Saturday, October 08, 2011

Al Davis Has Died

Al Davis, the Hall of Fame owner of the Oakland Raiders known for his rebellious spirit, has died. The team announced his death at age 82 on Saturday.

Two More Years Of The Simpsons

The cast of The Simpsons blinked and gave in and now FOX has decided to renew the show for the next two years. Harry Shearer was the first member of the cast to give in and said he would give up 70% of his salary if he got something on the back end. With NBC canceling Hank Azaria's new show, he probably did not want to risk losing another show he works on so the next thing you know, everyone is all signed on and the deal will get the show to 25 seasons. Crazy how long it has been on the air.

18 Year Old Teen Arrested For Theft - She Needed Money For Porn

I have heard of people robbing houses to pay for drugs or thrills, but I don't ever remember hearing about an 18 year old female having to rob houses to fund their porn addiction. Apparently I have never met anyone like Amanda Owens. Amanda was a babysitter for a man who lived next door. The man noticed over the course of several weeks that things were missing from his home so he set up a video system. What he discovered was that his 18 year old neighbor and babysitter was crawling through the doggy door and stealing his stuff.

When confronted by police, Amanda confessed and said she needed money to pay for all the porn she buys. Huh? Seriously? Has Amanda ever heard of this little thing called the internet. You can pretty much find everything and anything you need and for the most part it is free. She says she likes buying DVD's. Because of her crime, Amanda faces up to 10 years in prison. I say have her pay a fine and send her to counseling and rehab for her addiction. I don't think this is worth 10 years in prison or anything close.

Woman Crawls in Doggie Door to Steal for Porn Addiction:

I'm A Little Disappointed

Prince Harry has been here for a little over 24 hours and I have yet to see any photos of him drinking. Yes, I know he is here to train and to work, but it is the weekend, so I was hoping for some Friday night shots of him getting drunk off his butt. I think that is what we all want. Apparently the best chance to get to see him drinking and partying will be about a month from now. There is a little break as he transfers from one base in California to another in Arizona. Typically, that break is spent in Vegas so, if you don't have anything to do in the middle of November, you might want to go to Vegas and party with Harry. See, to me that would be way more fun than running into anyone else here. It is one thing to run into Mark Wahlberg at The Grove or something and a whole different kind of thing to go party with Harry in Vegas. What do you think? Would you rather hang out with a random celebrity or Harry? I just think he would be more fun.

Kim Kardashian Is Full Of It

This weekend is the airing of Kim Kardashian's wedding brought you by E!, McDonald's, QuickTrim and whatever corporate sponsors she could cajole into giving her a few bucks. In what could be her most disingenuous interview ever, Kim told Australia InStyle that the reason she filmed her wedding was for her fans. Umm. The only reason she filmed her wedding was because of the money that was paid to her and the reason she sold the pictures of her wedding. It has nothing to do with fans. It has everything to do with making money. Let me be clear that if someone offered me the kind of money they offered her, I would film any of my weddings. I would go back in time and recreate every last one of them for that kind of money. I don't begrudge her the money at all. If someone throws it at you, then by all means take it, just don't come off as saying you only did it for your fans.

"That was a really big discussion, we took weeks to decide if we were going to film it or not, but I felt like my fans - everyone that has gone on this journey with me, seeing different relationships that I've been in - would feel cheated if I didn't film it. It was something that Kris and I were okay with, and the beauty of it is we get to edit it. It [will be] great to look back at that and see this time in our lives."

We would feel cheated? Yeah, well when she gets married the next time and no one is offering her any money for it, lets see if she films it for her fans.

How Did I Miss This?

Look, I understand I miss things sometimes. There is lots of gossip and lots of sources and outlets plus everything everyone tells me and sometimes you can overlook things, but I have no idea how I missed Griffin O'Neal being pulled over by cops after an accident and finding him loaded up with every drug imaginable and carrying a weapon. How did I miss it? Did I have a tequila blackout? It happened the same day as Redmond O'Neal's most recent arrest. I remember that one and remember writing about it, but not Griffin. Apparently Griffin told the police he was rushing from San Diego to Los Angeles because Redmond got arrested.

