Saturday, February 08, 2014

Blind Item #6

This B- list mostly television actress with a movie or two lately who is an offspring is set to hit it really really big in the next year if she can keep it together. This was someone who had a sober companion at 15 and despite being of legal age is drug tested by her parents frequently. She has recently been spotted drinking and people were wondering if this was going to be a monumental crash for her. She has a tough time doing anything without people noticing. You might not know who she is but a lot of people here have watched her grow up and tell her parents.

Blind Item #5

This A+ list mostly movie actor was busted again by his wife for cheating. He just can't say no when he is surrounded by women. With his wife out of town he went for it and thought he was going to get away with it but one of the women left behind something that was very tough to explain.

Blind Item #4

Not only is this brief A list singer/celebrity deep in debt she also has the misfortune of no one wanting to work with her because they don't trust her. On top of that are the things that a certain celebrity has recorded that she wants to get back or at least never see the light of day. What should be a happy time for her is really not and the hole for her is so big that people around her are very worried.

Blind Item #3

If you are a Real Housewife then the feds are watching you. I can only surmise that someone in the upper echelons of government is not happy that RH-DC was taken off the air. Yet another spouse of a Housewife is under investigation. His wife has such huge spending habits that the husband has been taking out loans and even running a ponzi scheme to help pay for the lifestyle his wife demands. He should never have married her. It isn't like she is faithful anyway and on the look for someone with more money.

Blind Items Revealed

November 6, 2013

This American Idol finalist (as in at least top three) has a sex tape. She thinks it will solve all her financial problems. It will be interesting to see if there is a market for it.


Blind Items Revealed

November 6, 2013

I feel bad for this actress and that is not something I ever thought I would hear but these three Twilight actors were talking about the worst actor in the franchise and they said it was someone who never got a part but auditioned and that it was horrific and made them laugh for days after someone showed them a copy. The teased actress used to be an A list mostly television actress/tweener but now takes what she can get acting wise.

Vanessa Hudgens

Blind Items Revealed

November 6, 2013

This is quite the day. This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor is out of the country shooting a movie. The actor who stands out from other B list movie actors with his umm, endowment managed to get pulled over twice the same day by the same policeman. Both times were for swerving between lanes. In both instances our actor was getting orally serviced by a woman while driving. Different women each time. Our actor was given a ticket each time for reckless driving.

Michael Fassbender

Blind Items Revealed

November 5, 2013

This A list actress who is A list strictly because of awards and body of work and talent rather than popularity has been on a 15 day fast because she is scheduled to host an event with a fashion designer who designed her something to wear and made it so small that the only way she would be able to fit in it would be to lost 10-15 pounds off her size zero frame because the designer would not adjust it to her size.

Jessica Chastain/Karl Lagerfeld

Blind Items Revealed

November 5, 2013

This former B+ list mostly movie actress who is having a B list resurgence after years at C is filming a new movie and she heard a crew member call her old. Our actress is not even 40. Our actress started hitting on the crew member and just when he thought he was going to get lucky she reminded him of what he said and then called him an a-hole and walked away.

Tara Reid

Blind Items Revealed

November 5, 2013

"Do I know them? The why would I care about them or what they are doing?" A+ list celebrity/rapper on his way out of Barney's when asked about whether he supported the racial profiling suit filed by African Americans against Barney's.


Blind Items Almost Revealed

November 4, 2013

This A list mostly television actor who every woman loves looking at on his hit network show is not liked by this B list mostly television actress with A list name recognition who doesn't have a show on the air right now. It seems that he once hit on our actress while he was married. This is something she considers the worst sin ever and wanted to tell his wife but was talked out of it.

The actress he hit on is Tina Fey.

Blind Items Revealed

November 2, 2013

This former A list mostly movie actress who continues to have A+ list name recognition even though she rarely works any longer was on an overnight flight last week and according to the people seated behind her she used her hand and mouth on her traveling companion before sleeping the next eight hours. Of course I will reveal it. She has a little kink in her.

Renee Zellweger

Blind Items Revealed

November 3, 2013

This former B list mostly television actress from a very very long running show who has also done reality television and has been working since she was a teen had an interesting Halloween costume. Our actress put on makeup a wig and a fat suit to resemble another former B list actress who she hates. While in the fat suit she also had a bucket of KFC and kept trying to make out with random women at the party.

