Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Alana Stewart Sold Farrah's Stuff On eBay The Day Farrah Died

Did you watch Larry King last night? Larry had Griffin O'Neal on and he actually did not go as far as I thought he would against his dad. I really thought everything would be trashing him, but he seems to have just moved on with his life in regards to his dad. I guess that happens when your ad hits your 8 1/2 month pregnant girlfriend with a fireplace poker right after he stabs you with it.

Caller to "Larry King Live": I want to ask Mr. Griffin if he is worried about any relationship that is left over with his dad, that if there will be a relationship.

O'Neal: I can honestly say my dad has not called me once. He has shown zero remorse for the 22 stitches he put in my wife's face. And he showed very little remorse for trying to shoot me in the face. I'm having a hard time thinking there is going to be some reconciliation.

I am linking to the transcript for you and from time to time during the day you should read it. It is really fascinating stuff. You can tell that Griffin seems like a decent guy who watches over his family while at the same time seems to have a lot less anger towards his dad than I would.

He seems to save most of his anger for Alana Stewart which is fine with me since I don't like her anyway.

King: You are also angry about Alana Stewart [Farrah's friend], too?

O'Neal: I don't trust her. She was selling Farrah's stuff on eBay the day Farrah died. Trust me, I know who she sells through on eBay. I am disgusted with those people. I thought they were exploiting her. I think that they will continue to exploit her through the "Farrah Story II" and Alana's new book.


warmislandsun said...

Why isn't Ryan O'Neal in jail?

figgy said...

I was really impressed with Griffin O'Neil last night. He's clearly been through hell, and has the druggy face to show for it. But now he's clean and sober, working hard to just be a good guy, good husband, responsible parent.

It really touched me when he said, with pride, that he has a 401K. It gives some clue to how out-to-touch his upbringing was, hard difficult it's been to learn to live a normal life. I felt like I just wanted to give him a hug.

Oh yeah--his dad giving him coke at AGE ELEVEN to help him get through a long movie.

Ryan O'Neil is like an onion--there are more and more layers of awfulness being revealed.

Anonymous said...

Love means never having to say you're sorry. I think Ryan really bit into that. He can proclaim his love for Farrah, then screw her supposed best friend while she lies dying, hit on his own daughter at the funeral, the best friend lists her things on eBay the day she dies... wouldn't those "things", whatever they are, be the property of the estate, and not of Alana Stewart? These people are truly scum of the earth.

MontanaMarriott said...

Any woman who marries two celebrities in Hollywood has got to be a known gold digger. No surprise here

Anonymous said...

It makes me feel worse for Farrah that the only people she could turn to at the time of her death were users and abusers.

Thank god she left her money to her kids.

surfer said...

I'm with figgy on this. I saw this last night, and it was truly heartbreaking.

He had no good role models to guide him, teach him right from wrong, and despite everything he has been through, you can see how hard he is trying (to be one)for his kids.

I feel so blessed to have had "normal" parents who were interested in being good parents, not my pals (although they were, to a degree), and taught me great life lessons. What more could you ask for?

ItsJustMe said...

That really is heartbreaking ... and I am also glad Farrah had the foresight to leave these scumscuckers out of her will.

Anonymous said...

I know Larry is a big softball, but why was there no comment about Redmond being chained up when Ryan tried to shoot Griffin?

CDAN Mod said...

damn, i should have watched larry king last night. kudos to him!!

ryan will die a lonely old ass man. it will be deserving.

AvaMore said...

I officially retract my comment about Farrah a couple of weeks ago~ when I said she may have a part in the f*cked up family dynamic of the O'Neals~ Now I think her only part was not indifference but helplessness to stop what was going on and a unhealthy dependency on that horrible "man" Ryan.

What a f*cking A**HOLE! Seriously, he needs a MAJOR beatdown.

And may I give posthumous kudos to Madame Farrah when I say~ "Thanks for not leaving him a dime! Good thinking all the way."

However, Griffin is right, Ryan is going to cling on to Redmond like a leech for everything he can get~ and sadly, Redmond in his vunerable state, will probably let him.

Seriously F*CKED. People should have a license to have children~ abo-so-lutely.

(ok, whew, done with my rant, just feel v v strongly about this.)

Lisa (not original) said...

I thought it was strange when he said that his dad was getting old as an excuse for hitting on his sister. I can't believe he made any excuse at all for the ass. Throw him under the bus and make him own up to all the horrible shit he's done. Letting people like that off the hook is not in anyone's best interest.

ItsJustMe said...

Reading the transcripts, it's interesting that Griffith said Ryan is a narcissist. In the beginning of any relationship, they are extremely charming, and then suck the life out of anyone and everyone who falls for their hook.

The only cure for this type of relationship is getting far, far, far away, which everyone except Redmond has been able to do, and that is just SAD.

captivagrl said...

birds of a feather....look at her best friend and her boyfriend, it says a lot about who she really was. i hope her son can get some real help. can't imagine growing up surrounded by this disfunction, he never had a chance.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Larry King last night which normally I don't watch but wanted to hear about asshole Ryan making the moves on his daughter. I was not expecting to see Griffin but it was very interesting with his comments. I don't know how old he is but I guess with the type of life he grew up in he looks older. Their were a couple of times that he wanted to cry when he would make comments about his brother and Farrah.

