Monday, January 23, 2012

Your Turn - Twitter

So, thanks to the great response to my announcement on Friday that I had joined Twitter. I went from 0 followers to over 2,000 in just a day or two. I really appreciate it. Remember, if I get to 10,000 followers I will reveal one of the "long blind items." I Tweeted which one over the weekend.

Because I am new to this whole Twitter thing, I would love for you to tell me who you think I should follow. Throw out some names and I will follow the top one or two choices you can think of that I should follow. If you have any tips or other advice, I would really appreciate it too.

In case you would like to see my Twitter you can click on the link on the upper right or click here.


J Ruth said...

Sarah Silvermann! Her Twitter is hilarious. I like Seth Macfarlane too.

RenoBlondee said...

Steve Martin is my favorite!
Aziz Ansari is great too.

EmEyeKay said...

@StoddenTransl8d. Awesome translations of Courtney's scary tweets.

RenoBlondee said...

Oh, and Mindy Kaling.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Megan Amram, Julie Klausner, and Jenny JohnsonHi5 are all hilarious.

LeeLee said...

You should follow most of the people you write blinds about. Freak them out :)

VIPblonde said...

@jennyandteets , Jason Biggs' wife. She is hilarious! Especially her live-tweets of The Bachelor every week

Lelaina Pierce said...

People who make me regularly laugh:
Conan, CraigyFerg, Jim Gaffigan, Rob Delaney, Michael Ian Black

Princess said...

Jenny JohnsonHi5 - Absolutely.

CaliGirlinVA said...

@SteveMartinToGo, @LisaLampanelli, @DenisLeary, @SimonPegg

Since you are new to Twitter, #FF means Friday Follow when people list suggestions of others in the Twitterverse to follow.

Anonymous said...

I'm barely competent in Twitter, have no clue how to do anything but tweet or retweet, and seldom do either. I do enjoy Roger Ebert's tweets, as well as Wil Wheaton, Sockington, and my friend Katrina Gibson. I used to follow Courtney Stodden and Kirstie Alley but gave them both up when Courtney's tweets were offending me less than Kirstie's.

Pookie said...



kelly said...

Steve Martin is one of my favourites as well, the Blogess ranks right up there to

nunaurbiz said...


Now! said...

I work with Twitter a lot in my job, and I would say: don't just go for the number of followers. You end up with a lot of people who really don't care about you or about the site.

Figure out what you really want to do - for example, start a conversation with all of us who really DO care about the site - and respond to and converse with us, something you really can't do through the Google comments.

And sign up for Hootsuite. That way you can schedule Tweets in advance.

The Bitch Next Door said...

Ellen Barkin

Sadie said...

I don't tweet. Can someone that does please tell me which blind item he mentioned he'd reveal via twitter if he hits 10k? please?


EmEyeKay said...

Also, @rainnwilson, who is responsible for this: My new Ed Hardy shirt says "I'm an asshole" in tiny, glittery skulls.

Shay said...

Enty, are you planning to follow any of us? If so, my twitter name is @SharonIsSmiling =)

trouble bubble said...

Enty said he will reveal director on European drug binge. I think it's Tarantino, anyway :)

Patty O. said...

@robdelaney and @JennyJohnsonHi5 are two of the funniest people on Twitter. @kellyoxford is great too.

Tempestuous Grape said...

In my opinion, Tila Tequila was the only one worth following because of the bat-shit-crazies. I loved the 2000's.

Terri said...

Ellen Barkin is hilarious, but she will tweet every 2 mins for hours, then nothing for days.

ForSure said...

If you are pressed for time, don't follow anyone. If you follow people who post a lot, like Jenny Johnson, then you'll be scrolling back all day long. Do you want informative posts or funny posts or celebs who post every random thought they have?

Sadie, you don't have to 'do twitter' to read Enty's page. it's not private, it's like looking at any other site on the internet, anyone can read it. Just click on the link and read away to your hearts delight.

hammyjam said...

There are only two celebs I really follow. Robert Hoffman (because I am in love with him and he is hilarious) and Nathan Fillion ('nuff said).

ms_wonderland said...

jennycolgan (brit chicklit writer, into reality shows)
russelltovey (brit actor, drunken night tweets!)

BigMama said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BigMama said...


advice - as with all things media, don't tweet when toasted or risk sounding like a toasted twit

Himmmm said...

not QT (he likes weed and feet)It's
Roman Polansodomki

FC said...

Alyssa_Milano is a good one

amh.producer said...

FC beat me to it. Alyssa Milano posts some interesting stuff sometimes.

I just can't keep up on twitter but I dusted off my account to follow Enty.

RocketQueen said...

All the really good ones are already listed, but I also really like Rob Corddry

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Hello, @pattonoswalt brings the funny all the time.

@SteveMartinToGo doesn't tweet as much as he used to, but when he does, it's great.


@MerrillMarkoe - former headwriter of Late Show, Letterman's ex, and totally hilarious.

