Sunday, February 26, 2017

Academy Awards Photos Part Four

Dakota Johnson

Luciana Barroso and Matt Damon

The Rock and Lauren Hashian

Emma Roberts

Lucas Hedges

Charlize Theron

Viggo Mortensen


Suz said...

Dakota had pretty looks for the movie premieres the past month. This dress, hair, makeup not flattering! Why was this tone so popular last night?

Chris not brown said...

Dakota's overall look is a failure. And the worst presentor.

Avers said...

I'm sorry, but Dakota Johnson is just not attractive here. At all.

Guesser said...

Dakota must have been paid to wear that ,but the hair? No excuse.

cebii said...

Luciana Barroso was stunning. Why couldn't Janelle Monet have worn that dress?

RenShaw said...

Satin is the worst material ban non because it's so susceptible to major wrinkles and sweat stains showing. Dakota hit the trifecta with wrong color tone and weird design.

shakey said...

I think Janelle has a thing for triangle shapes.

shakey said...

I think someone steered Dakota in the very wrong direction. That dress was the most unflattering thing I saw last night. Kind of reminds me of the early 80s with the high collar and shoulder pads.

Viggo. Such a handsome, handsome man. I watched Captain Fantastic Saturday night. Good movie, if a little too fanciful (I mean, come on, his character would have had to been a genius to teach his kids everything that they knew).

I wonder who his Baby Mama is. I had no idea he had a child.

Ms. NeceSs said...

Luciana Barroso seems to have had facial work. It's obvious but not drastic. She looks nice.


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