Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

No Four For Friday today. I, like many men I know somehow have to get up from my cookie and gift basket haze and get over to the mall for some last minute holiday shopping. I actually don't mind the onslaught of holiday shoppers because I notice they tend to give me a wide berth. Perhaps it is my aroma, my bacon perfume. Mmmmm.

Anyway, I hope that wherever you are this weekend and whatever you are doing that you have the most fabulous time ever and that you are safe and warm and with someone who loves you very much. I know that I love all of you and that every Christmas since I started this blog has been the best ever thanks to all of you, my extended family.

I will see you back here next week for the last week of 2010. Reveals are next Saturday so make sure you get your reader photos in prior to then!!

Random Photos Part Two

Ana Gasteyer in a very rare appearance in the photos.
Brangelina spending the holidays in Zimbabwe. What? You aren't?
As daddy duty continues indefinitely, Ben Affleck appears to be getting more bedraggled.
Yay! Britney took out her hair extensions. Now that is a holiday miracle.
I could not even make this up if I tried. Apparently the limit of one beating per ticket holder did not stop all
of these ladies from coming to pay homage to Chris Brown.
Cameron and A-Rod. Still seems weird.
Diddy and the kids on a big banana.
It's a Grinchmas at Universal Studios.
Justin Bieber in Atlanta.
Katie Holmes on her way to work out.
Kerry Katona's Christmas card.
Meanwhile, Zuma made this one special for Gwen & Gavin.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Two parts today.

Kelly Osbourne has shaken off the effects of dressing like Miley Cyrus and is back to her normal lovely self.
Kelly Rutherford looking all festivusy at the Nutcracker premiere.
Nothing says the holidays like Miley's assistant going in for the boob lick.
Love the guy doing shots behind Mary Louise Parker.
Pamela Anderson continues what seems like her month long stay in England.
Penelope Cruz on the way out of Ed Hardy. Unless she was in there setting a torch to the place there is really no excuse for going inside there especially
because her baby might sense it and want it in the future.
That is Kate Middleton? It looks like Mare Winningham in Turner & Hooch.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Zac Efron shows off his new haircut.

Your Turn

I know I asked this question last year, but I think I will keep asking it every year, because the answer can change. The question is what is your favorite Christmas Movie. The reason I can say it can change is because people see new movies. This is the first year I saw The Family Stone. Great movie, but not my favorite. I also saw Fred Claus for the first time which I hated. This was also the first time I saw The Christmas Clause 2&3. I'm glad they stopped making them. I would say that my top 3 in no particular order are Christmas Vacation, Elf & Bad Santa. Oh, an The Ref which I have not watched yet this year.

Paris Hilton Hates Kim Kardashian

Apparently Kim Kardshian was Paris Hilton's protege. You know, Paris taught her how to take a sex tape and make a career out of it. To me that seems pretty much all the proteging that Paris had to do. Yeah, I know it is not a word, but honestly do you think if Paris or Kim is reading this they would know that? I wonder if Paris taught Kim other tricks like doing it in the butt for coke or how to be racist in ten quick steps. See, that is the thing. None of the Kardashians are at all racist, and I bet you could go waaay back and never find Paris posing in a photo with a black person. Does that make her racist? Not on the face of it, but considering her past remarks and other things I know which she has done, I would say she is a huge racist.

Anyway, where was I? The Chicago Sun Times says that Paris is jealous of Kim. I think it is because Kim is more likable and people like to make fun of Kim but do not wish she would fall off the end of the earth and disappear. Just kind of fade away. I think there is actual, real dislike or even hate for Paris Hilton so it is tough to stay on top with that type of roadblock to overcome.

Tamara Tunie Swindled Out Of $1M

According to prosecutors in New York City, Law & Order star, Tamara Tunie was swindled out of $1M by her accountant and business manager. They allege that beginning back in 2002, her accountant got a credit card in his name by pretending to be Tamara's husband and that he also started writing checks to himself to the tune of $1M. How it took everyone 8 years to discover all of this is pretty incredible. It isn't like Tamara is making $1M a week. She makes a very, very good living but not so you would not notice if you were $1M short.

