Saturday, July 07, 2012

Reader Photos - The Lost Photos


The Super Moonwalk - You Need To Watch This

21 seconds of amazing amazing amazement. Seriously. You need to watch this.

Justin Bieber Pulled Over For Speeding

Forgive me, but this first part is for people who live in Los Angeles. Justin Bieber was pulled over for speeding on the 101. The police clocked him at 80. The guy who called police said Justin was going 100. He was pulled over coming from Calabasas. In the morning. Yeah, that means rush hour. Coming towards Los Angeles. Does he get a special traffic lane because I can't imagine even coming near the speed limit on a morning going that direction. Apparently he was weaving in and out of traffic while being chased by paps. WTF is so special about Justin that he needs to be chased by four paps? I understand you want to get a photo of him, but what kind of photo are you going to get while he is driving? After he was given a ticket, he called 911 to have the paps pulled over. Everyone was pulled over and the paps were warned. Justin has not been driving long and I would hate to see something happen to him because then someone would probably name some award after him and people would say he was the next Buddy Holly or Richie Valens. So, please keep the paps away from him and let him have a nice long life playing cruise ships.

Gerard Butler Dracula Audition

It's like a really bad weave he is wearing.

Natalie Wood's Death Certificate Changed

Last year, publicity made the police department reopen the Natalie Wood death investigation. They made a few calls and after the news cycle burned out said nothing changed. Well, now the death certificate has been officially changed from accident to undetermined. And that accomplishes what? Sells more books, that's what. Keeps that cloud of suspicion hanging over the heads of Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken. I'm not sure what happened. I don't think she was tossed overboard. I think she got into a fight and and was drunk and slipped. Now, did anyone really try to help her? That is the question.

Another Dating Profile

I hope everyone just keeps sending in the responses and profiles you run across as you hit the dating sites of the world. I love them all.

I am charlie 34 im looking for love someone to meet and get to know more, in orange county lets talk and lets have fun talking and getting to know each other. :) thanks, ANOTHER THING I LIVE AT HOME SO WHAT IF I DO OR NOT ITS THE PERSON THAT COUNTS, RIDE A BICYCLE TAKE THE BUS DO U LADIES GET WHAT I MEAN HAHAHA i mean by that I NEVER GOT MY LICENSE :) hell if that is a thing that does not get me and u to like each other then ladies then there got to be soemthing wrong with u in the head come on im a great guy look past those things and like me for me and , I work at a super market and What I'm In Search Of... To have fun and make a new friends , someone to hang with, go out and go have fun, make friends no smokers thanks. OK LADIES I KNOW IM NOT THE PERFECT GUY OR HAS A GREAT LIFE BUT HAVE U EVER HEARD OF TALKING TO ME AND SEE IM FAR MORE THEN WHA T U READ OF ME ALL I ASK IS A CHANCE :) AND ANOTHER THING I REALLY DO NOT DRIVE OR GOT MY LICENSE SO IF U R INTERESTED IN ME U HAVE TO COME SEE ME IF NOT NO WORRIES :)

Ted Casablanca

So, earlier this week, Ted Casablanca signed off from E! after 20 years there. That is a really long time to be writing a gossip column. Many of you have asked if I know anything. I will get to that in a minute. I think Ted deserves a lot of credit for the blind item. He made it popular. He made every column his own with that crazy language of his that only a Variety subscriber can truly appreciate. Over the past three weeks he has not really been there and after that long away, the move was not unexpected. Is he sick? Getting a new job? Fired for doing something wrong? Maybe he bad mouthed a Kardashian instead of kissing their rings. The rumor is that Ted was suspended while the bosses decided what to do. It didn't turn out well, and I don't think ted did anything on purpose. He could have caused a lot of damage to a lot of people. I think the bosses at E! should remember that and have given him a second chance. I think they chose what he did as an excuse to get rid of him and his salary and find someone they like more.

Blind Items Revealed

June 20, 2012

This controversial singer was thisclose to A list two years ago because of a couple of big hits and talked about awards show appearance. Now? Being controversial used to be cute, but now it turns people off. She is also not a fun person to work for or be with or hang out with and if you do, you do so at your own peril. Two people who worked under her attempted suicide. She dumped her baby (who she never sees) daddy via twitter so she could date someone else.

She accused a former employee of leaking tracks. He didn't and someone was discovered later to have done it. Prior to the discovery of the other person though, the singer blacklisted the man, told everyone to stay away from him and that she would not work with anyone who worked with him. She also had him followed everyday to see if he was responsible. She had him harassed to the point where he got hooked on drugs and has never been the same since. She never apologized when they discovered the real person who had leaked the tracks.


