Monday, January 18, 2021

Blind Item #7

Another one that will take some digging. This happened back in the day about three or so decades ago. It involves someone who is a D lister at best now, and he may even be farther down the list than that by the this point. He may be, I don't know, a J lister, if there is such a thing, with how far he's fallen. At the time he was a B lister in a certain corner of the music world that was popular at the time with critics and hipsters and college kids of the era.

We'll call our D lister BB. Got his start in a Northeastern part of the country. This part of the country, at the time, had a thriving alternative scene. He cofounded FM, a B+ list in its scene band with FI, who had been part of very similar A- list band, GM. FI did not get along with the founder of GM, ED. At all. Which is why he formed his own band. ED almost went on to play with a former A+ lister outside of then scene, NM. FM and GM are both credited for being among the founders of a style that was popular with hip folks in their day, although that style is extinct for some time now. 

Almost immediately, FI wanted to get rid of BB. BB was a creep. He liked to hit on and sexually harass people in the area he was in. Didn't matter if you were male or female, he just liked to touch you and grope you and massage you if he was interested. After a few years BB was let go. FI and FM would have several years of success, of a certain kind, while BB languished in obscurity. After  almost a couple decades, FM reformed, with  BB in tow. It lasted only a year or so before BB was jettisoned. No one can take his creepiness. Now he exists as a solo artist, stalking the scene these bands originated from, trying to get any male or female to go home with him as he gropes and touches then in local bars while trading off what little fame he had.

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