Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 22, 2018

SAG Awards

So, this B+ list mostly television actor is on two hit television shows. One is pay cable and one is almost television. Explain to me how he can be all Time's Up and all of that, but when actually confronted by two women at a party last night and they asked him about his awful co-star he said, "I don't get involved in all of that." He then said he just does his job and what people do is not really his concern.

Tony Hale/Jeffrey Tambor


J said...

Correct response, Tony.

Good job, #rosearmy.

plot said...

Maybe he didn't see any of the behavior Tambor is accused of. Maybe it was mainly to women that Tambor exposed his...anger? I'm not exactly sure what the accusations are there though I'll trust anything Jessica Walter says on the matter.

Amartel said...

"Explain to me ..."
1. He wants to keep his job.
2. He does not know the facts and therefore does not want to get involved.
3. Who wants to be "confronted" about something they didn't do?

ToobisTheZebra said...

Tony Hale had a good response.

hothotheat said...

Tambor is accused of sexual assualt and sexual harrasment by two people. One a trans actress he was doing a scene with and a trans women who worked as his assistant. He also yelled at Jeesica Walters while they were working together.

Hale was one of Tambors 'defenders' during the ill-fated interview with the cast of AD.

summer said...

I'd say the same exact thing. It's not his fault or really any of his business.

Amy said...

Great response seen as approaching him about someone else's actions is completely out of order. He is not the abuser. It's like me having a Co worker who I only know at work, being an apparent sexual abuser and being approached by two complete strangers outside of work about it....stupid.

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CJ said...

Tony Hale is B+?

Good Lord.


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