Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cats vs iPads - Who You Got?

In this corner you have a very cute cat. In this corner, an iPad. Who will come out on top? Who will be victorious?

Biology Textbook In Serbia

You would think it would be textbook about the films of the Coen brothers. Nope. It turns out the photo of Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter on the front holding a baby is a biology textbook. Granted the book is not that new, but it was published in 1998 and the movie Raising Arizona came out in 1987. I guess a family with a baby is biology but you would think they would choose a photo which is more appealing to the eye. I bet these books start ending up on eBay in the next few weeks.

Gary Giordano Is A Free Man On Tuesday

100 days in jail is it for Gary Giordano. The man who has been in an Aruba jail accused of murdering Robyn Gardner is to be set free on Tuesday after police were unable to find any conclusive evidence tying Robyn's disappearance to Gary. Seriously? Nothing? How sad is it that if Gary decides to come home to the United States that the FBI will be waiting to arrest him and he will probably end up spending lots of time in jail but that he will never spend time in jail for the actual death of Robyn. Aruba is now 0 for 2 in high profile murder investigations.

Two Seizures Reported During Breaking Dawn Birth Scene

You would think with the massive headlines that I have seen that people all over the country were having seizures during every showing of Breaking Dawn. So far there have been two. Two is too many, but I bet in all the showings of the movies all over the world that two people have probably got up and been sick in a bathroom too. It is interesting that both of the seizure victims were both men. Here is what I think happened. In at least one of the cases the man and the woman had just started dating. He agreed to go see the movie and then realized he was the only guy in a theatre filled with women who was there voluntarily. The only other guys there had committed various infractions ranging from cheating to watching football in church. Wanting to get out of it, the guy had a seizure.

Congratulations To Lily Allen

You know I am not big on birth announcements on the site. It just is not my thing and there are lots of sites that focus strictly on celebrities and their babies. However, with Lily Allen, I am making an exception. Not the biggest star in the world, but certainly gossip making. I just feel for her after she has struggled so hard to have a child and the four month miscarriage and the six month miscarriage but she never gave up and now she has a baby girl which someone joked is named Mini Cooper. You laugh, but seriously, the father's last name is Cooper and he is a painter so you never know. Congrats to Lily and Sam.

Chaz Proposes To Girlfriend On Show

On Sunday, OWN is airing Being Chaz which is the sequel to Becoming Chaz. In the show, Chaz proposes to his long time girlfriend. I guess they needed that fairytale conclusion and Jennifer Elia was at Dancing With The Stars every week, but from what I have been told their relationship is barely hanging on and the only reason it has not completely split is because of Dancing With The Stars and the special on OWN and the hope they can get more specials or even a series on OWN. It is much tougher to do that if you are single.

Selena Gomez Baby Drama

See how you can make a headline to make something look really juicy? Unfortunately this story is anything but juicy. Selena is going to finally have a sibling though. Selena announced that her mother is expecting a baby and it is not with Justin Bieber. Well, you never know. I mean if he could have sex with Mariah Yeater, he presumably would be willing to have sex with anyone. It turns out though Selena's step-father is the baby daddy. Selena's mom had Selena when she was 16 years old. Her mom is now 35 and her husband looks a bit younger.

Kardashian Holiday Special Canceled!!

It is just one tiny step, but it is still a step in the right direction. The NY Post is reporting that E! has decided to cancel the Kardashian holiday special which was going to air on the network in December. The family is using the excuse that they are just unable to get everyone together to film it and that their schedules are too busy. Believe me, for the money they would have got paid they would have made it work. E! knows it will be a rating disaster so decided to not even bother spending the money. Now if they would just promise to not order any new episodes of the show.

The NBA Lockout Is Over

It looks like Lamar Odom will not have to go to Turkey and Kris Humphries might not be unemployed for much longer either. NBA owners and players agreed to a deal early this morning which would see games begin on Christmas day. Considering no one watches the NBA until Christmas morning, they should probably do this every year. Now the players and owners can go back to stop pretending they care about the fans and get back to just caring about themselves and how much money they can make off all of us.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

After stabbing himself in the foot, Antonio Banderas and
Salma Hayek have a threesome with a cat.
Ashley Olsen holds back the paps while Mary Kate trails in her wake.
Christian Bale only agreed to play Batman again if they gave him a huge codpiece.
Cee Lo Green is thankful he can afford huge watches.
The Hoff spent his time on a Spanish television show by sucking helium when he could not find booze;
used a Muppet as a bong;
sang karaoke; and
swallowed the tongue of a fan.
Eva Longoria stays classy.
Fergie at the airport this week.

