Saturday, April 13, 2013

Macaulay Culkin Sings Kokomo

If the Beach Boys are looking for a substitute singer, they are probablyu not going to call Mac, but it is still something you don't often see.

Blind Items Revealed

July 2, 2012

This celebrity sibling says that she will be going out every night and making sure she wears as little as possible for the foreseeable future to take advantage of the renewed interest in her B list sibling who gets photographed everyday. The celebrity sibling who has not done much lately knows she can get her career jumpstarted again by going out and doesn't care that she is using the fame of her sibling.

Ashlee Simpson

Blind Items Revealed

July 1, 2012

This foreign born A-list singer in her own country pretty much crashed and burned here. She did have a brief relationship with a D list reality star. She says she had to stop seeing him because he tried to control every aspect of her life and was constantly trying to get her to marry him. And not asking in a good way. She says it was worse than when she was cheated on by her husband.

Cheryl Cole & Derek Hough

Blind Items Revealed

August 27, 2012

Which B- all movie actress from at least one very big hit broke up with her A list actor boyfriend because she caught him literally in bed with another woman because our actress came back early from lunch with the actor's mom.

Bradley Cooper/Zoe Saldana

Blind Items Revealed

August 6, 2012

This A list Tweener recently told his actress girlfriend when he visited on her set that he just wanted to stay on the set and eat craft service. Earlier in the day he had dropped $20K on a present for a woman he has been seeing on the side and then came to the set and when his girlfriend said she didn't have time to go to her trailer for a quickie he made his excuses and left.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

Blind Items Revealed

July 2, 2012

I sure hope this new relationship is an open relationship. This former A list actor who is A list in theory only and has the talent of a D lister has been dating this B list movie and television actress who is in a very big hit movie. Anyway, our actor has been telling the actress that he has changed his cheating ways and can commit. The problem is he just has not decide who to commit to. He doesn't consider it a lie, because he knows he can commit. Just needs time with each person he is seeing to decide what feels best. It would be nice though if he actually told everyone involved about all the others.

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis (For his part, it does look like things have changed from the first part of the relationship almost a year ago)

Where Is Kany West?

Yesterday as Kim Kardashian left court with ten deputies surrounding her, she had no one else with her. No family members and no Kanye West. It is interesting to me that Kanye has been holed up in Paris for months and makes Kim fly to him even though she is the one who supposedly almost had a miscarriage from all her running around. All of the rumors about Kanye sleeping with another woman that have come out this week were brushed aside by the woman, but it seems to me that Kanye is trying everything he can to push Kim away. He has basically implied that she needs to go through this alone and that he is going to do his thing and she can do her thing. Makes you all kind of wonder if it was a publicity thing that got out of hand.

Blind Item #1

This A+ list foreign born celebrity has been spending a great deal of time away from his A+ list foreign born celebrity wife and family. Paps and tabloids are starting to notice that this B list celebrity/"it girl"/fashion designer/everything has been jetting in at the same time as the wife leaves. For the past two months it has been like clockwork. Lets hope his new fling is not as loud and vocal about their fling as his past one. That almost brought the whole house down.

James Keach Cheats - Jane Seymour Kicks Him To The Curb

After two decades together, Jane Seymour and James Keach are calling it quits. More accurately, Jane is calling it quits after James cheated on her again. This will be Jane's fourth divorce, but you know what, 20 years on the fourth one is pretty good. The couple have twin sons together and apparently James cheated with a very good friend of Jane's so she kicked him out of their Malibu house and they are negotiating the terms of the divorce. I bet Jane is already getting calls from guys who would like to take her out.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

If you have one of these hymnals from 1640 kicking around your place, you could sell it and pick up $30M. They are the first books ever printed in America.

This beaver is a man killer. He killed a guy in Belarus who took this photo. Yep, the beaver bit him in the thigh. Got the artery.
Brandi Glanville cleaning out her garage before she has to move.
Chris Brown and Rihanna are dating again this week.
Not dating,but always happy to lend a hand to her breast is Charlie Sheen with Lindsay Lohan.
Heather Locklear and her look-a-like daughter. Glad she does not look like Richie.
And Ashley Tisdale tries to stay as far away from her boyfriend as possible.
Halle Berry still in Rio.
Hugh Jackman needs a spotter.
Jessica Alba looks a bit sad.

