlfriend. This subject is trending on Weibo, China's biggest social media site.  

Blind Items Revealed #5

June 29, 2021

Remember not that long ago when the alliterate talk show host had her water glass filled with vodka and you never knew what was going to happen on the show. That was nothing compared to what you will see on the A- list singer's new show. I'm sure the idea sounded good to some stan who gave the green light, but this will be train wreck television.

Wendy Williams/Demi Lovato

Four For Friday - Why Hello

Would you be surprised that this A+ list mostly movie actor hired a company to act as bodyguards for the actor and his profile visitors when visiting this Caribbean nation? Would you be surprised that the head of that company is the man who was arrested for the murder of the leader of that country. Would you be surprised that same man was the head of security for a foundation's personnel in the same country. The head of the foundation had the person recommended by the actor. The actor also personally reached out to the leader of this northern country and suggested the company to protect the people and Embassy of the northern country in the Caribbean nation. So, does this mean there is a war between the actor's interests and the wealthy bookseller and wealthy farmer who are on the opposite side of the struggle.

Your Turn

 Best/most interesting live sporting event you have been to.

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 30, 2021

This very fast rapper has been unable to "perform" with his singer "girlfriend" for much of the past two months. He tells her it is an illness.

A$AP Rocky/Rihanna

Blind Items Revealed #3

June 30, 2021

The comedian rapist decision has no legal precedent in a federal case, but it does show what can happen when someone is assured by the authorities they won't be prosecuted for something but then are. It is a similar situation to what the madam/procurer is facing now.

Bill Cosby/Ghislaine Maxwell

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 30, 2021

Speaking of drugs and actresses, this A- list mostly movie actress with at least one franchise is someone all of you know. She is out of the country and had a friend go buy drugs for her. The friend got busted. The actress doesn't need this getting back to her. The last thing she needs is more damage control.

Amber Heard

Blind Item #8 - Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver

The airport concierge who worked for an outlaw limo company at LAX had a major coke habit. He supplemented that habit by supplying nose candy to celebrity and super rich clients at the airport. His best customer was the celebrity offspring A list actress who likes to get married to older and younger men. She liked her blow available as soon as she got off the plane.

Blind Item #7 - Reader Blind

This nationally syndicated disc jockey with a peculiar voice affectation, has a second career in professional fireworks displays. There is a major annual fireworks event put on by a club in this desert vacation town, that he used to attend every year. He was one of the biggest spenders out there. Once, during a fireworks display, he ran out into the launch site to fix something he thought wasn’t working properly, and almost got himself killed. Rather than have his membership revoked (which would harm his career), he agreed to turn in his card voluntarily and quietly walked away.

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 30, 2021

Lots of buzz around town and north of the border town that this television superhero could be headed for divorce. She has definitely discussed it, but is hopeful that with the series ending that things can improve and also committed to at least trying to make it work because of the offspring. Is the husband as committed? That is the big question. It doesn't seem like it.

Melissa Benoist/Supergirl

Blind Item #6

Speaking of hockey players, everyone assumes this player from the winning team was drunk. Umm, more likely coke because that is what he loves.

Blind Item #5

This star of the losing Stanley Cup team has been hiding a secret for a few years. He went into a bar one night and then took a woman home. The next day his lawyer removed the security footage. Nine months later the woman this married NHL player took home, gave birth to a child. She has been paid money every month since to stay quiet. The woman is a police officer in the city.

Blind Item #4

You just know that this season, the always matchy match designer wearing Housewife loves not having the spotlight on her shady finances. There is also a buzz that her shady husband got another husband to invest into something which has promises of making lots of money but is just another way for the couple to make it look like they have many. Anyway, this is not about any of that, but rather that the Housewife announced a partnership with a bridal designer who is basically banned from doing business in several countries because of taking in thousands upon thousands for wedding dresses that cost a fraction of that amount and have been known to fall apart as soon as they are put on.

Blind Item #3

The online/television tabloid just continues firing on zero cylinders. With one executive being fired for horrible behavior, they have decided to make it old home week by hiring the same person who left the company before after being accused of plying her employees with drugs and alcohol and then having sex with them. Eventually someone will take notice of all these blinds and swoop in and report exactly what I have been saying for a long time. 

Blind Item #2

This B+ list celebrity/fraudster who is only famous because of who she is married somehow, for whatever reason said that her fraud is the equivalent of a trans youth committing suicide. 

Blind Item #1

This cable channel knew what was going on and didn't say anything because it would interfere with the filming of their show. The channel, more known for its made for television movies knew there was an underage girl living with the 60 year old something man and stayed quiet. Are they complicit in her sexual assault by the man that was the star of their show?

Thursday, July 08, 2021

Blind Item #12

 This celebrity campaign manager is using coke again. I guess the skimming is going well.

Blind Item #11

This real estate reality star beat his significant other really badly during a sex game gone wrong. He is living separate to them right now.

Blind Item #10

This former A list mostly movie actor still won't admit that if he had ignored his religious doctrine he would be 100% cured and living a totally normal life.

Blind Item #9

This A list dual threat actor who no one really likes and has a predator for a best friend and a fraudster for a wife, used a homophobic slur against someone again this past week.

Blind Items Revealed #5

June 30, 2021

The widow of this technology king who always had an edge to him says that people were jealous that he had such a thriving crypto farm and doing it all without having to pay any electricity bills. She says that just a short time after this much wealthier tech CEO came to visit the country is when the king got arrested.

John McAfee/Elon Musk/Spain

Today's Blind Items - The PPP Scam

This A list mostly movie actor who starred in a huge movie franchise and makes tens of millions of dollar per movie, had a possible brief stint in the armed forces, but never served in active duty formed a charity with then heiress girlfriend. 

The charity has been applying and receiving HUGE amounts of COVID money well over $100,000.  To make this worse the tax reports show the charity had nearly a million dollars in its bank account at the end of 2019.  During 2020 they continued to fundraise and did basically nothing for their audience minus some virtual old movie nights.  The two founders never made a statement even to express concern to military.  The actor's involvement with the charity was a brief anniversary event. He distances himself from the charity and says it is everyone else who works on it. He shows up once a year for a huge gala ball where all their friends get dressed up and think charitable thoughts. 

In 2020 during COVID, the only thing done by the charity was raise money. There were no distributions. They had a matching grant where they raised $200,000.  Fans of the actor donated over $90,000 on go fund me in a fan driven campaign. The charity had no connection but happily accepted the money in early 2020.  They hosted a private soiree early 2020 where it was $2500 per person.  They easily raised $400-500K during 2020 plus sponsorship money.  I'm estimating they easily raised 400-500K even during 2020 plus receiving sponsorships in the hundreds of thousands. 

So why is it this now seven employee charity org needs to apply for PPP loans when they no doubt have well over a million dollars in their cash reserves?  Obviously, they are legally entitled to apply but it's so unethical that an actor millionaire and his heiress wife receive these funds for his tag line and her vanity project.  Many American small business got shut out of PPP loans by celebrities.  

