Saturday, September 14, 2013

Blind Item #4

This almost A list mostly movie director broke up with his B+/A- list mostly movie actress girlfriend because he has a thing about going out with as many women as possible and having a girlfriend gets in the way of that. However, he also said he had to break up with her because when they would have sex she was so loud that they had to be in a soundproof room or else people would come banging on hotel room doors or the apartment door and wonder what was going on. Apparently the screams sound like someone is being killed. The director said he found it too embarrassing.

Blind Item #3

So one night a few years ago these two actors got a little drunk. Not a big deal. Both actors are A+ list mostly movie actors. Both are drop dead gorgeous. Both are foreign born. One is closeted with a long time beard. The other though has made it pretty evident that he likes women and has been married to some very beautiful women and engaged to others. Apparently despite his love of women there have been whispers that if you get him drunk enough he will spend a night playing for the same team. That's what happened that night. It was after a movie premiere and the two were alone and one thing led to another.

Blind Item #2

This mostly television actor/reality guy now was in some of the biggest movies of all-time and also one of the biggest television shows of all-time. Apparently he is now known for going through the brothels of the mostly poor countries he is visiting and demanding he get free sex because of who he is. If he is not satisfied with the performance of one he keeps getting more and more until he finds one he likes and then takes her with him for a few days, also for free.

Blind Item #1

The other night at an event, this B-/C+ list sometime actress and businesswoman only famous for who she once happened to marry called up her longtime friend, a foreign born reality show judge, to change her seats at the event so as not to be near this former almost A list mostly television actress who hangs out in the same group as our C+ lister. Apparently they don't get along and the C+ lister arranged to arrive to the red carpet an hour early just to avoid the former almost A lister. Apparently, at a completely different event a few months ago, the former almost A lister said some disparaging remarks about the businesswoman's family which included the c-word and they almost came to blows.

Blind Items Revealed

June 25, 2013

According to at least three people who have hooked up with this former A+ list tweener and now an A list celebrity quickly falling I hope to something much lower, he has some crazy hangups when it comes to him getting naked which is surprising because of what he does on a regular basis. Shirt comes off, but not much else and none of them were allowed to touch his nether regions, he only touched theirs.

Justin Bieber

Blind Items Revealed

June 25, 2013

This foreign born former almost A list celebrity who made some music for a bit and had a very famous girlfriend is being threatened with a lawsuit. Apparently the now C list degenerate was partying with a woman and she got drunk and passed out. he decided to have some fun with her and injected her with heroin while she was passed out. This will be revealed.

Pete Doherty

Blind Items Revealed- Kindness

June 25, 2013

This B-/C+ list mostly movie actress from a hit franchise gave up her first class seat on an overseas flight and sat in a middle seat in coach so a woman who was 8 months pregnant would not have to sit in the seat. Our actress had started talking to the woman before the flight and discovered the situation and after trying to get the woman a better seat, just gave up her own.

Ashley Greene

Blind Items Revealed

June 26, 2013

This A+ list mostly movie comedic actor who is very tall was at an event this week and somehow the conversation turned to celebrity sex tapes and someone asked the actor if he had ever seen Paris Hilton's sex tape. The actor said he had not, but then again he didn't need to because he had already had sex with her so knew what it was like. I would never imagine them together. he must have been drunk at the time.

Vince Vaughn

Blind Items Revealed

June 26, 2013

This B-/C+ list celebrity offspring who also does reality has been in the news lately has he tries to ramp up his reality career. He once told some people that he was the cause of a breakup between friends. It turns out that he was having sex with this at the time A list reality star and now a B list celebrity/reality star and they broke up because he accidentally called her by the name of this at the time B list mostly television actress who is now a C- list mostly movie actress who he had sex with earlier in the day. The two women were very good friends at the time. Not anymore.

Brody Jenner/Nicole Richie/Mischa Barton

Blind Items Revealed

June 26, 2013

I don't know if you would refer to this as an Old Hollywood Blind Item or not. It was in the past, but is not that old school. It all happened on a hit network television show. A huge network hit. It involved two actors who were probably B-/C+ list at the time. They met and fell in love on the show. They also died because of that love. One was a younger actor who saw something in the older actor that he could not resist. At first, neither knew the other was gay because at that time, everything was a secret and almost everyone was still in the closet. The two ran into each other at a watering hole though and the next thing you knew, the two were together almost everyday. The younger actor was already infected with HIV, but didn't know it at the time. The two started having a love affair and it was after they had started that the the younger actor learned he had HIV. Shortly after, the older actor learned he too had contracted the HIV virus. At one point in their relationship, the younger actor became very sick and kept getting sick and the two had to split because it was still important to their careers that they remain silent about their sexuality. There was a lot of heartbreak, but they felt it was for the best to split. The younger actor died first, followed later by the older actor.

