Saturday, March 10, 2018

Blind Item #12

This A list athlete says this married talk show host would not stop hitting on her this past week when she visited his show. It was nonstop.

Blind Item #11

This one named singer who doesn't really seem to sing any longer used to be A/A- list. Now she mainly shops and snorts heroin. She has passed out in multiple store dressing rooms over the past month. Her celebrity husband must know, but he hasn't, as far as I know tried to get her into rehab.

Blind Item #10

I don't know how long this new network show is going to last. A mid-season replacement but the two co-stars dislike each other and were not even trying to hide the dislike at a press event this week.

Blind Item #9

This foreign born former A list model turned B+ list actress who is really just a celebrity right now is trying to ignore that a family member is also a drug dealer. A violent one.

Blind Items Revealed #4

March 2, 2018

This A+ list mostly movie actor signed on for a what will be a very controversial movie for the very large paycheck and because he wants to have sex with this married foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actress who he thinks will want to when she meets him. Ummm.

Brad Pitt/Margot Robbie/Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Blind Items Revealed #3 - Mr. X

March 2, 2018

In horrible plastic surgery news, this former A list mostly movie actor who is an acting family debuted a heavily botoxed face this week.

Dennis Quaid

Blind Items Revealed #2 - Mr. X

March 2, 2018

Brotherly love? Well, not really. More of a brotherly alibi. One celebrity brother makes sure a photo of him kissing a woman gets leaked to the tabloids. Meanwhile though, the woman is actually hooking up with the other celebrity brother but he has an actress girlfriend who is already suspicious. Nice alibi.

Nick Jonas/Joe Jonas/Sophie Turner

Blind Items Revealed #1 - Mr. X

March 2, 2018

This A list talk show host is saying one thing publicly about this mogul's behavior, but behind the scenes she is already making plans to throw him under the bus if anything else comes out.

Kelly Ripa/Ryan Seacrest

Blind Item #8

A little known story from the past of this foreign born permanent A list rocker. The rocker has been married forever. Even so, he has had his affairs. Despite his high and mighty image he keeps numerous mistresses scattered around the world for his travels and tours. One of those women was this former A list mostly movie actress from back in the day. She had trouble getting roles for awhile after she got in some trouble and our rocker paid her bills for a couple years while also hooking up with her whenever possible. She is back on her feet now and had one of the more memorable gifs of the past couple years. 

Blind Item #7

At this point, this witness will do or say anything to get out of the jam he is in. What kind of jam? How about the largest collection of child porn the world has ever seen. This foreign national is one of the richest members of the richest families of the world. For dozens of years he filmed boys as young as 3 having sex with grown men. There were thousands of these boys who worked as slaves during the day and then would be forced to have sex with grown men. All filmed. That slavery practice has ended, but the boys are still imported from other countries and still raped and it is all still filmed. The FBI found out about it and now are using its existence to get him to say whatever they want him to say. Apparently these people are so rich they have their own "cloud" which is highly encrypted where all these videos are stored. 

Blind Item #6

You know, one of these days the A+ list singer and her PR team are going to get this thing right. Everyone knows the A+ list singer doesn't go anywhere without a wall of armed security. So, when pictures emerge of her from five feet away showing her in some kind of way she imagines a relationship to be from what she has seen in the movies, everyone knows they are staged. I will give her credit for not doing the piggyback move that she tried for three consecutive relationships. 

Blind Item #5

This closeted NFL player loves when people think he is with women. He lives for it so people never ask him about the gay rumors and hookups. What he was not expecting was a video that showed coke and weed and the havoc that is going to bring.

Blind Item #4 - Scatter Like The Wind - Mr. Hedge

The disgraced A list Director has recently fled to the Middle East.  The Producer has recently fled to Europe.  The Agent has recently fled to Mexico. 

Some of the Director's low level underlings remain in the country, for now, trying to tie up loose ends, and hide potential evidence.  

Blind Item #3

Speaking of pills, this pregnant MTV star is self medicating with pills she acquires from dubious sources. Her doctors have no idea. 

Blind Item #2

This B list celebrity/singer/reality star with the catchy nickname is barely a teen. She is not even in her mid teens yet but is hooking up with a music producer in his 30's and another guy in his 20's with the consent of her parents.

Blind Item #1

The world's worst ever television actress but not movies, because first of all no one sane would ever hire her for a movie, and second, we have to reserve that movie spot for Cara Delevingne was popping pills from a prescription bottle while also swigging wine. Does not sound like a good combination. She needs help but everyone just seems obsessed with getting her a new reality show.

Friday, March 09, 2018

Blind Item #15

This former A list "singer"/former reality star from a celebrity family has not been able to sell any of her reality show pitches and can't get any acting work either. It is not even so much what happened so long ago, it is the way she was on her last big show where she got fired. No one wants to deal with that again even if she has changed. She has. Someone should hire her because she is pretty miserable.

Blind Item #14

This former reality star turned A- list singer turned B+ list actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee dumped the guy she was seeing while married and is now seeing a married man who is also hooking up with a foreign born A- list singer who has a vowel to begin her first name.

Blind Item #13

I'm pretty sure her otherwise amazingly excellent plastic surgeon went a little overboard because this former A+ list mostly movie actress who will probably have A list name recognition forever even if she continues to keep herself from the acting world couldn't blink. It seems as if she only blinks once every five or six minutes and it is the most bizarre thing to see.

Blind Item #12

After demanding a ridiculous raise that she had no chance of landing and threatening to walk if she didn't get it, this foreign born singer/reality host ended up taking a 10% salary cut just to be able to stay on the show.

Blind Item #11

This former A list mostly television actor who thought he was too good for the network show that is still airing without him even though he thought it would die without him needs rehab for his drinking. 

Blind Item #10

Continuing her long standing tradition of being rude to fans, this former tweener turned A- list singer not named Selena (who isn't all that great to her fans either) was at an event this week and refused to take photos with any fan who asked. These are the same fans she claims to love and wants to purchase her music.

Blind Item #9

This closeted, foreign born, married A list multiple reality show star probably didn't let his newlywed wife know about his hookup with a guy he met online last week.

Blind Items Revealed #5

March 1, 2018

This former A+ list tweener who got her start in an acting/singing capacity likes to think she is the one in control of her acting offers. I mean she is in the sense she can choose between the awful movies she is offered, but no one is offering her anything with a studio behind it. She makes it seem like offers are pouring in for her acting skills. They aren't. The only offers she gets are from producers trying to make a little money by throwing her in their movie. If someone offered her a real part or a television show, she would quit this stuff she is spewing and take the job faster than you could say Mandy Moore.

Miley Cyrus

Four For Friday - Justice For A Friend

This is from a friend of mine who wanted to get a little justice for someone. So, because he can tell it best, I only did a little light editing.

My old friend and long time collaborator #1 is a multiple Grammy winning producer in Nashville.  He wanted to get into working on music for films and television. His first and to my knowledge only gig like this (because of his horrible experience) was to be the music producer and supervisor (of original music) for #2 (an upcoming reboot).

Early on the process went great. He was very excited. Probably more excited than I had ever heard him. He was in regular contact with #3 (A+ list mostly movie actor), who during this part of the experience was very excited about the direction he was taking the music for the project. #1 enlisted many of his top tier friends and collaborators to write songs for the film. He even brought in an older gentleman, a songwriting legend from days gone by named #4. #1 hand picked one of his unsung songs from the 70’s to be a song featured in the movie. A beautiful song. #4 had lost his only son years back and had basically sold all his guitars and, in his sadness, had stepped out of music almost all together. #1 had been a new friend who had given #4 some hope and a new, pure start.

Anyways as time drew near for #1 to go to LA to begin tracking for the soundtrack, things seemed brighter and brighter. It seemed as if the music for this film was going to be top notch and really authentic.

