Friday, February 27, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire Kid Beaten By Dad

I thought the Rihanna story was horrible, but at least they are adults. The Sun is reporting that when Azharuddin, the boy from the Slumdog Millionaire movie was beaten by his father because the boy was tired from his flight back from Los Angeles and wanted to sleep. Well, his dad was having none of that. His kid is his ticket out of the slum and he wanted to show him off to all his neighbors and have the boy perform for them. When the boy refused, his dad beat the crap out of him. Unfortunately for the dad, he did the beating in front of a crowd of western reporters and cameras.

Ummm. Not a good idea pal. Later the father apologized and blamed it all on stress from seeing his son for the first time in a few days. Uh huh. “I was very sorry I did what I did. I was confused and stressed by my son’s homecoming and I did not know myself for a minute. I love my boy and I am very happy to have him home.”

There is no way this story is going to have a happy ending. What was this great, feel good moment last week, and throughout the week as the kids were celebrated all over Southern California wherever they went is all gone. Now, I'm sure all of these kids will be exploited by their parents in an effort to get them out of the slums within which they live. Although the future schooling needs of the kids have been taken care of by the producers of the movies, and they are being given new apartments in which to live, I don't think it will ever be enough to satisfy their parents. When the lights and reporters and cameras are gone, it will just be a defenseless boy and his a-hole of a father.

Rihanna Takes Back Chris Brown - The World Is Disgusted

With reports from People Magazine and US Weekly both saying that Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together again, I'm guessing it must be true. Both magazines said that Sean Combs is letting them stay at one of his places down in Miami. I'm sure the whole thing is all lovey dovey and Chris is probably on his best behavior. Unfortunately we will probably never know when and if he decides to beat her up again, because he probably won't do it on a public street, but rather just do it in private.

I pretty much have lost all self respect for Rihanna. I understand why a woman goes back when she has no place to go or no support system in place or no funds to move on, but this is not the case with Rihanna. The world has seen what Chris Brown did to her. The world vilified Chris and rightfully so. Now, what are we supposed to conclude about the whole thing? Are the people of the world going to start buying his records again? Will radio stations add him to their playlists again? If Rihanna takes him back, and Diddy approves of it, then why shouldn't the radio stations and the fans?

Can anyone ever take Rihanna seriously again? She was always seen as a dominant force and a powerful person. Now, she has fallen into the same cycle that so many others have done in the past. She was gone. She was out of the relationship and moved on. It was over and now she took him back. I for once am at a total loss for words. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a trial if he is found innocent. Why? Well, because Rihanna will probably show up in court to support him and the jury will see that she forgives him and they should find him not guilty.

After the trial he will be outside smiling and will probably party and say how he never did anything wrong and it was all a misunderstanding. As far as I'm concerned I'm done with the both of them. Rihanna could have done so much good for so many and instead she blew it. Even Chris Brown could have done some good for domestic violence situations, but it is all thrown out the window now.

Four For Friday - The Anal Retentive Edition

I have had three of these forever and have been waiting and waiting to hear about a fourth to complete the theme. Themes are good for Four For Friday.

#1 - This B list actor who has won some very big movie awards and starred in some very diverse movies is a smoker. Everytime he buys a pack of cigarettes he cuts exactly one inch off the tip of each cigarette before he smokes it. He keeps a ruler and a pair of scissors with him at all times.

#2 - This B list comic movie actor who got his start on television before moving on to some starring roles in some very forgettable movies has had the exact same lunch everyday since the day his movie hit #1 at the box office. He had it the day he heard the news and never, ever deviates from that lunch.

#3 - When this perfume stopped being produced, this married A/B list always movies actress had her assistant spend two weeks online cornering the market on enough of the perfume to last our actress a lifetime. She refuses to endorse any perfume or develop and sell her own brand although she could and has been made offers. She has said that she "cannot live" without wearing this perfume everyday.

