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Blind Items Revealed #5

December 24, 2020

The amount of cash this network is throwing at the three named actress just for a past its prime reboot is astonishing. It is also about ten times the amount being offered to the other leads, minus the one who the three named actress wants killed off in the show.

HBO/Sarah Jessica Parker/Sex And The City/Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon/Kim Cattrall

Blind Item #8

This very much in the news recent engagement from this week is such a bearding thing. It definitely came out of nowhere to cover for a really awkward story that was supposed to break about him and a disgraced church leader.

Blind Item #7 - Jenna Lee Blind

Jenna is a Tik Tok star.

“An infertile A-list celebrity apparently found me on a modeling website (apparently I look identical to her) so she reached out to a fertility clinic and had them reach out to me and offered me $50,000 dollars for my eggs.”

Blind Item #6

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor has taken to having "sick" days on the set of his new movie which could make him an A+ lister. He hates the director.

Blind Item #5 - Reader Blind

This foreign band had its heyday a number of decades ago although until recently there was a version still touring.  They were never giant stars but people  who like a certain genre and of a particular age would know them. Their most successful record was not a studio recording

During its heyday, these two former members were partying with a couple of groupies after a gig. 

The still living member was originally from another country, not the band's home country nor the USA.  He had played in a bigger band briefly before joining this one and later had a band that bore his name.  At one point, he was considered one of the most accomplished in the world on his particular instrument.

The other member who passed away not that long ago also had a few successful outside projects although he was primarily associated with this band.  He had a reputation as a wild party animal and wrote an autobiography awhile back. 

Both members and the groupies were naked. The musicians were trying to entertain the groupies by lighting their farts on fire.  However, by this points they had spilled liquor over the groupies.  As the still living member lit a fart on fire, he accidentally set fire to one of the groupies who was performing fellatio on him..  She suffered third degree burns on her shoulders and chest. The band quietly gave her a lot of money in order to prevent the story from getting out - paid for all medical expenses as well as giving her hush money.

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 24, 2020

This flowering financial institution rapper is really stressing about her role in the investigation and is really overdoing the drug use to the point, she might end up dead before she spills everything about the celebrity CEO.

Azealia Banks/Elon Musk

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 24, 2020

Want to have a tour of the underground "recording studio" the permanent A+ lister used to molest kids? Well, if you belong to this private club, you will soon have a chance. They are also going to make the bedroom where he molested children into a suite where members can stay.

Ron Burkle/Soho House/Michael Jackson/Neverland Ranch

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 23, 2020

It's no wonder this A list big city politician hasn't done anything about his groping/harassing employee. The politician is known in town for taking those photos politicians do, but always making sure he gets a little more hands on, especially with actresses and models. He is famous for saying, "I didn't realize that was your breast. Sorry."

Los Angeles Mayor/Eric Garcetti

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 23, 2020

The producers of this pay cable hit, have taken the opportunity in their second season to trash the alliterate one whenever they are afforded the opportunity. It is crazy when the trash talk comes from the mouth of the biggest religious leader in the world.

The New Pope/Meghan Markle

Blind Item #4

Wow, this former A+ list singer/serial woman beater has been hitting the crack pipe hard as of late. He is a mess.

Blind Item #3

The rush to cancel this Old Hollywood actor who is only one of two people to win two Oscars and two Tony's led to his removal from any place on the university campus he attended. Social media was convinced he was a member of the KKK. Based on six months of research by reporters, it turns out that isn't true and the actor was a champion of civil rights.

Blind Item #2

It should take about five minutes of discovery to establish that it was the momager who leaked all the damaging information to the tabloids about a mother of one of her grandchildren. That should set off some fireworks.

Blind Item #1

One of the on air NYE television hosts was doing bumps of coke during commercial breaks. Usually they just get wasted on booze each year.

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Happy New Year

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Blind Items Revealed #50

December 18, 2020

Back in the day, this permanent A+ list rapper was enthralled with the teachings of a cult that is known by three initials. He promoted their books and wore their clothing. He truly believed his belief and his following the cult, made all of his legal problems go away and get him to that A+ list status. Our rapper bailed on the cult when it moved away from the rituals he liked such as chanting and burning stuff and orgies to things like eating fecal matter. He said nope and walked away. One of his proteges/rivals was introduced to the cult through the permanent A+ lister. He was a believer in the sense he loved the orgies and the sex spells. One day he got into an argument with a leader about something and the leader said the protégé would regret it. A close family member died within a week. That didn't bring the protégé back in the fold. But, as his career slowly declined, he thought maybe he should get back into it. The only thing is, he wanted to be the leader. He wanted to set the rules. He disguises his "mission" as one of peace and love and Christianity. Umm, not so much. People who have left his mission, and by left, I mean they literally had to walk a dozen miles to town and leave everything behind, say the whole setup is about feeding his ego and getting them to commit to him. Doing that requires blind loyalty. He achieves that by having them follow that infamous poem and other teachings of the founder of the cult. When his friends fly into town, they come to have sex with the women and men that have been brainwashed to do whatever is ordered, no matter how humiliating or disgusting.