#1 brought the band he uses to LA to record these songs that he’d curated for the album and this is where he met #5 (A/A- list singer). From the moment it began, #5 was unstable. Apparently she was claiming sobriety but gave off the vibe of someone who was still on the sauce and more.  Anyways, she’s there in the studio with #1 and his band who have worked for months to make this a reality. Now mind you, #3 has been on board with #1’s vision from day one and has been excited for where it is all going.

The minute they get in the studio #5 immediately is telling #1 that “nobody buys records with live drums on them” and is, at every turn, attempting to undermine #1’s role in all of this. #1 is a sensitive guy. He’s also not one to fight. So often when battled, he will just take a step back. But in this case he wanted to stand by his vision which everyone from the studio to #3 had been on board with.

#5 also had her boyfriend there. I won’t name him because he is someone that I consider a friend, but we aren’t really that close. Fair weather friend at times I believe. But our families are tied together closely so I won’t name him here but I’m sure you can figure it out.

Anyways, at every turn, she would turn to him and, despite his previous stances, he would always defer to her. #3 also did the same thing when face-to-face with her ire.

She would speak to the engineers and #1’s assembled band and assistant like slaves. Really rude type s**t. And if someone wasn’t paying attention, she would drop something and bend over (in the short dress she was wearing) revealing that she was not wearing any underwear. This would happen multiple times throughout the day and evening.

Then any time someone would disagree with her and agree with #1, she would burst into aggressive tears and claim misogyny, “that the world only listens to men and women don’t have a voice”.

Needless to say, nothing ever came of the session and #1 went home frustrated and disappointed.

Once #1 returned to Nashville he had calls with the movie studio and #3 and they agreed to let #1 cut the songs in Nashville with placeholder vocals in place. It is important to mention as well that #1 had arranged for the great players who he uses a lot to be in the film. All that paperwork had been done and it was the plan.

He cut some tracks and they were fantastic, including the #4 track. He sent them all to the studio and they, as well as #3 again loved it.

What happened next? #5 told the studio she was out unless her boyfriend and his band were in the film instead of #1’s band. Once they agreed to that, she and her boyfriend went and recorded all the songs over (including the #4 song). She once again played the “it’s my way or the highway card on this”. #1 was quietly excommunicated from the project and her tracks and her man’s band was used.

The real kicker? Her and her man took writing credit on poor old #4’s song.

There is a positive note to the original LA story. After the session was over and #5 and everyone but #1 and the band were gone, #6 (permanent A lister who has been in one A+ list group and one A++ list group), who had been next door recording, walked in with two giant bottles of whiskey and said “sounds like you guys need some relief” and poured them all drinks and took them all driving in his ultra fast Tesla. I gained some respect for him that day. But lost all from #5. 

Your Turn

It is amazing how few people watch even a fraction of the best picture nominees. I bet though, that all of us have seen a higher percentage of the movies below. This is the top 25 box office from way back in 2000. How many have you seen? I have seen 21.5 of them.

1 How the Grinch Stole Christmas
2 Cast Away
3 Mission: Impossible II
4 Gladiator
5 What Women Want
6 The Perfect Storm
7 Meet the Parents
8 X-Men
9 Scary Movie
10 What Lies Beneath
11 Dinosaur
12 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
13 Erin Brockovich
14 Charlie's Angels
15 Traffic
16 The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps
17 Big Momma's House
18 Remember the Titans
19 The Patriot
20 Chicken Run
21 Miss Congeniality
22 Gone in 60 Seconds
23 Unbreakable
24 Me, Myself and Irene
25 Space Cowboys

Blind Items Revealed #4

March 1, 2018

This A list legend is speaking the truth about her recent payments for acting. She gets scale and nothing more. However, one thing she is not being completely open about is that she has increased her nightly fee for what makes her a legend by close to 50% because of the acting which her agents cite when booking her.

Mary J Blige/divorce filings

Blind Items Revealed #3

March 1, 2018

It is a great defense and one of the reasons this former A- list mostly television actress is so front and center right now. You could never get away with this defense at any other time so she is playing it extra hard. The audience is not a jury because she can't get up on the stand and say what she is saying now. But, she is hoping for media pressure to get the case dropped. She knows she screwed up and realizes this is a golden chance she wouldn't have received otherwise.

Rose McGowan/Harvey set her up

Blind Items Revealed #2

March 1, 2018

"I should have killed you when I had the chance," were the only words left on a voicemail yesterday to this A- list actress. It sounded like someone distorted the voice using a computer program or autotune. Hmmm, wonder who would have access to an autotune she knows. She did turn it over to the FBI.

Evan Rachel Wood

Blind Item #8 - Details, Details - Mr. Hedge

I planned to be finished talking about a certain almost TV network, then noticed that some readers wanted to know details behind the almost-TV network’s shady accounting.  So here you go.

The almost-TV network takes 4 years to depreciate 90% of the production cost of their original content.  This is not a tightly-kept secret.  Their top executives will answer the question, if an investor bothers to ask them - or digs through many long, boring financial filings.

Think about how a newly released box-office film gets depreciated, which is about that quickly - at the end of the box-office and peak on-demand runs.  That always happens within a few months for a typical film, for a massive blockbuster – a year at most.

Sure, the almost-TV network does have their films available for streaming, so the loss of value doesn’t happen quite as quickly, as it would for a movie theater film.  But it doesn’t take 4 years either.  Not even close.  Is watching a 3 year old film worth the same to a subscriber as a 3 month old film?  Of course not. 

Think about that big recently released sci-fi film which cost them $100 million.  The one critics hate, and most people think is a lousy film.  This applies to the almost-TV network’s entire film program, which represents the majority of their content spending.

That is how the almost-TV network can burn through mountains of cash, yet claim they are reporting a profit to their investors.

The almost-TV network told investors back in January that they could throttle back on the record $3-4 billion of cash they told everyone they would use in 2018.  As predicted, they are already changing their tune.  Just last week at an investor conference, the management admitted that 2018 might not be their “peak burn year” for cash.  Not surprising, considering all the big multi-year commitments the almost-TV network has been making lately.

The good news is that this almost-TV network is basically burning through $30-40 per year of cash, per U.S. subscriber.  This means they’re not charging subscribers anywhere what they need to charge, in order to cover all this spending.

So enjoy all the lousy, over-budget films, for as long as the almost-TV network can keep borrowing more money to finance them.

Their new film launching this week was set in a foreign country, with a completely improbable plot. The studio was glad to offload this heap of garbage to anyone who would finance production - after their first 2 choices for both lead actor & director all bailed.

Initially a recently married, foreign-born, full frontal loving actor was set to play the lead.  Several years ago, a former girlfriend accused this actor of horrible physical abuse.  When he bailed, a foreign born A- list mostly movie actor was tapped.  Finally, they ended up with a disgusting B+ list actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee, and is equally as famous for another entertainment profession.  This is the same guy one with a long list of underage teen hookups. 

Blind Item #7

The drug use is crazy right now for this back in the day former A list mostly television actress who appeared on two network hits simultaneously until she gave it all up for a nude scene in a movie. 

Blind Items Revealed #1

March 1, 2018

Apparently more drinking and a hookup with a guitar player led to the split of this A list country singer and her long time boyfriend.

Miranda Lambert/Anderson East

Blind Item #6

This one named A list rapper cheated on his B+ list girlfriend. They broke up but she has no idea about the cheating or it would have been way more messy.

Blind Item #5

This A list singer might have got hitched while overseas but it probably comes as news to the guy she has been hooking up with on and off in the same city for almost six months. I guess that guy just didn't have the quality of drugs our singer has grown used to and that the person she may have married does.

Blind Item #4

This judge was so awful that the show almost had to be redone. The judge? This A-/B+ list writer/actress who had some time off between projects. Apparently it was a mess.