Ron Perlman Is A Really Nice Guy

You know, a lot of the time, when a celebrity gives a wish in Make-A-Wish, all they really ever do is a little meet and greet. Nothing to stressful or taking too much of their time. Well, if you are Ron Perlman, you go all in. 6 year old Zachary wanted nothing more than to meet Hellboy. Ron obliged. How? Ron spent four hours in the makeup chair just to make Zachary's dream come true. The makeup department then turned Zachary into a mini-Hellboy. It's hard to believe Ron is 62. Wow. I don't think I really knew he was that old. (Thanks Ben)

Blind Items Revealed

June 15, 2012

So, today I wanted to tell you about this actress. She is still an actress although she has not been in much lately. I would say she is still in the B+/A- list as far as name recognition goes, but as for actual acting and her status on the working list, she is probably a C+. Always more famous for things other than her acting, she is a big name. For years she has been the object of desire for many men. Men, who have seen her and are willing to pay a price to spend time with her. After her most recent series failed and the grind to find more acting work began to take its toll, our actress found a way to earn money and have a good time and make all those men happy. If you live outside the US and have a big enough checkbook you can hire our actress. She has a one week minimum and prefers a month. Last year she made more money by being the companion of men around the world than she ever did acting. She gets to go to parties and events and has seen the world. She tries to not get too drunk and every man who has spent time with her has had her back for another visit. She is not shy about it and will tell you flat out it is what she enjoys doing. No more auditions or wondering if she is going to get another role. No more being grab handled by guys at mall signings and endless photographs where she pretends to be happy. She has found her plan for the next few years and as she says, it's a living. Oh, and for sure this one will be revealed.

Pamela Anderson

Friday, July 06, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

It's bikini time. Britney Spears shows off hers right before pool time.
Aubrey O'Day got in the bikini spirit.
As did Tori Spelling. Although she did hers from a wheelchair.
Even Colin Farrell all the way in Ireland was impressed.
Catherine Zeta Jones looks pretty good for being married to Michael Douglas for so long.
The Beckhams go on vacation. That should be a reality show.
Drew Barrymore has decided it is going to be pajamas for the rest of the pregnancy.
Diane Kruger looks pretty good shooting that gun.
She has been wearing that hat for a week.
Benji madden and Eliza Doolittle canoodle.

Random Photos Part Two

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield on a Spanish television show.
Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning keep on making their movie.
Geri Halliwell is now dating Lurch.
Christian Bale just keeps on getting great co-stars in his new movie. This time, Isabel Lucas is on the beach with him.
Jennifer Aniston in GQ.
Jessica Simpson Tweets a family photo. Everyone was wearing that sweater.
Katie Holmes goes out without a bra. A big no no with Tom. Later she showed her entire boob which Tom also probably never saw.
Katie in Elle.
Kate Hudson takes her son shopping in Paris.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Katherine Jenkins is back in England and more popular than ever after being on DWTS here.
Lindsay Lohan is back to being a redhead and went ahead and decided to have sex with James Deen after he said they weren't.
Not having sex with Lindsay Lohan is Nick Jonas. Not that he never tried.
These two teens came to their proms in Barbie boxes. It's a classic. My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is going to be all over this.
Rihanna headed over to TGI Fridays after the memorial for her grandmother.
Rumer Willis has lost her dog. That sucks and I feel bad for anyone who loses their dog.
I think Amanda Seyfried would be crushed if she lost one of hers.
Zac Efron and Wilmer Valderrama helped Tiffany Thornton celebrate her baby shower. Neither of them are the father which is why they are smiling so big. With them, they never know for sure.
This is what The Zooey wears to work out.

SPF With Nina Dobrev

Jimi Hendrix Movie Has No Jimi Hendrix Music

For the past couple of months, Andre 3000 has been filming a Jimi Hendrix biopic. It sounds like a good idea and I think a movie about Jimi's life would be a great thing. I even think Andre can pull it off. That being said, it would be nice to have a Jimi Hendrix movie that actually has Jimi Hendrix music in it. This movie will have no original Jimi works in it at all. None. There will be covers of songs from groups around at the time, but it seems kind of dumb to make a movie without acquiring the rights, but the family of Jimi hates this producer so they said no. They have continued to say no. They liked another producer who was going to give them a bunch of money but that producer could not get a movie made. For his part, the producer says the movie is not about the music, but about the life. Huh? That makes no sense. That is something you say to the studio and hope they don't ask too many questions and just write a bunch of checks.

Four For Friday - What Would You Do For $2M A Year?

Today is Friday. Announcement day, but I will keep it brief. For those of you who sent in Reader Photos that were not posted on the 4th, I will show them tomorrow. I will be back here tomorrow with a reveal or two. Probably two, because 12 hours of them just was not enough on Wednesday. I think I could have gone until midnight or beyond. If you are new to the site and would like to follow me on Twitter, it is over there------>. Otherwise, enjoy the blind.