Your Turn

 What is the radio format you listen to most frequently?

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 30, 2021

Two things at play here. I don't think the permanent A+ list shock jock can handle 2+ months alone with the wife without the marriage collapsing. I also think it is 50/50 whether he reports back on time.

Howard Stern

Blind Items Revealed #3

 June 29, 2021

This A- list actress/director has seen her life fall apart since she went full in on the fake relationship thing.

Olivia Wilde

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 29, 2021

Speaking of thirsty, this former A- list actor who is still technically married to his actress ex, called the paps to come take some shots of himself and his girlfriend. There were no takers. They were too busy with other clients.

Brian Austin Green/Sharna Burgess

Blind Item #8

Instead of the multiple trips to see his drug dealer each day, which he knows people watch, the celebrity CEO pushed a proposal to the Los Angeles representative of this large Asian country. Couldn't they take some of the drugs they seize/manufacture and send them to him each month using diplomatic cover. He is serious too.

Blind Item #7

It is that time of the year when the back in the day female rapper reminds her statutory rapist/A+ list rapper of everything she knows. He then writes a check after reminding himself he could probably have her killed and no one would look that closely.

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 29, 2021

The singer/actress who is perpetually a victim to every man who has ever entered her life and tries to be the center of attention every chance she gets, somehow found a way to insert herself into the whole A list "singer" thing. Not the actual A lister herself, because lets be honest, she probably has no idea who the victim is, but reached out to a bunch of tabloids to tell them how she is helping the sibling of the singer. I feel like our perpetual victim must sleep with a hose in her mouth all night just to quench that thirst.

Jana Kramer/Britney Spears/Jamie Lynn Spears

Blind Item #6

In a recent court filing, the words made it seem like this permanent A list "singer" has a phone she can freely use to message or text anyone she likes, so how could she be a prisoner. It is a phone that is preprogrammed with about a dozen numbers. Those are everyone she is allowed to talk to. No one else.

Blind Item #5

While her sibling is a mess, this A-/B+ list celebrity offspring of at least one permanent A lister does as she is told by her parents, even when it looks so fake from the outside.

Blind Item #4

I'm surprised the police didn't come out to their house last night. This former A+ list rapper found out her husband was cheating on her again and there is supposedly a sex tape which is not what the rapper would have expected. She went after him hard last night.

Blind Item #3

Call me shocked to discover that the one named DJ who is racist and has a series of sexual assaults in his history is being sued for one of them. He won't care. No one will ever stop working with him. 

Blind Item #2

If you are a celebrity who is not a billionaire and therefore "immune" from pumping and dumping, then the next best thing is to get one of them on board with you. That is what this multiple Emmy Award winner/nominee actor is trying to do with the celebrity CEO.

Blind Item #1

It was a handy excuse to have a death in the family, but there would have been a baby with colic or jaundice if there wasn't a death. You can't control someone if they are not there. Not a good look for the ginger one. He has no mind of his own.

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Blind Item #10

A bodyguard had to use Narcan on this A list singer last week, so I'm guessing the sobriety isn't going that well.

Blind Item #9

While filming overseas, this A- lost actress/offspring berated a production assistant for bringing the actress a snack with carbs in it. You would have thought it was a life threatening poison by the reaction.

Blind Items Revealed #5

June 29, 2021

I always assumed this former A list mostly movie actress who stole an Oscar had deleted her Tweet using a racial slur. I was wrong. Nine years later and it is still there just as ugly as ever.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Today's Blind Items - The Bully

This entertainer/athlete/porn star/drug user has a Twitch channel has been known to hold ‘ban appeal’ segments, which are thinly disguised cyberbullying segments. Whether the ban is justified or not, she proceeds if any ban appeal comes in, to publicly bully the aforementioned user on her channel, and rally her community to gang up on them and bully them themselves, without regard to if the result drives any given user to suicide or not. It has happened at least twice so far that a suicide has occurred. It doesn’t matter if the ban was due to justifiable reasons such as creepy behavior/racism//bigotry etc, or something innocent like a misworded, respectful question. She triggers the ban button and then churns the affected users into her cyberbullying machine, Twitch refuses to act because she is a ‘celebrity’ and Twitch partner who makes money for them.   

She already was temporarily suspended from Twitch for DCMA for streaming a movie on her channel but apparently Twitch does not care about cyberbullying issues unless it is subject to a court case or a media onslaught. Twitch will care when they are named as a defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit.

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Actor/Actress who never got the acclaim/roles you thought they deserved

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 29, 2021

The A-list statutory rapist comedian who is now working more than ever, is trying to ruin the career of any lesser-known comedians who refuse to work on comedy nights featuring him.   The A-list comedian has even strong-armed lower profile shows into cancelling prior bookings featuring the lesser-known comedians 

Jeff Ross

Blind Items Revealed #3

June 28, 2021

First it was the in-law and now it is the sister who is trying to rewrite history. It wasn't even a year ago the sister was trying to grab as much free money as she could with a crooked scheme that was dropped the second a new team of lawyers came in with forensic auditors. 

Jamie Watson/Jamie Lynn Spears/Britney Spears

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 28, 2021

In one of his many unpublished manuscripts this former A list game show host/producer left behind upon his death, he says he is the one responsible for the death of the journalist/publisher/spy who has the offspring in jail awaiting trial.

Chuck Barris/Robert Maxwell/Ghislaine Maxwell

Blind Item #8

This former A list tweener actor turned A-/B+ list adult actor is living with a guy in his new home far from prying eyes.

Blind Item #7

This flash in the pan A list mostly movie actor who actually got to be top billed in a summer blockbuster is back to sexually assaulting random women again.

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 28, 2021

The aired story of this Housewife and her day of filing for divorce doesn't match documents filed under penalty of perjury. 

Erika Jayne Girardi/Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Blind Item #6

You mean a show that was cast almost in its entirety based on the casting couch and where partying was encouraged, sucks and is going to be canceled right away. Who would have thought that was possible.

Blind Item #5

This former A+ list tweener actress turned A- list adult singer got turned down by a woman this weekend and then made the woman feel really awful about it. 

Blind Item #4

She has yachted in the past and used to find friends to go with her when she did, but this time around this A list network reality star/host is husband shopping.

Blind Item #3

This A list host/producer/model crashed and burned in her last business endeavor and took millions of investor dollars with her, but sure, everyone should jump on her latest business.

Blind Item #2

This north of the border A list singer was supposed to be finished with an entire record by now. He is nowhere close thanks to all the drugs and partying he does on a daily basis.

Blind Item #1

This foreign born A-/B+ list model from a modeling family where she will never be highest on the list made nearly $1M over the course of about six weeks sleeping with men she meets on Instagram and OnlyFans.

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Blind Item #13

The offspring of this permanent A+ lister just filmed a gangbang scene where each actor was given the first name of her abusers from her youth. She called them out one by one.

Blind Item #12

The buzz is there were a large number of Russian mafia killings this past week or so and everyone who was killed is now "missing" in the rubble.