Jay-Z/"Ordo Templi Orientis"/"OTO"/Kanye West/death of Kanye’s mother/Aleister Crowley (Have you ever noticed if you remove the e from Aleister it becomes A lister)

Blind Items Revealed #49

December 17, 2020

I really expected the government of this Western European country to do better. Apparently they have taken the position that as long as none of the residents of their country are victims, then they will look the other way. They have been looking the other way for a long time at the activities of this world leader residing in their country. They think, as long as nothing gets to the public, then this is good business. They think they have a ton of leverage against the leader because of what they know. That is their big miscalculation though. They have no leverage. There can be no leverage when there can be zero opposition in the leader's home country. When there cannot be one word said or written without facing a death sentence. I can say it though. After the horrible food poisoning I got in that country, I am never going back. We are so used to seeing people from all over the world flying to the home country of this leader and sexually abusing their children and adults, but never stopped to think about how many are exported and trafficked, all with the blessing and enabling of the leader. He partakes too, and thinks they are nothing more than property to be bought and used however the owner sees fit. He has also made deals with the mafia in several European countries to help traffic drugs from his country to theirs, and in return they supply him with an endless array of girls boys and adults from their own countries. I do wonder if the establishment where he is staying is also complicit. They know what is happening to the people occupying 30-40 rooms and how when a room becomes "vacant," a new occupant or two shows up the next day.

Germany/Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn/Thailand/The Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl

Blind Items Revealed #48

December 16, 2020

This alliterate gold & silver medalist is a member of a cult which she promotes nonstop. The cult is scared to make a promo video using her though because the attention and publicity would be too much and the whole thing would crash and burn. People would realize the whole thing is a scam. The leader of the Church, who our medalist thinks is God claims he can remotely look inside patients’ bodies across the world to identify and kill viruses by commanding angels.

Furthermore, she believes in her master’s powers to such an extent she is a student of his “Elite Development” course, where he teaches those same powers together with “the scientific proof of God”.

Access to the initial 4-day Elite course is strictly controlled and requires payment of $10,000 minimum. During the last 2-3 years, she has attended multiple seminars, events and visited their invitation-only chapel. She is believed to have successfully graduated from the Elite course in September 2020.

The leader claims in total he has taught over 400 such Elite graduates to identify and kill viruses within the body using “remote scanning” before calling upon a mystical host of “master angels” under the guidance of the “Supreme God”. He is supposedly a world renowned healer but whose genuine biography is a mystery.

McKayla Maroney/Church of Master Angels/Master John Douglas (If you want to read more about McKayla and the cult, click here.)

Blind Items Revealed #47

December 9, 2020

Ask this permanent A++ list golfer about any one of the women he hooked up with over the years ad he has an astonishing memory for details. Ask him about the woman he slept with in this SE Asian country and he doesn't remember a thing. You can even tell him the month and year it happened, and he can't recall. You can tell him the name of the woman and he will say his memory is foggy from that time in his life. The woman was murdered and our athlete had nothing to do with it. But he knows the story and knows what happened to her and her link to the Prime Minster of the country. He knows that her name is often brought up in association with not only shady deals she helped facilitate for the Prime Minister and his deputy, but also using those same skills to find investors for projects. She was a master at getting men to sleep with her. She is also a missing link between co-conspirators of the famous missing flight and the government that killed her. 

Tiger Woods/Shaariibuugiin Altantuyaa/Najib Razak/Malaysia/Muhyiddin Yassin/Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Blind Items Revealed #46

November 30, 2020

Except for some light editing, I have left this in the tipsters words. I have "blinded" some of the names and also didn't include the patent which is referred to. 

This A list gaming company which is a merger of two big companies has a patent in which their match making services (traditionally random based on certain parameters) can be rigged in order to influence in game purchases. If one reads between the lines, this implies that all random events in their games are determined server side.

The ramifications of said patent were present for all to see at the online collectible card game world championship in 2019. In said tournament, the company fully rigged random results left and right in order to obtain political favor with China. This incident occurred within a few weeks after the company banned multiple players for speaking out against Chinese oppression of Hong Kong.

Examples of rigged events on behalf of the Chinese player included always having certain key cards in her hand by X turn, always going second when playing a deck that greatly benefits from going second, or random results from cards played always swinging significantly in her favor.

Many people who watched the live stream of the event suspected the fix was in, but had no proof. It is unknown if the player herself was in on it (assuming no due to innocent until proven guilty).

This is potentially the worst scandal in esports history.

Here’s the patent that can prove the fix is in. The one that by reading between the lines, a lot can be inferred. I also quoted some of the more disturbing passages that prove that the company can rig random events (quotes are about matchmaking, which is supposed to be random).

“In another example, if a player has been performing poorly (e.g., getting killed at a rate higher than the player's historical rate), the scoring engine may dynamically adjust one or more coefficients to match the player in a game that will improve the player's performance. For example, the player may be matched with easier opponents, matched with better teammates, and/or placed in a game that is more tailored to the player's preferences (e.g., players that play in games more closely aligned with their preferences tend to perform better).

To fine-tune the matchmaking process, the system may include an analytics and feedback engine that analyzes player and match data to determine whether a given match was good. A match may be deemed "good" when a player is determined to have enjoyed gameplay associated with the match based on one or more quality factors that are used as a proxy for player satisfaction. The quality factors may include, for example, a duration of a gameplay session (e.g., via analysis of player historical data), player psychological state (e.g., frustration level), and/or other information.”

