Saturday, January 13, 2018

Blind Item #8

This former A list teen actor has been reduced to having people film drugged hostage type like videos to find people to support him. 

Blind Item #7

After having zero celebrities wear her line at the Golden Globes, this designer was hoping a divorce news release would change things for the Oscars. You know, it might if she was actually getting divorced. Right now it is still just a news release and an agreement but no actual divorce. Things are dire for the designer and that NYFW show is in jeopardy. 

Blind Item #6

This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor who is older and an Academy Award winner was probably grateful for a recent celebrity death. She stayed quiet until the end about what the actor did to her when she was younger. I had really been hoping considering his year in 2017 that she might have left a note behind. I guess it was not to be.

Blind Item #5

This foreign born still very much a not legal teenage B+ list mostly television actress has been hooking up with a late 20's actor she met at an award show in December. Her parents don't seem to care because the A- list actor they think would be good for her career. Her parents are the worst.

Blind Item #4

This B list mostly television actress is on a very very hit almost television show. At an award show this week, she was even more desperately thin than the last time I saw her. She didn't eat anything but a crouton and seems to be living entirely on water and cocaine.

Blind Item #3

This long running FX show which recently switched channels might have set the record for most behind the scenes settlements with actresses and crew that has ever been recorded. One person told me that right before she quit, one of the actors came up to her and asked how come she had not"blown him" yet and they should go to his trailer and change that. She proceeded to kick him in the balls and enjoyed watching him bend over in pain. 

Blind Item #2

This foreign born former A+ list athlete was considered the greatest British soccer player of his time. When he was in his mid 30's, on a tour of the US, he and a friend raped a 15 year old in a hotel room. 

Blind Item #1

In a way it is really nice of this athletic/entertainment company to let this performer save face by giving an excuse for leaving the company. On the other hand, maybe if they announced the performer failed another drug test it would help the performer get the help they need. 

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Kindness

January 4, 2018

This former A+ list tweener turned A- list adult singer was out to dinner with his less famous sibling. A young woman approached the table and told the more famous sibling about her health condition. The more famous sibling shares that health condition and spent a good 20 minutes just being a really nice guy as they commiserated over living with the illness for their whole lives before taking a bunch of pictures.

Nick Jonas/Joe Jonas/Type 1 Diabetes

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 3, 2018

The drug use is real. The violence is real. Somehow though, despite those two factors, fame and being famous and keeping a reality show seems to be the most important factor in the relationship of these two people in the record industry who are married and have a reality show. They actually had sex within the past 72 hours which just blows my mind.

Tamar Barxton/Vincent Herbert

Blind Items Revealed #2

January 3, 2018

So far, this rapper and his A list initialed A list rapper girlfriend have been pushing back against reports he got someone pregnant while dating. It looks like the total is not just one other woman, but two. So far. Is there something that prevents condom use when you are famous and in a relationship?

Cardi B/Offset

Blind Items Revealed #1

January 3, 2018

This A list model with the alliteration for a name tried to extend the olive branch during a recent life event for an A list singer. Shot down. No response, no nothing from the singer. Hey, the model gave it her best shot so of course she is going to take a couple of digs at the singer. The singer holds a grudge longer than anyone ever. You now what though? It was the singer's fault. She told the model to act a certain way and when she did, the singer got testy.

Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift

Friday, January 12, 2018

Blind Item #16

This former A- list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show seems to have amnesia about the time she hooked up with this former A++ list politician. Her memory only seems to work well when it is advantageous to her.

Blind Item #15

This A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is acting as cover for her A list ex who is about to be accused of some heinous behavior. He thinks it will look better if he is still dating the actress and she can say nice things about him. Probably won't be with a straight face.

Blind Item #14

This former A list athlete has been cheating on his actress/model wife. Things do not look good for the married couple's future.

Blind Item #13

This A/A+ list height challenged actor is up for a new role he wants very much. The thing is though, the foot fetish director would rather have someone who is not going to get high and mighty if there is sex on the set because it is what our director lives for. 

Blind Item #12

Look for this former A- list celebrity/pitchman to get sprung from jail early. Apparently he has some celebrity names to exchange for his freedom who were recipients of the child porn videos he made. One of those celebrities is a former A- list politician who is already in jail. That A- lister in turn is willing to name names which are a whole lot bigger than him.

Blind Item #11

This B+ list rapper who dates the one named A- list singer makes her pay for all the coke they use. Considering he uses about ten times what she does, that seems like an uncool thing.

Blind Item #10

The head of this network is about to go crashing down in a ball of flames. The things he has done to employees and actresses who work for the network is mind blowing.

Blind Item #9

This A list mostly movie actor is probably not expecting the lawsuit headed his way. Oh sure, he thinks a woman might file one but what about that guy he raped a few years back who had to go to the hospital? Yeah, I bet he thought that guy was out of the picture. Nope. Not even close.

Blind Items Revealed #5

January 2, 2018

So, apparently if you keep all the secrets you know in house about all the sexual harassment and assault, you not only get promoted, but thanks from the deviant too.

Hoda Kotb

Four For Friday - Someone Help Me

If you were just barely a teen and were on a film set a long way from home, things would be tough. If your boss, a permanent A+ lister sent away your minder every night so he could tuck you in, you too would still wake up screaming in the middle of the night two decades later. Such is the fate of this former child actress who was in one of the biggest movies of all time. She says it started one night when she was on set and the A+ lister said he wanted to go over a few lines with her that night after dinner. He came to her hotel room and sent away the person in charge of watching over her. From that night, for the next month, she was molested and assaulted and forced to do things she has never done since even with her new husband. The A+ lister took away her childhood and her teen years. He took away every happy memory she had prior to that date and made every day the worst. She has undergone years and years of therapy. She refuses to talk about the film to anyone because she breaks down in tears. She will never join in any tribute to the A+ lister because of what he did to her. When she needed to scream and shake in the movie, she had no problems with motivation. She would just think about the night before. 

Your Turn

Your favorite place to watch a movie?

Blind Items Revealed #4

January 2, 2018

This former A+ list reality star might actually get married but right now she picked up $50K for advertising a place to get jewelry. Money means more to her than anything else.

Paris Hilton

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 2, 2018

This former A list comic/reality star/host/part-time actress really thinks she is going to be invited back to a long time gig she hosted. Despite the failings of her replacement, she just doesn't stand a chance. It will crush her. She has no support from anyone in a position to get her old job back. They just worry about themselves and no one else.

Kathy Griffin/Andy Cohen/CNN NYE

Blind Items Revealed #2

January 2, 2018

Showing how much he cares for his supposed love of his life, this former A+ list tweener brought another woman with him on vacation to sleep with at night while his A-/B+ list singer girlfriend partied all night with her drugs.

Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez

Blind Item #8

This half of a brotherly duo in film likes to pretend he grew up very poor. He is rebooting one of the more famous movies of the past three decades. A movie that made the career of this A+ lister. This producer/writer has cheated on all of his girlfriends because of his obsession with happy ending massage parlors. It is a rare day when he doesn't go to one. When he was in college he used to always try and pressure women to orally service him. One of his big breaks was when this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor agreed to star in his movie. That actor was subject to a daily torrent of abuse and demeaning language from the producer/writer who physically and mentally broke down the actor.

Blind Item #7

Our A+ list mogul has laid down the law. He has so much dirt on a certain producer that she can't even say one bad thing about the A list director who is a few weeks away from having his world come crashing down. The producer has no problems trashing this other A list director who has already fallen from grace. She is selling her soul to the mogul. Eventually it will come back to haunt her.

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 28, 2017

Another royal one for you. That new bride is going to be offered something for her wedding to wear that is an original so to speak. It wasn't offered to the most recent big bride in that huge wedding. This would be huge.

Meghan Markle/Spencer tiara that Diana wore

Blind Item #6

This tabloid/website/show has made it very clear it is going to side with men whenever possible in this Time'sUp battle. They have gone out of their way to defend studios and men and taking any chance they can to poke holes in any women's story.

Blind Item #5

This married part time reality star/celebrity/former porn star who is still living off the porn he made with that A+ lister has been trying his hardest to get the arch nemesis of the A+ lister to make a porn with him. 

Blind Item #4

Our favorite B+ list closeted actor from that defunct network ensemble show should know the show he is promoting would have paid for that recent story about him and his beard. Instead, the actor paid for it out of his own pocket. The problem is that he completely screwed up his dating timeline and couldn't answer basic questions about the relationship. Did you see him run away from his beard at one point on the Golden Globes red carpet when she tried to bring him into an interview. He literally ran. 

Blind Item #3

The long hidden secret daughter of this permanent A list singer who is not the most famous person in her family is talking. She doesn't know she is talking, but she is. All of that information she knows about everyone in the family and the incest and the molestation is all going to come out. The guy she thinks loves her might love her, but he is also writing a book and just hired an investigator to follow up on some of the tips.

Blind Item #2

This former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort is hiding out in the US because she stole a painting from one of her clients. Now she is hoping another client will pay off the victim client so she can go back overseas and make some money.

Blind Item #1

This foreign born flash in the pan one named A list singer who still has A list name recognition because of that name spent a lot of time out of the country working on a reality show. Lets just say he loved that the age of consent in the country was 16 and that his very rich girlfriend at the time paid them off if something went wrong.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Blind Item #14

Do you remember a few weeks ago I wrote about this A list celebrity with A++ list political connections who was meeting several times a week with the wife of an A+++ list criminal. Yeah, well it turns out there is some money laundering going on which our A list celebrity has been coordinating. This is going to blow up and look so bad. I guarantee someone will be able to piece together some way that a percentage of the money taken as a fee for laundering is supporting terrorists or something akin to it. 

Blind Item #13

This B list do anything actor shared a recent personal event that happened in his past. Interesting that he forgot to mention anything about the abuse he committed against his much more famous ex. I doubt she has forgotten. 

Blind Item #12

This permanent A list singer who has done a lot more "singing" the past few years rather any actual singing says the first time she had sex was with this other permanent A list singer/wannabe actor and that it was not consensual. She also says that when she had sex with this A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee he slipped her some kind of drug and she doesn't remember much of the encounter. She won't call it rape, but when she was describing it, she says she wasn't aware of anything until after.

Blind Item #11

This closeted A- list reality star has several daughters. At least two of the boyfriends of the daughters say the reality star has hit on them or groped them or walked in on them while they were changing clothes. 

Blind Item #10

This B+ list mostly television actress all of you know who were reading gossip a decade ago because she was EVERYWHERE, forgot to mention a couple of things about her recent breakup. Yes, her actor boyfriend cheated. What did she do when she found out? This is so her. Oh, how I have missed this. She woke him up one night by sharpening a knife at their bedside. He was gone the next day.

Blind Item #9

This former A- list tweener actress turned adult singer/bad actress is holding back her big guns. That would be calling out the man her mom dated who used to rape the actress when she was a tween. The actress says her mom knew and did nothing.

Blind Item #8

So our favorite former A list teen actor who we will call A has a good friend who is a B- list do anything actor who is a celebrity offspring of a celebrity offspring and was given an important role in a movie which is supposed to highlight what our teen actor has gone through in his life. We shall call this double celebrity offspring B.

B is really feeling the heat from the public this week. It turns out that someone (C)  accused of doing something awful to A's best friend back in the day is buddy buddy with B. That has to be awkward. "You know A, I know that C made your life miserable and raped your friend, but I'm friends with him."

To make things worse, B and C have been spotted flashing the same sign that A and his best friend used to do back in the day.

C was the person who revealed his friendship with B. Is it for publicity? Probably. Did A have a part in it? Who knows at this point because A gets more shady by the day. C is a convicted rapist who has been publicly exposed in the past. My best guess is that C is calling out the crap that A is spinning and that B is in on it. I think A needs to watch what he does very carefully. People are learning he is not who he seems but just a guy out to make a buck. Maybe that is why all his recent co-workers in that musical project have been speaking out.

Mr. X Blind Item

If you think that actor who recently won a big award is in trouble now, he's in for a rude awakening. Several men are ready to come forward with their accusations of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and even videotaping a sexual encounter. He won't be able to laugh off these allegations. 

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 29, 2017

I don't know if they could get away with it at this point, but there are some writers and producers who would love to either replace this B+ list mostly television actress from this hit almost network non superhero show or have her character killed off. I think every person is scared there is going to be a very public meltdown and want to get ahead of it. One downside is whether it would make her co-star boyfriend upset. Honestly, I think he is always looking out for himself first so wouldn't raise a peep.

Lili Reinhart/Cole Sprouse

Today's Blind Items - Back On Drugs And Back Being An A-Hole

So, for the day at least, lets get away from the dark and macabre and enjoy a real Hollywood jerk acting like a jerk and taking every chance possible to be the biggest jerk in jerk town. He is A list. You know what? Actually let us make him A+ list. It is very possible he could win some Oscars this year. Not for anything in front of the camera, but behind. For someone who is behind the camera, all of you know him anyway, so that shows just how A list he is.

He has been on an award show binge this winter. To every show he has brought a different escort or stripper. He has a loooooooong history with escorts and hookers and strippers. Anyway, at a recent event he introduced the woman he brought as, "My b**ch for the night."

At about award show number four with different bottle blonde escort someone asked if he ever dated anyone of color. He said, "If they are not pale white, I am not touching that s**t."

There was the award show where one of the women dared to speak and he said the only speaking she was allowed to do was in bed and if he had wanted someone smart he would have stayed home and masturbated.

He is back on drugs in a big way and is doing all kinds of coke and pills. He has been sweaty and messy and is not doing his movie any favors. It shocks me that his lead actress would work with him. It shocks me she still smiles and takes pictures with him every night at these award shows knowing what she knows. I would think she at least would skip some of these events. Catch a cold or pneumonia or something. I know he makes her skin crawl. No one says anything to this guy.

