Friday, January 04, 2008

Golden Globes Needs Lots Of Seat Fillers

Today the Screen Actors Guild told its members they should not cross the WGA picket lines to attend the Golden Globe Award program. Previous announcements by SAG had put the onus of whether or not to cross on the individual actor. However, after speaking to most of the nominees and other actors, SAG President Alan Rosenberg said in a statement, "there appears to be unanimous agreement that these actors will not cross" the picket lines to present or accept an award.

If they are not going to present or accept an award, I guess they could go and get some free food and booze, but there won't be much else to do. NBC has not made an announcement as to whether or not they will broadcast the award show. If they want to kiss the asses of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore they could show three hours of awards being presented and Rumer Willis walking back and forth in front of an empty ballroom. That should be must see television. If NBC decided not to air it, then all the invitees could just go and get together and have one big drink fest and one hell of a party.


RandomRamblings said...

NBC will air it because they have nothing left to show. However, I am going to love how they are going to explain the horrible ratings for the award show. Yeah, we were greedy and decided not to cancel and gosh darn it, people wouldn't be suckered watching an award show without the nominees.

Maybe they can fill those seats with Flavor of Love/I Love New York/Shot of Live with Tila Tequila contestants and have one big nasty Jerry Springer style fight.

writerw$$$$$ said...

Duh, NBC announced days ago it would broadcast the Globes. This is SAG's way squeezing the "globes" to hopefully get the WGA strike resolved. Lots of $$$ for that night. SAG & DGA contracts come up in June.

Julie said...

i'll go to the golden globes.
just out of boredom.

kellygirl said...

might be aq good time to get a deal on a lovely gown or tux.

If this strike continues through the entire award season I'm afraid Rodeo Drive will go into deep depression.

If Harry Winston would like to "loan" me a milliion dollars worth of jewels, I promise to get my picture taken

Rare Avis said...

I really cannot believe this. Ok, who are they going to have on? EVERYONE is SAG. Seriously, ENT, enlighten me who could possibly attend? It is bothering me, AFTRA cannot attend right? Rumor Willis she is SAG, so she is not supposed to be there. HELP!

Unknown said...

I hope they donate all the uneaten food to charity.

J Ruth said...

um, les. we don't comment like perez here. It's offensive and it's not funny. Enough, please.

kellygirl said...

josie - ignore him. He'll be back in school on Monday and won't have time to play on mommy's computer anymore. Let him play for one more day. He doesn't have any friends at his Middle School so he's stuck at home.

J Ruth said...

I had him pegged as more of an impotent, balding middle-aged man stuck in middle management. But, your point is well taken, Kelly.

Rare Avis said...

HA! Again with my question though. Seriously, how can anyone attend the GG? I don't understand. Someone enlighten me. Aren't there ramifications like any union?

jannie said...

I tell ya i have forgetten what these strickers are wanting. THis is truley sad. Just what in the hell do they want. Why has it gotten this far to begin with? oh well by the time they get there stuff together i will have forgotten there shows and movies. So i will be one less watching

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Faerie said...

I just wish the networks would give them their damned money.

__-__=__ said...

The networks need to share with their employees. There are some greedy old folks up there who didn't learn to share as a kid.

I understand they have already lost over $1 billion! That's alot of money!! Can you imagine loosing that kind of money instead of sharing it with those who are participating?? Can you imagine being so rich that you could loose that amount of money?!?!?!?

I liked it better when people shared more.

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