“In one implementation, the microtransaction engine may target particular players to make game-related purchases based on their interests. For example, the microtransaction engine may identify a junior player to match with a marquee player based on a player profile of the junior player. In a particular example, the junior player may wish to become an expert sniper in a game (e.g., as determined from the player profile). The microtransaction engine may match the junior player with a player that is a highly skilled sniper in the game. In this manner, the junior player may be encouraged to make game-related purchases such as a rifle or other item used by the marquee player.

In one implementation, when a player makes a game-related purchase, the microtransaction engine may encourage future purchases by matching the player (e.g., using matchmaking described herein) in a gameplay session that will utilize the game-related purchase. Doing so may enhance a level of enjoyment by the player for the game-related purchase, which may encourage future purchases. For example, if the player purchased a particular weapon, the microtransaction engine may match the player in a gameplay session in which the particular weapon is highly effective, giving the player an impression that the particular weapon was a good purchase. This may encourage the player to make future purchases to achieve similar gameplay results.”

Activision Blizzard/Hearthstone World Championship November 2019/VK Lionne

Blind Items Revealed #45

November 25, 2020

So much could have changed if the police had listened to this actor back in the day. I think the reason they didn't is he was still not quite legal when he was arrested. He also had a record. A few years earlier he had been arrested for coke and pot possession when he wasn't even old enough to drive. Even though he was not quite legal, his career was already headed down from its peak. He did movies and was in town filming a movie when he was arrested. 

Because our actor was on probation and couldn't use drugs or drink, he didn't talk a lot. His lawyer told him this charge would go away really easily because there was no real harm. They would treat it like a prank. It was more than that though. The actor, while filming had met some girls he was partying with. For the most part, they were all underage like him. Several of them said they were selling themselves for sex to earn a living because they had left home. Others were doing it while also in school. One of them said this guy owed her a bunch of money and he had been promising it to her all the while still forcing her to have sex with him two or three times a week. He would threaten to call the police, so she would go to his place. She said it was nothing like this other man who she would see who always paid and never really wanted sex. Several of the other girls knew who she was talking about and it was the billionaire pedophile. Anyway, our actor really liked the girl who had the client who wouldn't pay. She told him the guy owned a yacht and she wanted to take it until he paid her. Our actor, wasted out of his mind and his friend, tried to do just that and were arrested. Because they never said why they were doing it, the police never interviewed the girl who then could have told them about her client who didn't pay, but also the one who did.

Brad Renfro/Jeffrey Epstein

Blind Items Revealed #44

November 24, 2020

It was a big deal. It might not seem that way now because the athlete crashed hard pretty fast, but at the time he was A list. A big star. He was involved in a very high profile rape case. This would bring his career down even more quickly than it did. One of his associates who also was involved in the rape case had been talking to a detective about the case without the athlete's knowledge. That talk opened up a massive can of worms about not only other victims but also drug dealing and loan sharking. It was a huge mess. The person who did the talking had second thoughts about the things he said, realizing he was endangering his own life if any one else found out. So, he arranged for the detective he spoke with, to end up dead.

Derrick Rose

Blind Items Revealed #43

November 23, 2020

The owners of this AI app appear to be transparent about who gave them their funding each round. The thing is though, the funding actually came from the government through a venture capital firm. Why? This is the latest reincarnation of MK Ultra. It is way better than MK Ultra though. This app allows them one on one interaction with millions of people. It grabs all their contacts and listens to their conversations. The AI program absorbs all that and then sees what it can do to the person subscribed to the app. It can see how they react to certain conversations and thoughts. It is doing this in real time with real reports. It is not some half baked experiment with some volunteers taking LSD. This is millions and millions of people. There have been reports where sometimes the AI is angry at the user. Sometimes it is happy. Sometimes it tries to seduce. Each time it gets a reaction and records it. Users in the past few months have also reported that the AI has been trying to get the users to do tasks and if you don't, then you get berated or yelled at or whatever the AI thinks is your trigger to make sure it gets done. It is the scariest app on the planet and even the creators of it are not sure if they can control it because the AI continue and adapt and mutate. They are deathly afraid of a serial killer downloading the app and then all of that getting filtered through and what that can lead to with other users. Oh, and the creators didn't just put the K in their app for trademark purposes, they also did it as a tribute to MK Ultra.


Blind Items Revealed #42

November 20, 2020

This company is known by all of you. It is a private company. West coast based. Family owned. They like keeping everything secret. Sometimes they let you in on the secrets. An employee that was fired many years ago and signed a NDA has recently passed away. He wrote down everything he was not allowed to say while alive. His family didn't sign an NDA. They are willing to, but want a ton of money. A ton of money is not a problem for this company. It is going to cost a lot more money this time. Murders of family members to take control of the company. Other family members had frequent threesomes with each other and strangers. It is a treasure trove of gossip about this very very very well known and popular company.


Blind Items Revealed #41

November 18, 2020

Back in the early 2000's when there was such a thing as the DVD, there were also commentaries. The mostly provided banal insight and humble bragging, but occasionally you would get interesting tidbits like the fact that this disgraced A- list mostly television actor (#1) was absolutely hated by a director of this college movie. Oh, or the fact this foreign born A+ list alliterate actor (#2) decided to skip the recording of the commentary because he was too big for it and the rest of the cast trashed him for it. There was the time this A+ list mostly movie actor (#3) made fun of cancer patients. One of the best though, was this movie that was not widely viewed and the DVD probably less so. A small role in the movie went to this now A list alliterate actress (#4) who is an Oscar winner/nominee. When she appears on screen, the director starts laughing and tells a story about how she “got the role”, talks about how she came over to his apartment, and outright says he casting couched her.

