Thursday, August 21, 2014

Off Topic

Every morning I wake up and don't have food magically appear on my table like a Hogwarts feast is another disappointing day. 


Seven of Eleven said...

You have a table in the basement? Go upstairs, I'll bet there's bacon and eggs on that table! And mimosas!

Lady Heisenberg said...

Prepare for a life time of disappointment then. Either that or you can ask your parents for Christmas to buy you a mail order bride from a third world country to help you resolve this first world problem.

haydnhorse said...

Move your bed to a supermarket -all the food you can eat,and new truckload arrives daily.

All Lace no Leather said...

@Lady - 1st world problems
My champagne is too cold
My butler is too surly
My Porsche is too fast

Enty, be happy for what you do have instead of focusing on the negative. It makes it easier to get up each day.

Sincerely,Your Friend said...

I think he means the mornings his mom hasn't put out the spread and bacon. (Updtairs table)

Sounds line an Instant Breakfast and maybe an easy to heat left over. And bacon! kinda morning.

OT. I LOATHE THAT "Toaster Streudle" COMMERCIAL. THAT KID HAS TO GO! The dear in tbe kitchen window can stay.

Sincerely,Your Friend said...

The deer (not dear)

Unknown said...

Me too, Enty.

rajahcat said...

I know right?

Anonymous said...

that would b quite awesome

Anonymous said...

btw...@7 can u tell me how to do that clicky link thing? id appreciate it...

Seven of Eleven said...

@fancy, anytime! replace { with < and } with >.

{a href=""} Here's your chance, fancy!{/a}

{a href="paste your link here"} Write your text here{/a}

Yoj said...

@Count Jerkula
Congratulations, you were declared the winner of our dirty joke marathon!
Don't forget to thank the Academy.

Anonymous said...

muchas gracias, siete!


Jason Blue Eyes said...

Enty is actually Liz Lemon.

Gayeld said...

*snort* My step/half-brother's (whatever your adopted father's son from a previous marriage that you met twice as adults is) mail order bride couldn't last the two years living in the trailer behind his grandmother's house and got herself back to Russia.

Yoj said...

@Seven of Eleven
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

auntliddy said...

Ikr??!! We need it now!!!!

8====D KermitGossnellKnobjob said...

Get married.

Sorry, that was just a sexist joke, not an advice.

Lady Heisenberg said...

LOL @Gayeld!!! That's soooo sad! Reminds me of Healy and Katya on OITNB

Anonymous said...


clicky links are awesome, right?

ive done nothing to help u achieve that, btw, but u r welcome anyway. lol

Yoj said...

You asked what I daren't.

Gayeld said...

That's what my sister and I thought. Right before I would snickeringly point out that he was her actual (half)brother.

skippy said...

Enty might have a microwave in the basement. Just needs to buy a little device & wholla microwave bacon.
Just needs mum of course

Lady Heisenberg said...

Way to go on the clicky, Yoj!

Yoj said...

@Lady Heisenberg
I'm feeling a disproportionate amount of pride

Anonymous said...



that qualifies as unbridled joy!

Yoj said...

My name actually *is* Joy. Therefore, I am now literally 'Unbridled Joy'.

FlirtyChick74 said...

+1 Enty. Still hoping to marry a world class fancy chef.

Persiaa said...

I'd settle for the candles floating in the air and Nearly Headless Nick.

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Lady Heisenberg said...

That Colbert clip is magic, Yoj. Thank you!

Yoj said...

"Mum, can you get pregnant from anal sex?"
"Of course! Where do you think spammers come from?"

Yoj said...

@Lady Heisenberg
Welcome, Lady H!


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