Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Simon Cowell Talent Show - This Time With Jada Pinkett Smith

Here is my new idea for a television show and I would like the support of everyone. World's Got Talent. Each country has their own Got Talent show and the winner from that specific country moves into the finals. I figure about half or more of the countries will not want to participate so I am hoping we will have 64 countries in the competition. Then, just like the NCAA basketball tournament all 64 will compete. Half of those will be eliminated and so on and so on. Then finally we have one person left who is champion.

Now, you might be saying to yourself we don't need another talent show and I will say you are absolutely right but I just am tired of every talent show that is on television. I want every talented person on one television show. The networks can alternate who gets to air it each season like the SuperBowl. Every singer, magician, pet handler, and dog walker gets thrown onto this show. Every gospel singer, Broadway hopeful, model, chef, anything and everything is on this show. Think about how much time there will be for other programs.

This will never happen, but it is a dream. Instead we have yet another talent show to look forward to. DJ. Simon Cowell and Jada Pinkett Smith produced. Good times. Look for it soon.


cheesegrater15 said...

Jesus. Enough already!

When will "reality" TV end!

J Slaughter said...

@Vicki, never. Once execs see something makes a profit, they keep doing it until they see consistent negatives. Idol proved things can always be revived because there are increasing more idiots with access to remotes.

Shay said...

I fear reality TV shows are here to stay. It's scary to imagine what they will be showing 10yrs. (or even 5yrs.) from now. Reality TV execution shows?? (shivers at the thought)

nolachickee said...

Reality TV, especially talent shows, don't require any creativity. No script to write, no story to develop, and you don't have to worry about finding great acting and directing. It's along the same line as movie sequels. As long as the public watches/spends money on all of this trash, Hollywood will pump out all of the garbage it possible can. Why work hard at it if they don't have to?

Hollywood suits = Lazy, uncreative beyotches

Seachica said...

Didn't AI air a "World Idol" at one point, with winners from various countries? I seem to recall it being only 1 or 2 episodes, though.

Enty, what you're describing is sort of "Eurovision". Each country in Europe sends one artist (singer or group). Many of the countries choose their rep via talent competitions that air on TV. What's fun is that you get small countries making alliances with each other, everyone voting against the English (null votes!), and some of the cheesiest acts you have ever seen. Witness the glory of Jedward last year:!

CDAN needs Eurovision coverage, darnit!

RocketQueen said...

Oh good, another talent show I won't watch.

I watch Survivor and Jersey Shore at the moment - that's enough reality for me. And Jersey Shore is getting old. But I really do love Survivor.

.robert said...

Eurovision can be so strange though, Lordi won.

Seachica said...

@robert - that's why Enty needs to cover CDAN! It doesn't get stranger or more snark worthy than Eurovision.

I bring you some Lordi:

Personally, I think the Finnish hat makes the outfit.

Sylvia said...

I can't stand Jada too fully of herself.

lmnop123 said...
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