Friday, March 16, 2007

Real World Update

I found this very short clip on YouTube from 1995. It has some of the cast members from LA, SFO and the original NY. Over the next few days if you find any great clips, e-mail them to me and I will post them and give them a permanent link so we can remember the best parts of the best shows.

The Revenge Of James

So many people wrote me complaining that I always post photos of Andrew G from Australian Idol, but never post photos of co-host James Mathison. Honestly, if I could get away with it I would just post pics of Noa and be done with both of them. James knows I want him to feel the love of the blog also, and so here is a tribute to James and as a special bonus for him, the first episode of ALF. (3 parts)

Blind Items Revealed and Four For Friday

Call it a St. Patrick's Day miracle or an alternative to NCAA basketball, but today you are getting the best of both worlds.

March 12, 2007

What cutie-pie actress at a pre-awards party let it be known that she was single and looking for a new guy. How did she let everyone know? By making out with two different prospects during the night.***I love the beach***

(Kirsten Dunst)

March 8, 2007

Last weekend at the poker tournament this B list actress who has been in two hit shows back to back was all kindness. An elderly man was getting up from his table and was struggling to get all of his chips together and his belongings while also keeping his balance. While this was going on, a group of four 20 something guys were playing grab ass with each other and just being asses in general ran into the elderly man. Our actress rushed to give aid to the elderly man whose chips and belongings had scattered beneath tables and chairs while at the same time unleashing a string of obscenities at the gang of four. When she unleashed her verbal tirade, it also caused the other players at the man's table to stop ignoring the situation and start helping. The gang of four looked sheepish and embarrassed but still did not help. The other players and our actress gathered the chips and belongings of the elderly man and our actress helped him to his feet and the other side of the casino where he was meeting his ride home. She stayed with him until she was sure he was fine and had cashed in his winnings.

(Maura Tierney-NewsRadio, ER)

March 5, 2007

She was doing so well also. This starlet who is allegedly sober was seen popping pills while drinking out of her "water" bottle this past weekend. Was it because of the recent photos of her which showed off her "baby bump?"

(Lindsay Lohan)

A little background to the one below. On February 14, 2007 I told everyone that I thought this couple would be together next year. Then, on February 17, 2007 they got the license and almost got married. The almost did it again refers to February 2005 when she and DJ AM did the same exact thing, and that Nicole was part of the party that was there when Nicky Hilton got married in 2004 in Las Vegas.

February 19, 2007

This woman is no stranger to Vegas weddings and almost did it again. She and her boyfriend of fifteen minutes got drunk enough to take out a license and were IN the chapel when she realized maybe a quickie wedding was not the way to go. She backed out, but the license is still valid and still ready to go should she change her mind.

( Nicole Richie and Joel Madden)

So, just two new ones today. Don't be greedy for four. You got some answers didn't you?

So she shares a name with a female former party legend. She is supposed to be clean and sober, but that was just so not the case the other night. Another question is where is she getting it? Is she getting it from one of her minders, because she is rarely ever alone anymore.

So this actress/singer recently dealt with a stalker and does not need anything out of the ordinary. So when this very rich guy took more than a passing interest in her and began sending gifts and flowers she did not find it fun or flattering and was just downright scared. Overreaction? probably, but everyone would be a little nervous in her shoes.

More Links--Hey It Is Something To Do Plus Tara Loves Ketchup

First one actually is not a link and I can't find the story anywhere. Tara Reid is opening a new fast food restaurant called Ketchup. It should be open by the end of the month and will be fast food like you have never seen before. **UPDATE**Thanks to hez who found a link. Also, the article suggests Ms. Reid does not have any money. I might check real estate records before I made that statement.

Did you enjoy Little House On The Prairie? How about the career of Patrick Swayze? I am a no on both but I understand most people are not like me and probably loved at least one. Patrick Swayze and Melissa Gilbert are going to be the leads in The Little House On The Prairie musical which is planned for next spring. Next month they are going to do an invitation only practice run.

