Friday, January 04, 2008

Children's Program Host Arrested For Suspicion Of Murder

Mark Speight is the host of a very popular children's program in the UK called SMart which introduces children to art. His fiancee Natasha Collins who was 32, was found dead in her bathtub at about 1pm yesterday. Because Speight was the only other person present at the apartment he was obviously a suspect and was arrested on suspicion of murder and supplying a Class A drug but was released later on bail.

It is suspected that Collins died of either a cocaine overdose or a heart attack related to the use of the drug. When police were called to the scene no drugs or drug or drug-taking paraphernalia were found at the scene, but I would highly doubt that Speight would leave them laying around to be found whether or not he had anything to do with her death.

It is also hard to imagine someone doing lines of coke on the sides of a bathtub at 130pm, but you just never know. I have definitely seen some crazier things.

The BBC has canceled tomorrow's scheduled 10am showing of SMart, which was a repeat. A decision has yet to be made on whether next week's episodes will be screened, a BBC spokeswoman said.


Anonymous said...

Those of us with sleep disorders think it's normal to take amphetamines in the early afternoon. I thank the lord mine are prescribed so I don't have to resort to illegal drugs just to stay awake every day.

YahMoBThere said...

Even if he's done nothing wrong, his career will probably be ruined. See Michael Barrymore for more information on that front.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it'll be sad if theres damage to his career, if he's not at fault. But if he IS at fault then fry him!!

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