Saturday, June 01, 2013

Jessica Simpson Performs In High School

Jessica Simpson has always said that her high school would never let her sing or perform because she was too good and it made the other kids feel not as good so parents complained. Obviously, she did perform in this musical in school. Pretty good too.

Blind Items Revealed

December 13, 2012

What former A list tweener and now a sometime bad actress has not come completely clean about a recent death and what really happened.

Miley Cyrus

Blind Items Revealed

December 10, 2012

This hated former B list reality star who is now a D list celebrity needs money and knows the way to get it is either a new reality show which unfortunately is not as far fetched as I hoped it would be or porn. She approached Playboy and they turned her down, but she has approached an adult video company about doing a Nadya Suleman type video. They are into the idea, but so far her asking fee is about ten times what Octomom got and they are only willing to pay her double and only because she is better looking. Hope they are not expecting better acting skills.

Farrah Abraham

Blind Item #3 - Easy Easy

Despite giving this A+ list mostly movie actor his start and some of his biggest breaks, the A+ list actor no longer speaks to the man who gave him his start. Our A+ list actor has moved beyond all that and thinks of himself as a serious actor and not a person who would ever resort to that kind of role any longer.

Blind Items Revealed

December 8, 2012

This Academy Award winner/nominee actress is probably A list. She only does movies. None of that common television for her although it was good enough when she needed the money. Anyway, the other day she trashed her hotel room. Someone said something and she went off and knocked a lamp and everything off a desk and when the lamp didn't break, smashed it against the wall until it broke and then told her assistant to clean it up before then knocking a television down to the ground. Maybe she didn't take her meds.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Blind Item #2 - Easy Easy

This now B- list celebrity/multiple reality show participant has A list name recognition. She also thinks she is better than everyone else. This was the case even a few years ago before she was married when she had a one night stand with this C- list mostly movie actor who used to be a B lister and is still very much beloved for a certain role. She has repeatedly said that she has never even met the actor because she thinks he is beneath her station in life. He has photos from the night.

Blind Items Revealed

December 8, 2012

As of the middle of the night, this former A list all movie actress who is still a solid B has been awake for almost three days straight and is a drug taking binge not seen the early days of her career. She also agreed to a video that she will probably regret when she sobers up. This will be revealed for sure if she doesn't reveal it herself by going to rehab before reveal day.

Demi Moore

Blind Item #1 - Easy Easy

Back in the day, this A+ list Academy Award winner/nominee mostly movie actor was probably a B+ lister, but everyone still wanted to sleep with him. The problem is he usually had a high profile girlfriend. Didn't stop him sleeping with others, but he had to be careful. The most careful cheating he ever conceived was when he was dating this A+ list mostly movie actress who is also an Academy Award winner/nominee. His conquest would only agree to have sex with our actor at his home so he had to wait until his girlfriend went out of town. He then brought over this then A+ list celebrity who was dating an A+ list celebrity and had one night of fun. Neither of them has ever spoken of it publicly although the A+ list actress has threatened to discuss it and others have let slip bits and pieces.

Joran Van Der Sloot Is Getting Married

A 22 year old Peruvian woman (above) is going to be the bride of the man who killed Natalee Holloway in Aruba and Stephany Flores in Peru. Joran van Der Sloot has only ever been convicted of killing Flores and is currently serving time in prison for that conviction. I don't know if he promised this woman something or she just has a death wish, but his reasons for marrying her are clear. If he marries her and they have a child together, and yes, he gets to have sex with her while in jail, it will give him Peruvian citizenship. If he has that, he cannot be extradited from Peru to the United States.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Random Photos Part Four

Arvind Mahankali gets the top spot for winning the National Spelling Bee championship.

Almost getting the top spot is the ageless Bernadette Peters with Bette Midler.
Carey Mulligan is in Shangahi with
Gerard Butler.
Not in Shanghai is Christina Ricci.
David Beckham was at the Miami Heat game last night and was escorted to the game by
a cigar smoking policeman.
Hilary Duff does the motherhood juggle.
Apparently one of the last happy moments the cast of Hangover had. Now they all hate Bradley Cooper.

Random Photos Part Three

Hayden P looks really good right here. Usually she kind of annoys me.

At the same party and always annoying is Emmy Rossum. I have never seen anyone want fame so badly before. At least she can act though.
Kerry Washington is everywhere lately.
Jessica Chastain shows off her nautical look.
Josh Duhamel takes time out everyday to do some power walking.
Yes, that really is Casper Smart wearing finger less gloves out on a date. Worse than the two guys holding umbrellas for him.
Kate Bosworth provides massages on the go for her boyfriend.
Liam Hemsworth back from the gym and off to January Jones' house.
Lea Michele looks like she has a secret.

Random Photos Part Two

Madonna hits the streets of New York. Did that tour thing of hers end? Kind of faded away into nothingness.