Your Turn

What clubs were you in during high school?

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Kindness

December 29, 2017

This A- list mostly television actress had some really good luck with that long running network ensemble show. It has been kind of rocky since then, and the A- list thing is just because so many people know who she is rather than where she is. Anyway, perhaps fitting with her nature, if you are a school with a music program, she is your champion. I have seen her raise six figures in a night for programs involving singing and music. She doesn't do galas really, but she will make phone calls and send texts and e-mails and basically tell people she knows to Venmo her some money or write a check. She has probably raised $1M in the past two years and a lot of that was in small donations.

Lea Michele

Blind Items Revealed #3

October 16, 2017

Someone this week sent me a tip about a sexual assault that happened. What made this different is that when I read the tip, I realized the person assaulted is someone I know. That's not to say I haven't known many people in the industry who have been assaulted, I just didn't know she had. The other crazy thing is that it is in her words. The tipster took a screenshot from a private group my friend belongs to. Have you heard of my friend? I don't know. She is super funny and makes me laugh until I cry when she performs. She does some acting and other things.

The person who assaulted her is in an acting family. He is an A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. If you read the site, you know this is not the first time he ha done something like this. He has never been the person you look to for morals or ethics.

"This isn't exactly comedy related., but I needed to warn my fellow femme artists, in light of the Weinstein revelation.

About a year and a half ago I was sexually assaulted by ______________. After mounting himself on my then underage friend after she kept saying no, he started talking to me and offering to read my scripts. I was of course excited and had a bit of a crush on him. We made out and fooled around, I was thrilled. One time he told me to drive to set at night, I did and brought him a birthday card. He glanced at it and then looked around and suddenly had his d**k out. I got nervous and didn't do anything. He moved my hand on it and then started pushing my head down. I resisted but he kept pushing. I didn't move and he got frustrated. I finally gave in. He left right after. I felt disgusting and he sent me a dirty text. I drove home crying. I felt like I had to be nice to him after that. I drunkenly told him he was a sexual predator. He told me I was crazy. I apologized to him, fearing he would ruin my career. I was only 22. I wish I spoke up about this sooner because it's been eating at me. Sharing this isn't easy, I'm sweating as I type this. But I'm sick and tired of the men of Hollywood getting away with sexual assault. It took this town 20 years to expose Harvey Weinstein. I want to keep an open dialogue so that doesn't happen again."

Violet Paley/James Franco (I had planned on keeping Violet's name out of this until this week when she came forward)

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 11, 2013

This former almost A list mostly movie actress is still a mostly movie actress and still has almost A list name recognition but she is down to a B- now because of the roles she has been able to snag. She is also creating some waves because she has threatened to go public with why she has missed some recent events. It turns out that at a previous event she was promoting, this almost A list mostly movie actor kept putting his arm around her and groping her and suggesting they go smoke some pot together. He would just not leave her alone until she cried. She has refused to do anything else with him.

Emma Watson/James Franco

Blind Item #7 - Banned

This former A+ list mostly movie actor was once the most well known actor on the planet. I feel like he has basically looked the same throughout his three plus decades of acting. He has long had some crazy rumors written about him. I mean crazy. Probably the craziest rumor you ever heard about a celebrity when you were growing up. I'm sure someone in the comments will know what it was. Anyway, our actor has been banned from a country he has visited dozens of times because there have been multiple complaints that on his visits he has molested and/or raped many of the young girls/tweens who are the household staff. Several have become pregnant and others have been traumatized. Even though, they don't really have a voice in that society, there were enough complaints from them and their family to have something done about the actor. He has some very powerful friends in that country, including ones known all over the world. At least one of those friends is in the top 10 richest people in the world who has been known to do the same thing to his household staff. The thing is, he just kills them if they complain and nothing is done. The government is in his pocket. 

Himmmm Blind Item

It has been rumored before, but this A+ list mostly movie actor has decided to retire from his superhero role after this forthcoming movie. He says it's getting stale, and there's other pursuits he wants to work on while he still can. He will announce it this Spring before the movie is released. He and his team are still trying to figure out how to tell the studio this weekend. They will freak out over it.

Blind Items Revealed #1 - Kindness

December 29, 2017

This just about permanent B+ list mostly television actress has a hit network hit in her past. A middling almost network run and the last gasp of a cable show that didn't start there. A lot of people talk a good game or will go volunteer somewhere once a year on a holiday. Our actress is always volunteering. She doesn't stick to just one place, but can be found at homeless missions or domestic violence shelters. I have heard of her helping out at schools and Boys & Girls clubs. When she has free time, she volunteers.

Rachel Bilson

Blind Item #6

There are several people who witnessed this disgraced A list producer making out and groping an actress at party. I think we all could kind of guess that part. The actress was in a state of undress. The producer was married and his wife was pregnant. The host of this particular party was this permanent A++++ list celebrity who everyone knows in every corner of the world. Despite witnessing what was happening and calling out the producer, the A++++ lister invited the producer to a party the next month where he basically did the same thing again with an entirely different actress. Never uttered a peep about it to anyone.

Blind Item #5

This B/B- list mostly television actress who is a celebrity offspring with not much acting talent, but does have some singing talent and appears on a hit network show is losing her hair. Apparently the drugs she takes and the frequent colorings to her hair are causing the issue.

Blind Item #4

Apparently on more than one occasion, this A list mostly movie actor forced himself on this former back in the day A list mostly movie actress who has not acted in some time. One of the times was witnessed by someone who walked in on the pair in his dressing room. The actress was topless and on her knees and as soon as the door opened, the actress made a break for it as fast as she could. The actor laughed it off.

James Franco Accused By Five Women - There Are Plenty More Coming

The LA Times got five women to go on the record about behavior by James Franco that was an abuse of power. Two of them women had previously called out James on social media. What I think is going to be next is there is going to be a flood of women from his "acting schools," who are going to come forward and repeat the same stories told by these five women. Basically, Franco promised them roles in his movies if they agreed to get naked or have sex with him. If they refused, then they would get no roles. Even if they did get a role, it was more often than not for hooker or stripper or some other throwaway character.

It also appears that the only students in his acting classes who ever got considered for roles were women. No guys. I wish the Times would have asked his attorney, who denied all the charges, why the two acting schools closed in the dead of night without any notice.

One of the acting students said a shoot was in a strip club for what was supposed to be a jeans commercial. She says when everyone got there, it obviously had nothing to do with jeans and was just an excuse for Franco and his pals to film a bunch of women in lingerie and masks. When he asked which women would get topless or naked and none agreed, he stormed off.

There is one movie discussed where it sounds as if Franco just wanted to have sex with a bunch of women and have them naked while they worshiped him and then put it all on film with no hope it would ever see the light of day outside his living room. The guy is so exploitative. 

