Saturday, May 31, 2014

Blind Items Revealed

March 18, 2013

This A list celebrity feels he got mistreated by the press in a recent relationship with another A list celebrity. So, he is getting back at her by selling stories about her and their romance to a tabloid who is going to call him a friend of the celebrity. The stories are supposed to be really really good in a very embarrassing kind of way.

Harry Styles/Taylor Swift

Blind Items Revealed

March 11, 2013

This B- list mostly television actress who is fading to a C very quickly had a bunch of projects lined up that did not involve the television show she was on for so long. As she has been trying to finalize the projects, she has been getting asked a lot if she is pregnant. Why? She has gained 20 pounds since her show went off the air and producers are trying to find replacements for her.

Eva Longoria

Blind Items Almost Revealed

March 18, 2013

This A list mostly movie actor and Academy Award winner/nominee has a new male lover. As his custom though, the actor refuses to ever admit that he is gay and instead, this weekend ate several times by himself at places while not even allowing his new lover to order room service. Instead, the actor would bring him back coffee and wraps from Starbucks. Our actor is apparently one of the cruelest guys around when it comes to his partners. Violently so.

Our actor is currently out of the country and made that known this week.

Blind Items Revealed

March 8, 2013

This former B- list mostly movie actress who is now a C+ had a fling with this A list politician after he thanked her for her support.

Stacey Dash

Blind Items Almost Revealed

March 18, 2013

This former A list Tweener was busted by a teacher in the restroom of a school that the Tweener was visiting for a literacy event. The Tweener was set to read to the kids, but the teacher asked the Tweener to leave after she was caught doing lines of coke in the bathroom at the elementary school that kids were using.

She does a lot of these types of events and literacy events and needs to go to rehab again.

Blind Items Revealed

March 6, 2013

Two months ago this A list tweener tried coke for the first time. He can't get enough and because he can't get his hands on the amount of money he needs to support his growing habit he has been trading some of his possessions to his dealer. He can always get more of those, just has a hard time getting actual cash without a reason because of who controls it.

Justin Bieber

Blind Items Almost Revealed

March 17, 2013

This C list celebrity who is the offspring of A list actor/actress couple used to be considered the goody goody of the family. Not anymore. Whether it is being found passed out on the bathroom floor of a bar after drinking too much and f**king a random stranger in that same room earlier, or her massive spending on drugs which her mom enables by transferring thousands of dollars to her every month, this offspring needs rehab. The thing is, mom and dad are wrapped up in their own worlds. They need to wake up because the daughter is going to die.

She has been in the news the past couple of weeks after generally not being in it at all.

Blind Items Revealed

April 24, 2013

This C list reality star from a show that is no longer in existence, but still goes on in other ways hooked up with his B list mostly movie actor from a huge franchise. She taped their hookup without permission and after they had sex tried to get him to sign a release. Considering he has been in the news enough lately, he said no and had his lawyer send her a letter the day after.

Farrah Abraham/Liam Hemsworth

Blind Items Almost Revealed

March 15, 2013

This almost A list mostly movie actor from a nice franchise who has A+ name recognition was asked if he would like some company from ladies while he was in town. The actor said that he would skip it because he assumed they would all be Asian and he does not like to have sex with anyone unless they are white.

His brother feels the same way.

Blind Items Revealed

April 19, 2013

There is a cell phone video that more and more people are starting to see. From what I have seen, it is tough to make out whether it is this reality star/actress offspring of this former A list singer. The reality star/actress is being called by name and it looks like her, but she is turned to the side as someone helps her inject heroin into her arm for the first time.

Bobbi Kristina

Blind Items Almost Revealed

December 16, 2013

He might be one of the biggest names in the hip hop world but he is fast running out of friends. You would think with the way he changes models like most people change underwear he wouldn't have to hit on all the girlfriends of his peers, but he does. It is why he doesn't have many friends any longer. It's a good thing he made his millions because no one wants to work with him because of either.

He has been married in the past. Has kids and also hooked up with one of Jay-Z's former flings which Jay didn't appreciate so Jay slept with the significant other of our blind item subject.

Blind Items Revealed

April 18, 2013

This former B list reality star and now C list mostly movie actress with B+ name recognition has told friends that she considers the month of April to be a time for her where she is going to date and have sex with as many men as possible for getting back to the business of finding a very wealthy husband. I really think she loves being a pro beard as long as the money and opportunities are good.

Julianne Hough

Blind Items Revealed

March 11, 2013

It is not as bad as The Director's Wife because this actress is not married, but she has proven herself willing over the past two years to sleep with absolutely anyone to get a part and she chooses well. She has gone from one hit to the next, all with no apparent acting talent, or at least not any more than the other people auditioning. What she does have is a willingness to sleep with anyone for the role and a name to make sure her phone calls are taken. I guess that is one way to get ahead. Oh, she is B- now I guess. A little higher when it comes to name recognition.