Blind Item #3 - Club Fed - Mr. Hedge

This A-list CEO just had a key person leave his company very abruptly.  Very key person.  No mention of a successor or transition period. This is almost unheard of, for that particular position, at such a large publicly traded company.

The very-recently departed employee held the position closest to some alleged financial wrongdoing.  If he has talked to the Feds - it will all unravel very quickly for this A-list CEO. 

Then again, almost every key department head underneath our CEO has jumped in just the last few months, like rats off a sinking ship. 

This CEO and his actress ex-girlfriend were spotted at the same pre-Oscar party.  Both the CEO and his ex took a clear friend as their date, yet avoided the other like the plague the entire time.   

Blind Item #2

This foreign born world's worst actor/part-time reality star is married but it didn't stop him from getting another woman he is seeing pregnant. This should work out well.

Blind Item #1

Apparently one of the conditions for this foreign born A+ list celebrity to return to the fold so to speak is that she wanted the leader of the movement who is a foreign born A- list celebrity to submit to drug tests. The A- lister refused so the A+ lister walked. 

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Blind Item #15

The suckitude of the tabloids and even monthly magazines digital presence really knows no bounds. They throw on the biggest kneepads whenever this momager tells them to. The ridiculous engagement story is the latest example. When they all run the same stories with the same quotes and/or talking points, they look like mindless sycophants. Then, when they do run something newsworthy or important, no one believes them.

Blind Item #14

Considering the comments he has made in the past, it is kind of shocking this foreign born A+ list athlete in his corner of the sports world has let people see him dressed as a woman. 

Blind Item #13

For months, this foreign born B- list celebrity refused to renew her bearding deal with this foreign born A- list actor. She was so over it. Then, when her fame started sliding and our actor started getting hotter, she wanted to be a part of it. He was an a-hole about letting her come back, but it isn't like he had a bunch of people signing up. He has more quirks than the subject in #14.

Blind Item #12

This foreign born A+ list basketball player is HIV+. It should have easily remained a secret, but events where he plays may bring his case out into the public.

Blind Item #11

Not only has the drinking increased exponentially for this permanent A- list musician, he is also back using heroin. His significant other is not doing much to try to stop him, because last time she did, she got beaten. 

Blind Item #10

This B list celebrity/part-time porn star is hiding a whole lot of income in a legal proceeding. She just doesn't want people to know that she yachts for most of her income.

Blind Item #9

There are guns involved. There are drugs involved. There are kids involved. I know this has been reality couple all of you know want another shot and they have done this kind of fakery in the past, but this time something really bad could happen in their pursuit of a new show.

Blind Items Revealed #5

March 1, 2018

Unlike the men she yachted with when she wasn't legal, this A- list reality star did not actually have sex with this offspring until she was legal. She thinks they are exclusive except for his occasional drunken forays. He though, is planning on making his ex pregnant. The ex wants that but has not told her current boyfriend either. The ex has experience with the half sibling thing and doesn't want it for her own kids.

Sofia Richie/Scott Disick/Kourtney Kardashian

Today's Blind Items - He Dated The Dancing Boy

I've been a regular reader of CDAN for years so I'm used to wild and crazy stories, but I have to say it goes to a whole new level of strange when you make one of your daily visits to the site, and there's a blind about someone from your own past. Followed by others... You see,  I was the dancing boy's mid 90s boyfriend. I have a story that I think may be of interest to some of your readers.

Back in high school, my older brother was an aspiring a&r guy and sometime road manager for various bands. It was then that I learned what you might call the Epstein effect, by which I mean Brian not Jeffrey. This is the rule which states that while the band might not be gay someone with the management often is. So, if you're a fan boy/autograph collector like me, and liked to get backstage for that reason, it was better to make contact with them, rather than the band. It's how I got in to meet everyone from Aerosmith to a now recently deceased permanent A list musician/bandleader who had come up from the swamps. The latter show was where I met the dancing boy.

I was in college in Nevada at the time, and visiting the Bay Area just to see this long running benefit concert where the musician was performing. ***** was there as a fan too but also because he had known the musician's daughter and her boyfriend from college. At the moment we first made eye contact backstage though he was talking to the daughter of another permanent A lister, this one a foreign born but English speaking comedian, who had appeared as his screen offspring in a certain movie/comedy in the 80s. She was also a friend of the musician's daughter. I guess they had all met in college.

In fact, he was asking her if this rumor from a couple years back was true. The story was that her dad had come to visit her on campus, and had gone to the right room number of the wrong dorm. It happened to be the room for the son of a disgraced 80s Wall Street financier/ inspiration for the famous movie villain, who was I guess known to regularly cavort with the campus rapists. Her dad knocked on the door, and the young man said "come in." Apparently he was expecting it to be a girl he had invited over to expose himself to, as the son was lying naked on the bed, masturbating. Upon seeing the young man's "tiny hands," and understanding he was up to no good, the comedian purportedly/mockingly said "I'm terribly sorry," and left. The daughter laughed out loud, which I took to be a confirmation.

Anyhow, sensing an in, I asked her for an autograph. "Sure sweetie," she said, pinching my cheek. I handed her my autograph book, and ***** whispered something in her ear. For a second I thought they might be dating, but then read what she wrote. It was an autograph with a postscript, which said, my friend ***** thinks you're cute. I'm thinking to myself what is this the 8th grade, and we're passing notes to each other? But I played along. I wrote that I liked him below it, and handed the book to her. She read it and handed it to him, which made him blush.

I never got to meet the daughter of the musician, as she had I guess already left with her boyfriend for an after hours shooting club frequented by Bay Area rappers, athletes, and Silicon Valley execs. One of the members was that legendary CEO. He had apparently started carrying after being robbed at gunpoint with his former business partner. The daughter herself had started carrying after an attempt was made on the life of her father, and the family. In their case it was an arsonist. They barely made it out of the house, which was quickly engulfed in flames. That crime remains unsolved. And yeah, there's a song about it.

One thing I will say about the dad is that the recent revelations about not only the cause of death, but the origin/timeline of the problem, are very probably true. With respect to the latter, often these are bs stories put out by the family or lawyers to conceal a decades-long addiction. But in his case I can tell you from what I saw he was stone cold sober back then, refusing even the champagne and weed being offered to him by the press and hangers on backstage. And everyone going back there was screened for track marks on their arms, because he didn't want that around.

After exchanging pleasantries - wasn't that a great show, where were we from and what were we doing now - he asked me if I wanted to go to a party in the City. I said sure.
He drove an Austin Healey 100-4. I once read that this car back in the day used to be called "the widow maker." Apparently there was a small epidemic of speed-related traffic deaths, most of them involving young men. And by the way he was driving I was afraid we might become latter day casualties. I asked him if it was really necessary. He said we'd be late otherwise. I told him I didn't want to become a martyr for punctuality. He said they wouldn't let us in if we were late. I said I didn't care. Finally, he slowed down.

The party, it turned out, was at this Mission District club and bar which officially closed at the designated time, 2am, but unofficially re-opened as an after hours venue for local and visiting celebs and their guests. The doors stayed open for just fifteen minutes. That was the case not only because they continued serving booze after closing time, but what else was on the menu, namely the stuff of that famous 80s rap tune they didn't let you play at jr. high dances. The A or A+ list and then still alive area rapper was rumored to be one of the stakeholders. ***** was on the guest list because his old friend and then current housemate was dating the singer of a certain influential but never very successful SF emo act, the one with the hard candy name. We got in with less than a minute to spare.


Your Turn

Today is International Women's Day. Who is a woman you admire?

Blind Items Revealed #4

March 1, 2018

This A- list mostly movie actress who usually exclusively focuses on comedies got her start in television. She wants to be in a new superhero movie, but part of any deal is she only has to do very very limited press. She just has severe issues doing things like that or meeting the public.

Kristen Wiig

Blind Items Revealed #3

March 1, 2018

This foreign born still one hit wonder slept with a director in order to get him to finance her latest music video.