For his part, the accountant says he is innocent and that Tamara knew about all the charges and transactions.

NBC Reporter Gets Punched For Defending Lisa Vanderpump

Early this morning when most of us were asleep in our beds with visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads, Lisa Vanderpump, her husband, and NBC reporter Robert Kovacik were sitting in the Polo Lounge having a few drinks when a guy at the next table who had been drinking way quicker and for way longer suddenly started telling Lisa that she looked a whole lot different in person than she does on Real Housewives. Apparently what started out as some verbal sparring took a turn for the personal and the next thing you know the NBC reporter told the guy to stop and the guy punched Robert right in the face. Just decked him. The police were called but no one wanted to press charges. I mean this is the Polo Lounge. Pressing charges is so menial. The guy will probably be banned until he makes a few charity donations at which point he will be welcomed back with open arms.

Robert was hustled off to Adrienne Maloof's house for some quick stitches and everyone went home.

Man Digs Tunnel. Man Steals Almost $1M Worth Of Art

How many times have you seen a movie where the thieves tunnel into a building and steal everything? About ten, maybe more right? Well, someone actually did it for real over Thanksgiving Day Weekend and they did it in New York. Somehow, some person or persons dug a tunnel into a Manhattan apartment hallway. They then took their time and made off with almost a $1M worth of art including some Andy Warhol paintings and a Lichtenstein. The thieves were also smart enough to take the video recorder which captures all the security footage. Yes, there is no point in recording security footage if someone can just take the player. You would think if you would go to all that trouble that your recorder would be offsite, or inaccessible to the thief.

The police don't have a clue as to who stole it and unless they mess up, the person will probably never be caught. The sad thing is they will probably only get a few hundred grand for the paintings and they will never be seen again.

The Enquirer Says Bristol Palin Is Having Sex

In their latest issue, The Enquirer says that Bristol Plain stole some guy from his girlfriend and that they are having a hot and heavy affair. Supposedly this oil worker from Alaska who Bristol has known for awhile came down and hung out with Bristol around Thanksgiving. The guy was supposedly still in a relationship when he did. Meh. They also say that Bristol wants to get married and have a baby next year. Meh.

The one very interesting accusation they make is that Bristol and this guy are having sex despite how Bristol preaches abstinence. Yeah, I could see that. Plus, you know what is the point of cheating on someone if you are going to just hold hands with the other person.

Real Housewives - Beverly Hills

It is not that there was anything wrong with last night's episode of Real Housewives - Beverly Hills, it is just that I have come to expect these huge fireworks and yesterday there were only sparklers and no real big explosions. I did notice that Bravo must have edited these episodes after the world started to make fun of Camille, because everytime anyone said something the camera would suddenly go to a closeup of Camille's face.

A couple of things I noticed last night. Giggy should have one special. I mean what is one hour to give to a dog. Why does Kyle need a ladysitter/personal assistant? Maybe now she might, but at the time what was she doing that she needed an assistant? Oh, and her hair looked awful in that 20's costume party. Did you know that Camille is generous? Oh, she is and she will let you know every episode just how generous she is.

Speaking of Camille, is there going to be an obligatory fondling session with Nick every week? The motorcycle ride was a bit odd. Can you imagine when they show them together after we get to Kelsey leaving her? I wonder how much Nick's wife can take before she says enough. They should have a camera focused on her during these two minute Nick and Camille interludes. Camille sat down with Extra and tried to fake a tear or two as she discussed putting up her Christmas tree. Umm, Camille does not even answer her own phone, there is no way she decorates her own tree.

Beer Model Ends Up Dead At Busch House

The former CEO of Anheuser-Busch has some explaining to do. Apparently on Sunday afternoon, the body of a 27 year old self professed art therapist, and wannabe beer model was found dead at the home of August Busch IV. This has all kinds of tawdry written all over it. The police were called to the home by a 911 call which said the woman was unresponsive. It turns out the mother of an 8 year old son, was actually already dead and police are investigating it as a possible overdose.