Olivia Munn

Blind Items Revealed

April 3, 2013

This B- list mostly television actor is on one of the biggest pay cable shows. It was not always the case. Back in the day before getting famous he made what he thought was a destroyed tape of himself pleasuring himself. Turns out there were copies made and now are being shopped to a gay porn site.

Alexander Skarsgard

Blind Items Almost Revealed

March 5, 2013

This former almost A list singer who never gets along with anyone is currently being investigated for laundering money for a cartel. Apparently when she travels to different countries, she is bringing large sums of money with her and then passes it along to another member of the cartel who entered the country on the same flights as our singer.

She was recently on a reality show that has ended.

Blind Items Revealed

April 1, 2013

This former A list franchise actor is a B- without his franchise. It would not shock me to see this foreign born actor down to a C or even a D in a few years. But, he does have a backup career. For the past year or so, you can find our actor dressed in drag with some of his friends and performing at shows. Apparently he is pretty good at it.

Hayden Christensen

Friday, May 30, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

For the first time in 52 years there are co-champions in the National Spelling Bee championship.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin were at the same event that
Coco and Ice-T showed up for.
It was hosted by Mariska Hargitay who brought along her co-star Kelli Giddish.
Debra Messing heard there was a red carpet so you knew she would be there.
Bethenny Frankel yesterday in NYC.
Blake Lively is back to dog walking duty for Ryan Reynolds.
Camilla Belle in Brazil.
Another day on the beach for Helen Hunt.

Random Photos Part Four

Christina Hendricks was at a Variety event that also

had Norman Reedus and Aaron Paul hanging out.
Cynthia Nixon and
Bette Midler hit up an event in NYC.
Meanwhile in NYC, Chris O'Dowd and Daniel Radcliffe spent some time together.
Emily Blunt out promoting Edge Of Tomorrow.
Emma Watson on the set of her new movie. I wonder if she will be able to get a job with her degree.
Amy Smart is flanked by Francesca Eastwood and Frances Fisher
Amber Heard hugs it out with James Franco.

Random Photos Part Three

Jamie Lynn Spears doesn't look too happy as she arrives at LAX.

Jena Malone gets handsy with her boyfriend.
Katy Perry in London.
Going into the club, Lindsay Lohan was wearing a top.
Coming out of the club? Not so much.
Michelle Rodriguez was in the same club. Does she have an extra top?
Adam Brody and Leighton Meester spend another day walking the dogs.
AnnaLynne McCord at a charity event to stop trafficking of women.
Sara Rue was also there and looking great.

Random Photos Part Two

Malin Akerman out after lunch with a sprained wrist.

Mel B had a camera crew with her when a "fan" gave her some flowers for her birthday.
Mariah Carey took the subway. Oh Mariah.
Melanie Griffith takes a smoke break while shopping for the third consecutive day.
Maggie Gyllenhaal practices her ballet while talking to a friend.
Some of the cast of Orange Is The New Black promoting the new season of the show.
Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde hit a red carpet together.
Prince Harry shows why he is the best goalie in all of youth soccer.
Kate Middleton talks about the elastic she wears around her waist now to keep her dress down.

Random Photos Part One

Don't forget that beginning Monday I will be posting Reader Photos in the Random Photos leading up to Reveal Day on July 4th. If you would like to see your photo included, in the Random Photos and then again on Reveal Day, just e-mail it to

Five parts today.

Rihanna looks pretty tired after a long night recording.

Rumer Willis is hoping for a record deal, but for now just keeps playing clubs and changing her hair.
Selena Gomez in Nepal for UNICEF. Do you think the kids know who she is?
Stacy Keibler gets her daily photo taken.
Jwoww towers over Snooki as they promote Marriage Boot Camp which also stars
Gretchen Rossi and deadbeat dad Slade Smiley.
Traci Braxton is on it too.
Teri Hatcher bought a car for her daughter and the salesperson got himself a selfie. Does it look like Teri had some work done?
Trista and Ryan. Trista is actually hosting that Boot Camp show. She is really missing being on television.

Blind Item #6

At the same gym as #5, you will also find this A list mostly movie actor. Our very tall actor loves helping women with their weight training. He spots and offers assistance which involves lots of touching. Surprising no one,, when his wife goes to the gym with our actor, they use a different location.

Blind Item #5

This married B list former Lost actor has been using the gym as his own personal playground. He always works out solo and spends the time finding women who would be open to a quick hookup when they leave the gym.