The price took awhile to agree on. At first our C list actress who used to be almost an A list movie actress was just paid by the night. That got to be too burdensome though because she always needed money but didn't always have the time to spend the night or do what he wanted for the money. He wants a lot of things. So, they went from $25,000 a night to a flat $2M. Sure there are some other perks she gets too, but she likes to keep it all quiet and pretend she is actually earning the money through side ventures. She isn't. He keeps those propped up for her too, but writes it off on his taxes. The guy has a vivid imagination and our actress has been photographed and taped in so many compromising positions and with such a combination of people that she could literally start her own adult DVD collection. Our actress is allowed to sleep with and be with whoever she wants but so is her benefactor. In fact he tapes those too and makes our actress watch and talk to him while she is watching. He pays for her cell phone so is aware of everyone she speaks to and texts. Her cell phone bills sometimes reach $50,000 a month and he pays. That is in addition to the $2M a year. She racks up so much in charges because she calls all over the world and tries to spend as much as she can. When she buys clothes she uses his credit card. She has no money. It has all gone to other things. Her salaries for her upcoming projects have all been signed over. He is her lifeline. She does whatever he wants. He is counting down the days for what he really wants. A family member of our actress. He wants both of them and has made it very clear he will pay whatever it takes. He just wants to make sure the family member is legal first although that has not stopped him from inviting her on vacations and watching her undress. The family member is ready for it and knows it is coming. In fact, she is looking to take the place of our actress and has been dropping hints to the benefactor about just that.

Your Turn

Miranda Kerr gave an interview where she said she chose to deliver her baby naturally because she didn't want her baby drugged up so refused to get an epidural. She implies that women who do get epidurals are doing a disservice to their baby. Agree or disagree?

Rihanna Sues Her Accountants

In a federal court in Manhattan yesterday, Rihanna sued her former accountants claiming they defrauded her out of millions of dollars and that she is now facing an IRS audit because of them. This will also be her excuse when she runs out of money in a few years and is doing commercials for some umbrella company. Apparently they charge Rihanna 23% of her earnings as their fees while Rihanna received 6%. I would be interested to see if someone from Rihanna's company signed the agreement and I bet they did and that it was easier for them to sign away a percentage then pay every month. No one cared when they signed it because she was not making any money to pay by the hour. It was only after she started making millions that she realized that she could afford to pay by the hour so is suing.

The Goopster Only Sells Clothes For The Skinny

Apparently in Gwyneth Paltrow's world, you don't exist if you are above a size 8. In fact, she would prefer if there are such people that you don't read her site unless you are there to buy one of her cleanses and keep at it until you are a size 8. In case you are a size 8 or below, The Goopster would like to sell you the t-shirt shown above. You are probably thinking that you don't have an extra $20 or $30 to spend on a t-shirt. Well, if you don't have $20, then this is not the shirt for you because you are going to need $90. Plus shipping. Yes. $90 for a plain white t-shirt. Again though, I must remind you. The shirt will only fit you if you are under a size 8. The Goopster doesn't want anyone above a size 8 wearing any of her clothes because then you might think she is above a size 8 and her head explodes at the thought of that.

Bath Salts In A Maternity Ward

I thought bath salts were supposed to be non addictive. Isn't that why they are legal in some states. Tell me how something is not addictive if people are smoking it in a maternity ward. Right after they give birth. That is what Carla Murphy did. And right after she smoked it she decided to get naked and punch some nurses. Oh, and kicked them too. When police showed up she tried to punch them and kick them too. Then because this is bath salts story, you know she had to try to eat one of the policemen and tried to bite his face. They never really go for other parts of the body. It is always the face. There is no mention as to what happened to the baby she delivered. I hope the baby is not with her.

Kelly Ripa's Co-Host Is Down To 3

This is not the job I really envisioned for Seth Meyers, although I would hope with his involvement in Live that there would be sketches, but it looks like Seth is the front runner for the co-host position in what would be Live With Kelly And Seth. Does not really roll off the tongue does it? In the article on they say that Seth Meyers is the leading choice followed by Michael Strahan and Josh Groban. They don't mention Nick Lachey who has wanted this job every single second of the day and would do anything to get it. Apparently when he has been on the show has not done well. Contrast that to when Seth has been on and the numbers have been great. Not as great as some, but the ones who did better are not available. For those of you who love Seth on SNL, he would still do the news, but not much else. Considering he has been head writer since Tina Fey left, that would just be another loss to fight through for next season.

Blind Item #1

This A list movie actor who is known for being with anything that walks or talks or shows some kind of life broke up with this B+ movie actress because he thought he found someone better. That person dumped him as did several others so he went back to the B+ movie actress who is used to doing what guys tell her after years with her ex and was still under the spell of our A list actor. In fact, he used to give her a call for some booty even though she knew he was seeing others but she never turned him down. The woman needs to get some self-esteem. This is one of the worst tools out there.

