Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Blind Items Revealed #3

July 31, 2018

In some fantasy world that only exists in her mind, this Teen Mom thinks there is a huge demand for her from streaming networks. Umm, no there isn't. Oh, I'm sure that the three initialed one tells her there is and that she should cut and run and can make big money from the people with the cement ponds, but he is just lashing out because no one wants to hire him for anything and fears losing control. There is only so long she will sign over those paychecks without wondering what could be with some other loser who would support her and want a baby with her.

Jenelle Evans/Netflix & Amazon/David Eason-UBT


HollyMcGolly said...

Bless her heart.

sandybrook said...

PornHub and Vivid would love to do business with this ho

Unknown said...

You lost me at "teen mom"

... another worthless attempt to hit the 15 a day mark.

LadySabreX said...

MTV should have fired her ass when she was waving a gun around her son in that road rage incident.

Thorne said...

Because my day was ruined, I will now ruin yours:


Ari said...

Lol @ the three initialed one

Itttt said...

I posted it in the original as someone noted the Beverly Hillbillies reference ("cement ponds"):

The Ballad of Janelle Evans

Come on y’all & listen to my story ‘bout a whore
A thirsty teenage skank, who was tired a bein’ a poor.
And then one day she was a layin’ on her back,
When out came a baby all a slidin’ out her crack...

Teen mom, she is, total cooze. poor life choices.

Well the 1st thing ya know, MTV makes her a dollaraire,
Her inbred kinfolk said “ho ya best move away from thare”
Said “Kaliforny is the place you oughta be”
So she loaded up her Kia & a moved to Beverleeeeee

Hills, that is. Swimming pools, knee pads.

(2nd verse with “something something U-B-Teeeeee”, now she's got tha H-I-VEEEz" etc. etc.)

BBen10 said...


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