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Gabriele Corcos and Debi Mazar dragged out their Halloween costumes again yesterday. No one gave them any candy though.
Holly Madison practices for her next career.
Kermit goes on a bender with Lindsay Lohan.
Kelly Rowland in Paris.
Umm, Mischa Barton needs to eat something.
Miley Cyrus celebrates her birthday with little people and Rumer Willis.
Rhys Coiro on the set of his new movie.
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in London.
Sienna Miller by day in London and
Paris by night.
Everyone was in Europe this week including Sofia Vergara.

Your Turn

Shopping on Black Friday or not?

Chris Pratt And Aziz Ansari Do A PSA For Cancer

When Parks & Recreation stars Aziz Ansari and Chris Pratt set out to do this PSA for Blood Cancer Disease, you would think it is going to be boring. It's pretty damn funny though.

Ted C Blind Item

Charlotte "Chuck" Finger-Dingle is young, über-gorge and has H'wood by the family jewels (metaphorically speakin', at least).

See, Chuck is still relatively fresh to the scene but she's managed to nab some of the splashiest flicks served up by the biggest studios and has certainly caught the eye of Tinseltown—and all the eligible bachelors in it too.

But all that steamy hetero chemistry Chuck has onscreen stay strictly in celluloid, ‘cause Chuck has a taste for...

The ladies, of course.

Chuck has sparked her fair share of rumored romances with T-town's hottest fellas (more than a fair share of which are also members of the Blind Vice Hall of Fame), but when it comes down to whose bed she's hopping in and out of, Charlotte prefers her lovers strictly chick.

Which isn't to say Chuck gets lonely during those long months on location.

Oh no, Chuck—with her fashionista figure and cheekbones to kill for—has plenty of ladies lustin' after her as well and makes sure to pluck only the hottest babe from the crowd to keep her, well, "entertained."

So while the tabloids plaster their covers with snapshots of Chuck and her ab-tastic male costars, the real juicy scandal is going on behind the scene where CF-D is getting hot and heavy with one lucky gal or another.

And her usual same-sex selection? Women with power—ya know, like directors or producers or any broad who's calling the shots.

How friggin' hot is that? Keep it up, Chuck, ‘cause even if you don't win an Oscar, you're certainly one of our new fave Vicers.

AND IT AIN'T: Ashley Greene, Lily Collins, Lea Michele

Brandi Glanville And Cedric Had Never Met

Remember earlier in the year when Bravo was teasing us all by showing Cedric and Brandi Glanville together? You know, when Brandi said she had known Cedric for 16 years and they used to model together and been bff. Turns out that it was all a lie. According to Star Magazine, Cedric and Brandi had never met until they were introduced by Bravo producers to see if they would bond and get along. Those sneaky producers. They wanted to build on that drama from last season with Cedric and Lisa. Brandi came up with the modeling story during lunch; the two got along and Brandi got herself a gig on Housewives.

Demi Moore Returns To Twitter

On a day when Ashton Kutcher's most recent mistress, Sarah Leal, says she is not to blame for the split of the marriage between Ashton and Demi Moore, Demi hit Twitter for the first time in a week. First of all, I don't think Sarah Leal was the cause of the split, Ashton was for his cheating. But, Sarah knew he was married and still had sex with the guy, so she contributed her part too. Demi's Tweet is kind of strange. Was Ashton feeling unappreciated? Is that the excuse he used for cheating?

Four For Friday

#1 - While his B list television actress wife on a long running hit network medical drama was at home with their child, her husband was at the Roxy this week hitting on women and getting as many phone numbers as he could.

#2 - What Twilight actor had a bunch of the movie posters cut up so they only have his picture remaining. He then uses them as the base for when people snort coke at his house. He says that he loves people snorting coke off his body.

#3 - This A+ list R&B singer helped with a food drive for the homeless this week and then afterwards spent several hours smoking crack with them. Hey, at least he paid for all of it.

#4 - This comic actor who has been a supporting actor in hit television shows and movies is becoming a bigger and bigger star is about to have a serious breakthrough as a lead actor and move from the C list to B+ or even higher. I wonder what will happen when people take a close look at his collection of Japanese porn. He says it is all anime, which is true, but the subjects are all girls who look 12.

Mickey Rourke Is A Tool

I don't care if you are male or female, if you read any portion of this interview with Mickey Rourke you will walk away from it not liking him. So, if you are a fan, you should probably not read it. The guy is a misogynist a-hole and thinks most actresses are c**ts, especially the ones who will not f**k him.

