Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blind Item #2

This A list mostly television actor with A list name recognition had a secret child with a hooker. She was messed up on drugs. He arranged for the child to be adopted by his ex.

Blind Items Revealed

May 9, 2012

Over the past year this A+ list singer has seen her life turn into a downward spiral that her friends think is going to result in her death. One friend said the singer is abusing drugs so much that she wonders how the singer is not already dead. She spends all day and night doing drugs. In the past our singer always had a busy schedule but managed to make it to everything and to show up coherently, but now when she does show up for things, she does so out of it and is never quite sure where she is or where she needs to be. She also has used drugs in the past, but now she is using them openly and not afraid who sees her. The friend knows about 15 people that the singer has slept with in the past six months alone and has heard there are way more. Her recording sessions have sounded awful lately and millions of dollars have been spent on songs that are not even usable. Our singer wants to move away from just records and to be an actress, and doesn't understand why she is not able to get more parts and be a star, especially after her most recent movie. The singer is constantly taking last second trips and paying for the expenses of all her friends who tell her what the singer wants to hear and not what she should hear. The singer had a brief one month relationship with this A list midwest rapper who the singer stalks by calling him everyday and night but who she never mentions publicly. The rapper messed with the singer's mind and ever since their working relationship turned hot and passionate for a short time she has never been the same. He has moved on but she has not. She ruined the relationship with her mentor by calling his wife one night and telling her what the singer and the mentor had previously done and that they continued to hook up all the time. The mentor went ballistic and has not spoken to the singer since. Our singer has tried counseling but says she is fine. The friend I spoke to said when she confronted the singer and advised her to get help or take a year off to get her head straight, the singer yelled at her and threw her out of her hotel room and has not spoken to her since.


Blind Items Revealed

May 8, 2012

This former almost A list Tweener has been desperate to get back on television since her abrupt departure a few years ago. Her parents won't let her though because they don't want to have to answer questions about what happened which would break wide open the hastily concocted cover story that has barely stood up to any kind of examination.

Jamie Lynn Spears

Blind Items Revealed

December 23, 2011

This seemingly perfect celebrity couple has just a few flaws. The husband is a very good looking B+ singer with a dad who used to be famous back in the day. The wife is a B- list actress who seems to be everywhere these days. They always seem so happy with each other but that does not mean the husband is not tempted to stray. At a recent party, the singer got really drunk and started hitting on a beauty pageant winner. I mean really hitting on her and even invited her to go back to his hotel room where he would have probably passed out drunk, but he did invite her. One of the singer's crew found out about it and dragged the singer away from his conquest and got him as far as the foyer of the singer's hotel room where the singer fell down and passed out and could not be moved. I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Robin Thicke (Previously revealed, but in case you have not seen it before)

Blind Items Revealed

May 25, 2012

So, at the Billboard Awards, the perimeter around the theater was blocked off so all the stars- even the big ones- were apparently taking the 5 minute walk from their hotel(s) to the theater. But, not this male B+ singer who is now on a television show. Instead of the walk, he wanted to pull up in a car which took 45 minutes to make it the two blocks. He also waited until the last 15 mins of the red carpet before the show to walk the red carpet because he thinks he's up there in status with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. To make things even worse, he was also really rude to his press line escort.

During the show, he was in the sixth row in the theater, just behind Amber Rose. One of the producers came over during the show and said he'd be on camera after the break. He said he wanted to be moved up to first or second row when on-camera because being behind Amber Rose was not a good look. They couldn't do anything about it, so he got up and left the show and didn't come back.

Robin Thicke (This has previously been revealed)

Blind Items Revealed

April 2, 2012

You would think this would be relatively rare, but there are two celebrity father/son combinations out there who have had sex with the same woman. One of the celebrity father/son pairs has done this more than once although the son is not aware of the one that became his girlfriend, only the others.