Blind Item #3

Why did this beloved A/A- list mostly television actress walk away from a very popular network show that has several other spinoffs? No explanation from her was ever given, but apparently she had a huge opioid addiction. Being on a set every day for long stretches just gave her too much opportunity to keep taking them. She said she needed a change and several months of rehab and then outpatient treatment. She is finally at a point where she is working again, but she says never television again. It has too many triggers.

Blind Item #2 - Kindness

This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and was the breaker of some very newsworthy news this week hung out after the conclusion of a smaller awards show this week to offer advice and encouragement to a young female college student and aspiring writer/director, even though the actress was being besieged by her people because the actress was late
for a Q&A of her current nominated film.

Blind Item #1

This A list mostly television actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has a new movie coming out but the studio are dragging their heels promoting it. Is it great? No, but the rough cut I saw I really thought had possibilities. So, why the slow walk by the studio? The star of the movie turned down the advances of the person who has the money to spend. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Blind Item #16

This foreign born still a teen A+ list celebrity in her own country who is probably A- listish here should watch out for her boyfriend. He is doing everything possible to marry her without a prenup or get her pregnant. He wants that family money.

Blind Item #15

This barely a celebrity offspring of barely celebrity fancies herself a model. It is pretty tough to work though if you need to get a fix every three hours. She would rather stay home than do anything. 

Blind Item #14

This foreign born A-/B+ list model is not really dating this A+ list mostly movie actor. He is back making easy money. This time he got paid close to $500K from a company launching a new line featuring his "girlfriend." All he ever has to do is take a picture in public with the "girlfriend" and then he gets paid.

Blind Item #13

This permanent A list singer who is also a permanent A list actress was talking to a couple who had given up their baby for adoption. Out of the blue the actress said that her A- list daughter gave up a child for adoption after she was assaulted by a relative.

Blind Item #12

This A- list mostly television actor who is one of the bigger a-holes around and had a recent show canceled, dumped a girlfriend and left her solo on their couples vacation because she wouldn't have a threesome. 

Blind Item #11

This former A- list tween actress who turned into an A-/B+/B list adult actress who can never get a television show to stick does probably have A- list name recognition still. She had an almost television show that looked to be a hit but her drug use got the show canceled after it had already been announced as a renewal. 

Blind Item #10

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is a superhero is being cheated on by her husband who thinks the actress is too busy to notice. Considering she has one of the best security teams on the planet, I'm pretty sure she knows all.

Blind Item #9

This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee had to have his lines read to him via ear piece for his latest movie because he can't memorize even a sentence any longer. 

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 30, 2017

This long running movie franchise is making noise by stating a replacement for the long running male character could end up being a woman. They don't mean what they are saying though. It will be a white male again and again. They are kind of like People and all their awards. They talk it but they don't walk it.

James Bond

Today's Blind Items - A Life Destroyed

This actress is far more famous now, than she ever was while alive. At her peak, she might have been a B- lister on a very generous day. She was an actress full of promise and full of life, but a series of men destroyed her before finally killing her. We will call her A.

It started on a show I wrote about earlier today. She was booked to be a recurring for most of a season but only ended up filming a few episodes of the pay cable show. Apparently she was abruptly terminated when she complained about the way she was being treated. She told a fellow actress on the set who had been there since day one and was on the show through the run, that this A- list actor forced A to perform oral sex on him. She told the other actress that she felt like she had no choice. Two hours later the actor was forcing her to have sex with him. She called her agent who apparently called someone. The next thing you know the actress is fired from the show.

For a few years she didn't get any paid work after she complained. She knew that because she complained she was blackballed. When she finally had the opportunity to land a part in a big movie and the director wanted to have sex with her first, she agreed. She just assumed this was how it was going to be until she was a big enough star to say no. She had sex with the director every day for two weeks in return for what she thought was going to be a fairly decent speaking role.

It probably would have but she got caught by the director kissing this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who was on the film. A was really into the actor and liked him a lot. The director didn't like this at all and cut her from every scene she was in as retaliation.

Because the A- list actor liked our actress he made sure she got an invitation to a big award show. At the award show, the director treated her like crap. He made her cry. She started drinking heavily and was not in control of herself when she was raped at the event.

The A- list actor heard about it and got her into a cab to the hospital but he never spoke to her again.

Think things couldn't get worse? This foreign born A list movie actor who likes to direct too traded sex for a part with her. He made her also have sex with another woman in front of him and was going to give the bigger part to the woman he thought did a better job. The other actress won the larger role. During the filming of this movie, our actress began to drink more and also to start using drugs.

During the filming of the movie, she started talking about the experiences she had endured. She started talking about being raped and started naming names. One of the people she told was this A- list mostly movie actress who would rather be a singer. That actress told some people at an organization who then used that knowledge to try and blackmail the rapist.

That actress and A started working together on a new movie and A started telling her more and more details about the men in the industry and what they did to her. One of those men killed our actress. All the other stories are just cover. One of those men didn't want his secrets to be exposed because A was not his only victim.

Your Turn

Did you buy a high school or college class ring?

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Mr. X

September 16, 2017

This foreign born A+ list singer is trying to shift the blame for an invite she sent out to this racist celebrity. The thing is, she is not trying that hard because she doesn't really care what people think.

Rihanna/Jeffree Star

Blind Items Revealed #3

September 15, 2017

This widow is such a sham. The latest quest for attention comes courtesy of a fake post from a “fan” who documented how amazing and special and inspiring the widow is. Oh, and what are the odds that when you are visiting something for the first time in months, there just happens to be a pap to take a photo of you with a random fan. Of course not the fan who wrote the post because the PR person can only be in so many places at once.

Vicky Karayiannis (Chris Cornell’s grave)

Blind Items Revealed #2

September 14, 2017

This east coast Housewife has been forced to pay off some people who were owed money by her husband from deals he made in the past. As a consequence, she has very little money as a cushion and her expenses are much higher than her income.

Teresa Giudice

Blind Item #8 - Mourning In Her Own Way - A Web Installment

Lost in all of The Web stories and information that keeps coming out, is this little nugget. You have a former A-/B+ list mostly television actress who acted from the time she was a toddler until she got fired from a hit show. Why was she fired? Repeated heroin relapses and a definite f**k you attitude about anything to the producers and her fellow castmates on the show. She goes on to do what she has always wanted to do and that is make music. She fronts a band which is never going to have any hits but can sustain itself through live shows, especially those overseas where she is very popular. She is more popular overseas for her celebrity rather than her music, but hey, it sells tickets.

So, she and our now deceased rocker meet. This is at the same time he is married and also hooking up with randoms including that shady escort. He starts hooking up with this singer/actress who has not really gone cold turkey with drugs. Did she share? No one knows yet. It is really doubtful that she did not use in front of him considering they spent quite a bit of time together when her band opened for him and that they were hooking up more nights than not. Was she sent by someone to see if she could seduce him? Seduce him with herself or with drugs? She does seem to miss him and has changed lyrics of a song to refer to him. Interesting little twist/nugget to the whole thing going on.