Iggy Azalea

Blind Items Revealed #2

February 28, 2018

This A- list mostly movie actress is only that high in anticipation of her new movie. She was at lunch this week and was running to the bathroom every fifteen minutes on one coke run after the other. Not usually something you see at lunch.

Amber Heard

Blind Item #8 - One Movie

There is one movie that kind of ties a lot of things together. It was a movie that didn't make a lot of money. Honestly, it didn't make squat. It was probably one of the worst performing movies of that year. It made less than a $1M. It led to at least three deaths that I can think of off the top of my head. One of the deaths involved the star of the movie. He wouldn't die until later in life, but at the time he made the movie he was probably 16, and it was this type of thing that made him who he was and ultimately killed him. He got the job by having sex with the male producer of the movie. He was more than a producer of the movie, he was the owner of the company making the movie. People always forget that he was a movie big shot at that time. They all just think of him as a record executive and forget the whole movie thing. That movie thing introduced him to many hundreds of young teens. Not only did he have sex with the 16 year old lead, but also his 17 year old girlfriend/co-star. That was all part of the deal. It was an actress, not this one, that was breaking up his marriage before he was killed. An actress who was also underage. An actress who was lusted after by one of his killers.

Blind Item #7

This streaming behemoth says they are a supporter of women's rights on International Women's Day. It doesn't really seem like it with what is going on in this European country right now. Several productions of shows and movies have been shut down for the day by women striking on those shows and movies. All have done so without a hitch. All shows except one. Can you guess who owns that show? The giant streamer. Producers on that show have threatened any woman who goes on strike with being fired. The women backed down and are working. 

Blind Items Revealed #1

February 28, 2018

This former Teen Mom hooked up with a guy she thought was a rich Russian oligarch but was an Uber driver from New Jersey who can do a really good Russian accent.

Farrah Abraham

Blind Item #6

Despite having a significant other, this foreign born A list host/mogul is not only boozing it at record levels but is also hooking up with one of his celebrity exes while he is in town. 

Blind Item #5

This is the craziest love triangle type thing I have seen in awhile. You have this A- list singer who is a pretty bad actress being basically stalked by the head of this organization who wants her for himself even though he is married. He is doing everything he can to drive a wedge between the singer/actress and her current significant other without causing damage between the friendship of the two men. This is all going to cause a relapse for our singer/actress.

Blind Item #4

A lot of disagreements that have become much more heated. This permanent A++ lister says her thoughts on the editing of a new movie were ignored which is why the movie is getting such horrible reviews. She has lessened the number of appearances she is going to make for the new movie because of the disagreements.

Blind Item #3

This one season wonder will no doubt cheat on his significant other. I think we all know that. Did we also know that his significant other has a burner phone she uses to talk to her "ex."

Blind Item #2

This diminutive A+/A list mostly movie actor is the front runner to portray the lead in a new superhero movie. The thing is though, the script calls for the superhero to be killed. The actor wants no part of that and says if he is playing the role, that part of the script needs to be changed. 

Blind Item #1

This foreign born former A list singer who hasn't had a hit in a very long time and if you believe conspiracy theories, may be a replacement for the original has a new boyfriend. He won't last long though because she never goes too far from that flash in the pan singer/reality star who also supplies her drugs, but only when she is with him.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Blind Item #15 - Kindness

This A+ list mostly movie actress picked up the tab for an entire restaurant this week while she was out of town. When she was paying her bill, she told the manager to charge everyone that was eating right then on her card. 

Blind Item #14

This now disgraced former A list mostly television actor who has had some good runs here and abroad was drunk and ranting this past week about one of the women who spoke out against him. He said if she had been there right now, he would make sure she never worked again because of how much he would hurt her.

Blind Item #13

This alliterate C list take anything she can get actress is probably as thirsty as Phoebe Price was back in the day. You know, that desert level thirst. She is married to an actor who had a decent run back in the day. You would never know she is married when she is working a room though. She would dump her husband in a second if the right guy came along. She is spending thousands of dollars she doesn't have each month on paps and clothes and PR to get into parties. 

Blind Item #12

This permanent A list singer/diva had a recent photo shoot airbrushed to within a centimeter of reality. She picked the pictures used and kept sending them back to be retouched more. Never in the history of the magazine have they retouched photos more than these.

Blind Item #11

It has been a few years, but this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and had a much better year in television than movies is cheating on her husband with a trainer. What is it with her and her trainers.

Blind Item #10

This A- list mostly movie actor had a franchise that has now ended. In the last couple of years, he filmed a movie in Italy. He spent most of his down time driving down the highways having sex with multiple Nigerian women trafficked to the country for this purpose. He bragged about how he would find three or four a night every night during filming.

Blind Item #9

This very recent A list rapper has been partying way too hard and she is in danger of dying, not just from her partying but the way she is always threatening people with violence. One of these days, someone is going to call her out and it won't be pretty.

Blind Items Revealed #5

February 28, 2018

Apparently the transformation of this former A list mostly television actor to superhero is going poorly. The results have been awful and the studio is worried that as it stands now, the movie will be a huge box office bomb.

Zachary Levi

Today's Blind Items - DB: Busted In LA - A Different Dancing Boy

Surprise! The "db" of this story refers not to the dancing boy, but another one - for him there is a song.

This story does involve not the college but does involve the school, and back even further in the day. The president is at this time not yet disgraced, let alone former, and the land war in SE Asia rages on - albeit in its later stages; Americans are seeking escapist entertainment, especially on TV. One show is about a mixed family, another about a musical family. We're talking now about the latter.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. How I heard the story is as follows: one day, after school I was shopping for music at the local indie record store. I happened to be wearing my school uniform at the time, and one of the guys who worked there, sort of the town hippie (or one of them - he now owns the place), laughed and said he used to go to that school. As we were leaving I mentioned this to my friend, who told me this story...

Initially, the school had not been a k-12 day school with elite aspirations, but associated with the Church of Christian Science. Among its students at the time, in addition to said town hippie, was a member of the show's cast - not the recently deceased one, but the one with the troubled adulthood. Apparently those troubles began earlier.

This is where the story becomes uncharacteristic for the context, and time. It's an odd point of note, but even while homosexuality remains unmentionable in some religious communities, and countries, there's sometimes a surprising tolerance for trans people. Just think of Iran, where same sex relations are punishable by death, but sex reassignment surgery is paid for by the state.

Apparently among this group of Christian Scientists it was like that. There was even one trans girl among the tween students. She was allowed to wear a skirt to school, and there was a fund taken up for her hormones, and surgery.

What no one knew at the time or expected was that the actor had both a budding interest in and hostility toward this person, and others like her. And one day after PE, he cornered her. It's unclear exactly what happened - the two were the only witnesses - but by the end of it she'd been beaten and robbed (presumably for drug money). That's when our friend the hippie and his kid brother showed up. Seeing the state of her, they roughed the actor up, and left him on the playground. By then a crowd had formed around them, cheering them on (the actor had a few hangers on, but no real friends).

Of course, things being what they are, both the hippie and his brother were promptly expelled from the school. And of the actor and the trans girl, only one of them got appropriate medical attention. I guess they make exceptions for famous people.

Within a few years ownership of the school changed hands, and this history was more or less lost.

Apparently, how the Christian Scientists lost ownership of the school is that several children (who were students there) - a boy with asthma, a girl with diabetes, and another boy with cancer - all died from lack of proper medical care. There was purportedly an infirmary on the site, which had no nurse, medications, or medical equipment - just prayer books and religious tracts. It was demolished when the new owners (I guess there had been a lawsuit by an ex-church parent) discovered a child-sized coffin in the storage room. The kids are said to have been buried in one of the surrounding canyons.

Your Turn

A food you love as an adult but hated as a child.

