Friday, December 17, 2010

Four For Friday - Money Money Money

#1 - This former A list singer is providing her boyfriend with $10,000 a month living expenses. You know, in addition to everything else she pays for.

#2 - Speaking of money, this actor from a hit cable show is getting a divorce and one of the reasons is that his soon to be ex-wife pocketed about $200K of his money and won't tell him if she still has it or spent it.

#3 - This A+ list movie actor gets charged by his wife each time they have sex. If he wants it, then he needs to give her the cash upfront. Well, if I had to have sex with him, I would probably want to get paid to. I wonder how much she charged him for the kid.

#4 -Money is obviously not a problem for this B list movie and television actor who has serious hair issues to go along with his bad attitude. He had so many parking tickets for one of his cars that he just walked away from the car rather than pay the accumulated $10,000 in fines on the car.

Random Photos Part Three

Larry King has had his final show on CNN. Go relax Larry and have fun with the ladies. I mean, your wife.
Andre Holland, Andre Braugher & Jim Wilkison at their new play.
Ben Affleck with daddy duty.
Bon Jovi - Sydney
Brad and his leather pants in Madrid with Angelina.
Oh, Johnny wore a suit without all the embellishments.
Give Ben Stein a reality show. I miss his game show.
Britney Spears' house. Really into the holidays. What would have been great is a show about her trying to put them up herself.

Cheryl Hines, but not under the mistletoe. Too bad for me.
Demi Lovato does not want you to forget about her in rehab, so some photos of her were "leaked."

Random Photos Part Two

One of the only pictures I have ever seen of Elizabeth Hurley and her son. And buying him cotton candy too.
Frances Fisher & Natalie Cole.
Jennifer Lopez doing some holiday shopping for herself, and then later bought herself some more stuff.
Jane Seymour gets mauled by Suzanne Somers' fur.
"Blah, blah blah, football player. Blah blah blah, basketball player. Blah blah blah, single. Blah blah blah, I can't believe Ryan Seacrest didn't make me sleep with him for a show. Who gives someone like me a show?"
Kyle Richards in New York while
Dina Manzo and Teresa Guidice hang out in Florida. Dina's sons are getting their own reality show.
Kevin Spacey actually smiling.
Lady GaGa - London
Matt Damon running a little late for Letterman.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Three parts today.

Michelle Rodriguez learning how to DJ. Is this like the new thing now?
Some bar in New York hosted a birthday party for Nikki Benz who is the Penthouse Pet Of The Year. Her parents are probably thrilled.
Nia Vardalos, Jane Lynch, Kathy Griffin and Lily Tomlin at Kathy's concert last night.
Paris Hilton's Christmas card. Not sure how this is any different from every other picture she posted to Twitter all year. What I want for Christmas is animal control to pay a visit to her house.
Reichen Lehmkhuhl and Rodney Santiago.
Reader Photo #1. Nikki is currently fighting breast cancer. You can read about her journey here. All the love in the world. I wish you well.
Reader Photo #2
Stephen Baldwin headed into the bathroom.
Sienna Miller in her Hogwarts robe.
Randomness. Tommy Lee, Riley Keough, and Mick Rock.

Anne Hathaway, PS-22 & The Oscars

Anne Hathaway showed up at PS-22 in New York City yesterday while the school chorus was in the middle of their annual holiday performance. Not only did Anne's appearance surprise the kids, they also found out they will be performing at the Academy Awards. It could not happen to a better bunch of kids. Take some time today and look through their YouTube videos. Great!

This Would Be A Great Jerry Springer

You know what I wish for this holiday season, I wish for Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley to go on Jerry Springer. The Springer like it was back in the day when people would be yelling and screaming over some ugly looking dude sitting in a chair and all you could think to yourself was what in the f**k are those two people fighting over that guy for? Sure, the women or the guys would be no great shakes themselves, but, still, you would think they would open their eyes and get a clue.

OK! Magazine has a report that Gary has a new girlfriend named Ashley. Well, one day Ashley and Amber went to Gary's house, and while Ashley yelled at Gary, Amber hit him a few times. Apparently Gary has been having sex with both Amber and Ashley and more also. Umm, really? This guy? Seriously? What do these women see in him? After the fight, Ashley went over to Amber's house, but could not stay away from Gary's hot body for long because she ended up staying the night with him while continuing to yell at him.

