Thursday, May 05, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #1

March 8, 2016

You would think with all the issues in her past, that this east coast Housewife would know better. Asking to be paid in cash at an appearance is going to get a lot of people talking.

Teresa Giudice


Kno Won Uno said...

Total loser.

Salaam said...

Speaking of losers, I'd love to know who the losers were that bought enought copies of her book to make it an NYT Bestseller.

Sylvia said...


david said...

White Trash?
Or, is truly guilty of cheating the IRS?

OKay said...

I see no reason why she can't be both.

Missy said...

They have no shame. And I'm sure she'll blame it on her attorney


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