Blind Items Revealed #4

February 27, 2018

Nothing anyone says from this movie gets anyone more excited to see it. It will probably be the biggest bomb in the career of this A+ lister. Now, the studio is even trying a co-star are dating angle which is such crap.

Jennifer Lawrence/Joel Edgerton/Red Sparrow

Blind Items Revealed #3

February 27, 2018

This B+ list celebrity offspring of a former A++ lister says she gave almost $10M over the years to this organization that also knows a bunch of secrets she never ever wants to get out. It might seem like she is opening up, but it is nowhere close to what she is hiding.

Lisa Marie Presley

Blind Items Revealed #2

February 27, 2018

This A+ list mostly movie actress made a statement about a relationship with an A+ list mostly movie actor, but there was one very big qualifier to the statement. Like most of the things she denies, people know the truth about what happened.

Jennifer Lawrence/Chris Pratt (She says they did not have sex on the set of Passengers.)

Blind Item #8

This former B+ list child actress says she has been in therapy ever since a hit network show ended over a decade ago. She says that this multiple A- list mostly television actress who is about to get another probable hit network show would molest her. Often, she would be joined by her husband when molesting the young actress. The former child actress still does act, but fairly rarely.

Blind Item #7

Right now, this foreign born B-/C+ list multiple reality show participant who is married to a very wealthy foreign born multiple reality show participant is just embarrassing herself by staying in the relationship. Her significant other has been all over town with different women and checking in to various hotels with them for after lunch soirees. 

Blind Items Revealed #1

February 27, 2018

This former child actress turned addict turned older teenage actress turned addict turned adult singer who is probably B list unless you follow a former rocker and then she is A list as to linkage recently relapsed and has had a lot of struggles since the death of the former rocker.

Taylor Momsen/Chris Cornell

Blind Item #6

This former A list singer who has never quite been able to recover his status despite still selling a ton of records and playing all over the world beat a woman so badly a few weeks ago that he paid her $100K to stay in his house until she healed because he knew it would be the end of his career this time if it got out. During the time she was healing, he convinced her it was a one time thing and apparently they are still together.

Blind Item #5

This foreign born former flash in the pan A- list singer who is probably B- because of his name assured his girlfriend he never got married to a guy and that the rumor he is bisexual is wrong and he just experimented back in the day. Ummm, the guy you are seeing regularly is not the same guy you supposedly married, but there are lots of guys who have hooked up with you the past few months.

Blind Item #4

This A+ list mogul/host/a-hole would like you to think things are all nice and cozy with the woman he calls his girlfriend. Ummm, I'm pretty sure that was a different guy she was making out with every time anyone saw them in public while on vacation together.

Blind Item #3

This B list celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ lister says her celebrity boyfriend who may now be an ex because of his obsession with young teens wets the bed at least once or twice a week because he gets so drunk he can't get up to go the bathroom.

Blind Item #2

This foreign born A list celebrity who one can argue is more infamous than famous likes to listen in when this foreign born former A- list syndicated actress/celebrity has phone sex with either one of her current boyfriends or even her most famous ex.

Blind Item #1

An interesting piece of news was dropped during the Oscars.  That disgraced A- list director and his entire network of shady friends must really be sweating that announcement, about some devastating information to be exposed in the next couple months.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Mr. X Blind Item

This former tweener turned A-/B+ list adult singer is such a hypocrite when it comes to bullying. She likes to call out others, but forgets her very recent flipping off of fans and assaulting them. Oh, and that tantrum she threw because a celebrity showed up who she didn't like. 

Blind Item #14

The least discussed member of this political family is trying to pitch a reality show which would be half travel/half life of the rich and famous offsprings. I'm guessing this means no more school then?

Blind Item #13

A director of some episodes of this pay cable show that needs to be 100% drama free according to the cable network that airs it has been trading sex for small roles on the show. The show barely survived one scandal and it won't survive another.

Blind Item #12

It didn't take long for this A-/B+ list writer/actor to move on from his marriage. At a party out of the country, multiple models said he hit on them and tried to convince them to hook up. He also hit on this barely legal A- list mostly movie actress from an acting family who called him disgusting. 

Blind Item #11

In the past, I wrote about this permanent A list couple and the surrogate factory they own. Despite the millions they have made from show business, they make much more money owning this factory. Now, they have a new business. Women who don't want to carry babies, but still want to make money sell their uterus. The clients so far are very wealthy Europeans and Russians who either are too old to have babies or have some other fertility problem. Our permanent A list couples charge ten times what they do for a surrogacy, however, the "donor," rarely makes more than $500-1000 for the surgery and there is no followup care after they are discharged from the hospital.

Blind Item #10

There are many reasons being floated for the push of the massively major action adventure fantasy movie from That movie company. One that is not being discussed is closer to the truth. Yes it was moved because of the foul mouthed movie and the solitary hero movie. Yes, it avoids the problems with the fans and online spoilers but those haven't bothered That movie company before. Three of its actors have fires that can't be held off forever. Two are set to leave after this movie. The third still has movies on his contract. Push the movie and contain the fires. Then let all three out at the same time and hope the third one is lost in the noise over one and two. It has worked before. One was even in on the promotion of the pushing of the date!

Blind Item #9

Disturbing, but not surprising. Apparently this permanent A+ list singer manually stimulated the then boyfriend of her daughter. It was some kind of fantasy the singer had. Apparently, she and the boyfriend are very good friends and he has made a name for himself in his own right. Apparently she also reminded him of it the other night in front of a group of people who also found it disturbing.

Blind Items Revealed #5

February 27, 2018

Apparently this A+ list news anchor who was in a very long term relationship met someone on his travels and dumped the boyfriend for a new guy. Our anchor was in the Southwest celebrating the birthday of the new boyfriend and things were to the point where get a room was heard at the party.

Anderson Cooper

Today's Blind Items - Harikari

So, if you were born in the 70s, grew up in LA or thereabouts, and liked indie or at least "indie" rock, there was one area band that you went to see less maybe for the music (although you liked that too) as for what might happen during the show. This band never got the traction of say the Chili Peppers and Janes Addiction, but its frontman went on to national stardom for a certain type of reality tv - a type very much connected to What Might Happen.

One of the times the band performed they were playing at a certain historic So Cal theater (spelled "re") that was almost destroyed by a recent and record-breaking fire (within two blocks). I didn't know it at the time but someone was recording the show, or at least parts of it - including their probably most known song (the one about the rocker turned booze baron). It ended up on YouTube, and is there to this day (near the top of the search list for the song).

When you find the video, you'll notice first his shaved head. Early on in the show, the singer announced that his girlfriend had just dumped him (you can probably guess why), and for that (which is to say some) reason he had crudely lopped off his hair. The set, or at least the part of it they got through, went well enough, but in between songs the singer grew increasingly agitated, drinking beer and gin and snorting something he'd fetch from his pocket. Just after they finished that song came the meltdown, a tantrum about the band, the girlfriend, and women in general. He was slurring his words, and when challenged by one of the bandmates threw a bottle of beer at him. The band left the stage and the crowd was alone with him, the audience and the singer. The crowd was  then treated to a roughly ten minute monologue about his troubles, much of it some combination of self-pitying and incomprehensible. At the end he pulled a knife from his rear pocket - a switchblade, in fact - and threatened then and there to end his life, Harikari style. That's when the lights came on and two men who looked like orderlies rushed onstage and dragged him away.

There is a theory about the video given the size of camcorders back in the day, it's hard to imagine anyone being able to smuggle even one of the smaller hi8 ones into a show. The theory is the singer gave one of his fans advance approval for filming the show, already planning to kill himself at the end. He would have become famous in death to an extent he wasn't yet in life. Ironically, it's his troubles, and getting over them, that made him that kind of famous.