Griffin was in a head on crash with another driver who is lucky to be alive. Griffin faces six charges, most of them felonies. That is crazy. What is even crazier is the guy was on meth, coke, Xanax and pot. His body must not have known if it was up or down. That is a crazy combination. Half of you wants to sleep and the other half thinks you need to go a million miles an hour. Not sure why he needed a gun either. Anyway, both kids were in court yesterday. Ryan must have been so proud. Probably trying to figure out if he can get them on Celebrity Rehab together. Kind of like a package deal and keep the money for himself.

Kristin Davis Adopts A Baby

Sometimes you can tell when people are not followed around by paps. How so? Because no one notices when they do something life changing unless they actually go out and tell someone. Prior to her divorce, how often did you see Sandra Bullock being followed by paps? Never, which is how she managed to hide Louis from the world. She could not do it now. I am not sure why she keeps getting followed. I guess to see if she gets a boyfriend or if Ryan Reynolds comes back over or something. Anyway, Kristin Davis adopted a baby girl several months ago and no one noticed so she made a little announcement to Kneepads and now the world knows. Kristin is 46 and says she has been wanting this for a long time. Just like Charlotte.

Fatal Attraction Reunion

Entertainment Weekly has been reuniting some great casts from great movies and television shows and I really enjoy seeing them all. One of their reunions is Fatal Attraction, and Glenn Close and Michael Douglas sat down for photos and an interview with EW. When reading what they had to say I get the feeling that as great as Glenn Close is an actress that greatness comes with some drama. Apparently it took a lot of convincing for her to agree to change the original ending of the movie where she tries to frame Michael Douglas for murder by killing herself. Audiences hated it and it took Michael awhile to convince Glenn to do it. She also feels that giving her a knife in the movie was a sell out and that it somehow cheapens the character. I don't know about you, but I thought it fit right in with her character just fine. The whole movie it built up to that. I have no problems at all with her like that. Glenn says she does not feel her character would do that. I disagree. Still love you Glenn.

Liv Tyler's Mom Rips Dina Lohan

Bebe Buell got interviewed for Steppin Out. I think she has wanted to be interviewed for so long that she let everything out that has been bugging her, specifically about Dina Lohan. Bebe, who raised Liv Tyler, and by all accounts did a pretty good job of it basically calls Dina the worst mother in the world. So, she has the same opinion as everyone else, just manages to not be afraid to say it out loud.

I don't know why other people do not come out and say what they feel about Dina. I am not including bloggers, but the tabloids never really have anything bad to say about Dina. Why? Are they afraid they will not be able to get some exclusive with Lindsay down the line? Is it because Dina makes most of her income selling stories to the tabloids about Lindsay, so they don't want to make a source upset? Think about a couple of weeks ago when Lindsay was throwing drinks at everyone with Dina standing right next to her. Dina did not say a word because she is so afraid of getting cut off from the money train.

Anyway Bebe had lots to say, but her best line is, "What her mother has done with Lindsay is morally wrong and disgusting. She should back off. Lindsay is the one with the talent. She's the star. Dina Lohan's relationship with her daughter Lindsay disturbs me."

It disturbs me too, especially watching them kiss. Bebe says throughout the article that she thinks Lindsay has talent and could get her an Academy Award in two years. She says Lindsay needs to gain ten pounds, go back to being a red head, stop going out and straighten out her life. Well, yeah. Good luck with that.

Oh, and Lindsay bought a $80K car yesterday so apparently Paris was successful for her. I wonder how she got it all. Hmmmm. She was hired by a designer and took some photos but most of the time was just seen with him making out and going out with him.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

For all of my Canadian friends, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving Day weekend and that you have a wonderful time with your families. I will be here on Monday if you need to take a break from food and read some gossip. I might even be here during the weekend. Have been thinking I might do some weekend blogging.
Adam Goldberg and Judy Marte display their acting skills.
Anne Hathaway in Beverly Hills yesterday.
Two of my favorites from one of my favorite shows, Aubrey Plaza and Aziz Ansari.
Wow. Ally Sheedy looks great.
Bridget Marquardt trying to stay relevant.
Britney Spears in Paris looks the best she has looked a in a long time.
Does it look like to you that Billy Zane has dropped a lot of weight?
Cheryl Cole drinks, Cheryl Cole flips you off.
Demi Lovato doing some shoe shopping.
This woman decided to climb this wall to save the $4 entrance fee. Seriously.