#4 - This C list television actor who has really done nothing since his hit ensemble comedy television show went off the air, only dines at restaurants when his "valet" is there. At about ten places he frequents, our actor calls ahead and will only patronize the restaurant when his favorite valet at the place is available to park his beloved car. Oh, and while he used to tip $100 each time, he is now down to tipping $5. I guess he needs a new show soon.

Random Photos Part One

According to TMZ, Ed McMahon is in intensive care suffering from pneumonia and bone cancer and is in very serious condition. I think we all wish him well.

Long time no see for Anastacia who was out and about with her husband Wayne Newton. Wow. Plastic surgeons can do f**king miracles now can't they? Ohhhh. Not the same Wayne Newton.
Aaron Paul stands to attention for you. I will let you just simmer on that for a bit.
I don't know if I have ever posted a photo of the entire Cranston family. So, here you go.
If you can ignore the extra large bags under her eyes, Cameron Diaz looks really nice here.
I think I have made it pretty clear over the years that I'm a fan of Carmen Electra, but at some point you have to say to yourself, does the fact that I am wearing a bra and an apron seem appropriate? I'm trying to keep you away from the Pamela Anderson territory Carmen.
Wow. Speaking of aprons. It looks like Debra Messing took all the leather that was supposed to go on her couch, cut a neck hole and threw it on.
I have to say that it has taken a few years but I am finally coming around to Jennifer Garner as a person and am going to give her a break on the every heart she crushed in the past that made the news. She seems like a genuinely nice person and my favorite waiter who waits on her once a week or so says that she is always sweet and a great tipper.
I like this Jennifer and Jon better than the other one everyone always talks about.
Miley is 16 years old and has already given up on life. Seriously. She is going to dinner at a restaurant wearing her ratty ass sweat pants and you know that she was having to pull them up every two minutes. Is it honestly that hard to wear a pair of jeans?
It has been a very long time since Maggie Q was in the photos.
Rihanna on the beach in Mexico. She looks much, much better than the photo from last week. I can't even see any marks on her.
Rose McGowan. The woman who never smiles. Even Claire Danes cracks one every now and then.
Yes, I posted a similar photo yesterday, but America e-mailed me and identified the guy Shenae Grimes is with is her boss, Gabe Sachs who is an executive producer on 90210. Always god to date the boss. Those things always work out. Hey Gabe? Think you can afford the $2 you are going to give the valet? Come on. That is just being cheap.
I really don't understand the Salma Hayek marriage at all. Maybe someone could explain it.
Have to protect the stars of Twilight from the rain.
The "everyday people" of Japan. Not so much.

Your Turn

Last week's Tori Spelling post turned into a bunch of stories about celebrity jackass behavior you had encountered. I think for this week, I would love to hear about any celebrities you have met, seen, been fondled by, or have otherwise encountered. The stories can be good or bad, happy or sad. I have got to stop reciting song lyrics in the posts. Anyway, get on with it, and for those of you who shared your stories in the Tori post, share them again here.

Quick Hits

Gisele Bundchen Is Pregnant - OK, I have no idea if she is or not, but since everyone seems to care that a model and a jerk football player got married in a hurry, I thought I would at least throw out the suggestion they did it in such a rushed and secretive fashion is because he has once again got a woman pregnant. By my last count there were over 200 sites and blogs announcing their marriage. Why? Seriously. She is famous for being Leo's old girlfriend and a model. He is famous for football and abandoning his baby mama. Oh, well. Hope they have a great life.

Kimora's Kids Rake In The Dough - You know what's sad? All the news outlets that reported that Russell Simmons is going to have to pay 40K each month for child support all said that Kimora was going to be raking in the dough. Umm, it is supposed to be for the kids. Oh sure. We all know Kimora is going to keep it for herself. There is no way on this earth that she will spend 40K a month on her kids. On herself? Hell she can do that in a day. I would really love her to announce the first time she spends 40K a month on the kids.