Simon Cowell was once offered $100K to watch a couple have sex and then critique their performance. He turned it down and now regrets it. Hell, for $100K I would even watch Randy and Simon have sex. Thought I was going to say Ryan huh? Remember, it is be nice to Ryan week.

Angelina Jolie says she is going to be a stay at home mom. That doesn't mean she will not be in a different hotel each night of the year, it just means I am guessing that she will stay at the hotel with the kids? How come there is no Pitt on this child's name? Did Brad pull a Billy Bob?


Bobby Brown copies Flava Flav's dating show. One big difference is that Bobby thinks Flav's show was too classy and empowered women too much. Bobby wants to really be trashy. Wants woman to serve him food while they walk around in thong bikinis. I'm guessing Whitney didn't do that.

It doesn't take 3 days to sober up or to recover from a hangover. Can you spell R to the E to the H to the A to the B?

Veronica Mars has been canceled. Everyone including me had assumed it really was in hiatus. When the showrunner doesn't know it is going to be canceled, then everyone gets sandbagged. The first news I heard of it was in the sobbing voicemail a client left on my phone last night.

Lisa Kudrow gets a job.

"Don't call me, Larry." Well actually I guess you could call because I want to know everything!!

Simple Life 5 Preview

Real World Almost Over

When I saw that The Real World was going to be casting for its final season I thought I would spend some talking about it. I actually remember the first season and I have been hooked on and off depending on the cast until about 5 years ago when it finally lost its appeal. I remember when they aired the ten year reunion special that some of the cast looked so old, but they were only a few years older than me. Most people would say the early years were the best before the GGW mentality took place. I think the first years were great, but I also love the story lines from later years from Seattle and New Orleans and San Diego. Las Vegas to me is where it finally jumped the shark. There was really nothing any cast could do to compete with that season. Chicago tried and so did San Diego, but it felt like they were just copying Las Vegas. The Evil Beet has a great piece on the show and you can read it all here. However, there is one portion that truly says it all.

And my depression is furthered by the comments left by the fucking fetuses who are upset that they are too young to ever have their shot at drunkenly flashing their breasts and denying their eating disorders week after precious week for a national audience.

Exhibit 1:

Exhibit 2:
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be 18 in six months, and i’m totally in love with the Real World. There are so many cities to go to, PLZ, just a few more seasons.

These people weren’t even born when The Real World premiered. To them, the name Pedro is synonymous with an iconic class president candidate, not American youth’s initial face of the AIDS epidemic. They don’t even deserve to be on this show if they don’t remember how it started, when there was substance and meaning and insight and, just, ARGH.
I am so old.

Britney Update For Friday--She Looks Good

X17 has some great photos and video of Britney playing tennis with an unidentified male. It is not the whack job from yesterday. X17 must have taken videos and phtos the entire time because there are so many and she only played for 8 minutes. Look at the smile on her face, and she is drinking water rather than Coke. The new wig looks pretty cool also.

Kevin & Britney are just friends according to US Weekly.

Nicole Richie And Joel Madden Came THIS Close To Getting Married On February 17th--Is That A Blind Item?

So, Nicole and Joel are sitting outside the Little White Wedding Chapel for ages as they decide whether or not to go through with it. Nicole decides that she needs her dad's blessing and so they drive away from the chapel. They get her dad's blessing and will have some huge thing that costs a jillion dollars. Whether or not Nicole and Joel's marriage will succeed is irrelevant in making the point that people should not get married at 3am in Vegas. I even think that the license bureau which used to be open 24 hours now closes at midnight. On average I deal with about 20 couples every year who got married in Vegas and want to get a divorce or an annulment. About 90% of the couples got married while drunk or in the heat of the moment of being in Vegas and file for divorce within 2 months of their marriage. If you want the experience, just go pay for a wedding without the license.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Today's Blind Items

This actress that I love to hate, and who has quite the following, surprised people last night with her weight gain. The rumor has it that she is pregnant. Just what this world needs.