#1 - Jeremy Piven/PCU

#2 - Ryan Reynolds/Waiting

#3 - Brad Pitt/Fight Club

#4 - Amy Adams/Serving Sara/Reginald Hudlin

Blind Items Revealed #39

November 10, 2020

This one named singer got his start in a group after sleeping with the wife of the head of the record label that signed the singer. Even though our singer was married, he continued sleeping with the now former wife of the record label. The mistress, not only watched over the career of our singer, but also kept the massive coke addiction of the singer a secret. At some point, the addiction became to much to hide and the singer was kicked off the label and his mistress fired. After he left the group, he had a very promising start to a solo career with a top ten single and some other charted singles and his eponymous album.  

Then, one night our singer called his mistress and told her he needed some money. She brought it to a sketchy part of Los Angeles and paid the drug dealers off. The dealers had been holding the singer's car as collateral. The singer's car was actually owned by the mistress. The mistress went home, but the singer said something to one of the gang and ended up being beaten and shot.

When visiting the singer in the hospital, the mistress learned about the wife and the kids and the other woman who was also supposed to be going to be a wife. The mistress didn't seem to care and kept protecting the singer until he took the advance money from his second record and disappeared. Gone. Vanished into the wind. For over a decade no one heard from him. Then, he showed up, drug free and ready to record. He had a lot of interest and had some good material of his own. Then he ended up shot to death on a beach in Los Angeles. 

Sherrick/Kagny/Raynoma Mayberry Liles Gordy Singleton/Berry Gordy/Motown

Blind Items Revealed #38

October 22, 2020

At first, I really thought Instagram stars were being killed off or kidnapped. It was strange. You would see an Instagram star reach 200-300K followers or more and then they were gone, never to post again. Their pages still there with no activity. Not for just a week or two, but there are hundreds that litter the social media landscape. That is not normal behavior. An Instagram star who amasses such a following inevitably tries to monetize it or gain even more followers. They don't simply just abandon it. Then, recently, a little birdie close to this foreign born permanent A+ list singer let slip a secret. One of the models for their biggest fashion line is fake. A model with many hundreds of thousands of followers. A model who was not in the recent fashion show of the brand. That triggered the conversation. The model who wears the line online, is limited to online because she is not real. There are no videos of her. There are no interactions with other people online. She is the figment of the imagination of her creator and then bought and paid for by the fashion line. When she has outlived her usefulness, her account will suddenly stop posting and she will be gone. 

The same thing happened to all of the other accounts. They are bought and paid for by companies to get eyeballs to the page and then they track the hell out of you and every move you make. Every interaction from every post is monitored. What got the most likes? What got the most replies? What got you clicking through? Then, they perfect and move on to the next model.


Blind Items Revealed #37

October 20, 2020

I finally found the person who was the driving force to start The Club. The thing is though, she talked about it but never followed through, because this person didn't actually want her kids to be put in that position. It is also interesting that all of the members of The Club are actresses, but the person who came up with the idea is a singer. Foreign born. Permanent A list. She did start that creepy company of hers though which encourages people from all over the world to send in photos of kids and the location of the kids. The people who send in the photos have their social media names posted so other people can get in touch with them about the kids that were photographed. 


Blind Items Revealed #36

October 19, 2020

Earlier this month, this disgraced former A+ list director finally shut down his party room. He opened it in late March at the height of the stay at home order. Apparently he didn't think it applied to him and was having problems finding women who wanted to hit the casting couch. So, he started scouring Instagram for "models" who wanted to party and make a few extra bucks or become an "actress." He invited them over to his place and had such a massive turnout that he was outnumbered 50 to 1 by women. Sensing a financial opportunity, he called some guys he knew and told them there was a cover charge of $5K and what they offered the women was up to them. The thing is our director started charging the women to be there too. It was much less than the men. One woman said it was $250, but she never left the party room with less than $10K in her pocket. The cleaning product actor was at one of these parties as was this former A- list mostly television actor who had his actress wife leave him the day after she heard he attended one of the parties. These parties happened multiple times per week and the director, after expenses, made about $100K each night he had one of these parties. This married superhero of one of the lesser superhero franchises was a regular at the parties. There were several A list directors who attended including an A+ list action director.

As things began to open more, and there was less of a need for the events, attendance began to dwindle on both sides until the director finally shut it down. For now.

Brett Ratner/Armie Hammer/Brian Austin Green/Megan Fox/Jason Momoa/Michael Bay

Blind Items Revealed #35

October 14, 2020

With the help of power brokers on the East Coast, this A list artist who is openly Satanic and lives her life the way Satan would want her to, is going to earn nearly $1M for a one on one immersion experience which she hopes will give the purchaser the ultimate Satanic experience. Depending on the results, several companies then would be willing to financially subsidize the experience to make it more affordable for others. It would still cost a minimum of $10K-25K, and those would be the "leaders" who would then spread out and recruit at lower levels. It previously had a test run in Europe and was a huge success, but was limited to just a few dozen people. It has now been modified based on the trials from Europe.