Blind Item #11

In the past I have written in this space about the former B+ list mostly movie actress with the unusual name and her love of witchcraft she got while in a movie. She has progressed to now sacrificing medium sized animals and there is a huge demand for her services. 

Blind Item #10

This foreign born A- list comic actress got what she wanted from her rich boyfriend and then dumped him. It wasn't the best look.

Blind Item #9

Nothing like the day when an A list singer turns 18 and remarkably finds love with the older guy who never showed an interest until the day she turned 18 even though they knew each other since she was about 13. 

Blind Items Revealed #5

June 28, 2021

Last year I repeatedly told you the former A+ list PED using athlete who loves strippers didn't have enough money to buy a baseball team even with the help of the A list everything in her mind. Despite months of saying the deal was just around the corner, you knew the truth and he bailed when his finances were questioned. A couple of months ago I told you that even though he was a tiny part of a new deal to buy a team in a different sport, he still didn't have the money to put up his share. And now? He is about to pull out of it.

Alex Rodriguez/New York Mets/Jennifer Lopez/Minnesota Timberwolves

Today's Blind Items - The Dictator

For the longest time, celebrities and singers have lined up to get checks from dictators who are horrible people. Whether it is the one named permanent A list singer who performed for the offspring of that Arab leader who was murdered, or the leader himself who paid to have this permanent A list singer group and solo perform for him. It is kind of funny that one of his offspring yachted with some of the same people even before she turned 18. Anyway, there is one leader who once paid several million to have the former A+ list rapper perform for him and then wanted his life forever memorialized so has gone to the former A+ list mostly movie director who now makes his living making fluff films for dictators. He gets a minimum of $20M and also at least a dozen women who are his personal sex toys while he is filming. Dictators love his work so much that he has a waiting list of three years before he has a fluff opening.

Your Turn

 The greatest actor/actress of all time.

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 27, 2021

This foreign born cranky mogul, just likes to hear the sound of his own voice. There is no way he will ever get the foreign boy band to reunite. None. They all hate him. 

Simon Cowell/One Direction

Blind Items Revealed #3

June 27, 2021

This is at her essence, what is wrong with this former A/A- list singer/possible murder suspect/kidnapping enabler. How in this world, knowing what she knows about the music industry is she calling out the teen singer for an album cover? Do you think the singer had ever seen the cover before? How much do you want to bet the singer doesn't even know any songs the murder suspect sang. Go after a higher up at the label. This just makes you look unstable. Oh, and while we are at it, would you like to discuss who actually wrote all the songs on that album, or is that off limits????? The cover is probably the only original thing you contributed to the record.

Courtney Love/Olivia Rodrigo 

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 27, 2021

This former A- list actress says she is a brand new person, but she still talks to the same people from the same cult.

Allison Mack

Blind Item #8

There has not been a more awkward expression of supposed love since the foreign born dual threat A lister and the A+ list singer tried to convince us they were a couple. The actress/director is looking pretty thirsty right now and her attempts to reconcile with her actor ex last month went nowhere.

Blind Item #7

This A+ list director who sometime acts, has a guy who sells him a thing. It isn't drugs, and it sounds very Q like, but he ingests lizard venom to keep his weight down. He was always fluctuating, and finds this helps him control his weight.

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 27, 2021

You have to admit this standup comic/late night writer/actor paid for the very best when he went after this A-/B+ list actress and her services. She knows exactly the right angles for those "random" pap shots. The issue here is he can't afford her rates long term.

John Mulaney/Olivia Munn

Blind Item #6

Here is a tip. If you don't want to have your kid in pap photos, blurred or not, how about not calling the paps to have them come take your photo. Whether it is you or your equally low on the list sibling, you spend a good several hours each day arranging for paps to take your photo. Maybe you could put that much effort into a job or keeping your baby daddy off drugs or convincing your mom not to try and sell fake "medicine" or convince your dad to not be a shady crook.

Blind Item #5

This foreign born former A list singer in a group for about one record is being thrown under the bus by his ex again. The ex is reminding people she was technically never married despite having multiple children with the singer because the singer is bisexual. The ex is so strange. It still blows me away she is supposed to be an expert on singing when she can't even sing.

Blind Item #4

That is a twist to this saga I didn't see coming. This about to be fired television reporter is leaking stories about herself hooking up with NBA players so it looks like she is a victim of a campaign by those against her.

Blind Item #3

Just a few hours after my blind item yesterday about the elderly rapist comedian, he made an announcement confirming the blind. A comic who hated him for years and years and made him the subject of a long bit in one of his movies, is permanently A list now and is offering to go on tour with the comic. What is happening here?

Blind Item #2

A lover of this closeted A list host/producer all of you know mentioned who he had been hooking up with at a party. Word got back to our host who threatened to ruin his life if he ever mentioned it again.

Blind Item #1

I really didn't think someone could have their nose any further up a butt than Harvey Levin does with the Kardashians. I could be wrong. Between the celebrity CEO and the wealthy farmer, it is a contest to see who can get deeper up the leader of this massive Asian country. Oh, and the celebrity CEO has taken his media coverage to a new level in that country. He throws massive parties filled with booze and escorts for journalists who love to write nice things about him. It also doesn't hurt they have been ordered to by their bosses.

Monday, July 05, 2021

Blind Item #13

The A list mostly movie actress and the foreign born A list singer is a work thing. Despite what it may look like from certain choices in her life, she does not date men of color.

Blind Item #12

There have been boyfriends in the past where the permanent A list "singer" didn't know they were being paid as an employee. I hope she doesn't think the current one is love other than the love of her money.

Blind Item #11

This permanent A+ list NBA player was doing his best at a recent event, to distance himself from the obviously wasted out of his mind on meth former A+ list singer/serial woman beater.

Blind Item #10

This time the split between the A+ list singer and her controversial manager seems more permanent. She hasn't been happy with him for sometime. She refused to contribute to a project praising him too.

Blind Item #9

Don't believe the hype in this book which wants you to believe the murdered wannabe A++ lister had the alliterate actress killed. Not true.

Blind Items Revealed #5

June 26, 2021

The TV network that was outed for covering up the story of a victim of the billionaire pedophile over a decade ago, is now airing the sibling of his accomplice telling everyone she is innocent, without any rebuttal from the many victims.

ABC/Virginia Roberts [Giuffre]/Jeffrey Epstein/Ian Maxwell/Ghislaine Maxwell 

Today's Blind Items - The Hit

When there is no money, but only revenge, we see what happens with celebrity hits. The child molesting/rapist/rapper/snitch is still alive despite multiple people saying they were going to take him out. There was no money though. This time it is different. Apparently there are a dozen people who have already chipped in to pay for someone to kill this former A+ list mostly television actor who sucked at movies. The problem they are facing is finding someone to carry out the hit. There is at least one victim who said she would do it, but she is being talked out of it. There is a lot of momentum, especially with him talking about new projects and possibly being paid seven figures for a book and interview.