Two separate stories but the same result--

This used to be A list television actress has been rumored to be having marital problems. Last night she was spotted leaving a restaurant alone. Whoops, not quite alone. Two seconds after she emerged, our mystery guy walked quickly in the opposite direction also alone. No he wasn't the valet or a waiter and he had a big smile on his face. Wonder if the husband knows. Wonder why our actress decided to sign autographs last night after dinner when she never usually does.

This Irish sounding singer showed up last night to an event almost in tears. When asked what was wrong she admitted that her long term relationship was finally over.

What blogger really ticked off MTV Australia by releasing the names of hosts and performers scheduled for the Australian VMA's before they were supposed to be made public?

I Am Tired Of These Couples, So Enjoy The Photos Because They Will Be The Last, Plus Reese Looks Great And Why Tony Parker Should Never Fall Asleep


Diddy has a hard time being faithful. Uh huh. That's a shocker.

Did Gwen Stefani admit she lives in a hotel instead of at home? Is this a full-time thing? How small is her house that a hotel suite is bigger?

Well sure if no Vicodin or Oxy-Contin is available, ADD drugs will work, right Nicole? Who hasn't said hmmm, no pot today, but an ADD drug will go down real well.

Photos of Britney's children. Yes, both of them.

Carmen Electra would rather stay home than go out. I really have no problems with that Carmen. None at all.

Blogs Worth Reading

These three blogs are wildly different from each other and really have a tenuous connection to the gossip world. The thing that makes them great is they all link to my blog. No, but that is how I discovered them. They are all well written and will entertain you and keep you busy at work and beyond. Give them a read.

The first blog is written by a gay man in NYC who documents his struggle to find a good job in the entertainment industry and to find a man he can love. Deeply personal and also filled with lots of shirtless men for you ladies and gentleman who prefer that type of thing.

The second blog is written by an Australian woman who is documenting her attempt to lose weight and what she is doing to accomplish that goal. When I read her blog I think of Sex and The City. It is incredibly funny and makes you want her to succeed so much. She needs to make this into a book and then someone needs to option it.

The final blog is the most eccentric. It is one woman's thoughts as they occur. Sometimes there are four posts daily for a week, and then nothing for a few days. It is filled with rants and eroticism and would make a great chick flick.

Music News and A Plug For the Guy Who Paid For 10% Of My Law School Education

I really don't have much music news. I just was really excited to see that Morrissey is going on a North American tour beginning April 27. The tour starts in Stockton, CA because everyone knows Morrissey plays real well in Stockton. I guess the theory is that if he sucks real bad that no one will notice there and then he can cancel. Shows are also planned for Madison Square Garden and The Hollywood Bowl.

If you are going to be in LA tonight or tomorrow, then I encourage you to stop by Largo and see Glen Phillips of Toad The Wet Sprocket fame in concert. Glen and the guys in Toad literally paid for about 10% of my tuition and expenses in law school by playing 3 shows a year for 3 years for me and I am eternally grateful to him. He keeps asking for 10% of my earnings in return, but instead I thought I would just plug his shows and hope you can stop by. Ask him to play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and tell him to put on some damn shoes too.
The videos are a Glen Phillips song, and a Toad song.

CSI- Blind Item

In case you are ever wondering how a blind item comes to be, yesterday's is a good example of what is involved. Rarely is it someone coming up to you and saying I just saw so and so doing strange things to a horse. They are usually more circumspect than that.

At dinner on Tuesday night, AP got a text about the C list actor which said something to the effect of, "you remember that guy who hated ________ in ___________. He is sitting on a couch just about having sex with two girls." It went on to describe some more details and the fact that the writer thought he was old and gross, but it was not necessary for the blind item.

Now, I know the person AP got the text from and that person has been known to have 1 or 10 or 20 drinks in a night. So, in this case, the text is just a starting point. She may very well have her movies confused, especially if there are tons of movies with the same guy or he plays the same type of character.

So, I check to see if that individual was where he was alleged to be. This is not as easy as checking Getty and WireImage, etc. Celebrities only do red carpets if they want to, and if there are no inside photos and they chose not to do the red carpet, then you better hope someone else was at that party that you know. In this instance I actually did know someone who was at the party and he had seen the same thing.