Leah Remini/Kirstie Alley

Blind Item #2

This former A list mostly television actress who was loved by millions of guys has grown into a really rude person that no one likes. At a Fashion Week show, the now B list actress told the staff of a designer that she refused to have anyone sit next to her. She wanted an end seat and the seat next to her empty so she could take notes. When the team said it wouldn't be possible she screamed and yelled for ten minutes before finally backing down when they threatened her with no seat. She says she will get back at the designer but no one cares what she thinks about fashion.

Blind Item #1

It didn't take long for this B list celebrity who used to be A+ almost all over the world to hook back up with the person who makes him happiest. His boyfriend. Our celebrity was spotted at dinner with the boyfriend and looked happier than he has looked in months.

X Factor Canceled

You can't say Fox didn't give X Factor a chance because they did. The biggest thing on television in the UK was supposed to be huge for Fox and give them something for the part of the year that American Idol was off the air. Simon Cowell kept bragging about how great the show and format was and that they would get Super Bowl type numbers. The show never matched the hype or the amount of money spent on Simon and the judges and Fox canceled it after three seasons. This now leaves Simon free to go back to Idol or move to new York and spend most of his days and nights with his new baby. Yeah, I don't think Simon is looking forward to that at all. I think Simon might give the whole staying at home thing a week or two at most before he will want to start traveling the world again and hook back up with his harem and party with all of his rich friends. That is tough to do if you are copped up inside a NYC apartment changing diapers and waiting for the kid to respond to a Dora episode so you can leave them parked in front of the television for hours.

Woody Allen Responds

In a letter being published in tomorrow's New York Times, Woody Allen responds to the claims that his daughter Dylan Farrow made. Namely that Woody Allen abused her when she was seven. Here is the thing. You can read the letter as much as you want and he brings up lots of good points and has a lot of supporting evidence on his side. The problem that Woody Allen will always have is that he ended up marrying one of his daughters. Woody can talk about results from Yale and independent experts and whatever else he wants but the bottom line is this. He lost custody and visitation rights and he married his daughter. I don't care if Soon Yi is his adopted daughter or was just a kid living there when he moved in. He treated her like a daughter. He said she was his daughter and at some point he married her. Are you telling me he didn't maybe want that same kind of relationship with Dylan first and later Soon Yi gave it to him. So, he can say what he wants and write what he wants, but he will never convince me he didn't sexually abuse his daughter.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

A Forrest Gump reunion gets top spot.

Bruce Willis and his wife hanging out in LA.
Cindy Crawford and a friend exercising.
Chris Pratt promoting The LEGO movie in NYC.
Dakota Johnson getting undressed for Elle.
Staying dressed at the airport is Eva Longoria.
Edward Norton at the Berlin Film festival with
sometime Leo DiCaprio girlfriend Toni Garrn.
Bradley Cooper showed up with Suki.

Random Photos Part Four - Fashion Week

Kelly Rowland

Ireland Baldwin, Bella Thorne and AnnaSophia Robb.
Lindsey Vonn
Diane Kruger
Taylor Schilling
Alyssa Milano
Katrina Bowden
Carrie Preston
Alyssa again proving that just because you host a fashion show on television doesn't mean you have good taste.

Random Photos Part Three

Hugh Jackman out supporting the arts in NYC.

Kate Bosworth out supporting her wallet in LA
Katie Holmes on her daily school run.
Lea Michele hangs on to Heather Morris.
Lorde in Australia.
Miranda Kerr shows a new way to sell stuffed animals.
Hopefully Matthew M is not doing this for weight loss.
Oprah responds to her flock.
Rashida Jones wearing art in London at the premiere of her new movie.

Random Photos Part Two - Philip Seymour Hoffman Wake

Cate Blanchett and her husband.

Amy Adams and her boyfriend.
Michelle Williams
Ben Stiller
Justin Theroux
Fans holding a vigil.
Josh Hamilton and Billy Crudup
Joaquin Phoenix
Meryl Streep

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

New bff Reese Witherspoon and Naomi Watts mess around with the paps.

Rachel Zoe walked through the rain yesterday. Contrary to earlier reports, she did not melt.
Sarah Paulsen and Elizabeth Olsen at the premiere of their new movie which also stars
Jessica Lange.
Jennifer Westfeldt was there without the Hammbone.
Sam Trammel was there to makeup for it though.
Apparently not all bathrooms in Sochi got video cameras. Some just get an audience.
Sofia Vergara in LA yesterday.
Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran perform for the US Ambassador in London yesterday. That is Cara Delivingne watching.

