Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Blind Item #16 - Rebecca Ferguson Blind

“I remember there was a moment and this human being was being so insecure and angry because this person couldn’t get the scenes out. And I think I was so vulnerable and uncomfortable that I got screamed at. But because this person was number one on a call sheet, there was no safety net for me. So no one had my back. And I would cry walking off set."

The person would say things like, “You call yourself an actor?” and “This is what I have to work with?”

“I stood there just breaking.”

“I looked at this person and I said, ‘You can eff off. I’m gonna work towards a tennis ball. I never want to see you again,’” Ferguson recalled. “And then I remember the producers came up and said, ‘You can’t do this to number one. We have to let this person be on set.'”

Ferguson explained that she requested to act to the back of her costar’s head. “And I did,” she said. “I thought it shouldn’t have to be that way. And I remember going to the director afterward and saying, ‘What is happening?’ "

“The director said, ‘You’re right. I am not taking care of everyone else. I’m trying to fluff this person because it’s so unstable,’ " she added. “And it was great from that moment but it took so long for me to get to that.”

NOT Tom Cruise or Hugh Jackman

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