Younger actor: Timothy Patrick Murphy
Older actor: Tom Fuccello
TV show: "Dallas"

Blind Items Revealed

June 27, 2013

This former almost A mostly movie actor who dropped down to a C because of some bad movie choices and a very mysterious disappearance is trying to get back in the life of this former B list movie actress with A+ list name recognition. Unfortunately his pop ins and every five minute texts are probably not the way to go.

Josh Hartnett/Katie Holmes

Blind Items Revealed

June 28, 2013

This former B list television actress who took a very long break from acting but is still beloved by guys who loved her when they were teens has been begging producers to let her do a nude scene in her latest movie because she thinks it will put her back on the acting map. Apparently she missed all the fame and wants to be known for something more than her brains.

Danica McKeller

Friday, September 13, 2013

Random Photos Part Six

Ray Dolby - RIP

Ben Affleck's Batman is going to be a "weary Batman." Better than a singing telegram Batman I guess.
Bethenny Frankel on her way out o court after going to face with Jason Hoppy.
The last time I had Brigitte Nielsen in the photos she was passed out drunk in a park.
Bar Refaeli is a furry. Just thought you would like to know.
Bella Thorne and
The Backstreet Boys at the same party.
At a different party were Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper.
Cameron Diaz takes a break after a workout.

Random Photos Part Five

Courtney Stodden is still in London. Works for me.

Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson at the premiere of their new movie.
Are you missing Game Of Thrones? Does this help?
Gwyneth Paltrow went to a baseball game. She wants you to know she is just like you because you go to a game surrounded by security who don't let people near you and have escorts to the bathroom who clear it out so she can use it by herself.
Hugh Jakcman and
Jake Gyllenhaal made a movie together. Not a bad combination.
Josh Brolin hangs out with his daughter.
Joana Krupa in the Windy City. Definitely living up to its name. I love Chicago.
Alicia Keys in a bikini. This could be a first.

Random Photos Part Four- Fashion Week Part Two

Brittany Snow took a turn walking the runway.

I know I had Rooney Mara in the photos earlier, but she looks great here. It's rare to see any kind of smile from her.
Michelle Dockery
Alexander Skarsgard
Victoria Beckham
Yeah tell me again how Lindsay Lohan is sober and not doing anything when she's hanging around guys like this. Would you have sex with him sober?
Rosanna Arquette and her new husband.
Teresa Giudice found some time to attend a show.
Georgia May Jagger on the runway.

Random Photos Part Three - Fashion Week Part One

Nicole Kidman with Rooney Mara before Nicole wiped out.

Christina Ricci with the midriff baring thing which seems to be big. I should try it.
Winona Ryder wearing something that looks 10 years old.
She seems pretty distressed about it as she talks to Parker Posey.
Drew Barrymore with her husband. I refuse to use his name until they have another two years together.
Another bare midriff, this time belonging to Julianne Hough.
Sofia Coppola
Hailee Steinfeld who wears outfits carefully selected by her bff Taylor Swift.
Jessica Alba

Random Photos Part Two

Kate Middleton hits her first red carpet since the birth of George.

The always smiling Kanye West reunited with Kim Kardashian to look at the house Kim will eventually end up on her own while nannies raise her kid until she can be shipped off to boarding school.
Lady GaGa is a big fan of Ax Men.
So much promise for Lindsay Lohan and Kirsten Dunst. Lindsay must have been about eight so had two rehab stints and a trip to juvie for shoplifting under her belt.
Mariah Carey and the never healing shoulder.
Maggie Gyllenhaal forgoes the bra on a night out with her husband, Peter Saarsgard.
Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C Hall have just a few more joint appearances and then they don't have to see each other until they make a living taking photos at Comic-Con in ten years.
Ricky Gervais and his never changing t-shirt.
Rose McGowan shows off her new long hair. It distracts from all the plastic surgery.

Random Photos Part One

Six parts today.

Amanda Seyfried and her dog are never far apart. I admire the fact she went for a big dog and not something to fit in a purse.

Amy Smart is back in the photos and getting her bunions scraped.
Scarlett Johansson has looked amazing ever since she got engaged to that guy in the witness protection program.
Julianne Moore wears what I like to call a groping bush dress.
Dakota Johnson is a size zero but she must weigh 20 pounds more than Melanie Griffith.
Much curvier and wearing leather for extra special times is Toni Collette.
The Hoff is back in Berlin. Wears a shirt to make sure people remember him.
Annette Bening walks a red carpet for the first time in forever.
Ryan Kwanten shows off his new look.


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