According to a witness at the show, after the orderlies took him away, a certain doctor came out to address the audience about the singer, and drug abuse in general. He was going to get the help he needed, he said, and a couple of women threw alt radio station swag into the audience. He encouraged the young people in the audience to seek help if they had been abused, or were self-medicating, or self-harming. The singer had been a semi-regular caller to the doctor's then radio show, often obviously drunk and on drugs. There was one particular episode in which a neo-Egyptian sex temple leader was the guest, and he called in to angrily denounce the leader, who had sex with thousands of women without protection. Now, of course, the singer was right, but he was obviously not coherent. This is how the singer and the doctor got to know each other, as host, and caller. 

Your Turn

If you could be invisible, what is the first thing you would do?

Blind Items Revealed #4

February 27, 2018

This reunited band that had its A list years well over a decade ago is thisclose to canceling their entire tour because ticket sales are abysmal. No one wants to play arenas that are not even half full.

Smashing Pumpkins

Blind Items Revealed #3

February 26, 2018

This almost A+ list mostly movie actor was a no show at an event this past week. He was supposed to attend with his actress wife, but bailed. Things have not been going well for the couple at all.

Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan

Blind Items Revealed #2 - Kindness

February 26, 2018

This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who all of you know used to be married to an actor all of you know. Anyway, our actress recently paid to upgrade a group of teens to business class on an international flight. When I say group, I mean there were about 10 of them. They were traveling on a school trip.

Kate Beckinsale

Blind Item #8

This A- list mostly television actor who stars on a hit show is from an acting family. His now ex is telling me she ran for her life from the actor after he got drunk and started beating her while they were out of the country. She was only wearing a bikini when she ran out of the house  he had rented. She had to have family send her money to buy clothes and then had to get to the US Embassy in the country to get a new passport. She got treatment at a hospital locally there. She says he had always been rough, but that when he got drunk that night, he became a totally different person. This happened really recently.

Blind Item #7

She wasn't supposed to get the part, but this foreign born singer more known for her crazy name and ex boyfriend got it when she hooked up with the A- list director who then said he would walk if she wasn't cast. 

Blind Items Revealed #1

February 26, 2018

It is always about money and this most famous member of a reuniting group wants the most money for agreeing to participate but wants to also do the least amount of work. Between her demands and the money another member desperately needs, there is a lot of fighting and things could still end up falling apart.

Victoria Beckham/Mel B/Spice Girls

Blind Item #6

The story being told about what happened to this A list YouTube star is leaving out the detail that the star groped a woman without her consent which led to everything else that happened after.

Blind Item #5

This A+/A list mostly movie actor who has multiple franchises and is an Academy Award winner/nominee has been married for quite some time. It was not that long ago that his wife would try to find women to bring home for threesomes, but her face became to well known, so the couple permanently hired a woman who comes over once a week.

Blind Item #4

This A- list reality star already has the creep factor going with his current girlfriend and when they started dating. There have been others not as famous as her that were even a little younger. Now? He has been using his connections to his ex to try to get this mid-teen female to start hanging out with him. The mid-teen female is a B+ list mostly television actress on a hit almost television show.

Blind Item #3

This closeted A+ list mostly movie actor went to an Oscar after party solo. He then got this very young Oscar nominee/winner wasted and hit on him like crazy but to no avail.

Blind Item #2

I don't know if it is because she is not filming anything consistently right now, but this B+ list mostly television actress who would rather be a singer just keeps messing with her face when it comes to fillers and injections. I am honestly shocked that with the work she has done that she has never got a nose job. Maybe she is worried about the Jennifer Grey effect.

Blind Item #1

Apparently things are not going well for this foreign born A- list mostly television actor from a hit pay cable show and the woman he calls his girlfriend. She refused to be photographed with him at an Oscar party this weekend and went off on a stylist who took a picture of the two of them in the same room. I think her real significant other has been giving her a hard time.

Monday, March 05, 2018

Blind Item #47 - Oscars - Mr. X

One of the biggest parties by fame anyway, was also one of the smallest in number. Our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/actress thought she would have no problems getting in. She was wrong. The singer/actress was denied at the door and told it was courtesy of this permanent A list singer who was kind of hosting it with her husband.

Blind Item #46 - Oscars - Mr. X

This A+ list mostly movie actress and this A+/A list mostly movie actress were supposed to go to an after party together. They didn't because the higher ranked actress was being a royal pain and the two were about to have a real fight which would have been ugly. Sometimes the higher ranked actress just pushes things way too far with her words and actions.

Blind Item #45 - Oscars - Kindness - Himmmm

My companion for the evening just witnessed the most glorious act of kindness I've seen or heard since one at the Golden Globes.  She had to wipe the tears away to tell me what she witnessed when she came from the rest rooms.  This (foreign born permanent A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee) walked into the lobby near the end of the ceremony.  While waiting for someone, he recognized a young man he'd seen running around the ceremony inside all night, and called him over.  The actor asked him who he was, but the young man said he's not supposed to fraternize with the attendees. The actor waved his hand, "Hell with all that. Who are you? I've seen you running  all over all night.  You're an employee?", the actor asked.  The young man nervously said he was working a temp job as a seat filler tonight; that he is a scholarship student at UCLA film school; and originally from a small town in Alabama…but is honestly finding it too hard to break in to the movies as a hopeful director without knowing "the right people". 

The actor pulled out his glasses, put them on, and took an envelope from his coat pocket.  He removed two small cards (which he tucked back into his coat), and handed the envelope to the young man.  The confused student looked through the contents.  Inside was a stack of VIP passes to the Governor's Ball; the Vanity Fair after party; and a dozen other tickets and free vouchers for swag.  The actor told the speechless student: "If they give you any shit? Tell them you're my grandson and they'll have to answer to me."

The student was dumbstruck, and kept thanking the actor over and over.  The actor just smiled and waved his hand in the air, saying: "Here's some advice: remember, keep your ears open and mouth closed.  Learn all you can.  Don't be shy and go make some new contacts.  Believe in yourself, and always be respectful to everyone no matter what they look like or where they're from. Then when your time comes to be invited to one of these fancy things? You do a favor to someone else who deserves it. Good luck, son."

The actor's date had emerged from the restroom, and they strolled arm-in-arm out of the exits.  The smiling student wiped the tears from his eyes and whispered "Thank you" to the old man.  My companion stepped over, handed the young man a producer's business card, and told him to contact the number when he has a demo reel to share.  The appreciative student floated back into the auditorium.

Blind Item #44 - Oscars - Mr. X

This A list actor/theatre star was miffed last night that he was asked by this A- list actress to pose for photos. Hey, she is the one who took a break from looking for a new bearding contract to take the photo.

Blind Item #43 - Oscars - Mr. X

This A- list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee talks a good game about #Time'sUp but she partied last night with one of the biggest enablers on the planet. She knows it but doesn't care. 

Blind Item #42 - Oscars - Mr. X

The world's worst dadager crashed an A list Oscar viewing party and then bid on a charity item which he doesn't have the money to pay for.

Blind Item #41 - Oscars - Mr. X

This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor with the higher on the list wife was boozing again last night at a party. Never a good thing for him. His wife was understandably ticked, but didn't say a word in front of anyone.

Blind Item #40 - Oscars - Himmmm

It's been many, many years since we'd all been together at once, and we were all very close more than 20 years ago.  It began as I was standing and talking with this (permanent A list mostly movie actress) after the ceremony, and it brought back a lot of memories.  I could fill 100 blogs with those stories! Families, laughs, wild and good times.  A short while later this (A+ list mostly movie actor) joined us too.  Which led us to talking about being on a movie set in the 1990's of (a movie based on a book); and the director of it and things we've heard about him.  They too had heard the same awful things, especially about the director and this (former A-/B+ list mostly movie actor).

