Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Blind Item #13

Speaking of singers and actors, this couple was the subject of a blind about how their marriage(real or not) is in dire straits. The couple responded with an IG photo spread. Meh. Have you noticed their child has disappeared from view too? That was not quite the moneymaker they thought it would be.

Blind Item #12

The low on the ladder foreign born actor is texting nonstop to a person he met at a wedding a few months back. The person he is texting is not his A+ list girlfriend.

Blind Item #11

Speaking of A+ list athletes, this GOAT won't announce her retirement until some kickers on her endorsements pay off. She would not get paid several million dollars if she announced her retirement before the cut off date. Wait until the middle of October.

Blind Item #10

There might not currently be any cheating between the supermodel and the A+ list athlete, but let us not forget the nanny of yore, who loved polishing his rings and trophy.

Blind Item #9

This daytime talk show host is misremembering her out of studio times with her former co-host. She treated him miserably outside the office to get back at him for perceived slights in the office.

Blind Items Revealed #5

September 20, 2022

This family friendly entertainment conglomerate did everything in their power to make the charges against the boyfriend of their newest star go away. They thought they had it solved, but had the rug pulled from beneath them. So, now their star will show up for screenings and press and the story of the boyfriend will make it into every article about the movie.

Disney/DDG/Halle Bailey/Little Mermaid

Today's Blind Items - The Children

This foreign born permanent A list singer is not doing well. Her health has been in decline for the past several years. As she contemplates the end of her life, she is also making arrangements for her massive fortune. The original plan was to divide it among her children and a few friends and charities and call it a day. All of that has been upended over the past couple of years. Her long time husband had a series of affairs with women the couple would hire as cleaners and cooks. Our singer knew of one child that was born because of the affairs and had planned on leaving that offspring money. It turns out though, there are at least a dozen other children that her husband also created with their employees and also relatives of the employees. He must have been sleeping with more women than Nick Cannon. Now, our singer has no idea what to do about all these heirs to her husband, but not to her. When it was one, she was willing to leave some money to them, but it doesn't appear she will leave any more money.

Now, let me throw something in this blind to really shake things up. One of her male children hooked up with a woman about the same age has her child. That woman got pregnant. It was only AFTER the woman gave birth, that the family discovered the woman was one of the offspring of her husband which made the woman a half sibling of the singer's child.

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