Britney Spears Pees A Lot And Is Jacked Up On Caffeine. Also Her New Man Ho Uses The L Word And He Ain't Talking About the Showtime Series

Two articles on Britney today. One talks about how she has a bad attitude in rehab and is drinking a case of Coke everyday. I guess she is planning on some endorsements when she gets out. The other article from TMZ is an interview with the new man ho, Jason Filyaw and he says that he and Britney are very close and that he loves her. He did not say whether they are dating. A couple of things here.

1. How the hell do you date in rehab? Honey, would you like to go down to the smoking area, and then maybe take a walk over to the snack bar to see if they have any Coke left? When the AA meeting is over do you want to go down to the television room and watch CSI?
2. Why is he already giving interviews to TMZ if he supports her 100%?
3. If you drink a case of Coke a day and sleep 8 hours a day and 2 hours a day smoking, how many Cokes do you need to drink an hour to hit 24 and how many times do you have to pee an hour? Are they just 12 oz cans or is she doing the 32 oz bottles? Can you even sleep at all if you are drinking that much Coke?
4. He says that he recorded with Britney in 2003 and they kept in touch. Translation-- they were at the same recording studio in 2003 and since then he has seen her on television.

It Is Not Exactly The Fight I Imagined aka Be Nice To Ryan Seacrest Day

All my months of planning came down to this. Ryan Seacrest of American Idol vs. Andrew G of Australian Idol. I just knew Andrew could take out Ryan and be the Idol host boxing champion. However, it was just not to be. With both hosts at the Playboy mansion two weeks ago, I knew that the fight needed to happen then. Andrew G just got engaged and so would probably not be allowed to fight anymore or for that matter go to the Playboy mansion for much longer either. James Mathison the other Australian Idol host and the glue of punisherz set up the fight and agreed to provoke Ryan into taking a swing at Andrew. Hopefully Andrew would be able to bob and weave and then knock Ryan flat on his ass. BUT, it was not to be. Ryan was quicker than everyone imagined and neatly sidestepped James when James tried to trip Ryan. Seacrest went in for the punch and as James took the photo you can clearly see that Andrew was more concerned with looking good than actually wanting to fight. I expect that from Ryan but definitely not from Andrew. Of course if my fiancee' looked like Noa Tishby, I would make sure to never give her a reason to leave also.

Thanks to my buddies James and Andrew from Australian Idol and yes, even to Ryan for agreeing to play along. It actually looks like Ryan has punched someone before and seems to enjoy fighting way more than you would have imagined. I guess I need to be nice to Ryan for awhile. I would be even nicer if he could send a few tickets to American Idol this way so I can give them away to those of you who would love to see his boxing skills in person. Thanks also to Hugh Hefner who allowed the fight in his house. I am told he even got a little stiffy, which his bathrobe didn't quite hide. Congratulations again to Andrew and Noa. James, you should always get tickets before reserving the hotel rooms and buying the airline tickets.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Today's Blind Item

So, back to last night and the dinner and drinking and gossiping. Did I mention the drinking? During dinner, AP got a text message talking about a party that was going on at the same time we were eating. She read it aloud and wrote back. Several more text messages revealed this.

This party caused a headache today for one person already and does not need to be rehashed. It may cause a few more. It seems that no big celebrities really wanted to attend this appearance, and so the companies involved ordered up some really no name female "talent". This talent consists of women who shuffle between the front of the camera and the crew as well as women who usually model or just appear in a very brief scene showing nothing at all. They came out in droves and swarmed over the few B list male attendees.

This married B list television and film actor was seen with two girls in one of the bathrooms trading kisses and gropes while finding time to do some lines of coke. Another fading and aging married C list film and television actor found two "actresses" of his own and spent time with them on a couch in the corner and then left with one on each arm. Meanwhile, a C list television and film actress known more for her body was in another area showing off her new breasts to a group of enraptured men and two women (not together). She gave each of them a lap dance while the others cheered and whistled. Tips were offered and accepted.