Random Photos Part Two

Jon Favreau in one of his rough phases. Wow. Here he is with Alice Eve and Chris Pine who is not going through one of his rough phases.

Mena Suvari was at the same party.
So were Milla Jovovich, January Jones, Chloe Sevigny,
Orlando Bloom and
JJ Abrams. That was quite a party.
Not at the party was Julianne Hough.
Making every place she goes a party is Jordin Sparks.
Having a one man party that travels by Vespa is Jason Segel.
You know Keith Urban must feel like life is a party every second that he is away from Nicole Kidman.
Lea Michele found something to laugh about with her boyfriend in rehab.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Every Meme ever. I encourage you to blow it up and check it against your internal Meme list.

Miranda Kerr and Flynn out again. This seems strangely similar to a photo of the pair I posted yesterday. I really need to stop drinking so early.
Matthew M shows off his new spray tan in Austin.
Robert Downey Jr brings out the lederhosen for his appearance with the Goopster.
Amanda Seyfried tries out the optical illusion pantsuit. Does it work as well as the dress?
Simon Cowell lets his date make her own way out of the car. He really only does care about himself.
Shakira and her son at The Voice set.
Sean Lowe at DWTS.
Sienna Miller in NYC.
Tom Brady in Brentwood buying magazines. Porn?

DMX And Swizz Beatz Crash Alicia Keys Concert

Blind Item #6

This foreign born former almost A list celebrity/singer who is a nice solid B-/C+ was considered to be a beard for this A list mostly movie actor. She was turned down though when she admitted that if anyone asked her, she would admit to them that she had been with women before. The beard wanted no part of anyone being that open and honest.

Goose Meets Gorilla - Goose Wins

Blind Item #5 - Easiest Blind Ever

This current DWTS contestant has to be prodded to talk about his girlfriend and to remember to smile when he sees her in the audience. For her part, his girlfriend has just about given up on the relationship and is hoping that when the show ends, that her boyfriend will stop being a fame wh**e and will start being what he promised. Yeah, if I was here, I would just give up now. The guy is out of control.

Jonathan Winters Has Died

Jonathan Winters, the comedian whose improvisations and characters inspired the likes of Robin Williams and Jim Carrey, has died. He was 87.

James Deen Says He Tried To Talk Farrah Abraham Out Of Sex tape - Had No Idea She Had A Child

James Deen gave an interview to about his porn with Teen Mom Farrah Abraham. He says that everyone wanted him to stay quiet about the whole thing so they could put some kind of master plan together which would involve James and Farrah going out on dates and getting photographed holding hands and kissing, but he said he was not going to play that game and if someone asked him what was going on he would tell them. He also says in the interview that he tried to talk Farrah out of the thing and that she already got paid some money and signed a release and that he had no idea Farrah had a child. I'm ready for this story to be over. I hereby declare it over. Yeah, well, aren't you bored with it? It is someone who wanted to be famous longer and was willing to make a porn to do it. Also, she has a shopping addiction and needed the money.

Four For Friday - Never Turn Your Back

It is Friday today. That means announcement time. Unlike many weeks, I want you to know that I actually have some announcements. Not only the usual, I will be blogging all weekend and will reveal some blind items tomorrow from the archive, but actual, real announcements. For the past few weeks, and at their own expense, a couple of readers got together and created a message board for CDAN and beyond. I say beyond because it has CDAN stuff included, but probably only represents about 25% of the items on the site. The rest is everything that anyone could ever wants to discuss. Check it out at
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This actress is vengeful. She is vindictive. You don't ever want to cross her, make her jealous or turn your back on her. Talk about holding a grudge. The actress always tries to be Miss Smile USA for the cameras and has a sunny disposition that she brings out like a Florida orange. The thing is, she is more like one of those small tin cans of nasty tasting orange juice rather than fresh squeezed. She is B list all the way. You name something and she has done it. Television/movies/theatre. She has tired it all and made enemies wherever she goes. I remember this one time she took a couple of days off from a Broadway show because she had a chance to make some bucks doing something else and her understudy came in and was amazing. Everyone said the understudy should replace the actress. When our actress came back to work and heard the things, she called the director's wife and said the understudy was sleeping with the director. Not true, but the understudy left the show within a day or two. Try and get more lines from our actress in a show and you are taking your life into your own hands. She never dates anyone. Ever. The guys she drags to any event are carefully chosen by her for their good looks and closeted homosexuality. She has no time for anything other than the advancement of her career. Oh, there was this time on a television show that another actress who is C list, but who everyone probably knows, tried to bad mouth our actress. Our actress, knowing the bad mouther had a drug problem and was fighting to stay sober left coke in the trailer. Three days later, the bad mouther was in rehab and our actress given a bigger part in the show. It is crazy what this actress will do to achieve her goal. The thing is no one is quite sure what her goal is. She has no friends and no one is close to her. Crazy fame? Awards? No one is sure. No one ever works with her twice either.