Jake G Doing A Musical - I think the headline pretty much speaks for itself. Jake G is going to play the lead in the movie adaption of Damn Yankees. Jim Carrey will play the devil. It is the first musical for both, although Jim Carrey singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang all the way through in Ace Ventura 2 comes close.

Drew Barrymore To Direct Eclipse? The internet is alive with rumors that Drew Barrymore will be directing the third installment of the Twilight series. Considering that Drew has directed a grand total of one movie I think that is a great way to really make sure your investment pays off. I'm sure also people will just flock to see a movie directed by Drew. I mean all of you are going to be in line to see Whip It when it is released right? No, it isn't the story of Devo or a history of Cool Whip, although that would be kind of cool. I just don't see this move. You don't do stunt directing in a movie.

America Young - Groupidity Part 7

The Meaning of Restraint

So now back to the group. Especially Vanessa and Kelli. The dynamic duo. With their powers combined they can do...'ll see. Guest starring Brandon Loeser who puts on an amazing Christmas Show every year called Santasia ( ) and J Micheal Briggs as Esteban. A cross over character from another webseries called The Romantic Foibles of Esteban. The last guy in the bar is Devon one of the shows producers. Also this is the only episode that I make a cameo in...

Groupidity Episode 7 - The Meaning of Restraint from Groupidity on Vimeo.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which angry comic had a few cast and crew members fired from his hit show — all because they overshadowed him?

Would You Pay Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony $30M To Endorse Your Product?

Marc Anthony and Jenifer Lopez have deluded themselves into believing their endorsement of a product is worth $30M. Of course it could also be what their people tell them, but I don't see anyone on this earth paying them that amount of money ever. There are a few people in the world who can get that much money from one product and it isn't Skeletor and his wife.

Marc and J-Lo have sued the company that makes the baby stroller they used for their twins. The company used a public domain photo of Jennifer and Marc using the stroller on the company website and since Silver Cross didn't bother to actually provide the stroller for free to the couple, they have sued the company for $30M. Yep. They are so full of themselves. Just because a company doesn't give you something for free then you decide to make their lives miserable.

There is no way on earth that J-Lo and her afraid of the daylight husband will ever be able to prove $30M in damages. This is just because they need some money and they want companies to know that if you want photos of Jennifer and Marc using your product than you better pay up with free stuff in advance. I honestly doubt this company even did $30M in sales last year.

Flying Soon? Stock Up On Adult Diapers

Close your eyes for just a second and imagine an airplane flight where you had to pay money to use the toilet. The door won't open until you slide in your credit card, or dollar bill or exact change. It all sounds great in practice doesn't it? You are an airline and you know people will use the bathroom so you might as well make a buck off it.

Ryanair, which is one of the largest discount carriers in the world is considering charging people 1 Pound to use the bathroom on their flights. So, let's see, that is about $1.43 here in the US.

So, what exactly happens when the guy who has had four beers in the bar at the airport wants to use the bathroom but the credit card reader can't get a signal, or the machine just won't take your wrinkly dollar bill? Will the flight attendants take mercy on you? Will they have a special area for the people who don't have any money? Will they sell adult diapers for those really long flights where you know you will have to use the bathroom several times?

I predict that within a month, the bathroom door will have been broken down so much by frustrated passengers that the whole idea will just be shelved. Of course just because you are paying the $1.43 for te toilet doesn't mean it will be any cleaner now does it?

Kanye West Is A Jackass - VH1 Wusses Out

Let's go back to Friday the 13th for a second. No, not the movie, but the day before Valentine's Day. This was still just a few days after Chris Brown beat the crap out of Rihanna and the whole world with the exception of Terrence Howard was ready to kill Chris. Well, apparently Kanye also wanted the world to cut Chris a break. According to Reuters, who did an interview with the producer of the show, during a taping of Storytellers that night, Kanye told the audience, "Can't we give Chris a break? ... I know I make mistakes in life."

The producer doesn't say what the audience reaction was, but I'm guessing it wasn't that great. We will never know though because the producers decided that there was no need to show that kind of embarrassing footage about Kanye. The only things they are showing are things that got heavy applause. Well, sure, because that is how life is right?