Dinner, Gossip and Burglary

So last night went out with one of my new found Grammy friends. Let’s call her AP. I really didn’t want to go, but ended up having a good time. I don’t know if it was because of the booze or just because it was nice to go out for the first time in a few weeks. She is followed by the pap when she puts herself in a position to be photographed, but it just goes to show you that when you want to be away from the cameras it is pretty easy unless you are worthy of people following you all the time. I was going to tell her about the blog but chickened out. We basically talked about what it is like for an actress to change not only the public perception of her but also the studios. Even though she is a solid B lister she is forced to audition for the roles she wants. If she wants to portray what she is known for than it is unnecessary, but otherwise she reads scripts sent to her and has to go audition just like everyone else. The only break she gets is that she gets to see most of the scripts being sent out and can always get an audition.

Her solution to the problem has been to try and do films on her own which she loves but does not really pay the bills. In fact it even can cost her money in the long run. If her movie does not do well, she does not get her money back. In addition, to do the movie that she may not get any money for precludes her from picking up other work for which she could have been paid.

As my drinking level increased I started pumping her for gossip. One thing she said was something that makes sense but that I had not really thought of before. It was basically two things. One I had heard before. This celebutante dated a singer after his break-up but it was all for show and publicity for her. He didn’t mind because he just wanted something easy and uncomplicated and they both got what they wanted. In addition, this same person had been allegedly hit on by someone associated with her family. AP didn’t know if the girl went through with it or not though. The only reason she had heard about it is because some former friends of AP always joke about it.

We talked about drugs for awhile and she had some interesting things to say. She said they are always around and available whenever any star wants them. For women they are usually free and guys are always willing to buy coke or whatever for a girl just like anyone else would buy a drink for a woman in a bar. They always want something in return. AP knows if someone is headed to rehab or should be headed to rehab if the star is actually having to buy their own drugs. It means they are using way more than they should be because as long as it is recreational, someone will always be willing to pay for the star. When it gets to be abuse, the star is on the hook for the cost and that is where the trouble starts.

I honestly don’t remember much beyond that, except that I asked her if she ever made a sex tape and she said yes. She said though that after filming, she looked at the guy and realized she was not going to marry him and not going to be with him long-term and knew that would be trouble. So, she grabbed the tape and jumped up and down on it, pulled the tape out, and then cut it up into a million pieces. Plenty of people have asked since, but she has always said no.

Three people came up and asked for her autograph and also wanted a photo. Of course I got to be the photo guy. Unfamiliar digital cameras and drinking do not always go well together, especially when the subjects of the photo REALLY want their shot of AP and them to be perfect. Well then you shouldn't have asked the drunk guy to take the photo. One of the people wanted AP to record a voice mail message, but AP didn't want to. I did though and made some wise ass remark about Mel Gibson. I think I offended the woman though because she looked at me like I had lost my mind.

I was too drunk to drive and so she drove me home and then I must have told her to keep the car and I would pick it up today. I know this, because at about 4am my phone rang. One of my favorite clients got arrested for burglary and when I went downstairs to get my car it was not there. Cabs are always fun at 4am, especially when you are caught in the middle of still being a little drunk and the hangover is just starting to take over your body. I had to arrange his bail which is not unusual. He just is not very good at what he does, and so is arrested about once a year. He is such a nice guy and could do so many things with his life, but as he has told me many times, this is his career. He never gets any serious jail time because he rarely makes it inside the building which he is trying to burglarize.

More Links - Because You Can Never Have Enough Flair

Hilary Duff visits firefighters in London to thank them for their fund raising efforts for NYC firemen. Hilary is really starting to grow up.

Husband breaks his _________(Guys you may want to hold onto something when reading this)

Video footage of ANS last movie with 6 minutes of behind the scenes footage as well.

Links--Because They Are Going To Need Us To Come In On Saturday Anyway

Britney, Britney, Britney

1. Love in rehab in a well written kind of way.
2. Love in rehab written in a dlisted kind of way with a photo of the new guy.
3. Even though Britney is in love she wants to leave rehab early to go to K-Fed's birthday party. Does anyone think it is going to be a drug and alcohol free party?
4. Justin Timberlake is sick of people asking him to help Britney.