Blind Item #10

This B- list mostly movie actress who stars in a new movie this month always told guys that she was in an open relationship. Her partner finally got tired of her saying this and cheating so he went and found someone else to hook up with and our actress freaked out and went crazy violent. The guy left her and she likes to play the woe is me card because of it.

Blind Item #9

This B list singer who had her wedding televised spent twenty minutes yelling at her limo driver the other day because he dropped her 20 feet from the entrance she wanted instead of directly in front of it. By the time she finished yelling at him she missed the check in for her flight and had to stand around another hour waiting for the next one.

Matt Damon On Jimmy Kimmel

Eventually they are going to run out of ideas, but for now Matt Damon visits to Jimmy Kimmel are still great comedy.

Blind Item #8

Borro is a pawnbroker in NYC. They say they loaned $70K on an Oscar. What Oscar though? It has to be before 1951 because of Academy rules but the amount seems really low for a loan. Maybe the person only needed that amount and didn't want to go crazy, but to me it seems like this is probably a lesser award category. Any guesses?

Off Topic

I had one Manhattan last night that turned into about a dozen. I forgot how good they are.

Blind Items Revealed

November 2, 2013

Apparently a huge payday will not get this B+ lister to change her mind about who she performs for. She turned down over $100K for a 15 minute performance because she can't stand the people she was asked to sing for.

Lana Del Rey

Four For Friday - Bad Behavior

I feel like every weekend there has been some huge award show or some other event and this weekend I can finally relax and catch up on a million hours of television. There is just so much programming that it never seems like you can watch it all and then you end up spending eight hours watching Legends Of The Hidden Temple and decide it is just as riveting as an hour of OITNB. Anyway, I will be blogging all weekend with news and blinds and reveals and if you want to follow me on Twitter I am @entylawyer

#1 - This very recently married B list celebrity/former athlete forgot to tell his new wife that he slept with her sister before he started dating the sister he eventually married.

#2 - This A list reality daughter needs rehab in the worst possible way. She has no supervision and is a mess that has not even looked at a school book in months and is more concerned with getting high than anything else. Her parents don't even pretend to care.

#3- This former B list mostly television actress with A list name recognition who has not done much acting since her hit network show ended was at a party south of the border and got drunk. She ended up dancing on tables in front of the President of the country. She tried to give him a lap dance but his security team pulled her away.

#4 - This former almost A list television actress had sex in the VIP bathroom of a huge sporting event with her husband. The A list name recognition actress stayed inside for twenty minutes after her husband emerged because she didn't want anyone to know. Oh, people know.

Your Turn

Should both halves of a couple give Valentine's Day gifts?

Blind Items Revealed - Kindness

November 1, 2013

You don't hear from this actor very much any longer. Not that old but he has kind of gravitated away from acting because of his charity work. He was on a very hot show for a very long time and then stepped into some more good luck on a very very popular cable show which made sure he won't ever have to work again. He has a great partner who was one of the biggest movie stars in the world at one point which was achieved despite any real acting talent.

Our actor has used his money and grants from others to fly people around the world building homes in some of the most impoverished places on earth. His group which is similar to Habitats For Humanity has built about 1000 homes for families. They have also built schools and hospitals and really focus on areas of the world which have nothing. He tries to give them something. he also makes sure not to leave empty buildings and tries to stock each house or school or hospital with every thing it needs to have to succeed.

It is pretty cool that he is willing to give up a fairly successful career to focus on others.

John Corbett

Blind Items Revealed

November 1, 2013

This still A list mostly movie actor says he is thinking of quitting acting because he wants to teach sex therapy. He thinks he has found a way to make sex better and wants to share it with the world. Right now though the aging actor just is sharing it with random college women he picks up at university bookstores.

Jim Carrey

Blind Items Revealed

November 1, 2013

This former B list mostly television actress who is now mostly a forced stay at home wife was overheard crying on her trip and apologizing repeatedly to a person on the other end of the line for not answering her phone the first few times it rang because she had it on silent. Guess she won't get to go out for quite some time.

Blake Lively

Blind Item #7

This very popular reality show family got quite the surprise when they discovered that a daughter in the family became pregnant by a crew member on the show. The crew member was "reassigned" to other duties. You all think you know the family but you might want to think outside the box and a different cable network than you are probably guessing too.

Blind Item #6

This married B list celebrity/singer who wants so badly to be A+ list and will try anything to get it binged and then purged on enough McDonald's for four people yesterday. She says it is the only way she can eat the food she likes.