Also missing the cut was Kanye trashing Radiohead. This it seems was also not a crowd pleaser and made Kanye look like a self centered jerk so VH-1 took that right out. Kanye felt that Thom Yorke had snubbed him at the Grammy's and so when Radiohead played that night Kanye sat down and refused to join in with the entire rest of the crowd who were on their feet the entire time. Kanye then proceeded to pout and cry in the corner.

Piven Doesn't Have To Pay

Apparently Jeremy Piven hasn't pissed off any of the five actors from Actor's Equity who all totally believed that Jeremy had mercury poisoning and that's why he had to leave the play Speed The Plow well before his contract was over. Of course, the five producers on the board all thought Jeremy was a lying snake and voted to cut off his balls and feed them to fish. I thought that was a clever idea on their part since it all revolves around fish.

So, because it was a 5-5 tie, nothing happens. Yep. It is kind of like kissing your cousin. Nothing happens. It's really only when you go beyond the kissing stage that you really have to worry. People talk and whisper. It is really the whispering that makes you crazy though because you don't know if people are judging you or just talking about the weather.

According to the NY Times, Jeremy Piven managed to cry not once, but twice during the 20 minute interview after the three hour hearing. Basically he said that he was dying and that is the only reason he left the show. Uh huh. The producers can ask for more serious arbitration, but I think they are just going to let it go.

Look for the five actors who sided with Jeremy to all show up on Entourage this season and get a free copy of the season 5 DVD's when they come out.

Ted C Blind Item

Brain-Fry Noodlestein's completely brilliant at what he does—or rather, did. Dude's throwing it all away—friends, family, well-respected career—'cause he's hooked on the hard stuff. Much harder stuff than Smokey Shooter would ever consider.

Heroin, babes. And lots of it.

Think the well-worn veins of lascivious ladies Fake à La Ferocity and Morgan Mayhem have the hard drug market cornered in H'wood? Please, Brain-Fry's beating them at their own miserable game, and he's barely even trying. But his buds sure as hell are:

BFN's best amigos, understandably, are up all night either worrying about their depressed friend or following his every move, just in case he hits even lower—an overdose? Jail time?

It's all a likely possibility with Noodle's don't-give-a-damn behavior. They thought they'd already seen him at his worst (professionally, at least, as did many others). But it was nothing compared to seeing Brain-F injecting H right in front of 'em, which is now a matter, of course, for the iconoclast dude.

Makes us seriously suspect how much these so-called friends care about Brainy's livelihood—or life—when they could easily nab the drugs out of his shaky hands. But knowing BFN, he'd just find it through some other fame hanger-on who doesn't give an ef. God knows there are enough of those in T-town to go around.

Brain-Fry really should know better, as he's seen this stuff happen before. Which is prolly what made him so depressed to begin with. Britney's public meltdown is just gonna seem like a hissy fit by the time B.F.'s done self-destructing. Believe us on this one.

And It Ain't: Billy Bob Thornton, Jared Leto, Kanye West

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today's Blind Items

This very B+ actor who only does movies and has A++ name recognition spent some time in a hotel recently. Nothing strange about that, except for the fact he called down to the front desk every 30 minutes because he kept seeing spiders all over the wall and was freaking out. After the fourth visit from the hotel staff assuring him there were no spiders he convinced the hotel to have someone stay in his room with him all night just to keep him safe. I'm hoping this was caused by drugs and not something to do with his mind.

Random Photos Part One

It's Marcel Marceau.