Blind Item #7

This former A- list syndicated television actress turned reality star turned celebrity is getting paid just shy of $1M for a commercial for which she should have been paid scale. It is just another way she is helping a group of people launder money.

Blind Items Revealed #1

September 14, 2017

This still technically married A+ list mostly movie actor showed up at an event for this group. When he sat down he was immediately flanked by two women in their early 20's who had been sent by the head of the group. Apparently they stayed by the side of the actor for two days straight and he is now a regular at the group.

Chris Pratt

Blind Item #6 - Ritual Killing

According to a detective in a very spectacular ritual killing that recently took place, the younger accused, who is a woman, is trying to make a deal to keep herself out of jail or at least a very light sentence. Apparently her story was so detailed that the FBI was called in and her boyfriend was put on suicide watch not so much because he might kill himself, but so someone will be watching him 24/7 in case someone tries to kill him. Apparently the woman who was murdered was being recruited to participate in a NYE ceremony in NYC hosted by an A+ list political family. The younger accused spent several days doing drugs and having sex with the woman trying to convince her to take part in the ceremony. When she refused, the boyfriend and girlfriend killed her in a Satanic ritual. Apparently the couple were supposed to get paid a great deal of money if they recruited a woman for the ceremony. 

Blind Item #5

Late last summer during a hurricane, I wrote about this A list show host who is everywhere. I wrote about how he had paid for a certain amount of time with a woman and wasn't coming back early from his vacation. Apparently he has decided to make that a full time relationship. Must be love.

Blind Item #4

This B- list producer/writer/artist who is married to an Academy Award winner/nominee and got a cameo on that quirky show that celebrates where she lives has always made her movies so she can meet women. Not women as friends but women she can pressure into sleeping with her.

Blind Item #3

I don't know what happened at home yet, but I do know that this former A- list tweener was molested on the set of a pay cable show in which she had a recurring role. She is not the only young teen to have been abused by this former A- list actor.

Blind Item #2

This older permanent A list country singer has cancer and has been hiding it for close to two years now. Apparently things have taken a turn for the worse and is not expected to live the rest of the year.

Blind Item #1

This A list record producer who had a run at television last year in front of the camera was making out with a woman not his wife in front of an elevator at his hotel before both got in.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Blind Item #16

Don't think that this significant other in a Teen Mom relationship is all unicorns and rainbows. She is known as someone who is first in line to hit the meth pipe. The story is to make him look bad like they have done from day one. If she wants him sober, maybe she could do the same.

Blind Item #15

Back in the day, she tried a last gasp vacation and that didn't work out. This A list mostly television actress seems to have finally thrown in the towel with her writer/actor husband. He spent more time texting one of his girlfriends than talking to the actress on a recent trip. 

Blind Item #14

Something that hasn't been discussed very much is this large reality family being shunned by one of their long time political supporters. There has not been a public break, although they are not seen in public together any longer. There is no more mutual admiration. It turns out that when the revelations that shocked the world became public, one thing was hidden. A family member of the politician had spent the night at the home on numerous occasions and was one of the victims. It was agreed to keep it quiet. It was not an agreement that the victim supports, but decided to do what her family thought best.

Blind Item #13

This married A-/B+ list mostly television actor from a very hit pay cable show that does not have many episodes left in its future went on a racist rant at a pap in a foreign country trying to take his photo. 

Blind Item #12

This foreign born A list singer with a great voice might recently be engaged but if he is, then he has an interesting way of showing it. He made his significant other watch while he got serviced by four people he hired for the night.

Blind Item #11

This A- list reality star with a side job that she only got because of the reality work has been snorting lines of heroin as of late. That is something she has never touched before. I'm wondering who introduced her to it. 

Blind Item #10

This former A list teen movie actor is scrambling right now. He was supposed to have everything completed by now and telling his story to the world. Instead, he is fighting charges of fraud and trying to explain why he is hanging out with the people he is supposedly trying to bring down.

Blind Item #9

Our favorite foreign born A- list model who would love to be a full-time actress is spending time with a guy who is not that A+ list mostly movie actor. This is not uncommon for her, but this time she is doing it for free. 

Blind Items Revealed #5

September 13, 2017

I guess 15th time is the charm for this foreign born permanent A list model/host to leave her boyfriend after catching him cheating. At least we know how many times it takes and also why she was spotted canoodling with a guy last week other than her now gone boyfriend.

Heidi Klum/Vito Schnabel

Today's Blind Items - P Is For Pervert

Ahh, I miss Sue Grafton already, so why not pay a little tribute to her in the headline.

This behind the scenes power in Hollywood has been a serial molester of young boys for the past couple decades.  Let's call him "P". 

For the past few decades, this man has turned one client into dozens of some of the most powerful players in Hollywood. Back when he first started, this man, who we will call P, was not very shy about the way he molested tweens and teens. In fact, one of his A+ list clients at the time used to join in these sick events. That A+ list client, we will call M. If there is anyone who has seemingly got away with long term child molesting it is M. All of you know M. Most of you have probably read about his abuse of tweens and teens and children and adults. Most of you have read about his love of child porn. Most of you have read rumors of him assaulting people on and off sets.

With the wave of publicity that is looking for these horrible people, both M and P have gone underground. What they used to do fairly openly relatively speaking, they now do mainly through online webcams.

Several decades ago, when P was first starting out, he had a very public confrontation with one of his victims. It was in the parking lot outside where a very hit network sitcom was shot. Members of the cast and crew witnessed the interaction. It was a member of that cast that introduced P to his victim.

Another of P's victims was 12 years old at the time. P lured him back to his apartment. Once there, he plied him with pot and booze and made him watch porn before molesting him.

It is time for P to be exposed. It is time for others to step forward and pass along their stories. If you don't want to send them to me, then send them to that group that makes films exposing these awful people.

Your Turn

How old were you when you had your first drink of alcohol. Got drunk?

Blind Items Revealed #4

September 13, 2017

This foreign born B list actress might have had her almost television show canceled rather quickly, but she does have a high power franchise to fall back on. Oh, and she was secretly married and left her husband for the celebrity offspring of this foreign born permanent A+ list singer in a group and solo.

Sophie Cookson/Gypsy/Kingsman/Andrew Gower/Eliot Sumner (Sting/Police)

Blind Items Revealed #3

September 13, 2017

Lost in the hey, my marriage was awful and my husband was awful too is that the permanent A list singer wife in all of this was awful to domestic employees in the marriage and would make them work 18 hours a day for weeks on end with no days off.

Janet Jackson

Blind Items Revealed #2

September 13, 2017

He doesn't see them naked, but this A- list reality star all of you know does take underage female tees shopping for lingerie and will make them wear it for him. I remember one time he took a 17 year old to dinner and didn't let her leave until her birthday at midnight and had sex with her. He never spoke to her again after.

Scott Disick

Blind Item #8 - The A List Rapist/Celebrity Offspring

This writer/producer/showrunner is probably A list right now. This, despite one of his shows being canceled because of his behavior. Will he lose everything once this new story becomes public? He should, but Hollywood loves a winner more than anything and right now he has a winner and the studio wants a sequel. Lets see what they think of this. He is a celebrity offspring and as I have said, I have written about him previously. This though, tops all of what he has been accused of to date.

