Friday, September 10, 2010

Four For Friday - Fashion Week

#1 - This D list singer and sometime actress absolutely laid into her boyfriend and would not stop screaming at him. Of course since this was like two minutes before the show, everyone stared at the poor guy who did not seem to have done anything wrong.

#2 - This foreign born model and celebrity daughter had a little too much of the free booze at one show. OK, way more than a little and decided to remove her bra and panties in front of everyone.

#3 - This very good looking male model and actor used the following pickup line about 20 times. "Are you a model in the show? You should be. I can help you."

#4 - No sex this year. So far. But this A list model did decided she wanted to sit in her boyfriend's lap during the show. Each of them did their fair share of moaning.

Random Photos Part Four

My thoughts are with the people of San Bruno, California who suffered a massive gas pipe explosion last night.

For some reason, Alex McCord is walking five runways during Fashion Week.
No one wants to sit next to Ashlee.
"So, Ashlee why all the empty seats next to you? Did people want to stay home when they realized they would be sitting next to you?"
Christie Brinkley at The US Open.
Charlize Theron was there too.
One of my favorite bloggers, Bryan Boy.
Happy 50th birthday to Colin Firth.
And 42nd to Guy Ritchie.
Meanwhile, Courtney Love turns 114. I kid, I kid. 113.
I am always amazed that Coco manages to not reveal everything when she wears these clothes.

Random Photos Part Three

Diane Kruger at Fashion Week.
Dave Matthews - New Orleans
Daniel Vosovic right before his show.
Chloe Dao!!!
Ellen rocked the runway.

And Portia was there to cheer her on.
Eva Mendes and Mark Wahlberg promoting their new movie which has a different name in France.
Earlier Eva took pictures while people took pictures of her.
More from Mexico City Fashion Week.
Henry Cavill on the set of his new movie.
Iman in a very strangely decorated room.

Random Photos Part Two

Kristin Cavallari celebrated her mom's drunk driving arrest with a quick photo shoot this week.
Kate Hudson on her way back to her boyfriend.
Who went down and went boom?
A very drunk Lisa Marie Presley. Isn't she supposed to be sober?
Miranda Kerr, her baby bump, and Orlando Bloom.
"Pssst. Martha. You left your pants in the dryer too long."
Nelly Furtado at the Toronto International Film Festival.
Olivia Newton John reliving Grease.
Apparently a cat piano is funnier than it sounds.
Rosamund Pike and Paul Giamatii in Venice for the premiere of Barney's Version. Incredible book.
Also in it are Bruce Greenwood and
Scott Speedman.

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Ryan Reynolds doing press for his new movie.

And Carey Mulligan doing the same. Different movies though.
Rumer Willis rips out the chest hair of her boyfriend.
No band aid and a different outfit for Renee.
One of the coolest people in the world, Shannyn Sossamon.
Sarah Jessica Parker was at a private dinner at Chanel last night. Also there were
Liv Tyler
Rachel Bilson who took a night off from her beard duty.
Claire Danes and
Paula Patton with her husband Robin Thicke.
Another one of Liv and her new ring.

Herding Cats vs The Goopster Sings

Do you remember a few years back the Super Bowl commercial about herding cats? Well, this behind the scenes IKEA ad is so much better. What happens when you let loose a 100 cats inside an IKEA store during the night and try to herd them?

It's The Goopster's new movie. You don't have to watch the entire trailer, but watch the first ten seconds and her eye roll. That is The Goopster. Even in this she thinks she is better than everyone else.

Your Turn

This one is slightly different than normal. This week for some reason I have been going to bed much earlier than normal. Usually I am a 2am kind of person and then I usually fall out of bed around 7 or so. Not much sleep but I seem to get by. Now, all of a sudden in one week I am my parents who have been known to go to bed in the summer before it even gets dark. This week I was asleep before 11 three times. I did not feel any more alert or refreshed though. Anyway, I want to know how many hours you sleep at night or what time you go to bed? What is normal? No better way than to ask all of you.

David Carradine's Ex-Wife Close To Solving His Death - According To Her Astrology Report

David Carradine's death is being brought up again. This time by his ex-wife who was married to David from 1998-2001. Eager to make a buck off her dead ex-husband, Marina Anderson has written her memoirs because people care about reading her memoirs. Who is she again? Of course even though they are her memoirs the book's title is "David Carradine: The Eye Of My Tornado" Anyway, she says "I just didn't believe that he was by himself. I still do not buy that... I didn't want that to be the last memory in the public of him. I just thought that was so wrong. My conclusion is I totally believe this was not an accident by himself, that there had to be other people in the room with him. I even had psychics involved and I called our mutual astrologer to find out what else I could possibly find to help solve this mystery."

She also says she is very close to solving his death and figuring out exactly what happened.

"My astrologer Weiss Kelly sent me this e-mail and she's pointed out that in the next few months there's going to be more and more information, so we'll see."

Hmm, yes, I will look for that in the Daily Horoscope section in the newspaper. Sometime in the next few months it will say David Carradine's death will be explained today. It will be right there next to Suduko and the Word Jumble.


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