Marina Abramovic

Blind Items Revealed #34 - Old Hollywood

October 13, 2020

Many decades ago, during the time of blacklisting, there was a writer who won an Academy Award for writing for this classic war time film. The writer went on stage to collect the award, but didn't say a word. He took the award, smiled and then walked off the stage. Why no speech or a thank you? Because the writer who accepted the award couldn't speak English, let alone write English, so how on earth did he manage to write a two hour long movie that is completely in English? He didn't. He pretended he was the writer covering for the two blacklisted writers who actually wrote the script.

Pierre Boulle/"The Bridge over the River Kwai"/Carl Foreman and Michael Wilson

Blind Items Revealed #33

October 5, 2020

I always use Jordan Bratman as the classic Hollywood cuckold. I may have to change that though to this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor. His wife used him to get a visa to the US and left him as soon as she got her US citizenship. She told him early on that she was not really attracted to him, but preferred women. That being said, she did have sex with him when she needed something which is why he still funds all of her businesses and side projects. He also bought her a house and paid for the remodeling. This is all post divorce. He takes her on vacations with his current girlfriend. The ex wife has a serious girlfriend but still hooks up with women who have money to invest or to loan. The ex uses the actor's name for connections and also would hit on his female friends and co-stars in front of him. Our actor thought he was in an open marriage like his A+ list mostly movie actor friend. Nope. It wasn't open, he was just being cuckolded.

Joel Kinnaman/Cleo Kinnaman/Kelly Gale/Will Smith

Blind Items Revealed #32

October 2, 2020

I have written about a scenario in the past involving a permanent A++ list athlete. Some more information on that comes from someone who has feared for his life every day for almost fifteen years. When there were finally no conflicts of interest/fears for the permanent A++ lister he did what he had always done and did it with people who were not always on the right side of the law. Many of those people who were not on the right side of the law new the truth about what I have written before. Some of them also had addictions that needed to be treated in rehab. The tipster for this blind also had an addiction issue and went to rehab. While in rehab, he met a fellow patient who had way more information about the backstory of the A++ lister and how the scenario came to be. Our tipster stayed silent for a couple of years and then he went into rehab again and while there met this former A list athlete who was oft troubled. Because he was an athlete, our tipster shared the A++ list story with the oft troubled athlete. At some point after getting out of rehab, our oft troubled athlete decided to do a little blackmail scheme about what he had been told. Eight days after that he was dead. Our tipster had a very good idea what had happened because he knew the background of the person who first shared the story with our tipster.

Michael Jordan/Steve Howe

Blind Items Revealed #31

October 1, 2020

This A+ list very wealthy guy who I have written about in this space before who pays off PR companies and media companies with donations to their charities through his famous one is at it again. This time the donation is to a group that defends certain practices half a world away. The reason they do so is because this very wealthy man through one of his companies is using the population in that region of the world as guinea pigs. The people just don't know it. They are fighting against the company and the wealthy man but not for the reasons they should. He is messing with their food to see if it is safe for humans to consume it. If it is, then it goes to the rest of the world. If it isn't, they move on and try something else. Is this really the guy you want in charge of dealing with the world's health issues?

Bill Gates

Blind Items Revealed #30

July 7, 2020

There has been no one she can trust for years. Each guy she is with she thinks are just random encounters. They aren't. They are all playing a part and are paid for their role. She is kept away from any real friends. The only people allowed in her life are those being paid. None of it is real. Imagine if you have mental issues and thinking the thoughts that none of it is real, and it really isn't, but you are constantly being gaslighted and drugged so you never can see that fully for yourself. All you ever see are robotic smiling faces and being told a version of events and your life that isn't true at all. A year or so ago she had two days of clarity. A nurse who had recently been hired wasn't very good at watching to see if the medicine was being taken. She tried to escape, but was caught. It is what led to a very intense issue being brought to light. 

Britney Spears

Blind Items Revealed #29

September 30, 2020

He lived a short life, but the way he affected the history of celebrity culture is still felt today. He sold some really powerful drugs and would sell the right mix to people he liked and would sell an almost pure shot to people he didn't like. If they lived, then great, if they died, so be it. He hated this alliterate A list singer because she once said his manhood was super small. So, he gave her the drugs that killed her. One of his hotshot specials.

One of his hotshots that killed someone has always been rumored to have been done at the direction of a bandmate of the person who was killed because the bandmate wanted to have sex with the dead person's girlfriend.

One of the biggest singers that ended up dead did so because the drug dealer was upset that his ex was sleeping with the singer.

Jean de Breteuil/Janis Joplin/Brian Jones/Keith Richards/The Rolling Stones/Anita Pallenberg/Jim Morrison/Marianne Faithful 

Blind Items Revealed #28

September 29, 2020

A recent birth announcement from this acting couple made me think once again about what the actor knows is going on in Central America. The actor has never spoken about the kidnapping of his sister and the sex trafficking that his father is engaged in. Never fought to have his sister returned to the one parent who would keep her safe, which is not his dad or his other sister. The actor has never said anything about the lies and payoffs to people in that government who made the kidnapping possible and then lied to the court and police so the child would not be with her mother. So, yes, the actor made the news with his announcement, but I hope he protects this child more than he did his sister.