Your Turn

 Have you ever set off your own fireworks?

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 26, 2021

This back in the day A- list mostly television actress who walked away from a hit show and got her sister addicted to drugs had to do an English accent for an audition. Mind you, she was raised by English parents. She couldn't do it and didn't get the role.

Mischa Barton

Blind Items Revealed #3

June 26, 2021

The space company of the celebrity CEO is screwing over astronomers with the placement of their satellites. It isn't a coincidence. They want astronomers dependent on technologies that only the space company has, and you will have to pay a fee.

SpaceX/Elon Musk

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 25, 2021

Why won't the widow let the daughter of the rocker read the letter written by the doctors? It was a crucial part of the settlement, but the daughter is being left out of the loop on purpose. Maybe the daughter wouldn't agree with what is written?

Vicky Karayiannis Cornell/Lily Cornell/Chris Cornell

Blind Item #8 - Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver

The driver picked up the famous fashion designer with his own line at an office building in Beverly Hills. The designer directed the driver to take him to the Peninsula Hotel and wait. The designer disappeared into the hotel and a few minutes later came out with three young female “models” and they all climbed into the back of the stretch. The designer directed the driver to Sunset Boulevard. The girls were talking in an eastern European language the driver couldn’t place - maybe Polish. The driver glanced in the rearview mirror and saw one of the girls pulling her panties down beneath her mini skirt. The designer was looking up her skirt. The designer directed the driver to pull the car over and keep it running. The driver pulled onto a quiet side street. The middle partition came up and music began playing in the back. The driver could hear the girls giggling and jostling. After about twenty minutes the partition came down. One of the girls was adjusting her skirt. The designer directed the driver to the Sunset Marquis Hotel. The driver dropped them off at the hotel. The designer tipped the driver $10 and released him. The driver pulled away from the hotel and noticed a bag in the back of the car. He looked in the bag and there was an empty can of Nair, a disposable razor and a bunch of tissues with pubic residue on them. The driver took the car and got it washed.

Blind Item #7 - Reader Blind

Two male cousins in their late teens from accomplished families in Orange County ended up in the exclusive Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage for heroin addiction. They were there at the same time as the train wreck yachter/actress. They said she hooked up with practically every male there and caused major drama on a daily basis, disrupting the whole facility. The staff could not handle her, and they could handle a lot.

Blind Items Revealed #1 - Kindness

June 25, 2021

After meeting and hanging out with two women at a bar and then back at his hotel all night, this foreign born A list mostly movie actor wanted to hang out with one of the friends on a more intimate basis. To keep everyone happy, the actor paid for a room next door to his for the other friend. The actor also paid for all the nights out that week and was spotted more than once passing out $100 bills to homeless people.

Kiefer Sutherland

Blind Item #6

The question is not if there will be a bender, but how big the bender will be now that the ex of the alliterate talk show host married again. Perhaps this is why she was hanging out with the sex tape king who is also known for his drugs.

Blind Item #5

This is so strange. Do you remember a few years back when the former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort admitted she was trying to get a married man to marry her, but his wife wouldn't divorce him. Get this. At a recent life event, the daughter of the man was hanging out with our former A- lister. 

Blind Item #4

With all that is happening in the case of the husband of a Housewife, we might finally find out why a special tactical unit from the FBI raided a building owned and exclusively used by the husband, and why at the time it was said to be related to the Vegas shooter.

Blind Item #3

What those newly released texts didn't show is how often the A+ list mostly movie actor cheats on his wife. Now we know why though.

Blind Item #2

This former A+ list rapper who spends more time in television commercials and with the wealthy decorator, than actually is rapping, is feeling the heat. He came out and supported the elderly rapist comedian which is a quick way to lose a lot of deals. It also calls attention to all the times he cheated on his wife and if all those encounters were all with full consent.

Blind Item #1

This former A list tweener in a group thought he could buy cheap songs and keep more money for himself and his thirsty wife. His decision produced horrible record sales and now the label is meeting to decide whether to drop him.

Sunday, July 04, 2021

Happy Fourth Of July

Another reveal day in the books. The first reveal day I did was on the 4th of July and I had a trial that started the day after so I was in the office working and revealing. As always, I want to thank all of you for reading the site and commenting and contributing in so many different ways. I spoke to someone this week who said the only site where they read the comments is this site. I appreciate all of you for coming back to the site whether it has been 15 days, weeks or years.

Some special thanks to Mr. X and all of his contributions. Thanks to all the people who post things on Facebook and Reddit and Tumblr and keep it updated. If you are ever looking for a compendium of every blind item written in the past three decades, you should head over to AGC and take a look. 

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Blind Items Revealed #49 - Kindness

June 29, 2021

Was she my favorite actress? That is a loaded question. She insisted that she was. People always ask me who are the nice ones out there, whether it be actors or actresses. She was the nicest. I always called her the Kevin Bacon of actresses. There seemed to be a time where she was in every movie and every television show at the same time. You could connect her to anyone. She suffered the indignity of being cheated on by her higher on the list actor husband in a very high profile on set affair. Everyone was crushed for her because she was always so kind. She once made a huge donation at an event to get a walk on role in a movie because she wanted to give to the organization, but also because she knew she could talk the director into getting another dozen or so people walk on roles. Each of those dozen donated to the same charity. She did the walk on thing in the movie and said it was glorious because her name wasn't going to be in the credits and she just soaked in the environment. It was a massive hit movie. 

She was in plenty of hits. She was always the dependable lead actress. Nothing spectacular, but if you needed a comic actress, she was there. She had the best stories and always had time for everyone. About a decade prior to her death, she got sick. She didn't tell anyone, but it kept her from working for several years. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she did a million things for a million people. She was always calling and asking for donations or if I knew someone who could help do something for someone. You didn't say no to her. She loved calling using different accents or as different people or characters. She wanted you to have fun when she called, even if she was hurting or in pain. When she was able to go back to work, she went at it full steam. She poured herself into whatever roles she could for the last few years of her life. She was back where she had been, seemingly shooting movies and shows nonstop. It went like that right until the day she suddenly died. 

To not get those phone calls or quirky emails any longer was crushing. She did so much for so many and she is very much missed.

Glenne Headly/John Malkovich/"Dangerous Liaisons"/Michelle Pfeiffer/"The X-Files: Fight the Future"

Blind Items Revealed #48 - Kindness

June 16, 2021

There is no special title, just the word kindness. I frequently get asked about this former A list singer and have shared several stories of her kindness towards me and others close to me. This is not about that, but about how kind and caring a person can be. She played a show and afterwards was signing autographs and posing for actual real photos that people took with cameras. One of the first people in line that stretched to nearly a hundred was a tweener girl in a wheelchair. She didn't really need the wheelchair to walk, but recently had chemo and was exhausted. She had lost her hair to the chemo and was incredibly excited to meet her idol. The singer probably took about 15 minutes talking to the girl and then the girl stood and posed for photos and got several things autographed. During the conversation, the singer discovered that because of losing her hair and the need sometimes to be in a wheelchair, kids at the school of the girl teased and taunted her mercilessly. 