Your Turn

Does size matter?

Blind Item #4

This fairly recent foreign born contestant on this fairly popular network reality show was involved in something that is probably a first for the show. Not only did she hook up with several of the male contestants on the show, but also the sister of one of the men. The sister is a C+ list actress with no acting talent but a B+ name.

Reebok Drops Rick Ross

I'm not sure that Reebok would drop a bigger star for similar actions, but the company did drop rapper Rick Ross this week after the world rightfully jumped all over Rick for his date rape lyrics. Ross has apologized for the following: 'Put Molly all up in her champagne, she ain't even know it, I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain't even know it."

Even though the song came out several months ago, no one really noticed until the past few weeks. Rick has said that even though the lyrics sound like he is suggesting rape or implying rape that he really is not but he has given no other alternative explanation.

This Has To Be On SNL This Week

When White House reporters start dropping Jay-Z lyrics at press briefings, you just know it is something that needs to be on SNL this week.

Blind Item #3

This actress is making a comeback. A big comeback. You would think that since she was out of the game for four or five years it might be tough for her to get any kind of roles again, let alone the starring roles she had when she was on the verge of being an A lister. marriage and then kids and now getting juicy roles in a matter of months? All thanks to her A++ list mostly movie actor ex. She knows things. Very big things. She knows the one secret he can never let out. None of his other exes know it. So, when the actress called to say hi and ask whether he would be able to help her get some auditions, he not only got her auditions but a movie role in a day.

Kelly Rowland Says There Will Be Destiny's Child Concerts - Probably

Sometime in the future, depending on the ability of Michelle Williams and her hectic schedule, Destiny's Child will get together and perform some shows. Probably. Actually, it might not even be a probably. Kelly Rowland was asked that question this week and said that it is not a no. Yeah, that is like when you ask out a supermodel and she says, "Well, I'm not saying no." If you are not saying yes, then it is a no. Yes, musical reunions are a little more shaky than asking someone out, but Kelly acted like she really wants to get back to being successful on her own like she used to be and if her new album tanks then it would be more likely there would be a reunion. Kelly was nice enough to also mention that Michelle has a new record coming out.

Blind Item #2

This openly gay, B list mostly television foreign born actor who is in some really good stuff was on a flight this week with a man who was definitely not his partner. Seated next to each other, our actor made very good use of a blanket as his friend helped him out so to speak. The poor cleaners who had to pick up that blanket after the flight.

Kelly Ripa Doesn't Talk To Regis Philbin

Lets face it. When you quit a job or get fired or graduate from a school, how many people do you keep in touch with from the place you left? Depending on the circumstances, it might be none or it might be a couple. When Regis Philbin left his show behind last year, it looks like he left it the same way many of us leave our situations. According to an interview Kelly Ripa gave this week she says she has not been in contact with Regis once since he left the show. The man who gave her a huge break does not even get a hello or happy holidays or anything. "I have not been in touch with Regis." It is kind of sad when you stop and think about it, but to be fair to Kelly, is it much different than the way we would handle the same situation when we lave a job or a co-worker leaves a job?

Blind Item #1

This former almost A list mostly movie actor is now a C lister. Rarely gets work and lives off the money he got from his ex, he still has a big name. Big enough that when he does cheat on his girlfriend, he goes for his favorite angle. He tells women that he can get them in his new movie if they will sleep with him. I bet that B- list mostly movie actress who fell for it recently wishes she had not.