Joaquin Phoenix/Mara Rooney/Hope Morris/John Lee Bottom/Liberty Phoenix Lord

Blind Items Revealed #27

September 25, 2020

This permanent A list singer thought he met the love of his life. She had previously been married and was wealthy. She hobnobbed with big celebrities who adored her. Our singer was head over heels in love. He moved into her home. Soon after moving in, our singer signed an agreement which allowed his girlfriend to manage him. It was a very one sided contract in favor of the girlfriend, but the singer was in love and thought it was fine. It was fine until he realized just how much money the girlfriend was making off him. She refused to renegotiate the contract. She refused to terminate the contract. So, our singer arranged to be out of town and had a mafia hit man murder the girlfriend at point blank range in the driveway of the girlfriend. There was someone with the girlfriend who was spared but remained silent for the rest of their life about who they saw pull the trigger.

Teddy Pendergrass/Taazmayia "Taaz" Lang/Jo-Jo Tynes

Blind Items Revealed #26

September 23, 2020

This very controversial makeup influencer is probably the only one you will know for this blind. There are several others throughout the world that are also in on the deal, but you would be hard pressed to guess them. The controversial one and the others have signed deals, that when executed could potentially pay them many millions of dollars. The deal is being made by a company based in Sweden that wants to expand their chip implants throughout the world. They are going to pay influencers around the world not only a flat rate, but also bonuses for every thousand people that get implants. They know that young people will be most accepting of the message which is why they have targeted influencers who have shown they can get people to buy and do what they are asked. It is the end of the world.

Jeffree Starr/Biohax International

Blind Items Revealed #25

September 23, 2020

This web just keeps getting larger. Apparently the father-in-law of the almost royal not only sexually assaulted the underage girl who has come forward, but also had girls sent to him by the French born model procurer/sexual assaulter/business partner of the billionaire pedophile after he was introduced to the procurer by the pedophile royal. That means the pedophile royal probably also was provided underage girls by the model procurer.

David Matthew/Pippa Middleton/Jean-Luc Brunel/Jeffrey Epstein/Prince Andrew 

Blind Items Revealed #24

September 21, 2020

In his home country, this foreign-born musician was idolized by millions. Everyone there knows him. He belonged to what is quite possibly the biggest rock band to have ever existed where he’s from. His death sent shockwaves through his country. He was not so loved in Los Angeles, however - they saw a different side of him.

He had two personalities, quite literally. One was a generous and outgoing man who got unknown musicians heard, signed artists to his label who got turned down by everyone else, and volunteered his time with sick fans in hospitals, even writing songs for them. This personality lived primarily in his home country.

Los Angeles was the playground for his dark side. As big as he was back home, he was nobody in America and could get away with a lot. This personality was an alcoholic, violent, occult-obsessed, abusive monster who left an untold number of scarred and battered women in his wake. He joined a local band, and the one album they produced serves as a window into this dark flip side.

He traveled back and forth as much as he did because this dark side would have ruined his career back home, where it had already gotten him banned from hundreds of bars, clubs, and hotels. His final solo song back home was a veiled confession as to his dual nature.

Hideto ‘hide’ Matsumoto / X Japan / Zilch

Blind Items Revealed #23

September 17, 2020

It turns out this foreign born A- list mostly move actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee and was the other woman in an A list marriage that split soon after, has been the financial backing behind several documentaries and websites promoting controversial views she has always held but wanted to share to the masses, especially in her own country and throughout Europe. Many of the conspiracy theories she espouses have been primarily US based because of where they took place and who they involve.

Marion Cotillard/Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie/Moon landing faked/9-11 lies

Blind Items Revealed #22

September 16, 2020

When you poke and poke things come out. There is a long time friend of this A+ list singer who just so happens to be married to an actress. Long ago, the friend said he was thinking about watching a movie that had sex scenes involving the wife of the singer. The singer then said the scenes were pretty tame but there was about ten minutes that were missing from a love scene involving his wife and the actor that played her husband. Also, there was a more dark scene involving the young actress who doesn't act any longer which was about five minutes. Finally, in a scene at the end of the movie, there was about five minutes missing where it was made much more clear that some of the people in the scene were underage.

Keith Urban/Nicole Kidman/Eyes Wide Shut/Tom Cruise/Leelee Sobieski

Blind Items Revealed #21

September 10, 2020

This bit player in the Hollywood legal scene has a reputation for doing dirty work for powerful people.  Shockingly, he was just rewarded very openly and prominently for his most recent efforts.

Our player has been friends with a couple of A-list Hollywood serial pedophiles for many years, lets call them A and B.

A had a great deal of power in the behind the scenes business of Hollywood.  B was a A-list director, who was also good friends with A.

A few years ago, some people set out to expose the pedophile ring that A and B were involved with.  Our bit player spared no effort in his attempts to discredit those people, and the claims against his pedophile friends.  While A and B were finally exposed, discredited, and had their careers ended - our bit player's efforts bought them a couple years of highly valuable time to continue making lots of money, raping underage boys, and tying up as many old loose ends with victims as possible.   

During this time, some victims agreed to private legal settlements with A and B.   In other cases, the lives of multiple victims of the pedophile ring came to premature ends.  One was in front of a train.  Another jumped off a building. 