The other father (former B list television actor)/son (singer) celebrity have shared the same woman twice but know about it and the father thought it was a bonding experience.

Alan Thicke/Robin Thicke (I want to make clear that they did not have sex with the women at the same time or even the same day.)

Blind Items Revealed

August 30, 2013

This current A list celebrity/singer was told by his B list mostly movie actress wife that she was in the mood for a threesome the other night and that our singer should find someone. He did and everything was fine and then the wife got cold feet so the wife and singer dumped the third and left. The third was apparently ticked off and she got her revenge in a very public way.

Robin Thicke/Paula Patton

Blind Items Revealed

August 26, 2013

This current A list celebrity who will go back to B list when his song stops bombarding us daily spent part of the weekend engaging in what he called a little celebration. He always wanted a foursome and he got his wish this weekend. He seemed most excited that they allowed him to take photos and didn't charge him.

Robin Thicke

Blind Items Revealed

July 23, 2013

This A list singer who has enjoyed being on the top of the world right now with his latest effort has definitely let fame get to his head. He had dropped to B list for awhile and was only able to cheat on his wife with groupies he found on the road. Now he just has to go out to lunch or dinner. He has loved his wife being out of town so much.

Robin Thicke

Blind Items Revealed

July 12, 2012

This celebrity was pretty calm for a guy who had just been busted by his wife after he got into a car accident. He had said he was somewhere else. Obviously not true when there are photos everywhere. he probably doesn't care anyway because the marriage is on its last legs. There is only so much of the drinking and womanizing she can take.

Robin Thicke

Blind Item #1

This A list mostly movie actor has been right at the edge of A list for the past few years. Some good movies and some bad movies. As he goes up and down in weight he also goes through women just as much. This past week he was at a restaurant with her and they were seated outside. She went to the bathroom and when she came back he looked up at her and said, "Don't ever be gone that long again you f**king bitch. When people walk down the sidewalk they need to see me with someone and not sitting here by myself like some a**hole who couldn't get a date."

The girlfriend didn't even bother to sit down and just walked away.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Random Photos Part Five

Throw your hands in the air if you just don't care about Beyonce any more.

Blake Lively flew all the way to LA just so she could get some attention from paps.
Christina Aguilera on the set of her new music video.
Connor Cruise would like you to know he flies private. I wonder how many SeaOrg members he has ever given a lift too.
Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union at the Venice Film Festival.
Nic Cage was there. He was wearing a hat because the airline lost his hair.
Carey Mulligan wore her sunglasses, but I don't really like them.
I do like Michelle Dockery. Hello.

Random Photos Part Four

David Beckham is thinking about turning pro.

Apparently David Schwimmer's renovations are not looked at kindly by his neighbors.
Always looked upon kindly is Emmanuelle Chriqui in a bikini.
Emmy Rossum sure does seem to be showing up in the photos a lot.
This is a first time appearance for Hayley Atwell though, I think.
Halle Berry moves away from her everyday black dresses to something that says I'm a Dr. Seuss fan. I like it.
Heidi Klum arriving in LAX while
Dakota Fanning leaves LAX.
Also leaving were Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

Random Photos Part Three

Holly Madison shows off a new form of yoga she hopes will make her big bucks or get her a nob with Cirque de Soleil.

Jason Bateman takes his daughter to a ping pong tournament.
Jesse Eisenberg out in NYC.
Long time no see in the photos for John Leguizamo.
Justin Timberlake filming a Target commercial while
his wife gets her own attention.
It must be really hard for Khloe Kardashian to hold that bottle with her sleeve but she does it so everyone will wonder whether she's wearing her ring. I just want to know wtf she's wearing a jacket when it was a thousand degrees yesterday.
Kate Moss on a red carpet. Did I tell you about the time she did coke off a red carpet when her vial spilled.
There is nothing about this ad with Kristen Stewart that makes me want to buy perfume.

Random Photos Part Two

I kind of liked it better when Lady GaGa was hiding away wherever she was for a few months.