Blind Item #5

This A list celebrity chef with her own show and products and even a restaurant rarely tries her own food and never eats more than one meal a day. Apparently she thinks her entire empire will disappear if she gains even a pound so tries to limit herself to under 1000 calories a day. An anorexic chef. Huh.

Julia Roberts Wants To Be The World's Most Beautiful Woman - Jennifer Aniston In The Way?

Even though it is over two months away Julia Roberts has her PR people running full steam ahead to try and call in enough favors to land the cover of People Magazine's annual World's Most Beautiful Woman cover. Last year Gwyneth Paltrow was the winner of the award. Yeah, so you can see that it is more of a publicist competition rather than much else. Beyonce won the previous year. Apparently there is one big sticking point to the whole thing and that is Jennifer Aniston. Here's why. Apparently Jen and Justin Theroux are not doing that great right now. What better way to make Jen feel better about herself than to name her the most beautiful woman and get an exclusive interview about a split at the same time. If they reconcile Kneepads still thinks Jen would make the better choice. Julia really wants it because she thinks this is the last time she will have a shot and since it is going to be shot about the same time as the Academy Awards she wants to capitalize on that and make Kneepads cave.

I personally think it should go to someone else like Anna Kendrick or someone like that. It won't be Mila Kunis because she already won something similar for a different magazine. This is a strange guess but if they do go the younger route it could be someone like Blake Lively too but I don't know if Ryan Reynolds would get behind it enough with his people to make it happen.

Blind Item #4

This former A+ list mostly movie actress hid from the cameras the other night but couldn't hide from other diners who saw the permanent A list name recognition actress spend the meal time in a non-stop round trip route to the bathroom and then back to her table. She made a big deal of laying off the booze but was out of her mind wasted by the end of the night. When she is that far gone it is one big mess.

Police Want Felony Charge Against Justin Bieber For Egg Throwing

The Sheriff's office here in Los Angeles has recommended to prosecutors that Justin Bieber be charged with a felony as a result of the egg throwing incident at his neighbor's home. As much as I would like this recommendation to stick there is no way on this earth that Bieber is getting convicted of a felony for it. Even if he was charged with a felony he would never be convicted of one. That is not going to happen. Right now Bieber's people are trying to find a dollar figure that the neighbor will accept to make the whole thing go away. I'm sure they are probably willing to offer up to $1M for $20K worth of damage. If the neighbor stands firm and thinks he is doing the right thing by not accepting the money he should think again because Bieber will plead to something much less significant and just have to pony up the actual damage done to the property which is about $20K. As much as it would be nice to see Bieber convicted of a felony imagine all of the other tagging and vandalism that goes on in Los Angeles County on a daily basis and imagine if you convicted all of those people of felonies. It just isn't going to happen. The neighbor should take his big payday and hurt Bieber in the wallet because it will be the only pain Bieber feels because of this.

Blind Item #3

This foreign born A- list rapper cost a production company $100K on a $300K budget because he refused to participate on the shoot until he finished playing a video game. Instead of working and earning his paycheck he smoked pot and played his game and turned a two hour shoot into a two day waiting fest.

Blind Item #2

This B list celebrity who has piles of money and is still married despite a very very long separation has been trying to hide a little secret of her own. One of her son's best friends is spotted at the house of the celebrity but never when the son is also there. Apparently the two have a thing going but if her estranged husband found out he would go ballistic even though he has a thing with half of Hollywood.

A Thelma And Louise Remake Starring Michelle Rodriguez And Cara Delevingne

The studios have wanted to shoot a remake of Thelma And Louise because you know, the first one wasn't good enough or something. Somehow Michelle Rodriguez has been cast in the movie and she is pushing hard for her new girlfriend Cara Delevigne to star alongside her. Yeah, a model with virtually no acting experience at all. Of course Brad Pitt was in the original and had virtually no acting experience at all, but his role and that of them women is completely different. Michelle thinks she has enough power to cast aside the first studio choice of Kristen Stewart but I don't think she does. I don't see how the movie will do well at all and casting Michelle and Cara next to each other is a sure way to make sure the movie bombs. When Michelle finds someone to be with she latches on to them and doesn't let go for a month or two but then tires and wants to move on to the next thing. By the time this movie gets around to shooting the two could hate each other. Movies that star your love interest almost never do well and I don't think this would be an exception.


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