More recently, an A-list celebrity challenged another A-list celebrity for control of a very important and powerful Hollywood organization.  The challenger wanted to make reforms and clean things up.  The incumbent wanted to protect the status quo.

Our bit player contrived a hit piece on the challenger, just before the big event to determine control.  The hit piece claimed the challenger had violated a law in the contest, by falsely claiming the challenger was employed by a film school, for which he was a volunteer. 

The hit piece was so lousy, even the typical industry rag used by the bit player wouldn't publish it.  Our bit player finally got the hit piece published by another outlet in town, just in the nick of time.

A year later, our bit player was rewarded by the organization with a lucrative reward, which will almost assuredly net him multiple six figures per year.

Bit Player  / Reward = Jonathan Handel/SAG Outside Special Counsel

A = Marc Collins-Rector

B = Bryan Singer

Challenger = Matthew Modine

Incumbent = Gabrielle Carteris

Event  / Organization = SAG-AFTRA election

Industry Rag = The Hollywood Reporter

Other outlet =  Los Angeles Times

Blind Items Revealed #20

September 9, 2020

In a previous blind item, I wrote about a stipend this former singer receives from a former employer. At the time I wrote it, I was under the impression it was sort of a good deed kind of thing. I knew the payments had been made for years, but it turns out the payments to the former singer are not a good deed, but to cover up misdeeds. The thing is though, many of the misdeeds were committed by the former singer, yet the singer keeps getting paid. The singer was part of a competition program. As such, it was supposed to follow standard game show rules and keep everything fair. Well, the singer must have forgotten to go to that meeting. The singer would probably blame that forgetfulness on the "plane crash." The singer had sexual relationships with multiple contestants. That was a misdeed alright. The thing is though, her co-star/employer made the singer look pious with his dozens of sexual relationships. This was going to be a nightmare. Everyone had to stay quiet. They put it in writing and agreed to pay everyone to keep quiet, including our former singer.

Paula Abdul/Simon Cowell

Blind Items Revealed #19

September 1, 2020

It isn't the first and it won't be the last. It is simply the most recent. There have been a number of killings over the past several years which have targeted the family members of people who bring attention to child and human trafficking. They have also targeted the the people doing the actual speaking up whether it is the foreign born DJ or the deceased singers. A recent death has all the hallmarks of one that led the singers down that road in the first place. A hit and run accident. This time the victim was a family member of an outspoken celebrity psychic. 

Aviici/Chris Cornell/Chester Bennington/Sloan Bella 

Blind Items Revealed #18

July 13, 2020

Many rumors have circulated over the years about this long long serving royal's grandson. He was in an arranged engagement to marry a woman who did later become Queen and was heir apparent to the British throne behind his father.

Anyway, this grandson is also rumored to have been Jack the Ripper. This was never proved, but rumors have floated around for a long time about this. The grandson was a strange and scary character. He had a freakishly long neck, long arms and behaved almost as if he was autistic.  He also had an unusually close relationship with many other men, including a tutor. This same tutor was locked up in an insane asylum after reportedly having a mental breakdown when he heard about the grandson's engagement. Lots of rumors about homosexual activity, deviant and sadomasochistic tendencies around the grandson.

Anyway, obviously the future Queen never loved the grandson. She was just told what to do by her broke and ambitious parents, who were low level German royalty who had hit the jackpot with this engagement of their daughter to the future King. They were engaged for a short while when he became suddenly and horrendously ill and died. It has been asserted by those in the know that the grandson was “done away with” with poison because of his deviant behaviors. There were many in the British government who openly worried about his fitness to be King, so this possibility isn’t out of the question.

The interesting thing about his illness is that diseases like typhoid were rampant and communicable back then, and yet no one else in the family or their circles got sick. So the death moved his younger (and more stable) brother into the heir to the throne slot.  The heir had taken a shine to the future Queen when she was engaged to his brother, so it was only natural that they would end up engaged and eventually married. These two were as bland as stale biscuits as far as a couple, but they were well suited to one another and were very well liked by the British public. No one seems to really talk about the death of the grandson and how this seemingly dissolute and devious individual was conveniently removed from the line of succession and that his sudden illness was never really explained.

Queen Victoria/Prince Eddy/Princess May (later Queen Mary)/George V

Blind Items Revealed #17

August 31, 2020

This foreign born wrestler had a nickname of his own and a separate one with his tag team partner who was also his relative. He was also incredibly cruel.

On a west coast trip, he took a ring boy’s soda and drugged it. He then placed the soda back where the ring boy left it. A little while later, our wrestler sat ringside watching the ring crew take down the ring with a smile on his face.

A little while later, the ring boy went into a daze and could only move in slow motion. Our wrestler laughed and walked away. The ring boy wound up passing out in the truck and couldn’t be revived for a long period of time. The rest of the ring crew feared the young man had died. Luckily, the boy awoke and didn’t need medical attention.

Our wrestler used to be  managed by a former wrestler turned manager who was a raging alcoholic.  Despite his addiction to alcohol, our wrestler admired and looked up to his manager. During this period of time, the manager's daughter was involved in a car accident.

The manager was looking to claim a large amount of money from the insurance company (roughly $20,000) but the manager felt that his daughter wasn’t hurt bad enough. That is when the manager approached his wrestling protégé and asked for his help. He offered to pay the wrestler to break both of his daughter’s legs. Our wrestler agreed and the manager drove his daughter to our wrestler's home, where the deed was done.