No Sex For Sandra Bernhard And Madonna

Back in the day, when Madonna was not having sex with athletes, it was assumed she was having sex with Sandra Bernhard. Neither of them really attempted to dispel that notion so we all assumed it happened. Now, Sandra has given an interview and she says the whole thing was for show.

"I didn't sleep with Madonna. We were pulling everybody's chains, creating a media frenzy."

It certainly did that. I never understood the attraction the two had for each other, but then again, I don't understand most things in life. Sandra says she has not spoken to Madonna in many years. She basically called Madonna out and said that while Sandra keeps her friends forever, Madonna basically uses them until she has no need for them any longer.

40 Year Old Virgin Actor Gets Life In Prison

Shelley Malil was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of stabbing his ex-girlfriend more than 20 times. Shelley, who was in 40 Year Old Virgin, will get the chance to be paroled which is more than he was willing to do for his ex-girlfriend considering she is lucky to be alive.

The judge in the case gave Malil the maximum sentence, but because of the way things work in California the guy might actually get out of jail in as little as nine years.

View more news videos at:

Your Turn

With Beatles and iTunes billboards everywhere around town, it got me to thinking, what is your favorite Beatles song? Or do you even care that Apple finally got permission to sell their songs?

Rumer Willis A Model?

There are a lot of things I think about when I think of Rumer Willis. Number one among those is why the hell am I thinking of Rumer Willis. When these odd thoughts do pop into my head, the one thing that has never crossed my mind is her modeling. Not even modeling, but Badgley Mischka has gone so insane they are going to make Rumer Willis the face of their brand. Now that the acting thing is not really working, Rumer apparently going to give this modeling hing a shot. Honestly, if she was not the daughter of Bruce & Demi would she ever see a hint of this? No, of course not.

Ted C Blind Item

Welcome back, Veronica Bee-Stings!

As we told you a few weeks ago when we introduced you to the surgically blessed Hollywood star, we assumed you all would be meeting Veronica under different circumstances. See, her sweet and sexy exterior makes A-list actresses hold on tight to their men when in the presence of Ms. B-S, and for good reason!

And V finally got caught putting her stinger where it didn't belong...

See, we've heard naughty rumblings from several of VBS' past sets.

You know, whispers of some lingering touches with this lead actor, or a lot of private time running lines with that lead actor.

Usually, it's no biggie because everyone sleeps with everyone in this town. Especially costars.

But there is one teeny, tiny problemo with one of Veronica's past conquests. You know, the fact that said stud is hitched.

The affair isn't going on as we type, but the two were certainly getting hot and heavy back during filming (we had our suspicions and only recently were they confirmed).

The poor sucker's wife found out about it and threw a s--t fit, not only on the home and work fronts (she showed up on the set), but more importantly on the Hollywood front. That's right, the wife is telling people who are telling people about what a "slut" Veronica is, in hopes of damaging the star's shiny reputation, and ultimately, Veronica's hugely promising career.

But don't count V out yet. We call her Bee-Stings for a reason, ya know? This is one very crafty broad. So while she may be cozying up to hot costars in real life, she knows how to work the behind-the-scenes folks, too.

Let's just say, we don't think the term "casting couch" is something Veronica is opposed to.

Oh, and FYI, we read the comments and know how this sounds, so let us say this right up front:

We are not talking about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

And it Ain't: Kristen Stewart, Rooney Mara, Sofia Vergara

Real Housewives - Beverly Hills

I have t admit that I did not watch all of last week's episode of Real Housewives Beverly Hills. Throughout the week I caught little bits and pieces like Camille planning her dinner party and then saying how hot she was because Nick was sitting next to her. I really don't understand that. His wife just had a baby and Camille still flirts with the guy. Don't you think they must be having sex?

Anyway, I did watch last night though and I had to watch it twice because it was so good. Can I just say first off that I am glad Medium has been canceled. Yes, I want Patricia Arquette to work as much as the next person but that Alison is the one of the most vile human beings ever.

Who smokes like that? I LOVED when she said, I would know if someone's husband was cheating. Ummm, then how come you did not tell Camille? Ha!

Who says things like I love knowing how and when people are going to die?