The kids looked jacked up on caffeine and sugar and Brangelina looks like any couple that had to take four kids to a Broadway play.
I have been taking the time lately to go back and look at everything Ed Burns has done. He doesn't get enough credit for how good he is.
It's been too long Eva. I need to start putting her back in the photos more often.
I would pay money to go to a dinner party at Grace Jones' house.
See, I think Gwyneth Paltrow looks good here. The difference between us other than 300 pounds is the fact that I will say if someone looks good or does something good even if I generally dislike them. Gwyneth on the other hand keeps defending her website as if she is really doing all the things she says she is doing.
Owen and Jen still making money off that dog movie.
And prior to that, Owen took Kate to go visit Normandy. She looks thrilled.
The Katie Holmes school of acting. Reminds me of the photos I showed of Jessica Simpson during the filming of Blonde Ambition. The movie Katie is in is called The Extra Man. Kind of think that's what her marriage has been about too. Or needs.

I love this look. Julia Roberts was doing press for Duplicity and you know a photographer can say give me the Julia laugh and this is what you always get. It's actually I think iconic.
I always show European royalty. Here though is the Queen of Malaysia.
The one and only Martin Sheen.
Sorry that I couldn't find a photo without Nicole. Here they are trying to convince the Japanese to go pay good money to see Australia.
Pete Doherty only looks half dead. Good for him.
The soon to be divorced Peaches Geldof. Is that a tattoo on her upper thigh?
The rarely photographed Ramon Estevez.
I feel bad for always putting everyone else from that damn show in the photos but never Shenae Grimes so here you go Shenae.
Ten bucks says he didn't kiss Robin goodbye, but will the stripper he sees wherever he is going to.

Chris Brown Thinks It Looks Good To Go To Anger Management Classes

You know what I hate? I hate celebrities who go to rehab prior to a hearing so they can get off with a lighter sentence. Although, admittedly some of them need rehab and so they should be in there hearing or not. Chris Brown is doing the same thing with anger management classes. If you ask Chris he will say that he doesn't have any kind of anger problem and that he was provoked. Uh huh.

But, according to the NY Daily News, Chris Brown is attending anger management classes in advance of any hearings he may have, not because he needs the classes, but because, "he believes it will make him look better to the public." You know what that is all about right? It is all about making money and making sure that gravy train never stops rolling. It isn't about getting better or addressing issues you may have, but being perceived as if you really do give a damn.

I think maybe from now on whatever friend said that to the Daily News needs to keep their mouth shut, because all they are doing is just making the hole Chris is in much, much deeper. Personally I hope he never crawls out of it.

Evangeline Lilly Looking For Work

According to Korbi TV, Evangeline Lilly has been auditioning for new pilots for the upcoming fall season and her people say she will be able to work at that time on the show. Wow. I'm thinking this is not true because if Lost kills off Kate there really is no point to any of the seasons and just becomes more of a mess. I mean the only reason I can think of that would get her kicked off the show or killed is if she got arrested for drunk driving which she hasn't, or if she decided that she really wanted to make a career out of those chat line commercials and didn't see how it would all fit in with the whole Sawyer and Kate thing.

Of course this all could be a ruse to actually get people to watch Lost and wondering if the episode they are watching is going to be Evangeline's last one. Does anyone even understand what is going on in Lost anymore? Why is it that a show like Heroes or Lost start off great and then the writers say we have to keep people on their toes and the next thing you know it is just a freaking mess from which they never recover.

John Graziano's Dad Doesn't Like His Wife

I hope that all of you remember John Graziano, but for those of you who don't, he is the man who was left in a vegetative state for the remainder of his life because Nick Hogan decided to drink and drive and speed. Of course according to the Hogan family none of it was Nick's fault and John should have been wearing a seat belt, but let's not rehash old memories, especially since the Hogan's finally seem to be running out of their 15 minutes.

Anyway, if you will recall, John's parents got into a big argument about who should take care of John and handle all the money that was going to be coming his way. The couple were separated and you could see the dollar bills just clanging in John's dad's eyes.

So, today, John's dad was arrested for attempting to solicit a hit man to kill his wife. Wow. Yeah, that divorce process must not be smooth sailing. I mean you are already splitting up. Killing her just seems to be adding insult to injury.

Want to know the freakiest part? The one that will make you squirm? According to TMZ, he wanted the hit man to make it look like she got killed in an auto accident. That's just sick.


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