Miley Cyrus for some magazine and
with her own PUH.
Michael Douglas is now in France as he continues his world tour.
Everyone wants to get on the yogurt train, and if you can give her a big enough paycheck, maria Menonous will be there for you in your quest for yogurt domination.
Can you spot the difference between Rod Stewart's wife and
his daughter? Not much. Kind of creepy.
Prince William celebrates Kate losing all of her baby weight in six weeks while
Hilaria Baldwin did it one week. Has anyone else noticed that she is barely ever home?

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Apparently a lot of people wanted to test out their new cameras on Nicole Scherzinger.

Robin Thicke stops giving OB-GYN exams long enough to play with his son.
Rachel Zoe and her husband from way back in the day. She looked great here. Why did she change herself so dramatically?
Also from way back in the day, Gisele Bundchen.
Amanda Seyfried is one happy person. I think she just saved 15% on car insurance.
Stacy Keibler walking another red carpet solo.
Snooki and her boyfriend head over to their night jobs at a Ren Faire.
And Shailene Woodley has chopped off all her hair.
Is Zac Brown related to the Robertson family?

Blind Item #10

How would you like to be this former B list mostly television married actress from one of the biggest cable shows of all time and have a fling with a woman and then have a B list mostly movie actress stalker because she thinks you stole her woman. That's what happened to the actress. One night and then six months of being stalked and harassed.

Blind Item #9

This B list actor who divides his time between television and movies has A+ name recognition and everyone knows his face. He likes to have a good time and can usually get lucky, despite his unorthodox looks. His best friend has troubles so the actor is forever paying for escorts for his friend so he won't feel left out.

Game Of Thrones Starring Walter White

Blind Item #8

This always gorgeous, but not the greatest acting talent B- list mostly movie actress tried to kill herself last week. It isn't the first time, but in the past she had a support team and also went to rehab. This time she is trying to go it alone or kind of alone with her on/off actor boyfriend.

Blind Items Revealed

January 31, 2013

This former A list all movie actor who has branched out since hitting B was hitting on his co-star and she told him that she had a girlfriend. The actor replied that he has a wife but it isn't stopping him and that if she felt that strongly about it she could bring the girlfriend because there was plenty of him to go around. The co-star declined.

Kevin Costner/Amber Heard

Four For Friday - Technically The Guys Were Single

Have I told you how much I love holiday weekends? I love them on Fridays when the three days seem like an eternity of fun before me. Throw in a whole lot of football and I'm pretty much set. If you are going to be at home this weekend or looking for some entertainment during your 12 hour car rides because of the bumper to bumper traffic with all of the other people that thought it would be a great weekend for a vacation, then you can read the site, because I will be here all weekend and Monday too. I can't promise how sober I will be, but I will be posting blinds and finding some old blinds from the archives to reveal. I would love for you to follow me on Twitter. I am @entylawyer and I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend.

This movie sucked, but still made enough money to generate a sequel. If you watched both of  the movies, I'm sorry about that four hours of your life that you won't get back. What they should have filmed instead was what went on behind the scenes. There was a whole lot of sex and a whole lot of cheating. The guys involved will tell you they were technically single because one (#1) was on a break from his wife and the other (#2) said that since he was not yet married, he could do what he wanted with whoever he wanted.

#3 couldn't decide which guy she wanted to be with so she ended up having sex with both and would alternate, depending on the day or even the hour. Yeah, well, she is not exactly well known for being virtuous. #4 also had sex with both of the guys, and also another guy on the film, who was well and truly single.

It seems that #3 hates #4 with a passion and that #4 knew that #3 really wanted #1 and even thought she could snag him and marry him. Apparently #4 found #1 to be a little dirty and didn't shower much and always smelled of smoke and desperation. #1 would fondle anyone and anything that even gave him a glimmer of hope. No one could ever figure out why he even bothered to be married since he showed no interest in anything but having as much sex as possible.

