Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Minnie Driver shows off her tagging skills. You never know when they will come in handy. Plus, it is something she can teach her son.
Adrien Brody took a turn doing it, but unfortunately he needs to work on his discretion.
Yeah, I think people could figure out he did it.
Maggie Gyllenhaal on the way to the opera. I will admit that she looks pretty good.
At a Good Housekeeping party were Michelle Trachtenberg, Hilary Duff and Kristen Bell.
Natalie Merchant - New York City
Peter Dinklage and James Marsden hanging out at the after party of the premiere of Death At A Funeral.
Pete Wentz has adopted the Lance Bass one foot high hair idea.
Russell Brand and Katy Perry are now thinking of moving to New York. Russell Brand is now on Day 18 of the same shoes.
Congratulations to Russell Crowe on getting his star.
Reese Witherspoon still has not stopped smiling. She has fallen hard.
I think I much prefer this picture of Tracy Morgan and Chris Rock to
this one.


RocketQueen said...

Wow - looks like Hilary D dropped a lot of weight fast. Her face is looking angular all of a sudden.

And Asslee, ugh. I mean, don't get me wrong, I hate her, but that Buzzfoto reveal about her eating disorder last month was pretty obvious. She looks sickly.

MontanaMarriott said...

Adrien Brody has fallen off since his Oscar win. My man has not had a major role since.

EWWWW not a good look Tracy, but it does help to know you don't have to be good looking or talented to make it in this business.

Oh Gawd, keep RusTy far away from my city as possible.

RJ said...

I love Kristen Bell. I hope she's as normal as she seems. It'd be nice to know that fame doesn't screw up everyone.

The British "Death at a Funeral" was great and this one looks really good, too. Tracy Morgan has no filter, which makes him highly entertaining. Has anyone else noticed that every major black comedy star is in this movie with one very noticeable Eddie Murphy exception? Hmmm. . ..

MISCH said...


Weekend decorator said...

Pete Wentz has the biggest head I have ever seen. Look at it in comparison to Ashley's-it's ginormous.

jess said...

Hilary Duff looks good and michelle T. looks uncomfortable
-Pete Wentz looks like a troll

Robert said...

@bsl: I never noticed, either, but you're right. As Tiny Elvis would say, "Man, look at the size of that thing That is huge!"

blog hopper said...

Michelle T. looks gross. She just rubs me the wrong way.

Want Minnie's boots!


Mango said...

Maggie Gyllenhaal on the way to the opera.... probably with some of her academic friends. *insert major eye-roll here*

Russell Crowe stars in one of my very favorite movies, "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" and he's wonderful in it. Too bad he's such a dick in real life. :(

Moonmaid said...

Natalie Merchant is so friggin annoying - she is like a prim, humorless Sunday school teacher - and that picture just confirms it. Girl needs to loosen up.

Reese, on the other hand, looks like she has been getting lots of what she needs. Good for her!

Idontwantaf*ckingblog said...

Russell Brand is looking much much thinner recently. What up with that??

Do You Come with the Car? said...

"Call me an elf one more time!"

Just Another Blonde said...

RQ- buzzfoto reveal? I missed it!

I'm a huge Patrick Stump fan so by proxy a huge Wentz hater, and I dig gossip on Asslee... What was it?

RocketQueen said...

@Just Another Blonde - yes - it was on Buzzfoto and also on blindgossip.com - revealed to be Ashlee with an eating disorder that is worrying her family.

And btw, I'm also a HUGE Stump fan! I put up with Wentz for the good of FOB, but it all went downhill with Aslee. Now I'm just with Stump.


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