When asked about his movie Immortals and what it was like to work on it, did he talk about the acting, or the story or anything like that? Nope. Here is all he said. "I showed up. The director spent three years working on the overall look of the film and that really helped. They paid me a lot of money for a few days of work so I was happy to go. It's just a shame I didn't get to work with the hot blond chick, Isabel Lucas. I also loved Frieda Pinto, but she has a boyfriend. She's a really nice person and I have great respect for her as an actress - and I think most actresses are c---s with a capital K."

Apparently he is also spelling challenged. Seriously, the only thing he cares about is who he can sleep with and I am actually surprised he had anything nice to say about Frieda since she had a boyfriend. Maybe she flirted with him or something.

National Enquirer Blind Item

This Bravo “Housewife’s” husband thinks that his spouse is having an affair with his filthy rich best friend! The untrusting hubby is so suspicious that he’s had secret surveillance monitors installed in and around their huge home! Who is he?

Scotty McCreery Forgets To Sing

Yesterday during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, Scotty McCreery was supposed to sing his song The Trouble With Girls. The problem is that the song started playing and you could hear the words, but Scotty still had not brought the microphone up to his mouth. Uh oh. It is not the lip synching, because lets face it, this is a parade, but you would think he could have practiced it a bit. Hey, at least he did not forget the words to a song like Justin Bieber did the other day on Today.

Michael Lohan Having Heart Surgery Today

Yesterday Michael Lohan was rushed to the hospital after he complained of chest pains. Doctors say he needs a stent and his lungs have clots in them. No matter what you think of someone and I don't think much of Michael Lohan, I would hate for the guy to die. Plus, the sooner he gets better, the more gossip material he can provide. Maybe this will also slow the guy down so he does not spend so much time terrorizing the women in his life.

Janet Charlton Blind Item

This actor is still A-list but for name recognition only. Lately his career is more of a solid C-. He’s been happily married to his trophy wife for years, but behind her back he’s been having a sexual affair which is caught on videotape. The shocking part is that his sex partner is his own half sister! The tape has been circulating in the legal community and COULD end up in the wrong hands!

Sandra Bullock Devastated About Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively

The National Enquirer spent a few bits of ink in their latest issue to talk about how "Sandy" Bullock is devastated about Ryan Reynolds moving in with Blake Lively. It is an interesting article because it does not come out and actually say that Sandra and Ryan were hooking up because they were not. Ryan and Sandra friends? Absolutely. Lovers? Not so much. The Enquirer says that Sandra has hit rock bottom and that she turned down a Clint Eastwood movie because she is so devastated. Believe me, Sandra has someone to keep her company and I am not talking about Louis. She has someone that is keeping her warm at night so I don't think she is missing Ryan that way at all. But hey, it is something to read in the checkout line and talk about over the holidays.

Bieber Baby Mama Wants Another DNA Test

I think we all knew this day was coming. As soon as Justin Bieber got a DNA test without the attorney for Mariah Yeater being present this was coming. I see their point. How do we know it is Justin Bieber who took the test and not one of the people from his Macy's commercial. By the way, I have to say I really liked that commercial. Not enough for what Macy's probably had to pay to get him in their commercials, but it was funny. At least they didn't spend multiple millions only to have an awful commercial.

Anyway, the lawyer for Mariah wants to set up a time where Justin can be tested at the same time as Mariah and the baby. You know, just a big, happy family reunion. Maybe they can even find a closet and have 30 seconds of alone time. I wonder if Justin will see her and say, "I remember you. Los Angeles. Dressing room."

"Nice Coach" Doesn't Work - No One Wants Bethenny Frankel Talk Show

Have you seen Bethenny Frankel on Ellen? The whole idea of putting her on the show frequently was to give her a demo tape and to show potential stations what they would be buying if they bought a Bethenny Frankel talk show. What they found instead was someone who was annoying and aggressive and talked too fast. Umm, she is from New York. Apparently she also came across really mean. So, the producers decided what Bethenny needed was a "nice coach." Someone who could coach her into being more nice and who could do some sweet talking to sell some stations on the concept. It did not work and the plug has been pulled on her future talk show. Well, she could try a show on marriage counseling. Lesson #1 - Hate your in-laws.