Mel B about to be on Extra. She says another Spice Girls album is not out of the question.
Miley Cyrus loves the attention. Tweets a photo of what looks like her in a wedding dress.
Minnie Driver goes for short dress while Kristin Davis wears what she has worn to every event for the past decade.
Natalie Portman back in LA from Paris.
Oprah gets an honorary degree from Harvard.
Prince Harry auditions for the role of James Bond.
Not sure what Parker Posey was thinking here. Wanted to bring her own sack for the sack race?
Rachel Hunter always looks so angry when she gets snapped, but inside she is loving that people recognize her.

Random Photos Part One

Beginning Monday I will start posting Reader Photos and will continue to do so every weekday until Reveal Day on July 4th when I combine them all into a couple of big posts. If you would like to see your photo included, just e-mail it to me at and I will post them in the order in which they are received.

 Four parts today.

Rooney Mara's mom looks so happy compared to Rooney.

Do you think Reese Witherspoon sits at home and watches her arrest video? I bet she has.
First it was the Superman raincoat, and now Louis has his own Batman costume he wore to school. Sandra Bullock's son loves his super heroes.
Selena Gomez in Toronto.
Salma Hayek is still in Venice.
For someone who barely knows how to read, Snooki sure does write a lot of books.
Ashley Tisdale shows she loves her country. Obviously wanting to replace Adam Levine on The Voice.
Jaden Smith makes plans to get someone to actually say they like After Earth.
Zosia Mamet's boyfriend has bag duty.

Ten Seconds That Will Make You Smile

Blind Item #8

This A list mostly movie actor has not been spotted with his wife as much as they used to be. It turns out she got wind of a little fling he had on the set of his last movie. Not with a woman, but with his male B list actor co-star. She thinks it is strange and can't seem to get over it. He says he prefers women, but got caught up in the movie.

How To Sing Like Your Favorite Singer

Blind Item #7

This A list mostly television actor has been paying his current girlfriend $300K a month to sleep with him every month for almost the past year. A subscription to Playboy would be way cheaper. She is trying to get him to marry her, but he says that paying this amount every month is way less expensive than getting married and then divorced.

Blind Item #6

This A list celebrity had two flight attendants on his recent private jet flight who do a whole lot more than serve beverages. They are the personal staff of the bazillionaire who owns the plane. I'm guessing he is going to keep this secret from his A list celebrity wife who is way too busy in her own world to probably even notice.

Four For Friday - Queen of The One Night Stand

It is Friday. Not too many announcements for the last day of May. I will be here all weekend and will have some blind items to reveal tomorrow and probably on Sunday. If you would like to follow me on Twitter, I am @entylawyer

This woman is a celebrity and an actress and a reality star. Not exactly going for an EGOT, but she does have lots of name recognition. She also is very rich. She is probably a B-/C+ list actress who gets work, but it is on television shows you have never heard of. She would LOVE to be taken seriously as an actress, but she is just not good enough and refuses to take classes. She says she does not need them. She has been in some movies and as I said has done the reality thing. She knows a lot of very famous people. Mostly aging a little bit. She could get guys way younger, but she likes men who have been divorced a few times and are in their late 40's or early 50's and who are very rich with a little bad boy in them. She sees guys three times a week. Not the same guy. She has six guys she sees. Three one week, and three the next week. She does not care if they have a girlfriend, they just can't be married. They all come over to her place and I am shocked there has not been pap shots of them coming and going. She never goes to their place. Ever. she is also the one who decides when they come over and will call them that day to tell them to come over or lose their spot in the rotation.

Your Turn

Favorite actor to play James Bond?

Blind Item #5

This A list plus size model had her first lesbian experience not that long ago and filmed it on her cell phone. Also took lots of photos. If you see her in a bar and get her drunk enough she will be happy to show it all to you. And describe it. It is kind of like bar porn.

Blind Item #4

This former B list mostly television actress from a hit show for an almost network has gone through four personal assistants in the past six months. One of those who quit says there is nothing to do all day because the actress does nothing except read fashion magazines all day and has a hair and makeup person come everyday, but the actress never goes out. She loves talking smack about the assistants in front of the hair person and acts like she is the biggest thing to ever walk the earth.

Ethan Hawke Says Angelina Jolie Was His Best On Screen Kiss

Blind Item #3

This former almost A list mostly movie actress with no acting talent is a B- or maybe even a C+ now despite her A list name recognition. She loves everyone thinking she is very successful with her endeavors but it is all an illusion. She is quickly going through every penny she has ever earned in an effort to make things right. It would help if her husband had not drained much of her cash a few years ago with a get rich quick scheme.

Steve Nash Really Doesn't Want To Pay Child Support

The Steve Nash case is in the hands of a judge in Arizona now. For the past couple of weeks, there has been a trial to determine whether the ex-wife of Steve Nash can move to California with their three children. Steve does not want them too. He said that he would not see them any more than he sees them now and that Los Angeles is a terrible place to raise kids. Nice of you to say that about the city that pays you millions of dollars. That is what this all comes down to. Steve says the only reason his ex wants to move to California is so she can get child support from Steve and continue to live a lavish life style which he does not want for her or his kids. In their divorce, Steve paid his ex the lump sum of $5M. He pays no child support and would like to keep it that way. If his ex moved right next door to Steve, how would he not see them more?