This happened when he was back in college. In college, he had a reputation as a racist. He referred to anyone Hispanic as brown, or brown people. He never held back on commenting on the size of women's breasts or their appearance. If someone had a heavy accent he would always tell them to learn to speak English. He yelled at professors and they couldn't do anything because his dad had given money to the school. All of that is bad enough, but one night he raped a woman. He did so at a party in a second story room. When he finished raping her, he took her clothes and threw them out the window. He then forced her to walk through the party downstairs without any clothes on after raping her. That woman was subjected to bullying and taunts for the rest of the time she remained at the university. She was the one bullied even though he raped her. She had an emotional and nervous breakdown because of the trauma he caused. He doesn't care. He has shown no willingness to change any of his behaviors and even though he has continued to be horrible to women, studios keep rewarding him because he makes them money. This has to stop.

Blind Item #7 - They Did It For The Coke And The Women

This triumvirate of celebrity all have a certain thing in common. Well, they did have one thing in common. A love of a South American country. Apparently that love does not extend to now because the person who was in charge is no longer in power. So, their response has been silence. In the past they were all about supporting the regime. No one really could ever understand it. Well, I will tell you now why they did. The first of our three is a permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. He and this former A list mostly movie actor turned B lister would have coke supplied to them for free the entire time they were in the country and it came courtesy of the government. In exchange for selling out, they were given massive parties with as many drugs and women as they wanted. Speaking of women, this A list mostly movie director is the third of our celebrities. He was not interested in the drugs but he was interested in the women. The government would supply him with upwards of 20 women for a three or four day trip and he loved it. One person I haven't listed here is a foreign born permanent A list model who supported the government because many of her highest paying clients made their money thanks to the largess of the government. 

Blind Items Revealed #1

September 11, 2017

While out of town making a tiny bit of money on a lowish budget movie, our favorite drug addled former tweener made almost as much money for meeting with a fan. Apparently things went so well, there is going to be another this week. Boyfrnd be damned.

Selena Gomez

Blind Item #6

This first season winner of a reality show has always made more money from yachting than any kind of entertainment work. The thing is though, she provides a different kind of experience to a different kind of crowd. Pamela Anderson also tried to work that crowd, but never fully committed to the lifestyle. 

Blind Item #5

This former A+ list mostly movie actor/director who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and somehow got off movie probation despite his past is beating his long time girlfriend. She told a friend it has happened twice but that he is doing better now and his drinking is better. Uh huh.

Blind Item #4 - Old Hollywood

This former A+ list mostly television "actor" who won several awards for his acting was recognizable to every person with a television. There have always been rumors about his death and various conspiracy theories surrounding it. The reason for it is because the studio used a stand in for the actor for nine years after his death without ever telling the general public. It was only in later years after a book was published that the public realized it had been tricked by the studio. Have some fun with this one.

Blind Item #3

This former A- list mostly television actress from a long running almost network show has had a lot of trouble getting work the past few years. She likes people to think she is the head of a movement and is being noble. She isn't. She is the same as all the rest. She ignores what is inconvenient to her brand is the first to try and make a buck off the situation. She just wants fame and money and if she has to sell out for some reality show, then so be it. She will say it is for the movement, but it is for her wallet.

Blind Item #2

The next time this directionally challenged rapper approaches a woman in a club, perhaps he should not do so by grabbing their breasts. The other night he did it to multiple women. Several complained but the management of the club ignored them which just emboldened the rapper. Finally after a dozen women left the club, the management stepped in but didn't kick out the rapper.

Blind Item #1

This former boy bander from back in the day was A list solo for a brief period. Since then, he has kept A- list celebrity status but his talent has succumbed to the years of drugs and nonstop eating. He is married, but prefers finding young teens to "mentor." Hopefully he is not sharing his crack pipe with them too.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Blind Item #18 - Golden Globes

The jealousy of this former singer turned actress is palpable. She should be grateful for her hit network show but she wants to be the star and thinks everyone else is stealing her limelight. It is almost evil to watch this transformation. Her fellow cast should watch out for knives in backs.

Blind Item #17 - Golden Globes

Noticeably absent from the show and parties last night is this former Tweener turned adult singer/part-time actress who had a behind the scenes role in a nominated show. According to one of her co-stars from her most recent movie, the actress got undressed for the director on four separate occasions during filming and let him film her removing her clothes. No touching. Just staring and filming.

Blind Item #16 - Golden Globes

The winner of the worst botox/filler of the night goes to this permanent A list mostly television actress who seemingly loves a certain pay cable channel. Her movies have been hit and miss, but she has had great luck with television. People had jaw dropping moments when they saw what she has done in the past couple of weeks. 

Himmmm Blind Item #7 - Golden Globes - Kindness

A kindness item here.  I was exiting the Beverly Hilton/Waldorf Astoria area after another of the after parties and this actor (A list mostly movie actor who is a shoo in for an Oscar nomination) and I were walking outside. His lady, who is a dear sweet friend of mine whom I've known forever, was stuck inside talking to some friends.  I asked him where he was heading, and he pointed over to the little park fountain square across the street. 

He said one of his management team told him that a girl was having a bad night.  She had been at the awards as a guest because she was an aspiring costume designer. Just another young lady with dreams, and this was her first event she'd ever attended.  She'd hand made her own black dress for the awards show then someone had stepped on the hem of her gown and ripped it about halfway up.  She'd been hoping people would see her dress and use it as a way to maybe get new work.  Now, she was so embarrassed she'd literally run away from everyone, almost like Cinderella at the ball.  Apparently her date (who had gotten her into the awards) was a tool who didn't notice or didn't care she'd disappeared. She was by herself crying and hiding across the street until her date finished partying. 

Hearing this from the manager, and seeing the manager busy with another client, this actor I'm with wanted to check to see if she's okay.  After hearing the story, I agreed to go too. I walked over with him (playing Frogger darting across traffic), and she was there by the fountain looking like a girl left alone at the prom.  The actor then asked if she'd mind if we shared her fountain? She was shocked, and looked up at us.  "Uhh...oh my...uhhh".  Yeah, she was starstruck.  First she said "Oh gosh please ignore my dress - it's been a bad night".  She then began laughing and wiping her eyes. Within a few minutes, the actor's lady and two of her female friends had arrived as well, with a bottle of champagne. They passed it around and shared with the girl, as the actress examined the dress and told the girl she loved it.  As I was leaving them, the young lady was still saying "this is the best thing that's ever happened to me".

About an hour later I saw the young lady again, and she was with the actor, the actress, and they were introducing the girl to their friends, managers, publicists and she looked happier than any human alive.  Later on, I got a message from the actress that he and the actress had said they'd love her to do the actresses dress for her next awards event they attend.  Yes, there are indeed still some good people left in Hollywood who will use their position to help another...without forcing them to do anything evil in return. 