Two or three weeks later, our singer showed up at the house of the girl and offered to accompany her to school. The parents knew and the school knew, but not the girl or anyone else at school. There was no press. There was nothing to draw attention to the situation. Our singer went to school with the girl and stayed with her the entire day through every class and lunch. The singer introduced herself as the cousin of the girl. The girl had the day of her life and was never teased or taunted by kids at school again. 


Blind Items Revealed #47

June 15, 2021

This former A list wrestler turned actor not named Dwayne or John had quite the experience with this former A+ list comic actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee. Our wrestler was crashed at the house of this former A- list musician/singer who started a one named band back in the day. "I never ever tell this story. There was one time I was sleeping upstairs and, I like to sleep. To this day, if I don't have to get up and do anything - I don't got to set an alarm - I'm a free spirit. Do you know what I mean? I don't got planes to catch. I did a whole lifetime of that, so I just sleep until I wake up, and I was doing that. I woke up because somebody had jumped on top of me while I was sleeping and as I wake up and I turn around I'm like, 'it's f--ing _____________.' So, what do you do? Right? This is the first time I've ever met him and I think, as the story goes, he was just like, 'oh, the wrestler, he's sleeping upstairs right now?' I'm going to Jimmy Superfly Snuka this motherf--er.' So he runs up and he splashes me in the bed. I wake up and I immediately think it's the singer, so I just start charging after him."

"Halfway through running down the stairs, I'm like, 'I'm pretty sure that's ________________,' but I don't give a f--, I'm going to get this motherf--er now. I half-ass tackle him. He's trying to run out into the street. and then I just picked him up and I'm airplane spinning him. I just put him down and he's like, 'I got to go,' and just f‚s off and runs away. I'm standing there just like, 'that's the damnedest way to wake up.' I just remember walking back in the house and being like, 'was that _____________?' The singer replied 'Yeah.' and I just thought that was really cool." 

CM Punk/Robin Williams/Lars Frederiksen/"Rancid" 

Blind Items Revealed #46

June 10, 2021

In this space I have often addressed the indiscretions of this celebrity chef. She is definitely low hanging fruit when it comes to gossip because she makes so many of her own scandals. That being said, what I often forget when writing about her is that considering where she came from as a child, she is a success story. Many people are completely unaware that her dad started raping her multiple times a week when she was just 13. It went on for years. He was deranged and she was also protecting her sister at the same time from the situation. Not only that, but she escaped as a teen and went to a shelter with her sister. To top all that off she publicly shared her story in front of hundreds of people, although at the time she was not the star she is today. She also continues to support and volunteer at the same types of shelters. 

Giada De Laurentiis

Blind Items Revealed #45

June 8, 2021

Everyone always thought this actress was the quiet/prudish type. It is only because of the role she played which typecast her for the remainder of her career. You might not know the name of the actress, but you know the role she played on this hit television show. Everyone knows this show. Shortly before landing the role that would make her famous, the actress went to a party and did LSD and coke with a relative of the showrunner of the show. He loved getting people on LSD and then having sex with them. He didn't consider it rape. He was big into combining drug trips and sex. Our actress was crazy about coke and on the set, if you ever wanted to have sex with her, she was willing, but it was going to cost you coke. Never money for coke, just the coke. The relative of the showrunner worked on the show and would often hook up with the actress. They continued on for many years after the run of the show, despite the fact he was married. The husband of the actress gave up trying to be married to her because of her love of drugs and sex. She fully embraced free love.

Dawn Wells/Mary Ann/Gilligan's Island

Blind Items Revealed #44

April 13, 2021

I will tell you straight upfront this has nothing to do with JFK and is probably not someone who would be in your top five guesses. Prior to ascending to the A++ list office, this politician only had affairs with women he hired to work in his office. They knew they would need to have sex with him to keep their job. He had a high turnover rate because he would get bored or they would get tired of having sex with him. When he became an A++ lister he continued the secretary tradition, but soon discovered he had groupies. A lot of them. There were women wherever he went to speak that wanted to be with him. He had staffers competing much like roadies to find women that would be willing to have sex with him. He would hand out favors to those who found the most women or women he especially loved. When I talk about favors, I mean as in hey, you want this job or that job or be a Consul General somewhere. He liked throwing out those perks. It was crazy and totally unexpected from what you read about him today. This is a 20th century A++ lister.

Lyndon B Johnson

Blind Items Revealed #43

April 8, 2021

They are not allowed to say it. They are afraid to say it. They know they could end up dead if they say it. It is incredible to watch the linguistic gymnastic going on in a trial where a couple, but not all of the players know the real story but can't actually say anything. In the past, I have written and spoken about parts of this, but watching the trial play out is something else. You need to go back in time almost five years. There is a meeting between the ruler/killer and the now dead billionaire pedophile. Right after that meeting the ruler/killer had a meeting with the wealthy guy/book seller. The dead pedophile made much of his living off blackmail and extortion and doing dirty work for people and governments. He also did a ton of middleman stuff between countries and arms dealers. The ruler/killer was one of his biggest clients and someone you didn't cross. At some point after the ruler/killer met with the book seller, the pedophile was told to get dirt on him. 

The pedophile and the book seller didn't always cross paths but the pedophile knew enough people that did. Once every few months, the book seller's phone would be cloned. Not only did the pedophile know what was going on, but the ruler/killer did too. They always wanted leverage. That is their thing. That has always been their thing in New Orleans too. Anyway, after a few years of doing this, the pedophile hits pay dirt. Literal pay dirt. The ruler/killer is ecstatic. At some point, either the ruler/killer or the pedophile overplayed their hand. The pedophile met with the ruler/killer overseas and when he returned was arrested, jailed and killed. The ruler/killer was not about to speak, but the pedophile would have. 

Now, in the present day no one can decide who was the source of the information. At least two of the parties know, but they can't say anything. One of the parties has no idea and is flailing around trying to somehow walk away with money and probably wondering how all of this happened. 

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman/Jeffrey Epstein/Jeff Bezos/Michael Sanchez defamation trial

Blind Items Revealed #42

April 6, 2021

When this foreign born former A list mostly movie actor started an affair with this A- list actress who is a celebrity offspring, he thought it would be a movie set fling. Both were married, and our actor, who is an Emmy and Oscar winner/nominee thought this would be no different. Our actress, who is an Oscar winner/nominee was unhappy in her marriage to a serial philandering actor and wanted a change. She wasn't going to dump her husband unless it was a sure thing. When she asked her co-star about their future, he was very vague. The actress was having none of that. She made sure the wife of her co-star knew there was an affair. Whether it was an audio recording or video recording, no one is saying, but it was one of the two, mailed via snail mail. When the actor found out, he was furious, but our actress did the trick he liked so much and they ended up together for a long time until he cheated on her with someone he met on a set.