Pookie, I do love me some @badpeggyolsen

Enty, don't take the top few, follow them all and start weeding them out as you see fit. I've quit following a lot of celebrities. I find that many of them are a little too pleased with themselves and not nearly as entertaining as they think they are. But sometimes someone who turns out to be a dbag via tweets will lead me to someone else I really like.

JJ said...

Steve Martin
Albert Brooks
Garry Shandling
Alec Baldwin
Seth Meyers
Neil Patrick Harris
David Spade
Jesus Christ (@jesus_m_christ)

and these two ladies who crack me up to no end, even tho I have no idea who they are: @maryradzinski and @squirreljustice

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

p.s. Also, I follow CNN, various news links, NY Times, Rolling Stone, various writers I like (Roger Ebert, some TV critics I read), huffington post, vanity fair, etc. I use twitter as my headline service now, I get all my news there first. It's the fastest way to get breaking news if you follow enough news sources. I live in Los Angeles, so I follow things like earthquake trackers and local businesses I like, too. Twitter can actually be a tremendous tool.

Unknown said...

Kanye West because he's always saying crap youu can easily make fun of/rant about.

Bethan said...

For blinds and something different, the Urban Insider!/TheUrbanInsider

Wee S said...

Chris O'Dowd
Stu Heritage
Simon Pegg
Caitlin Moran
Bluth quotes
Will Arnett
The Rock
Andrey Ashavin (Arsenal git)
Rio Perdinand
Wayne Rooney
Piers Morgan
Lord Alan Sugar
Jimmy Carr - joke machine
Peter Serafinowicz - his Q&As are hilarious!

Piers, Rio & Lord Sugar have the football banter going most weekends Enty, you'd love it!(But don't worry, it's not about Fulham!)

Pazitively Hot said...

follow ME! ----> @ManhattanMingle

Unknown said...

Ricky Gervais
Eddie Izzard
Tom Hanks
Kathy Griffin
Eric Stonestreet - very funny and his Golden Globe pics were great
Sofia Vergara

These are the most entertaining folks I follow

Bon said...

When you get the blahs & just need a lil random cute puppy/kitty/creature pics pick me up: @emergencypuppy aka Emergency Cute Stuff. It makes me awww... Can't help it.

Miss X said...

Neil Patrick Harris
Nathan Fillion
Jim Gaffigan
Patricia Heaton likes to get into discussions/debates with her followers (I know some people don't like her views and/or don't want to read tweets from people disagreeing)
Conan is funny when he actually tweets.

Here's an idea for your next your turn: Who did you give up on following & why?

Rickatoo said...

Danny Zucker

Ms Cool said...

Please follow coke mom and MV.

mooshki said...

Enty, it's crucial to set up the people you follow in lists, or else you get overwhelmed with all the clutter. Do that from the beginning or you'll forget why you followed someone. Like a list for any readers you follow, comedians, actors, etc...

Whil Wheaton is the best person on Twitter, imo. @wilw

His friend Chris Hardwick, a.k.a. The Nerdist is also super funny and interesting: @nerdist

You probably already know Donal Logue is on twitter: @donallogue

One of the most entertaining bloggers out there: @TheBloggess

Eli Braden is super funny: @EliBraden

Rihanna is a necessity: @rihanna

Oddly, Trevor Donovan of ex-90210 is a really entertaining twit: @TrevDon

A CDaNer you should really follow: @adventurouskate She is tweeting her worldwide travels

@andersoncooper - self explanatory

Simon LeBon tweets the most insane ramblings. @SimonJCLeBON

Steve Martin is great: SteveMartinToGo

@OMGFacts is a fun one to follow with random facts about odd and interesting stuff.


You have to follow Ice T: @FINALLEVEL

Craig Ferguson: @CraigyFerg

Roger Ebert: @ebertchicago

Neil Patrick Harris: @ActuallyNPH

Michael K: @mkdlisted He rarely tweets, but he did live-tweet the Golden Globes

Since you're interested in fashion, you should follow the Go Fug Yourself girls: @fuggirls

As others said, @NathanFillion


Stephen Fry: @stephenfry


@TVWithoutPity The Television Without Pity folks

Also, for TV news, it's great to follow @MichaelAusiello He tweets all the TVLine articles

Sockington the cat is fun, although not quite as awesome as it used to be: @sockington

Robyn: @robynkonichiwa

uofazwildkitty said...


The BrightSider said...

The most hilarious tweeter I've seen so far is Co-co, the wife of Ice T . I had no idea there were "t*tty Tuesdays and thong Thursdays" cracked me up!

The Flower Girl said...

what Nutty_Flavor said...

Sadie said...

Thank you Trouble Bubble!

shakey said...

If you follow @DavidHasselhoff, he follows you back. But he only tweets about his appearances. No drunk tweets.

three of my faves - @thatfunnyjew, @clarkekant, and @etherbrian.

And if you're following followers, you can follow me @kimbo_aloco.

Katie said...

@elibraden the best celebrity sniper, totally hilarious. Go see his music comedy shows in LA you will die laughing! He starts a lot of the memes that the bigger comedians pick up later.


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