Himmmm Blind Item #6 - Golden Globes

At the Netflix after party, a drunken Netflix creative executive who is talking like a total "douchebag bro" to a group of guys standing around (including me).  He says: "I'd love to get one shot with (A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and has an award worthy movie this year) because I bet her pu**y tastes like cotton candy.  But if you gave me every dime of Bill Gates' money, I'd never f**k that hag - pointing over to (A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee). Damn, I bet hers tastes like moldy cheese." I guess he didn't know the other two guys standing with me were this A list director and a senior executive.  They just looked at each other, shook their heads, and we all three walked off leaving the tool alone. I'd not be surprised to find out that executive gets fired this week. 

Blind Item #15 - Golden Globes

This back in the day A list mostly movie actor who still has fame from that brief comic run was at an after party last night. He says that the recent movement has really cut into the number of women he feels comfortable hitting on at parties. He told a Golden Globe winner from last night that he now focuses entirely on strippers, hookers and groupies for sex. The actress winner from last night just raised her eyebrows and took a sip of her champagne before looking for a way out.

Blind Item #14 - Golden Globes

This B+ list mostly television actress who has been on television for a couple decades now and was recently booted off a now defunct show, really spoke her mind when being interviewed on the red carpet. Apparently, the female interviewer who felt on the spot criticized the weight of the actress after the actress walked away. 

Himmmm Blind Item #5 - Golden Globes

I have no clue what this actress (foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who had a very big year) was high on, but when she tried to talk to me and others backstage, her language skills were absent.  She just laughed, mumbled to herself, and kind of floated around with a smile.  You could comb your hair and adjust your tie in her eyes though.  I heard later she hit her head on a light fixture, so maybe she had a concussion?  At least she looked pretty doing it. 

Blind Item #13 - Golden Globes

This B+ list mostly television actress is foreign born although most of you probably don't know that. She is a minor. She is on a hit almost television show. It didn't stop her parents from suggesting she go to dinner alone with a director interested in her for a part. Apparently the actress and the director are meeting at his home. I'm sure nothing will happen. Uh huh.

Himmmm Blind Item #4 - Golden Globes

According to an actor who was hanging out in there, this actress (permanent A list actress who is more famous for television and an iconic role) was busy snorting a lot of something while bent over in the famous storage room off the side of the kitchen at the Hilton where most people go to smoke or have a quickie.  Maybe the cans of tomato sauce and rows of glasses in there excite people.  This was just after the mid-point in the ceremony.  Apparently when this actor (A- list mostly television actor from a hit cable show who loves his booze) asked this actress to share, she told him: "You'd have a better shot of f**king me in the ass while I'm bent over doing this than me actually sharing this with you."  No word on if he took his chances with the odds on that.

Blind Item #12 - Golden Globes

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress was confronted last night about her racist beliefs. This has really been causing issues in her life as it should. That B+ list alliterate actress who loves her beer recently ended their decade long friendship because of it and a long time PR person dumped the actress too.

Mr. X Blind Item #5 - Golden Globes

Which Oscar winning/nominated actor shocked attendees at his annual pre-Globes charity event with his gaunt and unhealthy appearance? He's back on the coke hard and needs rehab. 

Blind Item #11 - Golden Globes

Do you think the text message from that early 20's woman he has been seeing was responsible for this permanent A list mostly movie actor's sour expression. Apparently the Oscar winner/nominee got her pregnant. Considering where he was seated and the events of last night, the notorious casting coucher, serial cheating married actor was not a good look for him.

Himmmm Blind Item #3 - Golden Globes

This legendary actress, lady, and still-beautiful woman (foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee) was backstage with me amid the hustle and bustle.  Lots of people.  We were discussing the bygone old days of what used to go on in the Lanai Rooms at the pool deck there at the Beverly Hilton back in the day.  As I'm listening to her, my mouth agape, she stops dead in mid-speech to me and gets her legendary "not happy" look on her face as she beams past me over my shoulder.  "Dear God. In. Heaven. Apparently there IS no shame in Hollywood." I follow her stare over my shoulder at the crowd of suck-ups standing around this actor (permanent A list actor who is an old a-hole).  Among those fawning over him are this actress (A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and never seems to be anywhere with her husband any longer) who I see bend down and kiss the forehead of the old man as she rubs his shoulder.

The legendary actress I'm talking to says: "Never ceases to amaze me...but I guess they are happy to honor a rapist and murderer. F**king imbeciles."  And she is shooting daggers with her eyes at the whole crowd of them there.  She then leans in to me and says: "Take note my dear at the old bastard's hand, hmm?" I look and see the old man's gnarled right hand is casually off his arm rest, and is touching the thigh of this actress (foreign born A- list actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and lies about her age) who is just laughing and talking as if nothing in the world is amiss.  I look back at my companion who says: "I wonder if he pays her too, or just put it in the will? Oh well.  Let's get drunk."

Himmmm Blind Item #2 - Golden Globes

According to a security honcho at the Beverly Hilton, this foreign born A/A- list actress who is having a nice award season was involved in some very hot and heavy sex inside a side stairwell BEFORE the ceremony even began.  Her partner was not her partner, and according to the security guy - it was a very odd position.  She was BEHIND HIM in some contorted way, with her rear and his both exposed.  (I'm not sure how that one worked exactly).  A guard interrupted their adventure, and escorted them back out into the flowing crowd streaming to the ballroom.  Apparently the guard also got a few seconds of video of it too.  You know, just for training purposes.

Today's Blind Items - The Heidi Globes

The year was 1990. It was a strange year in Hollywood. Heidi Fleiss had just broken away from Madam Alex and there was a kind of madam war that was taking place in those first few months of 1990. During those months, there were also some events that took place that are still mentioned today and continue to affect lives.

This permanent A+ list celebrity is someone who is a celebrity for all the wrong reasons. In 1990 he was A++ list. He was recognizable in almost every corner of the world. He was a frequent customer of Heidi and is one of the few celebrities she slept with while working for a short time as an escort. Our A+ lister who we will call A had recently started sleeping with one of the friends of his daughter. He then told her she should start earning money as an escort and introduced her to Heidi. That escort would later end up dead of a heroin overdose. She died in a bed she shared with another of the escorts.

It was also at this time that A was introduced to a fresh faced recent high school graduate who would later go on to be an A list celebrity. We will call her B. A took a liking to B almost immediately and started spending thousands of dollars a week on her. At the same time, B was also seeing a customer who we will call C. C was an A+ list actor and was also spending thousands of dollars a week on B.

Apparently A found out about C and threatened to kill C. So, C being crazy and on drugs and booze started carrying a gun. Yes, the same gun he shot his girlfriend with.

At an after party thrown by Heidi, this A list mostly movie director who was A list then and now paid for three women at once and spent the whole night just doing lines of coke off their naked bodies. When one of them tried to share his coke, he tossed her out of the room.

