Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Today's Blind Items - Trafficker

Yes, it is drugs, but it is not cocaine or heroin or any other drug like that. The drugs I am talking about are steroids and HGH and the new wave of actors taking them. They are not just taking them, but actively buying and selling them and a handful of actors are making a ton of money selling them. I am not talking about some walk on in a movie or show, but A+/A and A- list actors. Several of them have moved overseas because it is easier to get the drug they love, without the risk of being busted. Think about all the actors that have recently moved to this island nation and how each one of them is required to be super buff for roles. The quality of the HGH and steroids there is incredible because it is being shipped from China. It is ravaging their bodies, but it makes them look good. They were all turned on to it by this foreign born A list mostly movie actor in a superhero franchise.

Here in the US, there is a former A+ list actor who has taken the rights of distributing a different steroid/HGH which comes from his in-laws. They transport it in overnight mail packages and he sells it to actors who are unable to make the move overseas or don't need to be fulltime ripped. Those pills and injections are even worse for the body, but it is the new fad. 

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