So, does Camille memorize every issue of Playboy? I think when Kyle said she was going o invite Faye Resnick, Camille or one of her staff Googled her and Camille decided to throw out that little Playboy tidbit. Did you notice how Camille talked to Kyle about Faye like Faye was not even there? What a b**tch.

I may have to change my vote for my favorite. I do love Kyle, but Lisa is so calm and witty and under control at all times. She is brilliant. Kim had the line of the night when she told Taylor she should go pump up her lips some more. That came out of nowhere.

I am also pretty sure by this point that Kim does not drink. When everyone else has been getting hammered, Kim continues to drink coke or something with no alcohol. Oh, and what is this stuff that Camille said in the after show about her not drinking much. She drinks in every episode.

Oh, and Denise, lighten up on the makeup, and yes, having sex with Nikki Sixx is kind of like dating, although Andy put it best when he said, "so, like neighbors with benefits."

Sam Lufti Finds Another Person To Stalk?

Sam Lufti seems to be famous for stalking. He was accused of stalking Britney Spears and is still not allowed to communicate with her. He is believed to be one of the reasons Britney had such a meltdown and had to be placed in a Conservatorship. Now, Lindsay Lohan's reps say that he is the person who has been sending text messages and threats to Lindsay while she stays at Betty Ford. The center has taken the threats so seriously they have increased security. Lufti told TMZ that he is not the person who has been sending the messages, but since Lindsay's manager is also Britney's former manager that they are out to get him. He says he knows Lindsay. She says she does not.

Julia Stiles Denies She Is The Cause For Michael C Hall Split

It is pretty rare that someone comes out and flat denies that they were the reason for a marriage split, but Julia Stiles sent out a statement yesterday that said she was not the reason that Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter split.

"I have absolutely nothing to do with the split between Michael and Jennifer. We are good friends and enjoyed working together. This is a personal matter between them, and we should respect their privacy. Although I too prefer to keep my private life private, I felt compelled to dispel the rumors I was somehow the cause for this matter."

Do you believe her? There is no reason not to believe her, although it will look really strange now if they do decide to start dating.

Candice Crawford Gets Something Jessica Simpson Could Not

I wonder if Jessica Simpson is so happy that she does not even care that Tony Romo actually asked someone to marry him. Jessica probably thought that when she bought Tony a boat for his birthday and a Ken costume for hers that she would get asked to marry Tony. It didn't happen, but Tony did ask Candice Crawford to marry him yesterday and apparently she said yes.

The Dallas sports reporter and brother of actor Chace Crawford, was celebrating her 24th birthday yesterday with Tony and her parents when he popped the question. Did he also get her a birthday card at least?

And on a side note, yes, we know she works for you channel 33. Jeez.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

According to a source, this aging male singer who was on the television circuit for a while was cruising for male prostitutes on a daily basis until he contracted a very serious STD. He now is so terrified of this happening again, he allegedly only goes online for steamy chat sessions.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today's Blind Items - Bad Drug Behavior

This, I guess B list television actor on a hit show for an almost network has been kind of quiet as of late. Still good looking, but staying out of the news as much as possible. He has also been quietly going to out patient rehab and going there most nights after he finishes shooting. The trigger that sent him there was when he attended a dinner for a UN Ambassador and got so hammered that he took a knife and carved his initials into a priceless sculpture.

Random Photos Part Three

Blake Edwards - RIP
Aaron Diaz promoting his new calendar.
Angie Harmon and Rosario Dawson were the early risers chosen to present the SAG nominations.
Amber Heard about to get into her car. Not my favorite car of hers though.
At this point in the tour, Angelina has given up dressing nice and is openly mocking Johnny Depp. Or just trying to get him to laugh.
Amber Rose with some decent seats to the Knicks game.
Alison Sweeney and
Molly Ringwald skating at the worlds smallest ice skating rink. Seriously, it feels crowded when there are like 10 people there or one really fat guy with his parents.
The big news is this is not a wax figure. Holy f**k.
I don't even know what Christina Aguilera is trying to do there. Is anyone with me on the pregnancy thing?
David Bisbal plays air guitar with booze.
David Beckham hanging out with Brooklyn.
Here is hoping they sty in Egypt.
A very goofy looking Ed Westwick.
Hugh Jackman obviously in charge of packing for the kids or he loves Dora.


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