Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Blind Item #6 - Reader Blind

When it comes down to having sex with underage girls, and by underage what is meant is not 16 or 17 but  13, 12 even 11, this violently named foreign band was one of the worst offenders.  Their heyday was a number of decades ago when they were part of a larger scene.  They were slightly unique due to one big instrumental difference.  At one point, one of the two singers, the more visible one, left for a solo career. Both he as a solo artist and a version of the band have been active recently although a founding member died not too long ago.  They were never A list but had a following in their own country and also had at least one recognizable song (about a heavenly body).

At their peak, they were always trolling for sex with basically children, young girls.  One of the members had been a businessman before joining the band and dealt a lot with the crime world.  He would arrange young partners for them through his underworld contacts.  There is actually a song about about how much they love sex with young girls on their second album but nobody cared as they assumed it was just another example of the hyperbolic nature of the band's lyrics.   

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