Friday, March 15, 2024

Blind Item #12 - Reader Blind

The “Dutch” rapper can thank the Canadian rapper for drawing the world’s attention to his activities. He bad mouths him to anyone who will listen. Especially when there are women around. He talks about what the Dutch rapper did to a family in some place called Yalding and how he perforated the father’s colon as his children screamed. He talks about how he uses his dog to lure school age girls. He talks about how he makes money in Dubai. He talks about the dogs. And how jealous he was when the Canadian rapper collaborated with the Middle Alphabet rapper. Search the Dutch rapper’s name on Instagram and videos of the Middle Alphabet rapper will appear. Not an accident or coincidence. The Dutch rapper’s evil deeds in the U.K. have made him some very powerful enemies and some of them are the Canadian rapper’s friends

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