Antonio Banderas/Melanie Griffith/Don Johnson

Blind Items Revealed #41

May 26, 2021

I thought I talked about the filming of this movie way back in the day, but looking back, I never did. This movie did poorly at the box office. It made a profit, but only because the budget was so low. The reason the budget was low was because all of the actors in it, were holding out for percentages of the box office in lieu of their normal salaries. 

This A+/A list actress (#1) starred in the movie with her new husband (#2) who was an A list actor at the time and an awful person even back then. Maybe even more so. Whenever they didn't have to work on the same days, he would invariably have sex with this former almost A- list actress (#3) who he treated poorly just like every other woman he has ever been with. He just used #3 and treated her like garbage and after they finished filming threatened her career if she ever told anyone they hooked up. Meanwhile, when not being humiliated, #3 would do coke with this A/A- list actor (#4) who also started at a young age with the same company as #3. They never did hook up though. #4, when not doing coke with #3 would also do coke with this flash in the pan A+ list actress (#5) and did hook up with her constantly during filming. While all of this was going on, the director (#6) was hooking up with this A- list actress (#7) who got the job by having sex with the foreign born CEO (#8) of the production company who made all his leading actresses sleep with him.


#1 - Demi Moore

#2 - Ashton Kutcher

#3 - Lindsay Lohan

#4 - Shia LaBeouf

#5 - Sharon Stone

#6 - Emilio Estevez

#7 - Heather Graham

Blind Items Revealed #40 - Old Hollywood

May 21, 2021

 #1 - This long time comedy duo all of you know, split because one of the duo couldn't handle the fact the other liked both men and women.

#2 - Speaking of bisexual, this A list singer/actress was involved in a long term relationship with this A list mostly movie actress until her then husband, who worked with someone in #1 beat her when he found out, and vowed he would beat her everyday until she split with the actress.

#3 - The fact that both deceased partners in this very long by Hollywood standards marriage were gay is no secret now.  She was a Tony winner who was in many films and TV shows and acted right up to the end of her life. His most famous role was an early TV show that influenced a whole genre but is more famous for the theme song.

It has always been assumed that the reason they didn't have kids was because both preferred same sex lovers. In fact even if they wanted kids they couldn't have had any. She had been sexually assaulted as a teen during an audition and had gotten pregnant and the abortion that resulted had been botched permanently leaving her unable to have kids. 

#4 - There were others who worked with people in #1 and #2. In fact, they were all famous. What most people don't know is they all were just a front for the mob who paid them to appear at hotels and to make movies so they could launder money.

#1 - Dean Martin (couldn't handle it)/Jerry Lewis

#2 - Lana Turner/Ava Gardner/Frank Sinatra

#3 - Alexis Smith/Craig Stevens/"Peter Gunn"/private detective/"Peter Gun Theme"

#4 - The Rat Pack

Blind Items Revealed #39 - Old Hollywood

May 17, 2021

This is probably more back in the day then Old Hollywood, but it involves people from Old Hollywood. This former A list singer/actress grew up in the mafia and surrounded by it. She knew the code and she never broke it. Even when she had family members turn rat, she never did and didn't appreciate family members who did, but they were still family. She wouldn't ever give them up or anything like that. One day, this permanent A+ list actor/singer asked our actress the whereabouts of one of her relatives because he wanted to catch up. The actress said she wasn't completely sure but thought he was in his hometown. It turns out the actor gave the information to the mafia who then killed the family member.

Connie Francis/Frank Sinatra

Blind Items Revealed #38 - Old Hollywood

April 28, 2021

This permanent A+ list foreign born actress is universally beloved, and is regularly acclaimed with lifetime achievement awards, even recently.  Several  decades ago, our actress won her first of many awards for her leading role in this foreign-language film, which achieved box office success in the U.S.   What people don't talk about, is how our actress, who was already an established star with power at the time of this film, participated in a scene which portrayed our actress, and her way underage co-star, as victims of a gang rape.   The co-star wasn't even a teen at the time.  The co-star was further traumatized when the cruelest of manipulative techniques was used to elicit her performance during the final scene of the film.   Not surprisingly, the co-star was emotionally scarred by her experience on this film set, and retired from the business forever, while she was still a teen.

Sophia Loren/Two Women/Elenora Brown (told her parents had been killed in an accident)

Blind Items Revealed #37 - Old Hollywood

April 21, 2021

This might be the hardest Old Hollywood blind item I have written. I could give you one clue and all of you would get it. The subject of our blind received a gold record for a song all of you know. Every single one of you. She wasn't quite the first to sing the song and wasn't the last. She also had some other hits and was extremely popular in the early days of television. She was signed to a record label when she was barely a teen. It was during that time that she was molested on an almost daily basis by this three named singer who had multiple number one songs and also was a well known television host. The subject of the blind regularly appeared on his show. She couldn't say no or she would lose out and she supported her entire family. One time, when she was not quite old enough to drive, she was in Las Vegas performing and this permanent A++ list singer offered her many thousands of dollars for sex. She wanted to accept, but couldn't because of her contract with the three named singer. Sex with other men was considered "performing" under her contract and she was only allowed to "perform" with who the three named singer approved.

Molly Bee/"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"/Tennessee Ernie Ford/"The Ford Show"/Elvis Presley

Blind Items Revealed #36

 May 18, 2021

I have written several times over the years about different male celebrities/singers/actors who all wanted to start their own cult. It wasn't so much to make money, but to be worshipped as a leader and a God while having sex with a bunch of young groupies/fans. As of late, I have also written about an offspring of an A+ lister who seemingly is not just in it for the sex but also to make some money. This blind today though is about this former A list celebrity who also had her own reality shows and did some acting and had a sex tape or seven. She says what she is offering to the masses is her own religion. She isn't forcing expensive courses on you and most people on the planet would probably be scared to have sex with her. She just preaches for hours and hours each day, while looking high on something. It seems utterly crazy, but she is pulling in about $50K a month from her "parishioners."

Sean Stone/Oliver Stone/Tila Tequila

Blind Items Revealed #35

May 13, 2021

Lots of people misinterpret this term. It is essentially, hey lets make it look like this person came out of nowhere, when in reality we, the label or management have spent a ton of money to make this happen. This was going to be the idea behind this one hit wonder one named foreign born singer, but her backstory leaked, so everyone from the outset knew she had been groomed from her tween years to become a hit singer/songwriter. Who is the biggest of all time? The biggest current one is this foreign born A list singer who just showed up with a bang and some number one songs. She will tell you she grew up poor and struggled and blah blah blah, when in reality, she has been groomed for a decade. The most famous of all time though is this permanent A list foreign born singer who has one name. She had a great backstory and everyone in her family was in on it because they wanted in on the fame and money. She supposedly grew up poor and saved all her money and flew to the US and managed to have enough to hang on to until she was discovered and then had a bunch of hit songs. Nope. She was discovered a good six years before she says and was also willing to hook up with a whole bunch of guys to make fame happen.

Lorde/Dua Lipa/Rihanna

Blind Items Revealed #34

May 10, 2021

According to an offspring of the royal pedophile, he hooked up with his former sister-in-law about a year before she became his sister-in-law.