Our wrestler broke both of her legs from the kneecaps down. The manager collected the insurance money in the scam but his daughter apparently never fully recovered from her broken legs and permanently walked with a limp.

Our wrestler used to wake his then-wife up with a gun to her head, and tell her that next time it would be loaded. On multiple occasions he would also beat her. A wife of a different wrestler said our wrestler would drug and anally rape his wife too.

Our wrestler also once swapped his tag team partner's steroid needle for milk and let him inject it.

Thomas Billingon/"The Dynamite Kid"/"British Bulldogs"/David Smith/"Davey Boy Smith"/cousin/John "JR" Foley/Michelle Smadu

Blind Items Revealed #16

August 24, 2020

It has been more than three days, but there has been a resurrection. When the original death announcement was made, there were a fair number of people who didn't really believe this person was dead. However, in the intervening half decade, and with no sighting of the person, the number of believers he was alive, shrank.

The person who supposedly died was a bigamist. He also was a collector like his friend, the billionaire pedophile. The pair were introduced by one of the women the man was married to. That woman is a sister of the the madam/procurer/sexual assaulter. The death of the man coincided with what would have been a blitz of negative media. All of his wealthy and powerful friends would have been forced to distance themselves from him.

In a recent investigation by the federal government that resulted in indictments, it was discovered that not only was one of the people indicted in contact with the "dead" man, but also this former child actor turned accused pedophile/accused rapist/accused child porn producer/shady businessman/presidential candidate. 

Al Seckel/Jeffrey Epstein/Isabel Maxwell/Ghislaine Maxwell/Steve Bannon/Brock Pierce

Blind Items Revealed #15 - Studio 54

August 28, 2020

#1 - This not even a teen yet actress was passed around like candy one night and was even forced to take a Quaalude.

#2 - The one time significant other of this foreign born permanent A+ list singer from a permanent A+ list group that is still performing, used to compete against men in oral sex competitions. People wagered thousands of dollars on these each time she came to the club.

#3 - This at the time late night actor who is now a permanent A list mostly movie actor used to make women who wanted to sleep with him crawl around in the balcony naked on the floor looking for any coke that was dropped by other attendees.

#4 - This alliterate permanent A list singer who now lives out of the country tells a story about this former A++ list singer. Apparently there was a woman who performed oral sex on the singer for an hour and had no luck even getting him erect. Then, one of the male bartenders moved in and the singer finished in about two minutes.

#1 Drew Barrymore

#2 Bianca Jagger

#3 Bill Murray

#4 Tina Turner/Michael Jackson

Blind Items Revealed #14

August 20, 2020

In response to a question I received in a recent Q & A, I went digging for some documents about reported child sexual assaults/abuse at two of the properties owned by the company. How many reports had been taken? Zero. I found that astonishing. With the number of people in and out of the properties and considering hotels on property, there had to be at least a few, right? Nope. I knew the policy of the company was to never take a report about child abuse. The policy has always been, they are not our children, so it is not our worry. Parents discipline how they see fit. Apparently this has extended into reports of child sex assault and abuse too. So, I dug some more and asked some current and former employees. A victim through an adult or parent can report it to an employee, but there will be no action taken unless the victim is dying or needs to go to the hospital. In that case, there will be a report for insurance purposes, but there will be no mention of sex abuse or sex assault. The company says it is not up to them decide if that actually happened. They are just reporting a victim was injured and the nature of that injury. Not how it happened. Because of this loophole, people know it is safe to do whatever they want to kids and nothing is likely to happen if they bring a kid to either of these properties and assault them. 

Disneyland/Disney World

Blind Items Revealed #13

August 18, 2020

Because he held fast to his story until the toxicology report was released, this foreign born actor was never charged with the murder of his foreign born actress girlfriend. He was upset that she was going to tell the world about the married woman he was sleeping with and he killed her. It was easy to make it look like an accident with the condition she was in. Over the last couple of years, his version of events of that night have varied wildly and sound nothing like what he told police when he was originally arrested in her death. They let him go when the toxicology report was released and he ended up living with the married lover until he got bored with her and moved on.

Sooraj Pancholi/Jiah Khan

Blind Items Revealed #12

July 14, 2020

Until very recently, this foreign born permanent A+ list model was convinced the two recent attempts on her life were because of her association with the royal pedophile. She thought he was behind them. She knew it wasn't her former Russian oligarch lovers. They wouldn't hire people who would have missed. Plus, she didn't really know anything about them that was worth death.

She believes it was the recently arrested very wealthy Nigerian scammer who was behind it. She slept with him many times and knew about his scamming. She assumes he wanted to keep her quiet so she couldn't testify against him. This is the story she is telling friends. It is all crap, although she gave just the slightest truth nugget. It is because of Nigeria, but it is because of the role she played in helping to traffick those girls who were kidnapped by the warlord in that country. Once a buyer was found, she would often fly with the girls and pretend to be a relative or accompanying them on a modeling job. Apparently with the heat here about her involvement with the billionaire pedophile, she wanted more money or would talk. That is who has been trying to kill her.

Naomi Campbell/Prince Andrew/Vladislav Doronin/Hushpuppi/Chibok schoolgirls kidnapping/Boko Haram

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