Fergie finds out why she should always spring for the private jet.

Drew Barrymore dating Spike Jonze. He was the runner-up in the worst comb over of all-time contest. The winner of course was a blind item from a few weeks ago.

Jenna Bush to get engaged this weekend. I understand someone finding out about an engagement before the rest of the world, but how do you find out about an engagement that has not happened yet? What if the guy says, naaaah, not going to do it. Then Jenna who has read the reports wonders where the hell her ring is, and her boyfriend ends up dead. OK, well if you out it that way, they will no doubt get engaged this weekend.

Lane Garrison Speaks To People Magazine (A Little)

Prior to his actions in court last week, was extremely hard on Mr. Garrison. Not Nancy Grace hard but still hard. However I thought his actions were stand-up last week and from the indications of his attorney will continue to be stand-up. For once someone said, "I did it." He took responsibility for his actions. It doesn't make the Setian's pain go away, but at least they do not have to suffer through the anguish of a trial and the possibility of Mr. Garrison being acquitted.

Simon Cowell Tells Ryan Seacrest To Come Out Of The Closet

Now of course I am sure Simon would say all his comments were jokes. The fact that he gave Ryan some lip gloss after the comments was just more joking. The thing is Simon looks as if he has his comeback about Ryan coming out of the closet ready to go and is debating with himself whether or not to let it loose. There is no way it could be scripted unless they knew Melina was going to talk about her high heels. Look at Ryan's face right before he says "we're friends." Although the video is long, the exchange occurs within the first minute or so.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Today's Blind Item


Last night at the Ralphs Supermarket on Sunset. This award winning B list television actor, formerly a B list movie actor with one big starring A list role had a huge cart filled with groceries. The store was packed. A woman with two items comes up to him and asks if she can go in front of him. The actor replied, "Why the f*** would I let you go in front of me? Are you dying? Is there someone waiting for you who is going to die? The purpose of a line is to put everyone and everything in order. I was here first and you were here second."

She replied that he seemed so nice on television.

"Well this is Ralphs, not television and you need to learn to tell the difference," he said.

At that point she left the line and went to another on the opposite end of the store.

Richard Jeni Clip

I posted yesterday about the suicide of Richard Jeni. Here is one of his best comedy clips.

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words--Somebody Save Katie

I don't care if these photos were taken out of sequence or what. They are scary and there is no way I would ever live in that house. Even Tom's cousin freaks me out. Katie looks like she is waiting to be rescued from a hostage situation.

Jennifer Lopez in El Pais Magazine

Is that Marc Anthony behind the curtain?

Britney Spears Goes To Church--They Have AA Meetings Too

Links--Did You Know That Sometimes Photos Contain Clues?

Jennifer Hudson continues to make friends and influence people.

Laila Ali is getting married. Some advice to her new husband to be. Don't cheat on her. She will kick your ass.

Sometimes a guy just has to masturbate. We can't help it if an accountant is there. Maybe they should have provided better reading material.

I think Sylvester Stallone thought human growth hormone(HGH) would make him taller, not shrink his testicles.

Leonardo DiCaprio's bodyguards like to fight.

Tori Spelling and her mom are going to kiss and makeup. I think Tori just wants to stop running the inn and start staying in one.

Never too early to start making movies or adopting kids.

Well Jude Law Did Sleep With Sienna Miller So Lindsay Lohan Is Probably A Step Up

Obviously excited that her father is getting out of prison, Lindsay Lohan decided to treat herself to a night or two of Jude Law before heading off to London. Most of the time the guy calls the girl to arrange the booty call, but Lindsay did the calling on Friday night. On Saturday night she managed to be with Tim Robbins, Sean Penn and Jude Law all at the same time. Not at the same time like in a hotel room all at the same time. Not making a porno all at the same time, but a club all at the same time.

Post Secret Mystery--Who's The Daddy?