Prince Andrew/Princess Diana

Blind Items Revealed #33

May 11, 2021

There is an actress/comedienne/radio host who used to also write books. She hasn't done so in a very long time. It has been a couple of decades. About five or six years ago, she was thinking of new ways to bring in income and decided she would write another book. In that book, she was going to recount some stories about this permanent A+ list DJ who is no longer on his A game. The stories would have included the definitive account of whether his first date with someone special to him, was in fact, the date bailing on her paying client to have a chance with the DJ. It also would have told some other tales that have all been speculation in the past.  She was dissuaded by not only the people of the DJ but also a late night talk show host. You know who won't be dissuaded though? That someone special to him who already has a manuscript ready to go whenever the split happens.

Sandra Bernhard/Howard Stern/Beth Ostrosky/Andy Cohen

Blind Items Revealed #32

May 6, 2021

Back in the day, this duo was unmatched in the prices they could charge. They rarely did actually charge money. More often than not, they just wanted coke or a really expensive gift. They thought straight up cash was tawdry or cheap. This duo consisted of a foreign born A- list actress, who at her peak, everyone knew. All of you know her name, even if you don't know what movies she was in. Her partner in crime was an actress. I use that term loosely. Was she in movies and television? Yes. Did she consider it her career? No. There was not any guy in Hollywood who didn't try and sleep with the two of them together. What I would like to know is whether the A list actress offspring of one of the duo ever participated.

Jacqueline Bisset/Marcheline Bertrand/Angelina Jolie

Blind Items Revealed #31

May 3, 2021

This singer was A+ for quite a length of time. He also acted and did a lot of other things that kept him in front of your eyeballs for decades. He was married quite a few times. Many of those marriages ended because of his cheating. They would grow tired of it or he would find someone to replace the previous wife. With his level of fame, he obviously had groupies and would hook up with them, but that wasn't his favorite thing to do. His favorite thing to do was call 976 numbers and 1-900 numbers and talk dirty with the women on the other end of the line. He would have regulars he would call and if he really liked someone, he would fly them to see him or meet them when he was touring their city. It wasn't that often he would actually hook up with them in person, but he loved to have what he called in person dirty talk instead of over the phone. This was a regular thing for him and he was supposedly the person who probably spent the most money ever on 976 and 1-900 numbers. There are no official records, but he alone spent in excess of $1M+.

Kenny Rogers

Blind Items Revealed #30

April 20, 2021

Thinking about that earlier blind about the offspring, got me to thinking about a story I don't believe I ever have spoken about or written about previously. It involved a then A list mostly movie actor who was warned off and is now an A list mostly television actor who has starred in multiple hit television shows and is someone all of you know. Once the actor was warned off, this at the time A list tabloid celebrity was paired off with various men who were then blackmailed. This went on for several years until the tabloid celebrity had lost her celebrity and they had no use for her. So, she ends up marrying someone who wrote one of the best music books of all time. The thing is though, her previous masters decided she knew too much and decided to kill her. They almost succeeded. After that near death experience, they considered her to be warned off, and she has kept her head down for decades.

Rob Lowe/Fawn Hall/Danny Sugerman

Blind Items Revealed #29

April 25, 2021

This is from the mouth of the very wealthy guy married to this permanent A++ list athlete. He says that he felt like the alliterate one was hitting on him hard at a US Open, and that is what caused the rift between the athlete and the alliterate one.

Alexis Ohanian/Serena Williams/Meghan Markle

Blind Items Revealed #28

April 29, 2021

I think it is hard to imagine this former A list mostly movie actress having any hate towards anyone. After a movie career in her younger days, she is now getting a whole new generation discovering her on a streaming hit. She was once a tabloid sensation and dated a string of high profile actors and seemingly always came out at the wrong end of those relationships. Despite being with multiple guys who hit her and abused her and treated her like garbage, she truly hates one of those men. He didn't hit her. He did though verbally berate her and told her that she should always listen to him and look what happened to her in the past when she tried thinking for herself. He also treated her like crap and would regularly cheat on her. All of you know him. He is an A+/A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and has at least one franchise. At the time they were together, he was less popular than her. He was still getting to that A+ list level. He would wear her down with his whole listening to him shtick. He wanted to look like a big shot to some really rich friends and they were looking to get a new company off the ground and wanted investors. Our actor invested a tiny amount but got our actress to invest almost all of her money. When the investments went south and the rich friends made off with the money, our actor blamed the actress for the lack of success of the investment and essentially destroyed her and her income at a time when she couldn't afford it. He then dumped her for another woman.

Winona Ryder/Stranger Things/Matt Damon

Blind Items Revealed #27

April 7, 2021

Most directors and producers love to find someone with bottomless wealth who fancies themselves a Hollywood producer. They especially love it if the person with the money is not all that bright and also doesn't really care if they make a return on their investment. All of these rolled up into person is hard to find. Once you land one of these people, you don't let them go. That is why it is still shocking to me to this day that one of these hidden gems only did the movie thing once. The first movie out for this hidden gem was an Oscar winner for Best Picture. He gave out the money for the movie with no questions asked. You would think people would be lining up to take his money. After that first movie, there were some, but they were essentially con men pretending they had a movie. The real movie people stayed away from the guy who had billions to throw around. Why? On the set of the Oscar winning movie, our financier, was giving away bags of coke to anyone who wanted them and was partying day and night with the cast and crew. The director finally had enough and threw him off the set. There was so much buzz about that set, that no one really wanted to take his money again. All of you know who this person is, and it isn't a drug dealer.

Dodi Fayed/"Chariots of Fire"

Blind Items Revealed #26

February 25, 2021

By the end of this year, we will hear more about the beginning of the end as it pertains to this foreign born former A/A- list mostly movie actress. She was never the greatest actress, and was more of a name, but she realized early on that she had enough in the bank to not have to play the Hollywood game. She got lucky as a tween/teen because the projects she was working on, the higher ups were more interested in molesting the boys than the girls. That one project which nearly broke her was with the disgraced actor from an acting family and his frequent partner in crime. Along with the actress/serial rapist enabler, they made our foreign born actress miserable and did everything they could to break her and get something on her. They tried drugs and they tried sexual harassment. When she didn't break, she knew her days were numbered in acting. She got very few roles after that and was so scared of another experience like she endured that she welcomed not getting as many offers.

Emma Watson/James Franco/Seth Rogen

Blind Items Revealed #25

March 28, 2021

Last week I wrote about a back in the day teen singer who was beloved in his group. I wrote about how he is being used and abused by those closest to him. Here is some more of what is happening.

He hired someone four years ago who was in her 20's to handle office work. He is nearing 80. His personal assistant left and she just assumed the role, took over the office and started firing people right and left. She fired personal friends of his, changed passwords on staff and had them escorted out, took over his social media and posted as him, etc. She is the only staff member now and lives in his house with him. She says she takes care of him, but no one believes it. 

