Thursday, August 21, 2014

Random Photos Part Two

Lindsay Lohan looking healthy and fit after another night of partying in NYC.
Liev Schreiber riding his Vespa in NYC.
Rowan Atkinson said Mr. Bean was retired, but a huge paycheck from a Chinese company brought him back for a commercial.
Mel B and
Heidi Klum head into America's Got Talent.
Molly Ringwald's daughter got to spend some time with mom.
Michelle Rodriguez out in public after working out.
Nicole Richie drags her kids through NYC.
Ryan Seacrest wants to get married. I think he will be saying that for the next few decades. Here he is on vacation with his girlfriend.


sandybrook said...

Molly's daughter is a cutey pie.
The legendary Mr. Bean is back!

Sherry said...

Sell out! It's amazing what millions of Euros will make you do.
(Love Mr. Bean)

Wow Nicole almost looks good there.

Ah Lohag..Another walk of shame. At least she has her bruises covered.

parissucksliterally said...

I'd beard for Seacrest. Then I'd torture him mentally every day for The Kardashians.

Too bad Liev's Vespa did not run over Blowhan.

Count Jerkula said...


P: seacrest's beard

M: klum

B: m-rod

auntliddy said...

Whats going on with Liecs crotch area there? Weird! Molly has a mini me- adorable! And nicoles kids are beyond cute, and they always look happy.

auntliddy said...

Oh and lindsay and health cannot be in same sentence. Complete oxymoron.

Yoj said...

Shag: I'd like to go for a ride on Liev's vespa.

Marry: The Black Adder! "The fact that I'm not a millionaire aristocrat, with the sexual capacity of a rutting rhino, is a constant niggle".

Kill: Ryan Seacrest. He deserves to be smothered to death by Kim Kardashian's American Idols while Live from the Red Carpet.

discoflux said...

Once - just once - I'd like to rage fuck Liev Schreiber. I bet it would be incredible.

Anonymous said...

oh i thought when a mom hold hands with her kids out in public it was called walking. did not know ive been DRAGGING my daughter around. thanx enty.

oh what a surprise Heidi is out and about. ((eyeroll))

i wonder if lievs vagina is comfortable on that vespa. cause it takes BALLS to ride a motorcycle.

skippy said...

Lindsay has to be sober, her credit card was declined!
Ryan's "girlfriend" looks happy, cough

Sincerely,Your Friend said...

Chilly Ryan?
(One of his head lights is out.)

Not A Ninny said...

Atkinson prolly needed to pay for a new McClaren. He wrecked his previous one in a shunt.

Lil P said...

I could be seacrests beard I'd be purrfectly content appearances only call me!

Yeoman Princess said...

@discoflux... LMAO!!!!!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Can I watch? No, seriously, can I?

Yeoman Princess said...

Molly's daughter is too cute!

How is it fair that Michelle has that bod after binge drinking every other month???? I'd be a bloated mess. Okay... I am a bloated mess! Judge me!

PJ said...

Yeah, um, I'VE had about as much sex with Ryan Seacrest's "girlfriend" as he has...

I mean, don't any of these women who
beard long term for these dudes have needs?! Like, what in the hell did Katie Holmes do during all of those years contracted to Tom?? It's not like she was EVER afforded any space or privacy from the CO$ for a split second during that whole time. And though it's a significantly less extreme situation, what the f**k is Lauren Scruggs's plan for X amount of years she spends engaged & married to Jason Kennedy? Sorry but, there's not enough money in the world for me to rent myself out that way. I guess I just have far too much self respect as well as self esteem. (No sex for some time is one thing but, a contract that would leave you without ANY physical affection at all from a man you legally MARRYl? No.Thank.You.)

Yoj said...

For a minority of women nothing is more important than fame, status and money (and many of these women move to Los Angeles).

Unknown said...

And Seacrest GF looks "thrilled" to be with him. Let's keep it real. It's ALL about Seacrest's CASH.

MinPinGirl said...

Lindsey Lohan does NOT look healthy there. She looks hungover.

Heidi looks suspicially like Kate Bosworth. I like her outfit whoever she is.

Molly Ringwalds daughter is adorable. Keep her the eff away from Hollywood Molly!!!

Michelle Rodriguez looks like she's on her way to kick somebody's ass. I wish I looked that fit when I was partying like I was living at Jay Gatsby's mansion. Girl's got the bod for days!!!

SugarTitz said...

I think he has a Vespa so he can safely take the kiddos with him at comfortable speeds.. More manly to put kids first.. imo..
And I would rage fuck him too!!! He is sooo hot on Ray Donovan. ..

SugarTitz said...

I genuinely think Lauren Scruggs is in love and thinks he's straight. . Girlfriend doesn't strike me as having a lot of street smarts.. but genuinely sweet as pie that one.. no shade throwing I just think she doesn't see "it"

Scallywag said...

Whenever I think Vespa I think Eddie Izzard. Ciao.

PJ said...

Good point @SugarBread. Gay, straight or bi, Jason IS very religious so maybe Lauren thinks that the (alleged & likely) total lack of physical intimacy and sex is just due to his views on pre-marital relations...If so, I feel sad for their wedding night for the both of them :( No one should have to live a lie as long as whatever is happening is legal and all involved are consenting adults. How awful.

TLP said...

Min Pin: I feel 100% sure the healthy comment was sarcasm. She looks butt wasted in the pic.

Plus, I would substitue "hooking" for "partying" but that's just me.

Ms B'have said...

Well, she IS vertical and I can't see any bruises. Plus her eyes are open, kinda..


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