Jewel (from the blog, not the singer) sent me the link to the photo above and the website it comes from. (If you have never read postsecret, it can be uplifting or it can make you cry so be aware of that before you start reading all the entries.) Jewel wanted some ideas on who the father could be. Many of the faces in the photo have children and have had other relationships which resulted in children which are not public knowledge. When I saved the photo to bring it over to this site, it wanted to be saved as Christian. Don't know if it was a clue or because he has the biggest face or the most children or what.

Lindsay Lohan's Dad Out Of Prison--Wants To Save Souls And Be A Reality TV Star

Lindsay Lohan's dad was expected to be released from prison at 9am Eastern time today. It turns out that while in prison, Michael Lohan became an ordained minister and kept in touch with Dina Lohan. His soul saving skills will be tested there. Michael also has a bunch of ideas for reality television shows. My favorite idea is the one where Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton and their fathers are all stuck on a desert island together. How much you want to bet that Pimpa would try and sleep with Paris? Anyway, as I said before when Lindsay went into rehab I think that Michael has made some positive changes to his life. He was instrumental in getting Lindsay into rehab along with the insurance companies. Michael needs to avoid repeating his past behaviors now that he is out of prison. He just needs to concentrate on being a good father to Lindsay and her siblings and not worry about pitching television shows. Oh, and stay away from Dina. Run very fast from Dina.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mischa Barton Looks Really Good

I think she looks really good in these photos. Not going to make A list anytime soon good, but still good. The one thing I don't understand is her obsession with gold which seems to be everywhere. Also, did the sales clerk forget to remove the electronic tag from the earrings or are they actually the earrings?

First Andy, then Dominic, and now Marc Anthony

In what is fast becoming a nationwide epidemic, another celebrity is making sure his frank and beans are still there and well adjusted. I think Marc Anthony is telling the world he only has one bean. Quite possibly, J-Lo has taken his other one. He could also be telling the world how big it is which could be the reason why he and J-Lo are having marital problems.

Today's Blind Items

When I bring back a blind item from a previous post it is because either there were no correct guesses or you are way off track. So, just because Billie says they are solved does not mean they are actually solved.

This C list blond bombshell actress has moved from bit parts on television to nice sized roles in the movies. She has been working her way steadily up the ladder. Her latest film was supposed to be her breakout role. In fact she was even being talked about to play ANS in a future film. Well if she is going to portray ANS she has one thing in common with her. Turns out everyone thought she was a goody-goody until this latest film role. She was getting tired during the long filming days and so a member of the crew gave her a little pill to make her wide awake. She loved it and went back everyday. One day the crew member gave her a little coke and now she can't get enough. Two other actresses on the film sat our actress down and told her that she had a great career ahead of her and to stop doing what she was doing. They threatened to tell the producers if they caught her again. She stopped. BUT, since filming ended she has gone back to her old ways and is moving in with the crew member to make sure her source stays close.

Do you remember this blind item from last month?

Prior to the Academy Awards this weekend, stars and non-stars alike will be begged to visit or have to worm their way in to various swag bag suites to get free stuff. If you want free stuff for yourself or even a guest, then no problem. The problem is when you are a middling star at best, and decide you want to invite five of your friends to each suite. This C list actress on a big hit show decided to throw a fit in one suite when she was told that her friends would not be able to grab any of the high priced goodies for themselves. She yelled and cursed and threw a fit that would make Naomi Campbell or Foxy Brown proud, but the staff would not budge. So, our actress decided to leave. Before leaving though, she managed to break and or damage several items and was stuffing everything else she could grab into her HUGE purse and then walked out without looking back. (Not Hayden P.)

***Well she was up to her old tricks again this weekend. Trying to show off to her no-name friends, our actress tried to get into Winston's. Nope. She started with don't you know who I am routine and still she could not get in. So, they moved over to Hyde. (NOTE to celebrities. Drive yourself and do not hire a driver. Then no one would know) Even this club wouldn't let her in now and they let anyone in now. (Even me, which is REALLY pathetic.) The people at the door said no to her, but did agree to let her two friends in. Her friends were overjoyed and left the actress at the door. When the people at the door finally relented, our actress told anyone who would listen that it was just to make her friends look good. (Different network than Hayden P)

Blind Item Queen

When I was going back through the blind items, I realized this actress is the subject of three blind items. I think this is her most recent. There are two others. One which deals with what she likes in her men and the other about some of her other adult activities. I can't find them right now though. (Not Jessica B.)