She said in her twitter account her aim is to keep him high all the time. Every time he is on video to his fans, he is smoking weed or preparing to smoke a joint. She has blocked  every friend on his media. People can't get in touch with him.

He's not in the throes of dementia. One of the fans is a nurse and she has said he's in his right mind when he is not stoned out of his gourd. And he's not pissing himself. However, his health is going down the tubes fast. He's diabetic and had a quadruple heart bypass. He's lost a lot of weight, a lot of muscle mass, he's haggard, fatigued all the time and looks like shit. This is all due to her. She feeds him stuff like biscuits and gravy, pork chops, cupcakes, all things an elderly diabetic heart patient shouldn't have at all.

She's got him confined to the house and has isolated him from everyone but her. His kids aren't allowed to visit, friends can't talk to him, she's got his phone as well so no one can talk to him, ever.

Then late last year, she announced she wasn't going to accept any mail or packages. Now he isn't getting letters or presents in the mail. No one can reach him directly-he is never alone. She controls all of his time, his media, his phone, his friends and family. He is isolated from everyone. If he is chatting with a fan on a Zoom meeting, she is sitting right next to him or is behind the camera.

She posts for him, and he hasn't posted as himself since August. 

He had a girlfriend a couple years ago and had to break up with her because his assistant threatened to kill herself and had a huge tantrum one day when asked to make reservations at a restaurant for the former singer and his girlfriend, breaking equipment in the office. 

Mike Nesmith/The Monkees

Blind Items Revealed #24

February 17, 2021

This A- list actress is not foreign born, but everyone thinks she is. If this was a decade ago, she would have already won an Oscar after sleeping with the disgraced producer. With that not possible, she is doing the next best thing. She is the new muse/mistress for the A+ list director who will get her that Oscar.

Anya Taylor Joy/Harvey Weinstein/David O. Russell

Blind Items Revealed #23

April 5, 2021

They wanted someone who had an in with the entertainment community. Lets not forget that the original founders of this organization were artists and entertainers. Had they been pushed aside for politics and the elite? Yes, but they liked to pretend they still cared. In the 60's, they decided they needed someone to be in charge of all the ceremonies. Someone who actually had experience with religion. They turned to one of the board members. This particular board member was not as famous as his younger sibling, but controlled all the money in the company he and his sibling ran. All of you know this company. I would venture to say that every man woman and child on Earth has heard of this company. 

For years, this company had lots of cash flow issues. It wasn't until the late 60's and early 70's after this deal was made that the company never really worried about cash again. To supplement their cash position, the company was always making porn for the mafia and using their worldwide distribution network to move it. An interesting side note is that all of the legwork the company did in the very very early 1940's in South and Central America with various governments is that the mob partners of the company used those connections and networks to develop drug smuggling routes. 

Anyway, our organization reached out to the sibling and wondered if he knew anyone. Of course if he did, the person would be hired and given a very nice home right in the Opus 1 area which is was about as exclusive as it could get. Of course the sibling knew someone. He foisted upon the group his son-in-law who stayed the high priest until his death. This deal also gave rise to the television agreements that finally got this company in the black.

Bohemian Club/Roy Disney/Walt Disney/Ron W. Miller 

Blind Items Revealed #22

April 9, 2021

This former almost A- list actress turned escort got dumped again and took it really hard because she thought it was going to end in marriage for sure. Apparently she broke into the guy's house and confronted him while he was sleeping. It also probably came as a shock to the woman who was also sleeping in the bed. "Why is this woman here? Wait, haven't I seen you in?

Lindsay Lohan

Blind Items Revealed #21

April 19, 2021

It is super rare for this organization to just let one of their former members go without some sort of compensation or to go after them for all eternity should there be a bad break. This is especially true with their most prominent members. Now, many of you might not think of this celebrity as prominent, and you would not be wrong. But several decades ago he was an A list singer who also acted in a variety of roles mostly chosen for their ability to show off his looks and get young people to watch. At the time he joined the organization they were thrilled to have him and the founder of the organization himself took great interest in our singer/actor. They became super close. Because of their closeness, the founder created a project that would feature our singer/actor. You would then think this guy must be a pillar of the organization. Nope. You see, our singer/actor enjoyed coke and heroin and any other drug he could get his hands on. He was also at the time very popular with women and he was sleeping his way through the organization and also introducing/enabling/participating in drug use with them, including others who were pillars and the faces of the organization. They couldn't do anything to stop him and it took a long time to convince the founder to part ways with the singer/actor. They were happy to see him leave and really try their hardest to not claim him as ever being a member.

Leif Garrett/L. Ron Hubbard/Scientology

Blind Items Revealed #20

March 31, 2021

I have written about this murdered permanent A list singer before. In fact, one of his reveals was a Reveal Day reveal that people still mention. As far as I know, the things he did in that blind have nothing to do with any of the things mentioned in this blind. Anyway, when our singer was in his mid 30's when he started hooking up with his 14 year old girlfriend who later became his wife. One of the things our singer loved doing was having her have sex with people he considered on an equal level with him. He didn't share her with people in his band, but if you were a star on the same label, the he would gladly share. She knew it was expected of her and what would happen if she refused. When she was 16 or 17, the pair were in Los Angeles and he offered her to this at the time A+/A list mostly movie actor all of you know. He is also one of the world's worst fathers. The actor thought about it, but ultimately said no because she wasn't his type. What he really turned down though was the singer would be watching the whole time. Our actor had been in orgies and threesomes but never had someone sit there and watch. He heard from this other A- list mostly movie actor who was an Oscar winner/nominee who had agreed. The singer just stared right at the guy and kept asking if it was enjoyable and if the guy didn't seem like he was having fun, the singer would yell and hit the woman. It was very intense.

Marvin Gaye/Ryan O'Neal/Roy Scheider

Blind Items Revealed #19

March 26, 2021

Some of these involve contestants, so in that case, you can just guess the show.

#1 - This contestant set a record at that time for winnings on this game show that has aired on and off for over fifty years. He used an alias for the show. When his episodes aired, it was discovered he was a world class swindler and wanted by multiple state and federal jurisdictions. 

#2 - One game show known for celebrity guests who were more akin to sexual predators, had a rule. At least half the contestants each week had to be blonde, young, and not allowed to wear a bra.

#3 - This game show host who also did some acting in memorable roles in his career was doing coke with a contestant in his dressing room and also having sex with her. She did so much coke she overdosed and an ambulance had to be called. No one could find her top, so she went to the hospital in a shirt with the show's name on it. Oh, and she was married, so her husband had a big shock when he heard what happened.

#4 - This host is still hosting, after a long career as an actor. His first game show gig was not a traditional game show. He was known for sending assistants into the audience if he saw someone attractive and gave bonuses if they could find someone who wanted to hook up with him.

#1 - Password/Kerry Ketchem/Patrick Quinn

#2 - Match Game

#3 - Richard Dawson/Family Feud

#4 - Drew Carey/Price Is Right/Whose Line Is It Anyway