Random Photos Part Two

Jack Black and Mike White together means now I want to watch School Of Rock tonight.
Followed by Major League with Chelcie Ross.
The first look at Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen for Snow White. Snow White is everywhere these days.
I see that Corey Feldman has taken that f**king strand of hair to new extremes. I wish I had a pair of scissors. Oh, and next to him are Jayde Nicole of the infamous Joe Francis beating and Jesse Waits.
Jay-Z was at the Yankees game last night, but it did them no good as they lost.
Kelsey Grammer, his wife and his daughter who is just two years younger than his wife.
Minnie Driver looking lovely.
I just want to know where Katie Holmes got the coffee in a real cup?
Maybe Tom brought it to her.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

I have never understood dresses like this. Is it supposed to be a dress or just block someone from seeing your breasts? Is it made of cardboard?
A very stiff looking Luke Wilson on the red carpet with Laura Dern.
A first time appearance for Stephen Amell.
It is like a wig that doubles as a Brillo pad.
Ever since their wedding, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo have been kind of been missing.
Liev Schreiber has trained his son to give head massages while walking. Naomi wants to know when it is her turn.
Love this photo of Rowan Atkinson in Rome.
Rihanna and her new guy who is a boxer. Also looks a lot like Chris Brown.
Bring out the free tequila and you get big stars like Matthew M and Reese Witherspoon.

Your Turn

On this site, I talk about plastic surgery a lot, but I don't think I have ever asked you if you would ever get plastic surgery, or if you have. And do you consider Botox plastic surgery or is that something different in your mind?

Hugh Jackman & Jimmy Fallon

What happens when Hugh Jackman and Jimmy Fallon get in a water fight? See for yourself.

Lee DeWyze Dropped By RCA Records

There have been American Idol winners who have done way worse than Lee DeWyze who have somehow managed to hang on to their record contracts. I mean the guy sold 168,000 albums which is a bunch these days in a world of free downloads, but it was not good enough as he was dropped by RCA. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter it sounded like RCA took a couple of digs at Lee and maybe that he brought this on himself. Asked about the inconsistencies about Idol winners, the RCA rep said, "Those where the A&R wasn't the best, or they weren't willing to be A&R’d, they didn't last.” I wonder if Lee was being difficult. I know that Kelly Clarkson was on the one album that went nowhere but she seems to be back on board the do whatever they say train. Hopefully Lee will find a new home.

Doris Belack Has Died

Actress Doris Belack, who appeared as the original Anna Wolek Craig on "One Life to Live" and recurred as a judge on "Law and Order" during a long career in television and film, died of natural causes in Manhattan on Tuesday. She was 85.

Listening To Vanilla Radio

Yesterday afternoon I was headed out for a meeting when I turned on the radio. Now, because I have no creativity and no imagination I generally listen to the same 30 songs repeatedly. This happens because my mom does not like her presets messed with in the van so I have a choice between several oldies stations, talk radio or KIIS which hosts Ryan Seacrest's show and mainly plays Katy Perry, Lady GaGa and Adele every five minutes. My mom is a big fan of Ryan, despite his hair issues so it is usually on that station. Therefore, because they play the same 30 songs on a 24 hour basis, my mind has become numb to any new sounds. Or, so I thought. Somehow yesterday I went for the volume and hit the tuner and I decided to be bold and spun that tuner and basically it was the same crap, but just on different stations. At that point I thought I had it back on the classic rock channel, but it turns out it was a new band that sounded like Florence And The Machine were possessed by Jim Morrison's soul. It was some local radio program and the band was Arune & The Alternatives.

