Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Today's Blind Items - The Dictator

For the longest time, celebrities and singers have lined up to get checks from dictators who are horrible people. Whether it is the one named permanent A list singer who performed for the offspring of that Arab leader who was murdered, or the leader himself who paid to have this permanent A list singer group and solo perform for him. It is kind of funny that one of his offspring yachted with some of the same people even before she turned 18. Anyway, there is one leader who once paid several million to have the former A+ list rapper perform for him and then wanted his life forever memorialized so has gone to the former A+ list mostly movie director who now makes his living making fluff films for dictators. He gets a minimum of $20M and also at least a dozen women who are his personal sex toys while he is filming. Dictators love his work so much that he has a waiting list of three years before he has a fluff opening.

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