May News Bloopers

Blind Item #4

This B list entertainer(singer) had a pretty busy past few weeks. To me she is more of a one hit or one album wonder, but she has tons of fans. Hopefully they don't try and sell the autographs she scrawled the other day. Hammered out of her mind, her signature was basically a straight line or crooked line depending on the angle of the photo and pen. I'm surprised she was able to stand, let alone walk.

Off Topic

I'm pretty sure my office has gone from casual Fridays to Netflix Fridays.

Blind Items Revealed

February 12, 2014

This A list diva and sometime singer/actress/reality star is rushing out a bunch of new product to meet up with her current project. So far it has been a mess. Her latest offering is either going to have to be scrapped or our diva edited out. When she saw the clips of it she screamed at the director for making her look fat and her breasts look awful. She wants the editor to have her drop 15 pounds and give her a lift. Not going to be possible though with the budget so she might just cut herself out of the whole thing. It isn't her $250K that she spent on it so she doesn't care.

Mariah Carey

Four For Friday- Traditional

It is Friday. I love Fridays. I'm really glad they made the movie Friday just so I can say there is a movie about my favorite day. Of course they had to ruin it all by making all those sequels. Oh, and the song Friday sucks. I think Kevin Bacon's first movie was Friday The 13th. Did that really come out prior to Animal House? Yes, I'm too lazy to go look it up. If you haven't seen Kevin in Animal House, you need to Google his scenes. I believe in one he is being paddled. Anyway, I will be here all weekend and hope to see you around. If you would like to follow me on Twitter, I am @entylawyer

#1- This foreign born A list entertainer(singer) went off on a fan the other night when the fan thought he was a Jackson. When someone told the fan who the singer was he said he never heard of the guy. Lots of yelling. Needless really, but our singer has got into other fights.

#2 - It took two hours of makeup and another hour to set the lights correctly and another several hours of editing to make this former A- list mostly movie actress turned B- list television actress look "natural" for a new skincare line she is selling.

#3 - This former A list mostly movie actress is still really young considering her very lengthy film career that now has her at B-. She says she can count on her fingers the number of times she has had sex sober.

#4 - This former B list mostly television actor turned crap movies actor turned coke addict turned multiple marriage guy goes to the park a lot. Working on his fitness? Wanting to spend time with his kid(s)? How about hooking up with a nanny of a Victoria's Secret model. Hey the nanny also hooks up with the husband of the model, so I'm wondering when she actually does any child watching.

Your Turn

Jamie Lynn Spears is being criticized for letting her 5 year old daughter listen to Iggy Azalea. Appropriate or not?

Blind Items Revealed

February 11, 2014

This B list mostly movie actress who has a famous acting sister said she was trying to speak to this A+ list celebrity in her own world that was seated next to her and just couldn't form a sentence. She said that she got a lot of umms out of her mouth before the A+ lister just smiled and faced the other direction.

Dakota Fanning/Anna Wintour

Blind Items Revealed

February 8, 2014

This former A list mostly television actress who was loved by millions of guys has grown into a really rude person that no one likes. At a Fashion Week show, the now B list actress told the staff of a designer that she refused to have anyone sit next to her. She wanted an end seat and the seat next to her empty so she could take notes. When the team said it wouldn't be possible she screamed and yelled for ten minutes before finally backing down when they threatened her with no seat. She says she will get back at the designer but no one cares what she thinks about fashion.

Alyssa Milano

Blind Items Revealed

April 24, 2014

This C list celebrity by marriage was offered a reality show which she was working desperately to get. The thing is she never told her A list mostly television actor husband about the show and he refused to let her shoot it. Looks like she will be forced to just be his sidekick. The screaming was heard next door to their place. Usually they keep their fights at a much lower volume.

Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Baldwin

Blind Item #3

This B list entertainer(singer) and former reality star and sometime judge still had coke on her nose when she showed up for a radio interview. This may explain her rambling incoherence. Then again, she can be like that a great deal of the time which is why she can't hold down a job other than singing.

Blind Item #2

This mid-teen B list mostly movie actress got hustled off a red carpet by a handler when a press person asked about her 30 something boyfriend.

Blind Item #1

This east coast Housewife is convinced her husband is being faithful again. Umm. Yeah, if you believe that two hour "meeting" he had after having dinner with his wife was all business. There probably was a transaction involved though, so maybe you could classify it as business.

Mr. X Blind Items Part Five

13) Which younger member of that reality TV family learned from her older siblings by buying fake Twitter followers?
14) What frequently incarcerated adult entertainment honcho is constantly being bailed out of the clink by that gossip website founder? Talk about friends with benefits.
15) Which busty brunette tried to buy up all copies of the pornos she did in her pre-fame days, but gave up when a British tabloid leaked a still of one?