Brad Pitt's Mom Hates Gay People

So, what do you do if you are one of the biggest celebrities in the world and are very pro gay marriage and your girlfriend, and mother of many of your children is also one of the biggest stars on the planet and is bisexual and your mom writes an open letter denouncing gay marriage and gays in general. Well, if you are Brad Pitt you say, "She's very, very loving -- very open, genuine, and it's hilarious because she always gets painted in the tabloids as a she-devil. There's not an ounce of malice in her. She wants everyone to be happy."

But, it turns out that is not the case. Here is her letter in its entirety which was first published in the St. Louis News-Leader.

I have given much thought to Richard Stoecker’s letter (“Vote for Mormon against beliefs,” June 15). I am also a Christian and differ with the Mormon religion.

But I think any Christian should spend much time in prayer before refusing to vote for a family man with high morals, business experience, who is against abortion, and shares Christian conviction concerning homosexuality just because he is a Mormon.

Any Christian who does not vote or writes in a name is casting a vote for Romney’s opponent, Barack Hussein Obama — a man who sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for years, did not hold a public ceremony to mark the National Day of Prayer, and is a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage.

I hope all Christians give their vote prayerful consideration because voting is a sacred privilege and a serious responsibility.

Everyone Jumps On The Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber Break Up Bandwagon

For the past several months I have been telling the world that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up and got back together bunches of times. They are just like any young couple and it makes it really tough to write about them. They get in a fight or Justin does something cheatalicious and they break up so I write about it, but then Selena forgives him and a week later there they are happy as clams. I prefer the more mature relationships in Hollywood. The ones where the split is forever and nasty and you know they are not getting back together. when people go back and forth you never look good. It is kind of like trying to report that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. You just kind of go numb to it all after awhile. Now though, Knee pads and TMZ have got on the break up bandwagon. In fact, TMZ went so far as to say their report was exclusive. Huh?

Here Comes The Scientology Storm

Tom Cruise is headed out of town after the weekend to start shooting a film in Colorado. Between the time he got back to LA for his 50th birthday and when he leaves he will have spent most of that time discussing how to go on the offensive against Katie Holmes. So far, Katie has controlled the media and got everything out the way she wanted it to spin. She has used every contact and called in every favor and has won because of the timing. Tom thought Katie had agreed to another year of being married and she sucker punched him. She also timed it for when he would be in Iceland. Now though, Scientology is about to act. Beginning next week anything Katie has ever said in auditing that is controversial is going to come out. I would not be surprised if news leaks that she was cheating or has had some kind of mental issues. Tom can't just leave things as they are because no one will ever join Scientology again if this is allowed to continue. It is not about Tom's movie career which has never really reached pre-Katie heights, but about the damage done to what he considers his church if a year of pro-Katie publicity about COS is allowed to go on. The argument inside COS is whether to go full blast against Katie or to just send out test signals to see what works. Some leaders were upset at Tom because he did not let them do or say anything while he was away and the divorce is all anyone is talking about at COS. There has never been more coverage about COS. Even with Nightline specials and the Village Voice going after them every week, the most Google searches have been within the past week since the announcement.

Taylor Swift Hangs Out With The Kennedy Family

Taylor Swift spent the 4th of July hanging out with the Schwarzeneggers and Kennedy families. I could kind of see Taylor with all of them. I also see a life of misery if she gets involved in the Kennedy family. Does it ever turn out well for anyone who was not born into it? It turned out ok for Arnold because he is a cheater who only cares about himself so he was a natural fit, but the women who get involved always regret it. Of course it could mean lots of songs for Taylor. Her bestie Dianna Agron was there too. It just seems kind of random that the two of them would be up in Hyannis Port partying away with the family.

Kris Humphries Gets Myla Sinanaj Pregnant

Whatever money Kris Humphries ends up getting from Kim Kardashian is going to be reduced a lot by the news that he got Myla Sinanaj pregnant. Yep. This is the person he supposedly didn't care about and really was just a glorified stalker. Well, now he gets to spend the rest of his life in communication with her and for the next 18 years or so paying child support. Little invention called a condom. Might want to look into it, especially if you are going to keep on having random sex with people. You just know that Kris will also be up to appearing on Maury and Myla is probably down with that too. I would watch for sure.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

For the first time in a decade, Chris Martin kisses the Goopster in public. Top spot worthy.
Beyonce and Solange and some of the friends celebrating yesterday.
Chris Hemsworth and Elsa take out their baby.
I'm pretty sure Chris works out. Just a guess though.
Joe Manganiello shows off his new girlfriend.
Carly Rae Jepsen and a rare pap photo.
Dakota Fanning filming her new movie.
Bette Midler can't believe what she just saw at Fashion Week in Paris.
Anne Hathaway out for a stroll yesterday.
Hilary Duff and Mike left the baby at home to go out with friends.


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