#2 was much more discreet, but rarely spent a day without female companionship, he just wasn't sweaty and disgusting about it and you didn't feel like you were sleeping with a dirty old man. Yes, this will be revealed.

#1 - Former A list mostly movie actor who is now a B- mostly television actor
#2 - A list mostly movie actor who has the acting talent of a D lister.
#3 - Former B+ list mostly movie actress who has dropped off the movie making in the past two years and is now a C+.
#4 - Former B- list mostly movie actress who has returned to her roots as a B- list mostly television actress on a middling hit cable show.

Your Turn

Are you the black sheep of the family?

Blind Item #7

This former B list mostly television actor who had A list name recognition and every teen wanted to marry has had trouble finding work the past few years and is now down to a C+. Part of the problem is his attitude since he only wants to be the star of something and the other part is that he's hooked on pills that his wife gets for him in her name.

Blind Items Revealed

January 28, 2013

This B list mostly movie actor who is struggling to find his next big thing after his last big thing finally ran its course is not above pimping himself out for a little money or some gifts despite him not being poor at all. Our actor was perfectly willing to spend a night wining and dining this very rich woman for the new Aston Martin she bought him the next day. Apparently she has had some kind of fantasy about our actor for quite some time and he was happy to fulfill that fantasy. It was when she showed up unexpectedly at the SAG Awards and wanted to spend some time publicly with our actor that he balked. On the sly is one thing. Out in public and upfront is not something he wanted at all.

Kellan Lutz

Blind Item #6 - Easy Easy Easy

This current A list celebrity/singer was told by his B list mostly movie actress wife that she was in the mood for a threesome the other night and that our singer should find someone. He did and everything was fine and then the wife got cold feet so the wife and singer dumped the third and left. The third was apparently ticked off and she got her revenge in a very public way.

Blind Item #5 - Easy Easy

This former B list mostly movie actress is now a C list who will work anywhere anytime, but the check better be large. She was supposed to be promoting a movie this week, but when the producers would not cough up an extra $50K in fees and plane tickets, our actress stiffed them.

Lamar Odom Busted For DUI

It's never a good time to drive drunk. For Lamar Odom, though, this is an especially bad time to get busted for DUI. That's what happened to him though as he was busted early this morning. Very early this morning. We are not talking about midnight here or even 1 or 2. Nope. Lamar was busted at almost 4am after cops spotted him weaving all over the highway and driving well under the speed limit. See, here in LA, at that time of the night he probably should have been going 10-15 miles per hour over the speed limit. We get so excited when there is no traffic that there is an unwritten rule that you are allowed to speed when it happens. It would be similar to the first day of warm weather for all of you who are blocked in by snow and ice all winter long. You go outside and find a restaurant with a patio and we speed, unless of course it's raining and then we go 10 m.p.h because to us it's the same as two feet of snow.

No extra charges were filed against Lamar for his horrible t-shirt line.

Blind Item #4

This Academy Award winner/nominee actor who is probably a B- list mostly movie actor right now was hanging out with this former A+ list celebrity and reality star who is now a B- list celebrity who people still love to hate. Apparently he convinced her to take some drug he had just bought in a club and she did and had a seizure in the foreign club on the floor.

Nick Cannon Thinks Cheating Should Be Part Of A Happy Marriage

If you ever think you see Nick Cannon hitting on another woman say to yourself that it can't be him because he's married, you might want to hear what Nick Cannon told Kim Kardashian while they were dating. In Life And Style Magazine this week, Nick is quoted as saying that he was willing to marry Kim Kardashian and told her that he would love to marry her and would have babies with her and build her a huge mansion but that she would have to remain faithful while he would continue to see and have sex with other women. Kim turned his offer down and promptly released the sex tape she made before hooking up with Nick.

That's a pretty interesting marriage philosophy from Nick and I wonder if he gave that same speech to Mariah.