I looked them up online and there is not much. They don't look like they are on a record label but they do like making videos. I found the one for the song that caught my attention. It made me realize when I was listening to them that it would be way better to have a bunch of bands that were doing their own thing then to have everyone auto tuned and singing the same kind of its not great but its not bad so we don't have to turn the station music. It is kind of like what you see on television. You have the same concept and then you have HBO and to a lesser extent Showtime and FX and AMC. Movies are the same way too. That is why this year it has been really refreshing to see things like The Help do so well. Yes, it was based on a popular book, but that does not mean it will do well. People took a chance on something different and it paid off. I love that. Anyway, below is the video for Arune & The Alternatives. Maybe someone will give them a chance too instead of signing on for another sequel of Whip My Hair.

Sharon Osbourne Had Leaky Breast Implants

Sharon Osbourne showed back up on The Talk and said the reason she was gone for a bit is that one of her breast implants had started to leak. Apparently she woke up one morning and her breasts were lopsided and one was bigger than the other. The doctor said it was leaking so Sharon had them removed. I knew saline implants can leak or even rupture, but I assumed that after everything that went on at the beginning of time with silicone breast implants that they had devised a way where they would not leak anymore. I guess I was wrong. Anyway, Sharon says she is all natural now and squeezes them to show us in the picture above. Is that another hand coming in for a squeeze too?

Ted C Blind Item

Remember the overly timid (but good-looking) hubby, Pussy Gabor?

Poor thing never really found the nerve to stand up to his bossy wife, and most folks never thought he would.

Well, that was before Pussy discovered the magical benefits of a marital ménage à trois:

Both Pussy, as well as his wife, Shar-Shar Max, agreed that throwing another girl into the mix was perhaps a good idea at spicing up their ho-hum marriage.

Of course, Shar-Shar and Pussy never stopped to really analyze themselves. If they had, they would have discovered that's where problem lied: They're simply nice, boring people!

But, we digress.

The more these three-ways became a habit, the further and further Pussy and Shar-Shar fell away from a happy union. In fact, the swinging sex scene the attractive couple adopted just happened to be the beginning of the end of their relationship.

Three things: Why do couples (gay and straight) always expect screwing other parties not to effect their marriages? Almost always does—and not in a good way. Remember, somebody always gets kissed a little less in those uneven situations!

Secondly, maybe if they'd had both gals and guys, things would have turned out differently? Eh, probably not.

Lastly, a few of these third parties had recording equipment: huge problem.

And It Ain't:
Diane Lane & Josh Brolin
Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith
Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter

Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Sharing One Bedroom

Apparently Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are not even going to pretend they are not hooking up. While in Brazil, the two teens are sharing a one bedroom suite. Granted, the suite is probably larger than my description made it sound considering it costs about $3k a night. Lets see, when I was 17 years old I am wondering if I made $3k in a year. I would much rather have them be as they are and not trying to hide what everyone knows is going on. That is one thing that turned me off about Britney and Justin back in the day when they were in their matching leisure suit days. The whole saving it for marriage thing was so disingenuous that it made you wonder what else they were hiding. No matter what happens between Sieber, they can always look back at this round the world crazy first puppy love kind of thing. Do you think they will get married? People would talk them out of it right? I wonder though when Justin turns 18 and is legal, if they might.

Four For Friday - And A Hint To Help You With Yesterday

I have always said I have the best readers who can figure out every blind item, no matter how obscure the clues. It is uncanny, but invariably someone usually gets it right. Now, granted I do not read all the guesses everyday, but because yesterday was a big head scratcher and had a lot of guesses, I wanted to see how many people got it right. As of about 7:30 this morning which is the last time I looked, no one had got it right and no one had even sniffed it. So here a couple of hints. The manuscript is circulating and has not been published. He was the star of the franchise.

Now on with your regularly scheduled programming.

#1 - This almost network show is all about drama. It seems though there is even more drama off the set and it involves a bunch of jealousies. The people on this show have been in this space before, many times. It seems though one of the reasons they keep turning up in this space is because of one of the actresses on the show. At this point she is probably the most well known. It was not always the case but she has made sure to toss her competition out of the way. Whether it is whispering to producers about the drug problems of another actress on the show, or making up stories about how a guest actress bad mouthed the writers so that guest actress is rarely seen anymore, our actress has used every trick she can, including sleeping with several of the producers to make sure she stays the star.