Blind Item #2

I'm not sure what this former B list mostly movie actress who is now a C and got her fame from a very important role does all day, but she is not spending time with her child. She has been in this space before and according to a friend of the nanny who watches her 24/7, our actress has not spent time alone with her child in almost a year.

Michael & Dina Lohan Get In Fight For Television

Obviously wanting the chance to get their own reality show, Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan were on that show The Test and decided to end their truce right there in front of the cameras and yell and scream and basically show the world what classless individuals they are. Michael, with his domestic violence ways and Dina with so much self-entitled narcissism who is dependent on her drug addicted daughter for income just could not be civil to each other for even a second. They knew they wouldn't. You don't get invited back or get a chance at having your own reality show if you get along.

Blind Item #1

This C+ list does any work she can find actress, but is currently doing movies has A list name recognition. She is also being the biggest diva that ever divad on the set of her new movie. She only got the job because of her name, not her acting talent. The actress makes so many demands that she has to have two people by her side constantly who can make it all happen. The budget on the movie is not that big and because of her need to have two people on call at all times is bringing the movie over budget.

Frances Bean Cobain Was Offered The Role Of Bella In Twilight

If you believe Courtney Love, and I understand that at times, that can be a tough thing to do, she says that when Frances Bean Cobain was just 13 that she was offered the role of Bella in Twilight. The role ultimately went to Kristen Stewart. Courtney Love told Howard Stern that a producer had seen a photo of The Bean and sent Courtney the script for Frances to read and Frances described it as "sexist Mormon piece of s**t." Quite the colorful language from a 13 year old. Courtney says that Frances turned down the role because it would have ruined Frances' life. Not like Courtney couldn't do that on her own to her, you know, by killing Frances' dad and making her life a total hell.

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Are Doing A Sitcom

LeAnn Rimes could not wait to tell the world that she is trying to get a sitcom pilot picked up for next season. The sitcom is going to be based on the life of LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian so it will basically involve LeAnn taking photos of herself in bikinis while Tweeting incessantly while her husband pretends to like her for more than just her money while trying to find anyone who will give him a job and get him out of the house. Of course when he does get a job the bikinis follow him everywhere he goes. LeAnn says that people are fascinated with their life and this will show them what it is like. If it does get picked up, it will be the worst acted show on television. Have you ever seen the movie they did together? Tori Spelling is like Meryl Streep compared to these two.

How Did Amanda Bynes Get To Buffalo?

You know what I think would be way more interesting than watching some choppy video of Amanda Bynes at a trampoline park in Buffalo? Talking to the person who took Amanda to Buffalo. Last I checked, Buffalo is a good 400 miles from New York City. It is highly doubtful Amanda took a plane because someone would have spotted her in the airport. The same holds true for a train. That means someone drove her there and drove her back? Where is that person? I would love to know what was discussed on a six hour drive there and a six hour drive back. Does anyone know if she spent the night? Are we sure it is Amanda? It just seems random to show up at a trampoline park in Buffalo and stay for an hour and then leave. Is she just going to pop up in random cities now? If so, that would be pretty cool.

Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj Leave American Idol

You knew it was coming, but it had to be done to make sure that Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj could save some face. I'm not sure how much face Mariah Carey has after the producers tried to fire her during the middle of the season and the story got out. Nicki managed to tweet how much fun she had on the show. Mariah could not be bothered to Tweet anything on her own and just retweeted something from her publicists about how great "Beautiful" is and that Mariah is going to do a world tour so can't possibly do Idol. Yeah, makes it seem like the whole thing was Mariah's idea. I think the producers are just glad to see them gone. Keith urban is hanging on by a thread. he really wants to come back. I think being away from Nicole Kidman so much gave him some life. I will say that if the show adds Justin Bieber I will not watch or even discuss it anymore.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Was Snorting Heroin A Few Weeks Ago

Apparently 10 days was long enough for Philip Seymour Hoffman to kick his habit of prescription pills and snorting heroin, because TMZ is reporting that Hoffman left a detox facility after ten days and is working on a movie in Europe. The week prior to going into the detox facility, Hoffman told TMZ that he had been abusing prescription pills and then moved on to snorting heroin which he says he only did for a week before realizing he had a problem and checked himself into detox. Maybe that is all he needed. It seems to me that if you are snorting heroin that ten days might not be enough time to get yourself sober and that he rushed into making this movie in Europe.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Random Photos Part Five

Calvin all grown up.

If you have seen this woman, call the FBI. Apparently there is a serial child abuser out there and this woman is a lead.
Anna Chlumsky and Busy Phillips compare baby bumps.
No high school photos today, but here is an early shot of Courtney Love.
Dakota Fanning does some shopping with a guy.
Apparently Demi Lovato has a lot of fans in London.
Fergie and Josh Duhamel go house shopping.
Not house shopping, but just regular shopping are Jessica Alba and Cash warren and Haven.


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