Blind Item #3

What A+ list supermodel had sex with one producer and threatened another with harm if they did not fire an A list supermodel. It seems our A+ list supermodel got her way. She usually does.

Blind Item #2

This C+ list mostly movie director has a B list mostly movie actress girlfriend with almost A list name recognition. They started dating because the first woman he had sex with on the film he was directing didn't do it for him, so two hours later he had sex with his current girlfriend and they have been together ever since. She doesn't know about the first woman two hours earlier.

Blind Item #1

This east coast Real Housewife acts as a type of madam. She introduces women to rich men and then takes a cut of the fee that the men pay. Huh. OK, so a madam and not type of madam. This B list celebrity father of a former B list mostly movie actress is one of the biggest clients. NOT Atlanta.

Clint And Dina Eastwood Officially Split

Even though the world has known that Clint and Dina Eastwood have not been living together, you can't have a Kneepads cover until you make it official, so Clint and Dina Eastwood announced their split after 17 years of marriage. Dina, who has tried her hand at managing not so great music bands and having her own reality show spent a portion of 2013 in rehab. Clint, who at 83, presumably still has a marriage or two left in him and a few more kids has not really had anything to say about the decision to split.

With Clint having eight kids, I think it might be time for him to have a show on TLC. The clincher would be if he had another baby. I think that would push him over the top. It was fairly painful to watch Clint be forced to even do a few minutes of reality television, but if he had to do hours of it each week, I'm sure we would see a lot of snarling and even more naps.

Fergie Gives Birth And Bestows Awful Name On Her Son

I guess Fergie must have lost a bet or thinks she is way more cool than she actually is. Fergie gave birth yesterday and named her new son Axl Jack. Yep, she spelled it the way the bloated, violent, lead singer of Guns N Roses spells it rather than the way the Eddie Murphy character spelled it in Beverly Hills Cop.

Axl Jack sounds like a bottle of booze.
It could also be a male porn star name.
It could be the name of a dive bar or a really bad restaurant.
It could be the name of a Billy Joel song.
It could be the name of a villain on a soap opera.
It could be a car part.

I don't understand why they just didn't name the kid Jack. Jack Duhamel is a fine name. Axl Jack Duhamel sounds like the name of the kid you know always has some pot on him when you are in school and need to get wasted.

Lindsay Lohan Hosting Season Opener Of SNL

Apparently Lorne Michaels has a very short memory. He also knows that Saturday Night Live is going to struggle in the ratings this year because it will be featuring an almost all brand new cast with no big returning stars. I can't think of any other reason why Lorne would let Lindsay Lohan host another episode, especially a season opener. The only blessing will be that with an entire summer to write jokes, hopefully the writers can come up with something that Lindsay can memorize and not truly suck at. Perhaps skits where she is a mime with no voice and others where she doesn't say anything and is dressed in an animal costume. Perhaps she could play someone passed out a party and unable to speak or move because of how much booze they have consumed. These would all be ideal.

Think about how little Lindsay has done acting wise over the past few years and think about how hard it is for anyone to really get a shot at hosting SNL and she will get two opportunities in three years.

Sean Kingston Sued For Gang Rape

Back in 2010, a 19 year old woman says that she was gang raped by Sean Kingston, his bodyguard and one of the members of his band after a Justin Bieber concert. The woman had attended the concert and says that she had smoked pot and had seven to ten shots of vodka before being invited at 3 am for a meet and greet with Sean at his hotel room in Seattle. When she arrived, she found Sean naked in bed and was lifted by his bodyguard and placed on top of Sean. She says that all three men took turns raping her.

The woman was rescued by a friend of hers and they called the police. Her injuries were consistent with rape, but police eventually dropped the case because they said the woman was not credible enough. She is suing all three men and wants $5M. Kingston says it was all consensual and that the woman wanted to have sex with all three of the men.


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