Thursday, September 01, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #2

August 1, 2016

Teen Choice Awards

I can’t even pronounce her name, but this well underage teen who stars on a reality show was trashing these two sisters from the same show. The language coming from this teen was crazy. JV was shocked at the nastiness.

Chloe Lukasiak ("Dance Moms")


sandybrook said...

Whoever this little bitch is better be thankful for everything she gets from whatever tv network that is so desperate for programming they put on shows that exploit and mentally abuse little girls. Mainly by a big fat slob woman.

Kno Won Uno said...

And why do parents allow it? It's disgusting.

Cary said...

She hasn't even been on the show for close to two years

david said...

As a teen, my daughter swore like a longshoreman -- and the horse moms blamed me for her language!

sandybrook said...

Because the parents think its a way into show biz for the kids.

shootingbliss said...

the other girls on that Dance Moms show....they are really ugly. Im not surprised they are generally bitter.

Maddie is the only one that has gotten legit famous with the Sia videos and dancing from that show. she also was the only one that was ever truly good and have potential.

Guesser said...

Maddie and her sister must be the ones she was cursing about. Jealous much?

Vets50 said...

Did your daughter get disciplined? Kids only act negatively if there's no proper discipline from parents. Not judging (really, I'm not), but kids learn & repeat what they see & hear, and only learn from adults what's right & wrong to say.


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