The actress told me something has always haunted her about that young actor, and the director, and another adult actor.  Then the actress floored me with what she said.  Back then she was interviewed by investigators over 20 years ago about the director and this adult actor, (disgraced former A list mostly movie actor), concerning abuse of local boys.  It was allegedly covered up by this (A list author).  It was about something the director and adult actor did while casting local boys back during the making of that one movie we were all (unfortunately) a part of back then.

She said she didn't see anything happen by the director, but may have seen something she wasn't supposed to concerning the actor.  She said the writer was being investigated then for accusations of using his considerable local legal "pull" in the locations of that film to shut down an investigation.  She was asked about it, and answered truthfully, but the entire case disappeared.  Which explains the writer's desire to move to another state not long after.  My actor friend said he too had been contacted by investigators back then about the director, but had forgotten all about it until now.  The thought made all three of us sick.

We agreed to reunite in a few months when our schedules allow, and try to find out what happened to those investigations, the boys, and if the writer did indeed shut down those cases to protect the director (whose movies were a big revenue stream which made the writer very wealthy).  We want to do this, not for a movie or television show, but for the memory of that dead young actor.  This will not be the end of it I assure you.

Blind Item #39 - Oscars

This A+/A list mostly television actress probably deserves A+ list for the length of the hit network show on which she stars, but there are so many people on it, that she is probably an A. Anyway, she and her a-hole of a husband got into a screaming match just inside the door of an after party after faking it down the red carpet. Apparently when they got to the carpet, a model her husband cheated on our actress was there and gave the husband a hug right in front of our actress wife.

Blind Item #38 - Oscars - Kindness

Yes, she was tipsy, and quite possibly headed to drunk, but this former A list 80's star who works a lot behind the cameras now wrote a check for $2500 to a student filmmaker she met yesterday at a party to help with her tuition. 

Blind Item #37 - Oscars

Apparently this foreign born B- list celebrity wife of this A+ list mostly movie actor gained 10 pounds between her final fitting and yesterday. The designer had to remove a seam and then sew the celebrity/host into the dress. 

Blind Item #36 - Oscars

This A- list mostly television actor from a hit cable show who is an Emmy winner won the award for strangest behavior last night, At an after party he was convinced people were following him. He accused multiple people of recording conversations. He acted as if someone was going to kidnap him any second. The paranoia level was on super high.

Blind Item #35 - Oscars - Himmmm

At an after party, this (A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee) was trying to remain composed while talking to (this former A list mostly movie actress who is from an entertainment family) who was pawing and clawing all over him.  In front of his wife.  This actress thought it was 1998 again, and was making very cringe-worthy remarks to us both.  He rolled his eyes about her so many times, I thought he was having seizures.  The wife finally walked off. When the actress was laughing and reminiscing about a crazy drunken thing we three did one night many years ago (and got in big trouble over), she said: "You guys want to re-live a fond memory tonight?".  The actor smiled, turned to her and said: "I'd love to – but I'm married and besides…he and I are gonna come out of the closet any day now".  He grabbed my hand romantically and led me off.  I looked back at the actress standing there frozen, mouth open, looking like she'd seen a ghost.  We ALMOST made it through the doors before we heaved in laughter. (For the record? We're not.  Not that there's anything wrong with that whatsoever.  We just didn't want to re-live ANYTHING with her. Ever). 

Blind Item #34 - Oscars

One of the more rude comments someone overheard last night was directed towards this groundbreaking female talent who broke a barrier. She was upset at losing and some old cranky guy said she needed to wait her turn and get in line.

Blind Item #33 - Oscars

The winner on the men'd side for most coke use went to this actor who has won the award many times. He is A- list and has been a part of multiple franchises. He was nice enough to share though with not only his girlfriend, but anyone who asked.

Blind Item #32 - Oscars

After wading through all the reports and tips, it appears the female coke champion from last night was this foreign born B+ list mostly television actress who was around last night for a nominated movie of which she was a part. She is also the kind of person who was rude to everyone unless she thought you were higher on the list or could do her a favor. 

Blind Item #31 - Oscars

This A list mogul made his barely a celebrity wife go to a party with him last night even though she found out earlier this week he has been having an affair. This has happened to her before in a different marriage.

Blind Item #30 - Oscars - Himmmm

Three ladies, including (#1 A list dual threat actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee) and (A- list dual threat actress who is an offspring and had a great television year) were standing in the foyer, talking very quietly.  About that time, this (foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actress) walks by, says a quick "hello", and walks away as she…cuts a very obvious fart.  Yep, ripped one and kept on walking like she didn't notice.  The stunned ladies didn't know what to say, or ignore it or what.  Then #1 pipes up and says: "Why hold it in when you can share it with a friend?".  All three of the ladies burst out laughing like kids.  They quickly returned to the auditorium – but through a different entrance to avoid the jet-wash.

Blind Item #29 - Oscars

This foreign born A+ list singer tried to bring in a dozen people to this after party. After 20 minutes of trying, he had to settle for three being allowed in with him. The remaining nine all jammed inside one SUV and hotboxed the hell out of it until the A+ lister returned.

Blind Item #28 - Oscars

This A-/B+ list mostly movie actress/spokesperson all of you know was really tipsy last night. She does not let go in public very much at all. She did though, and then shared a creeper story about a soon to be former in-law that confirms every single theory of the guy ever.

Blind Item #27 - Oscars

Lots and lots of whispers and buzz about the continued public absences of this foreign born A list mostly action movie actor and his supposed significant other who is a foreign born A- list model/wannabe actress. There she was again last night, completely alone. She insists that everything is fine, but it isn't.

Blind Item #26 - Oscars

Multiple people said that this permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner looked not well. She said she was recovering from the flu, but others were whispering that she has something much more serious. She seemed to be in a lot of pain.

Blind Item #25 - Oscars - Himmmm

All during the ceremony, there were technical difficulties throughout the entire theatre.  Before the presentation of all the big award categories, for exactly 15 minutes, all cell and internet service inside the auditorium would shut off. BLIP! Just like a disconnected phone or web router at your house.  After the presentation? Service would resume.  This continued all night long, and drove many of the attendees insane.  Turns out that _____________________ did NOT want to leave anything to chance, and have a repeat of last year's screw-ups for big awards.  So he hired a very special technology company to be on hand, working in the control room with him.  They'd been there the entire week before the event, doing work as one of a trillion technical staff for video, computers, etc.  But all night long, during the ceremony, at least 15 minutes before the winners in major categories were announced, the Producer would turn to his guy in the control room, who would then signal a technician. And 'Bob's yer Uncle' – service went off. Then on.  Then off, and on.  Nobody wanted to complain to the Academy, and make it seem like they weren't paying attention to the show.  At least it worked – no award errors THIS year.

Blind Item #24 - Oscars

Everyone who witnessed this felt so bad for this recent A list mostly movie actress who seems to be everywhere. She met this permanent A list mostly movie actor who she considers one of her idols. The aging actor who had his time in the movie spotlight decades ago had no idea who the actress was when she told him that he is one of her idols. He just nodded in a way that indicated he didn't know who she was and had no idea why she was even backstage. 

Blind Item #23 - Oscar

This permanent A lister was doing great at the awards, but the comic actor was doing a lot less great after the show. He didn't even go into one after party because the entire time he was at that venue he stood outside and smoked meth. 

Blind Item #22 - Oscars

This foreign born B list mostly movie actress who only gets that high because of very recent success was really upset yesterday that her new A- list actor boyfriend refused to attend the awards with her. He isn't ready to go public. 

Blind Item #21 - Oscars

Apparently this former A+ list mostly movie actress was supposed to have a date last night to an after party. The former Oscar winner told people she and her date had sex earlier in the day and everything was good so she had no idea why he didn't want to go to the party. Later, when asked more about it she did concede they got into a little argument about whether to eat or not prior to going out and that she may have thrown a plate at him. 

