Thursday, May 19, 2022

Blind Item #13

 This less famous sister is accusing of her much more famous sister of stealing a book idea and pretending she did it all on her own. This is not the first time they have feuded. It is the first time there have been threats of litigation.

Blind Item #12

 This real life couple also are trying to work together and have a new project they were promoting at a big event for the channel hosting their project. Right before they appeared, they got into a massive fight and it took this actress a good twenty minutes to get herself together. Her boyfriend didn't seem phased at all.

Blind Item #11

 This closeted north of the border singer is having a meltdown the last 24 hours. He is convinced because of a liaison he had with a guy from Montreal last week, that our singer will now get monkeypox.  

Blind Item #10

 For the super secret fashion show this weekend which will happen in a very unusual place, the momager has been trying to get her two youngest kids in the show.

Blind Item #9

 This one named singer refuses to go to rehab and is going to die if she doesn't change her life, very soon.

Blind Items Revealed #5

May 12, 2022

This A- list actress recently tried to pay a former lover a lot of money to keep the lover from filing a lawsuit alleging violence against the actress.

Amber Heard

Today's Blind Items - Number One

 Every so often, some celebrity will say they slept with so and so number of people. It is usually a number that is very high and seems completely unrealistic. Wilt Chamberlain was famous for his claim that he slept with over 10,000 women. That seems high, but he said that included nights where he would be in bed with four or five women at a time. Is that the record for a celebrity? It seems that way, but Cara Delevingne is still young. I can tell you the actor who probably is in first place. He is in first place despite being married for a very long time. He is foreign born. He is an Oscar winner/nominee. At one point he was A+ list. He is also a Knight. He has not discussed this is many years, but when he first hit his peak, he bragged about spending every penny he made on sleeping with escorts. He only wanted to sleep with women he paid. He didn't want to sleep with fans, He wanted pay for play. He said that at one point he was sleeping with two or three escorts a day, seven days a week. He did this for at least a decade. That would work out to nearly 10,000. After that decade or so, he really didn't discuss it any longer, but one has to assume it continued right? That would make him the record holder.

Your Turn

 Which professional car racing series is the best?


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