What cutie-pie actress at a pre-awards party let it be known that she was single and looking for a new guy. How did she let everyone know? By making out with two different prospects during the night.

***I love the beach***

More Links-Because No One Wants To Work On Mondays

When Kristen Cavallari and her boyfriend breakup she can always say the tattoo NZ stands for New Zealand. People will then ask what her favorite place is there. She can then reply she has never been there before. Better study up Kristen.

Another Paris Hilton boob job rumor. If she gets one, the transformation to porn star will be complete.

At least Colin Farrell waited until he was alone before asking the girl for her phone number and then hooking up with her. I love In-N-Out also, but I have never got service like that. Didn't the girl in the drive thru notice the baby and baby's mama the first time he came by?

Clair Danes/Patrick Wilson Gap commercial

Look At These Photos Carefully

Is that a baby bump in the first photo?
What do you make of the fact that the other woman in the 2nd photo is dressed exactly like Jessica B? The only difference is the color of the shirt. The pants are different but are exactly the same length. They both are wearing one necklace and carrying UGG boots. They both have a leash around their neck, have their hair up and are wearing the same style sunglasses. All in all, they are freaking me out. They are like those couples who always want to dress alike. So, then in the third photo, woman #3 comes in and she is dressed almost the same as well. You have to admit it is pretty creepy. I guess if/when the baby is born it will not have to have much imagination when it comes to clothing choice.

Andy Roddick Disease Spreads To Dominic Monaghan

a) No matter what I do baby, you never change your expression. Are you even alive?
b) Baby, I know you like me wearing the women's underwear which I love, BUT we have got to get some bigger sizes because this is killing me.
c) I knew I shouldn't have slept with Paris Hilton.
d) Mine is much bigger than yours Andy.

Links--So Many Ways To Look Busy

Heather Mills goes to dinner with a guy and then the next day takes Sir Paul's offer. Heather Mills decided $56M US was enough to live on. In addition, now that she has decided to drop the sole custody thing she will only have to spend all that money on her daughter 50% of the time. I love how when any newspaper over there does a story about her and money, they always figure out how much she is getting per hour they were married. Paul, you would have saved yourself a ton of money and aggravation if you had just paid her by the hour in the first place. She had no idea what to do with you 24/7.

David Schwimmer has run out of women in the US who say no to his advances so he found someone in the UK who has said yes for the last two months. The newspaper says it is love. I say it is just because everyone else always says no.

Britney Spears has bulimia. Uh huh. With all that throwing up and all that cocaine you really would think that Britney would be like Kate Moss thin. Maybe she is not suffering from those two afflictions, but instead is suffering from something else. $150K for photos of Britney Spears and her naked butt.

Comedian Richard Jeni commits suicide.

Kate Moss calls her daughter her "Mini-Me" and her "partner in crime." Kate's philosophy as a parent seems to be to start them young on their way to self-destructive behavior.

What A Shocker!! Snoop Dogg Arrested For Using Drugs. Is He The Bad Boy?

"Hi, I am Snoop Dogg. I know most of you like to see how many states or countries you can visit in your lifetime. As a huge star who is always touring, that is kind of boring to me. What I decided to do is to see how many different states and countries I can get arrested in. Everyone knows I enjoy a little 420 baby and so when they see me, they stop me and frisk me. They always find some on me because just like the American Express Card, I don't leave home without it. Four arrests in six months is just practice baby. This is a long world tour."

What A Shocker!! DJ AM And Mandy Moore Breakup

In what had to be one of the most obvious "showmances" in history, DJ AM and Mandy Moore mercifully put an end to their charade. The last blind items revealed showed this relationship was based on publicity and nothing more. Way back on January 31, was the original blind item discussing how it was all a sham.


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