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Blind Items Revealed

October 23, 2008

Something a little different today. Always willing to change things up. This one is actually about the wife of a B list television star on one of the biggest comedies on television. It is not that hard, but when someone e-mailed me the story I just had to post it. It also takes place in Iowa which is odd because this is the second or third one we have had from the Iowa Writer's Workshop.

Before our subject got married she was a writer in the workshop. While there she met a male writer. This male writer did really well in the program. He graduated with tons of prospects--got himself a big agent, some money to support himself while he wrote post MFA, etc. While at Iowa, he became close friends with our subject. After a year of writing, he was ready to go--had his short story collection done, was going to hit the road to become the next Big Writing Star.

Except that he came home one night and everything--computer, disc drives, backups, paper copies, etc--of his work had been stolen in a burglary. A year's worth of work---out the door with a crackhead looking for some quick cash. Our male writer went into a tailspin--his life's ambitions were stolen from him in one night.

His support during this time came from our actor's wife, who continued to
encourage him to write, and who just helped him through that dark period, which lasted well over two years.

This feel-good story has a sweet ending, too---ten years later, our male writer
is back with a short story collection, and continues to write. Friends have helped him to set up a mini-midwest book tour, from connections he made while at Iowa, and a reading at the Knitting Factory in LA for him later this month, set up by his friend, our actor's wife.

Holiday Reinhorn - wife of Rainn Wilson


farmgirl said...

We solved this one and I bought his book!
I have not read it yet, but when I do I will let you all know how it is.

mabel said...

Who is the author?

Sounds like Rainn has very good taste in women.

farmgirl said...

Andrew Porter

lmnop123 said...

How sweet. I remember the bloggers guessing this correctly. Congrats to all of you super sleuths. I have no idea who this is but will attempt to read his book.

Ms. said...

And I still say that a crackhead would not take the paper copies etc.

Poor dude was sabotaged.

That said, kudos to his good friends.

CM said...

You know, Ms. I was thinking the same exact thing about someone taking EVERYTHING like that. A crackhead is looking for quick cash and items that are easy to sell. There is still more to this story than the blind reveals ...

Solomon Grundy said...

Meh, so people in the most nepotistic/influential writing program in the world take care of their own. This doesn't warm the cockles of my heart so much as give me heartburn.

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