This permanent A list mostly movie actor who was married at the time and is married now but to different women, had sex with multiple women that night. He also tried to convince one of the escorts to come over to his house later to have sex with his underage son. She says that she said no, but I kind of think she did because the son has said he lost his virginity to an escort and how old he was so it kind of jibes.

Oh, before I forget, while she was still technically married to A, the wife of A worked for Heidi in her waning days of madaming. That wife later ended up dead.

This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor went to the party and took five women back to his place. He literally threw two stacks of hundred dollar bills and said there was no way he was going to have sex at the party because he knew there were cameras everywhere. The actor had just split with an A list actress and was seeing another actress he had cheated on the A lister with. It didn't stop him from also having sex with all those escorts that night and a pile of coke. Unlike the director, the A+ lister loved to share his coke.

Your Turn

Do you watch award shows?

Blind Item #10 - Golden Globes

This foreign born B list actress nominee/winner was busted having sex in a bathroom last night at an after party.

Mr. X Blind Item #4 - Golden Globes

At a pre Globes party, this closeted/probably pansexual A-list actor who was nominated, was getting very touchy feely with another nominated actor, who himself is "married" and closeted. It was all very odd and awkward. Oh and actor #1 reeked of pot, big shocker there.

Mr. X Blind Item #3 - Golden Globes

Which legendary Oscar winning actress who presented last night revealed to a group of friends at a pre-party that one of her longtime friends, that iconic crooner and actor, pulled a gun on that slimy agent who later killed himself?  He heard from a mafia crony that the agent had tried to sexually assault the actress and told him to knock it off or else. The agent backed off.

Blind Item #9 - Golden Globes

This B+ list mostly movie actress is not that far removed from a hit pay cable show. Last night though, it was about a movie in which she starred. She ate everything in sight last night before heading to the bathroom to purge it all. She is scary gaunt. People are worried for her health.

Blind Item #8 - Golden Globes

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor from two big now defunct franchises was hammered at rehearsals and was even worse off during the show last night. The actress he presented with was not amused. I think she knows she is running out of chances and probably thought the actor would mess things up for her.

Himmmm Blind Item #1 - Golden Globes

After a ceremony so full of itself it could float, and after flying through 3 countries in 24 hours to arrive at the Golden Globes, I was very happy to get to the after party circuit.  One party in particular led to a twilight zone moment of epic proportions, even involving Enty, and may have just created the funniest moment I've ever had at any awards night party in the past 10 years at least.  This winning/nominated A list mostly movie actor was busy getting glad hands and smiles and laughs from all the ass-kissers.  He's just yammering on about how "honored" he was just to be included and so "proud" of the work everyone did.  Standing there talking to three young ingenue actresses - whom I didn't know and who probably would've been happy to "bow" to him - our big winner/nominee is lost in his cloud of pride.

In the moments preceding this, I had been talking to an old friend of mine from another country.  He's a hilarious guy and a good friend, and he always enjoys creating mischief.  Usually it is by using his broken English trick to accidentally humiliate hypocrites and jerks - all while pretending he just said the wrong words. It's a testament to his acting skills.  So earlier we got together to plan a little moment of cold water for this winning abuser.  Oops, I mean actor.
I'm standing about 2 feet away from the winning actor, and his flunky/management stooge/PR sycophant.  I'm trying not to vomit on my tux-matched tennis shoes as the winner/nominee is hitting on the three young women, and I'm scrolling through my phone. In walks the foreign actor who is A- list and has a big television gig straight ahead who had stepped outside for a minute.  The foreign actor walks straight over to our winner and tells him totally straight-faced: "Hey bro - you better not go out the front door when you leave man.  I heard reporters out there talking about some shit on Twitter about you and some high school girls and acting schools. Serious man, they were staring at their phones and I think they gonna ask you about it bro. Could be bad man" 

The winning/nominated actor's face goes totally pale.  You could've knocked him over with a feather.  I swear he didn't breathe for a solid minute. He just stares at the foreign actor, who nods his head up and down silently.  I said: "Oh shit". The winner then turns and looks at me.  I hold up my phone - showing him the tweets from my favorite blogger/twitter ninja (his name rhymes with minty). Also in there is a re-tweet from a legendary 80s actress. The winner says: "Oh...f**k...nah man.  Of all nights...".  Then, the winner hands me my phone, turns to his flunky saying: "Hey man let's bail", and they walk swiftly across the room, out of the back doors.  The foreign actor turns back to me, smiles and winks, and says in his rapid-fire Spanish to me: "That's a shame huh? Not a single reporter out there except those two TMZ guys.".  I start to stifle the smiles.

We both try to contain our laughter like kids in class.  One of those three ingenues the winner had been hitting on grabs my coat and says: "Excuse me, sorry, but what did you show him?". I told her to get her phone.  I gave her the CDAN web address and Enty's Twitter feed.  As the foreign actor and I walked off trying not to explode in laughter, all three crowded around their screen, mouths open.  All I heard was an audible gasp. It was a good night after all. (Good job buddy!).

Blind Item #7 - Golden Globes

AP got told to f**k off last night at an after party by this A list singer/wannabe actor wearing a Time's Up pin when she asked about his latest movie. AP then retorted that his remark was not really what the pin was supposed to represent.

Blind Item #6 - Golden Globes

This permanent A list mostly movie actress who was actually there last night for television had a big breakfast/brunch thing yesterday morning. She invited the entire cast from the show and some of her very best actress friends. One person she didn't invite was an actress from the show who won. Fake air kiss hugs aside, they really don't like each other.

Blind Item #5 - Golden Globes

This underage actress on a very hit almost television show who made her first appearance on the show this season had to fight off a producer who kept trying to touch her breasts. He managed to once. When she said how old she was, the producer said he had been with younger. This was at a magazine party. I'm trying to figure out who the producer is. AP was at the party and is also trying to figure it out. She had been at the HBO party when it happened though so we are working from a tip about the physical appearance of the producer.

Golden Globes Photos Part Seven

Caitriona Balfe
Laurie Metcalf
Zuri Hall
John Goodman
Giuliana Rancic
Sterling K Brown and Ryan Michelle Bathe

Mr. X Blind Item #2 - Golden Globes

Surprisingly one of the least sober people on the red carpet was this former A-list mostly actress who is starring on a cable TV series this year... she was three sheets to the wind. I was betting on the person she brought as her date to the Globes to be the tipsy one... nope, not even close.

Golden Globes Photos Part Six

Issa Rae
Christina Hendricks
Dove Cameron
Michelle Pfeiffer
Alison Brie
Laura Marano
Catherine Zeta Jones

Mr. X Blind Item #1 - Golden Globes

This closeted young actor who is nominated and for sure is getting an Oscar nod brought his bf, a fellow closeted young actor, as his date to the Globes. Their PR people told them no posing on the red carpet together or sitting next to each other though.

Golden Globes Photos Part Five

Allison Janney
Geena Davis
Zoe Kravitz
Heidi Klum
Gwendoline Christie
Sarah Paulson
Salma Hayek