Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #5

June 27, 2016

BET Awards

This B+ list actress is on a very very long running show. If you don’t work during the day you probably have seen it. Anyway, she was invited to the awards but one of her family members was not and she was told he was not welcome. Apparently the whole child molesting thing has finally become public knowledge and no one wants him around. That, and the last time he was around, he was extremely violent.

Eva Marcille (Her brother molested Eva when she was younger)


Derek Harvey said...

Nailed it

sandybrook said...

She's not on Y&R now and I don't think she's been on it in years. I can't even remember her character on the show.

sandybrook said...

she's probably Z-list but I'll let her slide up to C-list.

sandybrook said...

she hasn't played this role since 2009 according to Entern

david said...

Enty, out's a child molester!
(Too bad the victim was outed, too!)

Riven said...


This so could have been revealed without revealing her as the victim. I don't care if people can google her name to find out, especially if I have to google her to know who the fuck she is.

If it didn't happen to you it isn't your fucking story to tell. You could have even gone with "her brother molested a sibling," regardless of how many siblings there are, and it would suffice. For fucks sake Entern, it isn't that fucking complicated.

Sorry but I happen to be currently dealing with someone telling people my brother molested me, and it fucking sucks. (I couldn't reply same day as the "Your Turn" post, but thanks to everyone for the support & love. I did and still do appreciate it).

Derek's Anal Beads said...


ano said...

Actually her baby's father outed it during a public Twitter fight between himself her and the brother where he warned her to also keep their daughter away from her brother.

Penelope2 said...

Why would she even want him around, at award shows no less, if he molested her? She lets her molester celebrate in the good things in her life?

curious said...

I don't think there is any suggestion she has an objection to her brother not being invited and not knowing who her brother is why would he be invited anyway, guess I need to look him up. I think Enty just wrote it to make it sound like that.

Or this is Ray Donovan plot line kind of weird.


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