The woman, Adrienne Martin (pictured above in the most modest photo I could find), was previously married when she was 19 years old to a 45 year old man. Well, that was probably love. Busch's most recent marriage lasted about two years until he and Adrienne started seeing each other. It was at that same time Adrienne left her husband. This is not the first time Busch has had some explaining to do. In an episode that happened a long time ago and would have sent each of us to jail for a very long time, Busch left a bar with a woman, crashed his corvette into a tree which killed the woman. Busch left the scene and police found him at his home where he said he had amnesia. After a 7 month investigation, police decided not to file any charges. Yeah, think about if any of that would have worked for us.

Oh, and could someone tell me what an art therapist is?

Demi Lovato Pays Off Dancer

Even though Demi Lovato remains in a Chicago rehab center, her lawyers managed to put the final touches on a settlement with Alex Welch, the backup dancer that Demi punched on her way to rehab. Alex had previously threatened to sue because of her physical and emotional injuries and said she was going to need plastic surgery. Well, at least we know that Demi probably could have a great career in celebrity boxing.

Have you noticed that despite being a very huge tween star, the only peep we have heard about Demi Lovato or from Demi Lovato was the one leaked photo of her being gawked at by her dancers. Other than a few words from a dad who does not know what he is talking about, things have been quiet. Compare that with Lindsay who needs to keep herself in the news all the time. This is why Lindsay went to Betty Ford and not to some rehab in Chicago or some other excellent ones away from the tabloids that make her content.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

While having dinner with friends this C list actress that started out as a singer, got very drunk and tried to drive home. Her friends wouldn’t let her and ended up dropping her off at a buddy’s house to spend the night until she sobered up. The ‘buddy’ decided it would be a good idea to add drugs into the nightly fun and the actress ended up trying to walk back to her house with only a shirt on chanting “The black dog runs at night” over and over. A neighbor saw the half naked woman roaming the streets and called authorities. Once they realized who she was, she wasn’t arrested but taken to her manager’s house with a promise never to do it again.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Today's Blind Items - Kindness

Another small, but nice kindness. As I said in the photos, it has been raining for what seems like forever in Los Angeles, but has only been this week. Yesterday was probably the worst it has been. Anyway, this C- list actress who is on one of the biggest network television shows of all time (although she was a latecomer to the series)was driving home yesterday in this monsoon when she saw a car that was on the side of the road. A woman was standing outside looking under her hood in the rain and our actress decided to stop and see if she could help. Well, it turns out the woman was standing there and had three of her kids in the car, including one in a car seat. The woman did not have a cell phone. Our actress called a tow truck driver for the car, and then gave the entire family a ride home all the way on the other side of LA. In the rain. Our actress even gave the obviously struggling woman a few hundred dollars to help pay for the tow and the repairs.

Random Photos Part Two

Christopher Meloni and Ice-T on the way to a trailer to check out Coco's newest photos.
One of my favorites, and way underrated, Dann Florek.
Elle MacPherson enjoying Aspen while
Zoe Saldana looks a little nervous.
Well, today is glorious and sunny and you can see for miles, but yesterday and the whole week have been horrible here as you can see by Halle Berry and
Jessica Alba.
Kelly Bensimon and her kids.
Kirsten Dunst trying on a new hat which covers her new hairstyle.
I was going to award Keri Hilson the worst outfit of the day award, but
decided on the amoeba wearing Grace Potter instead.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Two parts today.

That is Kelly Osbourne on the left doing her best Miley Cyrus impression. Looks more like Denise Richards I think.
Kristy Yamaguchi out doing some Christmas shopping.
Keith, Nicole and Sunday making their way to the airport in Sydney. They had to turn around though because their flight was canceled.
Naomi Watts on the beach with her kids.
Apparently Christmas and Halloween are interchangeable in Pink's world.
Two of the greats. This was supposed to be on top. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Zac Efron getting some lunch yesterday.


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