Dick Van Dyke Dances

He might be 88 years old but Dick Van Dyke has a great eight seconds of dancing in a department store. It is pretty mesmerizing to watch the great one still move like this and have so much fun.

Mr. X Blind Items Part Four

10) Which EGOT winner bought up her legendary mother's FBI files so they wouldn't be leaked to the press? They allegedly contain info about the mother's ties to far-left political groups with links to the Communist Party.
11) Which A+ list single named entertainer abhors swearing in his presence, yet in private he swears like a truck driver?
12) Which rapper/reality star has been taking selfies with some of his many groupies who are either half-naked or fully naked? What else is new?

Mr. X Blind Items Part Three

7) What two Broadway turned movie/TV stars and longtime bffs had sex together once just for the sake of experimenting? This was before one of them was out of the closet.
8) What pop songstress is considering retirement after her current project ends it run?
9) Which media mogul continues to be vague about his sexuality, but he's been seen hitting on guys in gay bars located near his east-coast studio?

The Goopster's War Comments

I keep waiting for Gwyneth Paltrow to apologize or say that her quotes were taken out of context, but so far nothing. What I am talking about is a conference the Goopster spoke at this week where she said that internet attacks on her were the equivalent of going to war and they are both a bloody dehumanizing thing. Huh? I think from this point forward Gwyneth should not speak in public unless it is to talk about a movie or something that doesn't show how callous she is about human life. I'm not sure how internet comments are the same as being shot at in war. This is just another example of how Gwyneth is so out of touch with everything she does. I really hope her kids don't turn out the same way because that would be a shame if they believe the stuff their mother is spewing. You get the feeling that Chris Martin doesn't believe this stuff, but I guess he can't be her filter. She needs a filter. She needs to do something before every segment of the population hates her. Right now she is probably at 85%. The other 15% are so wrapped up in loving on Kimye or watching porn they haven't got around to noticing what she says.

Mr. X Blind Items Part Two

4) What ex wife of that NFL icon has agreed to become the mistress to a sheikh?
5) Which boyband's squeaky clean image will be kaput once more racy videos are leaked by that former handler who has an axe to grind?
6) What B-list actress wife/beard of an A-lister is worrying friends as her weight plummets?

Mr. X Blind Items Part One

1) Which former A+ list diva's drinking caused an appearance at an awards show to be in jeopardy because her handlers had to literally prop her up on stage after she arrived several hours late?
2) At the same awards show, this A-list former tweener was simulating sex on a bed a la Madonna, which sent the producers scrambling to edit as much as they could? No wonder it's not airing this weekend.
3) Which almost B-list pop star is not telling her fans the real reason she's cancelling shows? She went on a coke bender and she's in no state to perform.

Jennifer Lopez Gets Casper Smart Out Of Town

When you have Jennifer Lopez money it is pretty easy to hide. She is rarely papped and has assistants do just about every task that would require her to ever leave the house. The only time she is really papped is going out to dinner or some kind of meal, and usually only when she is exiting the restaurant. Other than that she controls when her photo is taken and under what circumstances. She knows her photo is taken every week on the Idol back lot which is why you see her treat that walk like a runway and why she is fully made up and dressed. Apparently yesterday Jennifer and her manager and her publicist confronted Casper about the allegations that he has been sexting with a trasngendered woman (above). He denied hooking up with the woman, which is probably true or there would have been photos being sold of the two of them together. It is pretty tough to deny the sexting part though because the woman has nude photos of Casper and texts. So, Jennifer and her mom and her kids and her people all went to Boston and took Casper with them. I can't believe she didn't cut him loose. The next thing you know she will be marrying him. On a side note, looking at the photo of Sofie Vissa, why does everyone want to look like Kim Kardashian?

Bret Michaels Stops Concert Because Of Emergency

It wasn't a curtain that came crashing into Bret Michael's head last night that caused him to stop his concert after just three songs, but low blood sugar. Bret was playing a show in Manchester, NH and walked off the stage before being assisted by paramedics and then walking back on stage to tell the crowd he had to go before being carried off stage to his bus where he was in such bad shape that he could barely speak. That is the thing about diabetes. You can live with it and have a great life, but if you do not watch it all the time then something like this can happen. Bret has been living with diabetes since being diagnosed when he was a child, but sometimes you can just get so caught up in your day that you forget to check your numbers. He appears to be on the mend and hopefully he will be just fine. You know since he is fine that I just have to play the clip.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Amanda Bynes continues to look great as she improves every day.

Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller getting cozy while filming their movie.
A rare Chris Pine pap photo.
David Beckham heading to his workout.
Demi Lovato waves to her fans in London.
Emily Blunt and
Tom Cruise in NYC last night after
Emily showed off her dress in Paris earlier in the day.


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