Cory Monteith Is In Rehab For More Than Just Booze

You would have a hard time finding any actual substance in the Kneepads article about Cory Monteith. Filled with superlatives and written by a publicist, it features one piece of news about the Glee actor who checked himself into rehab. Buried in between all the love for Cory is the sentence that he went to rehab for more than just booze. Otherwise the article is about what a great guy he is and hard worker and how it is just a slip and he will be fine and everyone loves him and he is amazing and it just goes on and on. It is the softest of soft soaps when it comes to a rehab story. I guess he will get a cover when he gets out too.

Alec Baldwin Slams Shia LaBeouf

I think the reason Alec Baldwin will take any opportunity to slam Shia LaBeouf is that Alec loves talking about people who act like jerks who are not named Alec Baldwin. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Alec says that Shia was out of line and that he was wrong for the role and that Shia needs to grow up and that as you get older you are less likely to act out and be a jerk. Umm, Alec is a bazillion times older than Shia and is almost as big of a jerk now as he was when he was Shia's age. I'm not sure which world Alec is thinking about when he thinks he is some kind of quiet statesman and not the a-hole who slammed his daughter publicly and never misses a chance to denigrate anyone who comes close to him trying to take his photo.

Glee Aired A School Shooting Episode Last Night - Newtown Parents Not Happy

Just four months ago was the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Last night, the show Glee decided to feature an episode where a shooting took place inside its fictional school and the parents in Newtown are not happy about it and received no advance warning save from a letter from the principal at the school which went out to parents just a few hours before the episode aired. Glee is in a ratings dive this season and I understand they would love to see a boost in ratings but this does not seem the right way to go about it. I'm not sure why Ryan Murphy felt the need to go there. Yes, his show is not always sugary sweet innocent fun, but shootings in school is at the opposite end of the spectrum from that. Also, if you are going to do a show like that, then maybe you could wait to next season? Give it a year or so. Maybe they felt four months was an appropriate amount of time.

Michael Lohan Says Lindsay Lohan Will Fail At Rehab

I don't know why Michael Lohan is being such a downer about rehab. He has failed rehab before. In fact, Michael failed after rehab at the same place that Lindsay Lohan is going to rehab. In an interview, Michael says he knows Lindsay will fail. What kind of support is that? The only reason he is happy Lindsay is going to rehab at the place where she is going is because that facility believes in family counseling. What that means is that Michael and Lindsay and Dina will get together and attend therapy together. This is prime selling opportunity for Michael. You don't think he is going to have a recorder with him? Tabloids on stand by? I think Michael would like Lindsay to fail because then she will continue to be a mess and he can sell stories about her and asked to do interviews. Lets say Lindsay gets sober in rehab and never touches a drink or does drugs for the rest of her life and decides Hollywood is a bad influence and goes off and works at a Taco Bell to become a manager and eat all the Cool Ranch taco shells she can. Tell me how that benefits Michael. It doesn't. He might actually be forced to get a job. No one will want to interview him anymore. Even if Lindsay does fail, do you want to put that stuff out there about her failing if you are her parent?

Amanda Bynes Tries

One thing that really was missing from the Britney Spears meltdown a few years ago was Twitter. Not just Twitter as a whole, but Britney having it so she could upload photos and keep us informed of what she was doing. She would have. I think it would have been amazing. No matter what is going on with Amanda Bynes, at least we get one version of her truth from her directly. She now says that she does not talk to her parents and they do not speak for her and she only speaks for her. She also said she had to shave her head because some salon screwed up her hair which is why she has wigs and extensions and that she saw the strange red head impostor herself and tried to catch the red head but she was too fast. Uh huh. I have a feeling she is never going to be able to catch her. I also have the feeling they will never be photographed together. I wonder how Amanda acts when she is being a redhead? is she normal then? Does she turn from aDrake fan to a Chris Brown fan?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Ben Affleck picks up his daughter after class.

David Beckham just always looks good doesn't he?
Elizabeth Banks totally looks different here.
Emma Stone headed to work on her movie.
Gerard Butler finds something funny. Possibly his movie career.
The Goopster said in the interview accompanying this shoot, that she limits herself to one cigarette per week. Also one meal.
Halle Berry has moved on to Rio.
Hugh Jackman works out with the family.
Angelina Jolie does her royal wave.


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