No DNA Test For Jack Wagner

This is kind of a strange story and a happy story. A couple of weeks ago Jack Wagner performed for a week on a cruise ship with Rick Springfield. Kind of like an 80's General Hospital reunion. It was also the same cruise that saw the end of Jack Wagner's relationship with Heather Locklear. He says it was because they could not find the time to plan a wedding. I think there is something a little more going on then we are being told. So, immediately prior to one of his cruise chip performances a 23 year old woman named Carrie walks up to Jack and shows him a photo of her mother and says Carrie is Jack's daughter. Apparently Jack received a phone call back in the 80's and said she got pregnant and was giving up the baby for adoption. Carrie says she is that baby. She had hired private investigators to find her father and it was Jack Wagner. No DNA tests, no nothing. The next thing you know Jack is telling everyone Carrie is his daughter and she spent Thanksgiving with him and his family and has been with him every second since the cruise. Strange to you? Suspicious? No DNA test? Is this why Heather broke up? Is she really his daughter? Is this going to turn out to not be his daughter and they end up as a couple?

Jennifer Love Hewitt Starving Herself To Lose Weight

Do you remember a few years ago when Jennifer Love Hewitt was all up in arms about her bikini photos and how when other sites called her fat she said that people should be allowed to have the bodies they want and that she loved hers. She then lost a huge amount of weight and bragged about it. At the time she said it just happened naturally and that she started eating better. Apparently eating better to Jennifer is starving yourself. Ask her what she ate for Thanksgiving this year and she will tell you she ate nothing. She is starving herself for a new role where she wears a lot of lingerie. Oh, and to top it all off she will be exercising while she is not eating. So, in a couple of weeks when she looks amazing she will probably be on the cover of some magazine talking about how she ate right and exercised and how everyone can lose weight like her. Just know that what she really did was starve.

Jennifer Lopez Spends Thanksgiving With Boyfriend

Apparently Jennifer Lopez just could not even go a couple of days without her new boyfriend. You think Nick Cannon is a gofer for Mariah Carey, I can't even imagine what this guy has to do for Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer is in Hawaii for the holidays with her twins and her family and her human sex toy. I actually cannot believe that after two weeks she is already showing him off to her kids. That seems soon to me. Maybe Casper Smart had no place to go for the holidays so Jennifer took him in. That was nice of her. Do you think his parents named him after the ghost? I bet they did.

20 People Injured At Wal-Mart In Los Angeles

This is what happens when you open a store on Thanksgiving night. People have been inside all day eating and drinking and have a ton of pent up energy. So, throw them all into a competitive situation after all that and something is bound to happen. Last night, just 20 minutes after a Wal-Mart opened here in Los Angeles, a woman took out her pepper spray and opened fire on her fellow patrons. Why? An Xbox 360. Yeah, that is worth injuring a bunch of people. After she opened fire with the spray, people scrambled to get out of the way which caused people to get trampled. I am shocked no one has died. This is not the first time Wal-Mart has had injuries and until they start valuing life more than sales it will not be the last time. In total about 20 people were injured.

The woman is still on the loose.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Your Turn

I'm just curious what everyone is doing today. What are you eating? Who are you with? Getting into arguments with your family? Working? Dreaming about shopping? Are you off work for the entire four days? Can you tell that I started boozing early today? Do you think they will ever find a way to make bacon easier to cook? Do you know how many splatter burns I have on my wrist?

George Michael Hospitalized With Pneumonia

After canceling a concert with just two hours notice earlier this week, it was announced that George Michael had been hospitalized in Austria with pneumonia. Apparently he has now been released but is being treated at a private house while recovers. He has canceled shows through the beginning of next week. I know I can be Mr. Conspiracy sometimes, but I am not buying the whole pneumonia thing. I am wondering if it might be a relapse. There have been some whispers that he might have fallen off the wagon and if you do fall off it can be really rough when you do so. In any event, I do hope he recovers quickly.

National Enquirer Blind Item

What former C-list actress-turned-reality star has rekindled a past romance with a famous rock star and is now asking him to adopt her youngest child? The blonde beauty, who receives a hefty child support check for her other kids, is trying to secure a little financial security for her latest tot!

Prince Harry Says No To Photos

Prince Harry is in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving. Taking a break from his helicopter training, he is here and has already been visited by David Beckham. Do you think he calls him Harry or does he have to bow or something first. Anyway, there have been three people that I know of who have run into Harry in the hotel and tried to get their photo taken with him or at least of him and he would not let them. He also said to one of them that he was not allowed. Why? Is he going to melt if he takes a photo with someone? To say no to one person, I would put off to a bad moment, but it keeps happening and the excuse that he is not allowed seems kind of shaky. Who is not allowed?

