Friday, May 24, 2019

Blind Items Revealed #2

May 14, 2019

The actress girlfriend of this Academy Award winner who is in an acting family and not even the most famous in the family has been barred from meeting anyone in the family because she has not signed an NDA.

Floriana Lima/Casey Affleck


sandybrook said...

She's $cio and they are not.

Chillax said...
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LooLooEasy said...


notthisagain said...

She’s a Scientologist and we’ve had a past blind indicating she wishes to convert Casey and the Affleck side of the family is leery of her

sandybrook said...

+1 the only reason $cio is allowing her to date him.

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Vita said...

Wow, theyve been together a long time, too!

Talk about a standoff! A paranoid,celeb family w/ lots of bones in the closets vs. A Scio member on a recon/recruiting mission...neither side is going to give in!

Sd Auntie said...

They love the weak willed and Ben would blow all his money on them. Gotta keep Emperor Miscavige happy

RobertaJoan said...

$cio would LOVE to get at that Ben-money. They'd run Casey down with a train to plant the Brainwash And Ethics Killer Crystal into Ben's primitive brain stem. Imagine Ben going clear.

Casey, dude: look both ways at RR crossings!

C’est Vrai said...

Do I get to be obnoxious and rub it everyone’s face when I guess correctly and people come at me and tell me I am wrong??? I mean I’ve been keeping my mouth shut with the reveals but sometimes I really just enjoy being an asshole and saying I told you so. This is one of those times.

C’est Vrai said...

That being said of course half this shit is fake but it’s still fun when you guess correctly!! Yay!! Lol


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