#2 - This A list couple recently married. They were co-stars and then became lovers. Our actor already had a significant other in his life, but he really wanted his co-star. So, he told his then girlfriend he would be working late, got a production assistant to let him into the actresses' trailer and was waiting there for her naked as the day he was born. Unfortunately she was not alone, as her assistant had come with her. The assistant saw what she saw and then went away. Apparently the rest of it worked though since the couple got together.

#3 & #4- He is not really coke dad, because he is not a dad, but this B-/C+ actor has made it very clear to his new celebrity/reality star? girlfriend who is a mom that he plans on continuing to party whether there is a child present or not. "Just keep the kid away from the coke, and there will not be a problem."

Lisa Irwin's Mom Fails Lie Detector Test

Deborah Bradley, the mother of missing 10 month old Lisa Irwin, was on Good Morning America this morning. While on the show she said that police have told her that she failed a lie detector test and that she is now a person of interest in the investigation. As a result of what the police told them, both parents have stopped talking to police which of course just makes the police think she is guilty too.

With the exception of the other day when I posted the photo of Lisa, I have not really paid any attention to the case, so if this has been said or answered somewhere before, I apologize. The one hole I did not understand in their story was that they both woke up at 4am to check on their baby. How many guys do you know that get up at 4am if their wife is already getting up to also go check on their baby. I don't know many. Sure, if the baby is an infant and he is trying to help out or is excited, but by the 10th month I have to say it is probably not happening.

My theory is that something happened during the night and the mom wanted to have an alibi so she made her husband get up with her so they would both discover Lisa missing. That is my theory. I hope I am wrong. I hope the baby is safe.

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National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH female pop star has been hiding a lesbian secret – particularly her obsession for busty strippers? The singer/songwriter was recently spotted at a Seattle-area strip club fondling the sexy dancers and taking down their phone numbers!

Mahalia Jackson's Family - Not Fans Of Fantasia Barrino

When former American Idol winner, Fantasia Barrino was first offered the role of gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, the heirs of Mahalia were pretty happy about the decision. Apparently though now that Fantasia is pregnant with the baby of a married man they are not so thrilled that she will be portraying the gospel singer. I could see why they would be upset, especially as this whole Fantasia being with the married guy has seemed to go on forever. Plus, Fantasia originally told everyone she was just gaining weight for the role and forgot to mention the whole pregnancy thing. It was only the fact that she just could not hide it any longer that she came clean about it. Because Fantasia did get pregnant, producers had to push back the start of the film by six months and now Fantasia is making extra demands for when she comes back which has producers maybe looking elsewhere. If I am Fantasia I get to the set as soon as I can because a movie beats a reality show or touring on cruise ships.

Another Bachelorette Couple On The Rocks

I can't believe I am starting off the day with a Bachelorette story. Does anyone even watch the show anymore? I think ABC should just stick with The Bachelor Pad for right now and stop worrying about how to find more people who can fight for pretend love and 15 minutes of fame until the lights go off and then split and move on to other people who are also in the middle of their 15 minutes. Anyway, US Weekly, says that Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez are miserable in their relationship. Of course to cover their bets they also say that at times they can be wonderful together. Yeah, way to take a stand and go with a story there US.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This low-key couple, both actors (one in television and one in film) have been spending one day a week doing Kiva loans together for people all over the world. Our source says they want to keep it low key and private because it’s something that brings them closer together, but each week they take turns picking out a different person to loan to.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Best photo of the day is Martha Stewart and Sigourney Weaver running into each other on the red carpet.
Bridget Moynahan reads to kids on The Today Show.
Christina Aguilera after getting drunk at The Box in London.
Not sure exactly what Evan Rachel Wood was going for with this look.
Emma Stone can make young kids laugh, but
not Terry Gilliam.
George Clooney and his dad Nick.
Hope Solo poses naked for ESPN.
Jennifer Garner does not seem to be minding yesterday's rain.
A first time appearance for Jessie J.


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