Linda Hogan Took Hulk Hogan To The Cleaners In Divorce

Linda Hogan and Hulk Hogan finally reached a financial settlement in their divorce. It took four years but they did it. Linda is getting 70% of the cash, 40% of the businesses and a property worth $3M. I think the reason she did so well is that she has a ton of dirt on Hulk that would keep him from maybe making as much money in the future to recoup the losses he is taking in this deal. Hulk is now living in a rental home and probably keeps wishing his daughter would visit more. And bring her stripper pole. Daddy needs a lap dance. No money for a tip though, because mom took it all.

Simon Cowell's Ex-Girlfriend Talks About Brad Pitt In Bed

Apparently the show I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is still popular in England and one of the celebrities on it is Sinitta. She is the ex-girlfriend of Simon Cowell and his booty call to this day. Well, back in the day before Thelma and Louise made Brad huge, Sinitta and Simon broke up and she dated Brad Pitt for two years. She told other celebrities on the show that Brad's body was beautiful, but would not say if he was better in bed than Simon or if Brad was well endowed or not. Umm, if someone refuses to say whether you are well endowed or not, then doesn't that assume you are not that big. You always reveal the good and never the bad. Considering she is still sleeping with Simon Cowell I am assuming Brad was better. If he was worse she would have said so and made Simon happy. She did not say anything so now Simon has to do better.

Kim Kardashian Tries To Look Like She Cares

If you are a celebrity and want to impress me charity wise then you should take a look at my kindness items and try and duplicate some of those. Don't just go down to the Los Angeles Mission for a few hours once a year with a camera crew and pretend you actually care about the homeless. You don't. You want publicity. Kim Kardashian served up food to the homeless for the first time. She has never done it before and if she is having a good year next Thanksgiving you can bet she will not be back. It is such a publicity ploy that it makes me sick. She is using homeless people for publicity. At least Jennifer Love Hewitt does it every year and Blake Underwood. But, the difference with those two is that they also do other things during the year. Lots of things. Kim does not. She does nothing. Nada. Zilch. Oh, and the other thing I hated was she Tweeted all her followers telling them she did it. Please, oh please pat me on my back.

Jerry Sandusky Molested His Grandkids

Jerry Sandusky's daughter-in-law has come forward accusing her father-in-law of molesting one of her children. So, you know if he found one grandson attractive he probably did something to all of them. The thing is none of them would be related by blood because all his kids were adopted. It is kind of like the Woody Allen situation except his wife was his daughter and she was older. Also, more parents are now coming forward to say that one school routinely let Sandusky come on the school grounds and take their kids off school grounds with no parental permission or notification. So, the local schools were also complicit in letting the molestation go on. Seriously, wtf is wrong with this town? It is like they were offering up sacrifices to someone.

It's Official - All The Hilton Kids Are A Disaster

I think Rick and Kathy Hilton held out hopes that although three of their four kids were spoiled entitled brats that perhaps their youngest, Conrad Hilton was going to turn out ok. They were wrong. Conrad got into a car wreck last weekend and I decided not to write about it because a 17 year old kid hitting a car is no big deal. Yes, the fact they were parked was suspicious, but then Rick went and lied for his kid and said a dog jumped out in front of him so I said to myself I would leave it alone.

TMZ has some photos of the interior of Conrad's car and interviewed some of the witnesses to the crash and it turns out Conrad was drunk off his ass, reeked of pot and had rolling papers and some medical pot. OK, let us stop right there. What 17 year old do you know who needs medical pot? Seriously? Remember though these are the same parents who once got on their hands and knees in a dirty nightclub to hoover coke off a floor. The crazy thing is because the police took a little while to get there, Conrad will get away with it and live to drink and drive another day with no repercussion.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Top spot is for Thanksgiving. I hope all of you here in the US have a great holiday and are safe and have a great time with your friends and families. And shopping. And eating. Don't worry though, if you are anywhere else in the world, you can still have me. I will be posting some tomorrow right before football starts.
I think Avril Lavigne's shirt should say We Love To Get In Bar Fights.
She does have decent form considering she stopped about 10 feet short of the line.
Ace Young got a gig that does not involve playing for a 5 year old's birthday party.
Ditto for Diana DeGarmo.
Cody Simpson and Hailee Steinfeld canoodling.
When it rains, Daniel Radcliffe becomes a different kind of guy and
wants the world to join him as he dances.
Gillian Anderson on a red carpet last night and
as Miss Havisham in a new version of Great Expectations.
Elle Fanning and JJ Abrams at a Super 8 DVD release party.


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