Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Random Photos Part Five

Chelsea Handler had quite the gaggle of guests for her last E! show.
Ben Affleck took one of his daughters to Disneyland while
his co-star Amy Adams arrived at LAX with her daughter.
Bryan Cranston has a lot of nice neighbors.
Adrien Brody and his mom.
Britney Spears out shopping solo. Well, solo except for the bodyguards.
Claire Danes gets in a morning jog.
Emma Stone and
Andrew Garfield are in Venice for the film festival there.


Seven of Eleven said...

Aw, Ben & little Affleck are adorable!

I get Amy Adams and Emma Stone mixed up sometimes, but I like them both.

Unknown said...

Chelsea's last show was actually kind of nice.

Emma and Andrew <3

sandybrook said...

Thankfully I dont subscribe to whatever Internet station Chelsea is working for.
We all know BritBrit isn't allowed out by herself Enty.

LottaColada said...

Sandy and Jen like the same shoes

Unknown said...

And she ate lunch while sadly watching the backs of her bodyguards surrounding her.

Kno Won said...

So long, Chelsea Handler. Don't let the door hit you on the way out of the spotlight. Time's up!

The Real Dragon said...

Affleck sexy with gray hair.

auntliddy said...

Iknow celebs font like it, and i dont at all blame them, but i love seeing pics of their kids.

Jessi said...

Saw that too Lotta. Who wore them best?

Ben is smoking hot!!! Damn.

Count Jerkula said...

Who is Mary? Is that the broad who used to be Mary McCormick, before someone crammed her face in a cheese crater?

I'll do that pic on its own.

P: Sandy B - That vagina is probably like a vintage sports car w/ low mileage, it hasn't been whooped on over the years, so it is still a fun ride.

M: McCormick - I'd close my eyes and try to envision her pre-plastic surgery disaster

B: Anuston

Kill: Handler

as for the rest....

P: Amy Adams - gentle, sweet, passionate love, unless she got lippy and asked for it.

M: Danes

B: Spears

LottaColada said...

My vote goes to Sandy. The placement of the ankle strap is perfect.

Unknown said...

Amy Adams looks very mummsy in a 4-wheel drive with pearls kund of way

Anonymous said...

I have never been more clueless about an actress than MaryM. I know I should know who she is because I have seen and heard her name over the yrs but couldn't have less of a clue by now and of all actresses I'm like why don't I know wtf she has done! She could club me on the street and totally get away with it :)

Leisa said...

I don't think MaryM acts that often. Or if she does, I haven't seen it.

She was Howard's wife in Private Parts. @wahoowifey

Anonymous said...

@Leisa thx...didn't see that....I just looked at imdb and well...much to my surprise....never seen a thing she has been in :(

Sherry said...

I noticed that too, Lotta. Both have amazing legs. I guess Jen has forgiven Chelsea for whatever may or may not have occurred between her and her fiancé?

Sherry said...

I have no idea who that Mary is either.
Amy Adams looks great and her little mini me is a doll.

Unknown said...

Sandra Bullock looks amazing!!

All three of those women have been cheated on publicly by their husbands

Maybe they all have a First Wives Kind of thing :)

M. Brown said...

I just watched the last show. Where was Reese? Aren't they friends anymore? I would have thought she'd have bend the 3rd not Sandra.

Yoj said...

Shag: Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

Marry: Bryan Cranston!

Kill: Ben Affleck. It would be a mercy killing and I hope someone would do the same for me were I ever stuck in Disneyland.

Yoj said...

@Count Jerkula
"[W]hooped on"?! I did not know that one could whoop on a car... or on a woman, for that matter. Is a whoop anything like a bang? Or is it more of a pound? Do you shout 'whoopee' at any point?

Scallywag said...

@wahoowifey, Mary McCormack was in In Plain Sight on USA for 3-4 years, which you may have never seen.

She was on The West Wing the last few years (i.e., post Sorkin).

She was on K Street on HBO, which was this cinema verite thing Clooney and Soderburgh produced in D.C.

She was in a great little movie called Mystery, Alaska where she played Russell Crowe's wife. Hank Azaria bring the NY Rangers to his home town to play an exhibition game and Crowe coaches the locals.

SugarTitz said...

Yoj.. I think it's sorta like Whoomp There it Is!! Kind of Whooping. .
So Ben and Amy are the answers to the bi about A+ actor and costar where their so can't visit set???
Reese won't play 3rd banana to Jennifer Aniston. She's priming her status as Oscar ready for that indie hike in the woods gone wrong. .

Yoj said...

Thank you, sugarbread. The lyrics "Whoomp chak a laka chack a laka chak a laka chak a" have cleared up any confusion.

SugarTitz said...

Tag team back again. .
I'm wondering why enty did not mention yessica alba's blow job worthy article in dm today that her company is a billion dollar empire and that it doesn't matter that Sin City 2 bombed this weekend. . Maybe saving that for Friday? ?

Count Jerkula said...

Yeah, whooped, whipped, whomped, same same.

AKM said...

I'm wondering if Ben just took that one daughter. Is that something people do? I guess if you're rich and in L.A., you COULD take one kid one day, and the others the next week, or whatever. Strange maybe that that's my thinking, but I haven't had coffee yet.

Oh, stupid Adrian, who looks like a long-ago ex and I'm always ashamed when I see him (Adrian) and then think of that ex. Drat. I gotta stop thinking backwards and just set up a new stable, if you know what I mean. It's time. Grad school is over and life is for the living. ;-)

I know this is yesterday's post, but happy Thursday, kids.

Sincerely,Your Friend said...

I thought Sandy and Jen bothed look beautiful, but I couldn't take my eyes if Jen (except to look at Sandy some). I thought Hen also looked better than she has in a while. Legs looked fab, too, as already mentioned.

Happy Thurs @AKM. I popped over here to see what I missed yesterday while waiting for more Bl morels to be dispersed this AM. (Nice to know I wasn't alone.)

Dani D$ said...

Why would Ben only take 1 child to Disney?!


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