Blind Item #20 - Oscars - Himmmm

This (A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee) approached this (married A list mostly movie director) during the ceremony, backstage.  She seemed a little "off", but was very pleasant.  Without any small talk, she was almost hovering over him, gently stroking his arm.  She said she really wants to work with him, and would be MORE THAN HAPPY to meet with him anytime…anywhere, to discuss it.  She's just such a big fan of his work she said, and knows that "working under (him)" would be a experience for them both.  "I'm fearless in my acting, and there is NOTHING I won't try.  Nothing", she said softly.  After clearing his throat, the director said that his next project was very similar to one she's already done and so she'd likely not want to repeat it. (Which is total b.s. but thought it would deter her).  Contrary, she said. "I could do that in my sleep.  You're welcome to watch me sleep if you want." She laughed, and asked him to please call or message her – not her agent.  He said he'd think about it, excused himself quickly, and tried not to explode laughing.  She's subtle.  Real subtle.

Blind Item #19 - Oscars

This B+ list dual threat actress almost got into a fight with another actress over who was going to mark a milestone on the red carpet. Our B+ lister said she took a lesser pay raise for a new movie just to have the honor. She ended up with the prize so to speak.

Blind Item #18 - Oscars

A frequent companion to the person in #17 is someone just about equally as famous. She was passed out drunk at an after party. It only took about two drinks to get her wasted.

Blind Item #17 - Oscars

This recent A list athlete was being an a-hole to just about everyone he came into contact with. I think this recent fame is going to his head.

Blind Item #16 - Oscars

This A-/B+ list closeted mostly television actor who has had a good month or two on television as of late and probably will get an Emmy nomination for it told a story last night which he made a blind. He says he hooks up with a closeted Under Secretary each time he goes to Washington D.C.

Today's Blind Items - Oscars - The Last Dance - A Himmmm Blind

There I was tonight at the big after party.  This was the big after party that most of the older crowd went to, and was very formal.  They even had a real big band playing low music and formal waiters.  Where the winners and youngsters would drop by, before running off to the wilder, louder parties raging all night.  My date was out doing her thing, and I was sitting there by myself at a semi-empty table, pretty exhausted, just having a drink and trying to relax a minute.  The jazz music was playing, lights were fairly dim there, and just sort of staring into space, thinking.  The bow tie was very untied by now.  I heard a voice, and saw a pretty young lady asking if she could bother me a moment.  She said someone would like to meet me.  Sure, why not?

She walked around the divider and emerged escorting a beautiful, classy, and elegant older lady.  I knew her from the moment she smiled that this was the star of two of arguably the best movies ever made.  Oh, that smile.  Some things never fade with age.  I arose, and she spoke softly – but with that voice still clear.  She apologized for intruding, but she'd heard from someone else that I was here.  Did I know her? Of course.  Could she join me? Of course.  The young lady helped her to the chair, and we sat there – those beautiful eyes, sparkling and powerful – still stunning.

She said she knew some relatives of mine, and just wanted to thank me for the help they gave to her in her early career.  She recalled my great-grandmother's pasta and that she otherwise may have starved as a struggling actress on Broadway in the "old days".  She remembered meeting me when I was a child.  So precocious, such a head of hair.  I told her at least I was still precocious. 

She asked if I recalled dancing with her at an Independence Day party 25 years ago?  I did indeed and was amazed she could remember me or that party.  I was a young lad of around 20 back then and recall drinking all the wine myself.  She said our dancing back then made her feel young again, the way she did when she danced with this (permanent A+ list mostly movie actor), nicknamed "C".  Wow.  She told me she thought she made Liz Taylor jealous that night, because I danced with her more than I did Liz.  I laughed, and told her I thought the world of them both.  I complimented her on all of her films, and her entire life of grace, elegance, and beauty.  Such a subtle power in her performances, like a velvet chainsaw.  She and I talked for a long, long, time. About this (permanent A+ list mostly movie director), and about (permanent A++ list mostly movie actor), and about (foreign born permanent A+ list director).  Like a conversation we'd returned to from decades before, just so at ease. 

The more we talked, laughed, and remembered...the more I noticed she'd hold my hand longer.  She'd rest her head on my shoulder periodically, and touch my arm.  She said how badly she missed those days of her youth, of feeling as if there's nothing she couldn't do if she desired.  If she could only go back 60 years, or even 30.  She told me she'd give "all these flirty-skirty girls here" a run for their money.  I believed her.  "And why do they all seem hypnotized by their phones? Looking down all the time? It must be hell on their posture", she said.  I agreed.

I noticed her young escort would peek around over at us, checking on her.  I didn't want to end this special moment with this most legendary of all ladies on this night, but I didn't want to keep her from obligations or rest.  I told her that we should get together soon, and have lunch.  She said she'd like that.  She said she was sorry, didn't want to impose, but…well, could we dance again?  Just one more time? To do a favor for a silly old woman?  I told her it would be MY honor, pleasure, and a favor to ME. She smiled warmly back at me.

It took a while, but we gently, slowly, strolled our way to the dance floor there at the party, strung up with dim white lights.  The big band music was playing slow jazz numbers, and I motioned for a waiter.  I handed him two very large bills, and told him to keep one and give the other to the band leader to play a special song – IF he knows that tune.  Any big band musician should know it.  The waiter did so, and I escorted this beautiful legend to the middle of the floor.  Thankfully, it was not early in the party so I wasn't worried about photographers.  Most of the big current celebs had already scattered.  Even so – this party had an unwritten rule most attendees adhered to about selfies, photos, and privacy. 

People began to step back, giving us room.  Some smiled warmly, and others politely began to back off the floor.  Then behold, the band earned their money.  The song - Glenn Miller's famous Moonlight Serenade – started playing, and her entire face lit up.  "I KNOW this SONG!" she said with a brilliant smile as if she'd just won an Oscar.  I had hoped she would recall, for it is what we danced to years ago.  She leaned into me, and I held her gently.  We began to dance, as she rested her cheek on my chest.  There was no one alive I'd rather been dancing with at that moment, to that song, in that place. 

I looked down at her, and she looked up at me…smiling with her eyes.  Not a patronizing smile, but with something behind those flawless eyes that I could not quite recognize.  Something far younger than her current years.  She was not there with me in 2018.  She was in another place, another time, with someone else.  I held her, moved with her, and even spun her slowly as she laughed like a young girl.  She could still move, and her movements flowed seamlessly like anyone who had been trained to dance.  I didn't want this dance to end, and wish I'd tipped the band to play all night.

I had forgotten the crowd.  When the song ended, I noticed people had left us alone to dance; and were all standing around the dance floor.  A loud wave of clapping and cheers erupted.  She held her hand over her mouth in embarrassment, almost blushing, and hid her face and her wide smile.  Everyone in that party felt the same as I – to witness a legend still in full bloom.  The band played on, others filled the floor to dance, and I held her arm.  She stood tall and I leaned down and she whispered to me, very softly, the words I can still here at this moment: "Thank you, so much (C)."

Wow.  She had called me by this legendary man's name.  I wasn't about to correct her, and didn't know how she meant it -  or to whom she meant it.  I am no C, but even if for a moment it allowed her to be reminded of a dance she shared with him?  It was I who was flattered.  Her young lady escort came over to help us, and I thanked my elegant friend for such a magical moment.  I kissed her on the cheek, and she mine.  I held her stare for a very long time, as it melted into a new smile.  "Thank you for…for everything", she said.  "You will keep in touch now won't you?", I teased.  Her only reply, "We'll meet again my dear, we will meet again." 

Something inside of me felt sure we would – in this life, or the next.

With that, she and her lovely escorts shuffled out towards the doors.  I just sat back down, marveling at such a precious, powerful, and beautiful moment I'd just had.  A global beauty, an amazing actress, and a warm person.  This will forever be the night – and likely the last time – when I shared a special dance with (permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner).  In this go-round, anyway.