What I don't understand is why Farrah stayed in that type of environment/relationship with Ryan? She was married to Lee Majors did he also mistreat her like Ryan did? She was also in another abusive relationship before she ended up back with Ryan, can't remember the name of the celebrity of that abusive relationship.

At Panache I read some pretty bad things about Farrah which I was not aware of about her. It was a surprise.

jax said...

sylvia- i think there were rumors back then about Lee being quite controlling but not sure on any abuse. Farrah, like most victims of abuse, feel unworthy of anything better and shit scared...and stay. it's an awful cycle for most who manage to get out anyway without proper therapy.

figgy said...

AnonMom, I think Ryan has gone past "narcissist" all the way to sociopath.

RocketQueen said...

Whoa - Ryan gave Griffin coke when he was 11?? There shouldn't be a statute of limitations on sending someone to jail for shit like that.

I'm with DNfromMN - very sad that Farrah was surrounded by fucking jerks at the end.

Sara Bellum said...

@Sylvia, what is Panache?

Wow, I am still in shock over Ryan hitting on his own daughter. I remember hearing how he treated his own children years ago. Deplorable. My parents told me once that when you have children, you have to put yourself aside for a bit. It looks like Ryan never bothered to do so.

Anonymous said...

Sara Bellum

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Just sad that women can not open their eyes when they see how wrong it is to be in that type of relationship.

Pookie said...

wow. just wow.

glad griffith owned alana tho.

Lizzie said...

This is my first time posting. But have been a lurker from quite some time now.
I watched last night, and was appauld that Larry King would say that Griffon didn't love his father.
Larry doesn't have a clue. The poor guy was abused by his father, yes he loves him, but he also has a right to speak freely about what the truth is. And in speaking that truth, it will help heal him. I felt Larry was being stupid, and insensitive to what Griffon had gone through from an early age at the hands of his father.

Lizzie said...

Sorry about the typos.. nerves about posting..

Scooby Dubious said...

Some odds & ends rattling around in the ol' Scoobybrain:

I still remember the night when the BREAKING NEWS LEAD on the 11pm KNBC telecast, was that Farrah had left Lee for Ryan. (Newscaster John Schubeck just happened to be dining at a table adjacent to Farrah and Ryan and got the global scoop.) This was what, 1979? It's been downhill for local LA news ever since—LOL.

Lee stipulated that a clause in Farrah's "Charlie's Angels" contract allow her to be home to fix dinner for him every night.

More than once I saw Ryan and Farrah jogging along PCH. They seemed obsessed with fitness—long before others were. Times change.

Tatum O'Neal surely has material for at least a half dozen more books about her derelict upbringing. Every once in a while you can catch her late mother—Joanna Moore—on "Andy Griffith" reruns. She was quite beautiful.

I gather that Griffin was a lot more forthcoming about Ryan in an interview with one of the London papers than he was with King (I didn't see the show); Griffin is quoted in the paper as saying that Ryan is broke, and that it was a severe and unexpected blow to him to be left out of Farrah's will. Ryan in response says that Griffin is a liar, that he (Ryan) has made a ton of money in real estate and sums up the relationship with his son with the words, "I hate him."

The upcoming dual-cover issue of VF—with MJ on one cover and Farrah on another, somehow really drives home the loss of two very talented (and very troubled) people.

Farrah's work in "The Apostle" is not to be missed. She was pitch-perfect, as was the casting of the two kids who played her children; they looked exactly like Farrah did when she was 10. She was great.

Judi said...

Ryan's a whore and Alana's never been anything but a glorified groupie. They both suck and serve no purpose. Off with their heads!

Sylvan Ramble said...

If you have been reading and watching what has been transpiring between Ryan O'Neal, Farrah Fawcett, Alana Stewart, Redmond, and Griffin, you will note the inaccuracies and misrepresentations in Griffin's story. That is not to say it is all wrong because only the people who were involved know what is real or not.

If any of you are truly interested in the relationship between Ryan and Farrah then I encourage you to watch the 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters, which aired on the night of Farrah's death. It is a 5 part piece on YouTube.com but if you don't want to watch it all then at least watch Part 5 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_lx4__Iyo8&NR=1

Monalicious said...

This makes me sick. Ryan hit his pregnant daughter-in-law in the face with a fireplace poker, hits his son, and nothing??? At all??? And yet, my 18-year-old son, who has never been in trouble, is looking at 20 YEARS in jail because he was there when his best friend shot two people!!!

Money....... if you got, you can do anything. But if you are poor, like me, you're fucked!!! Why???

bionic bunny! said...

interesting question, mona.

i hesitate to comment on this whole mess, because there is going to be so much more to come out.
i do believe that farrah was the innocent (okay, the most innocent) in this group of psychotics.
i also do recall that lee majors was not abusive as such, but controlling, something not unheard of in that day and age.

i would really love to know the real story.
and i still say that alana was NOT farrah's best friend, but was ryan's girlfriend. this keeps digging at me.

Sylvan Ramble said...

Monalicious, the poker stick incident was not necessarily how Griffin has portrayed it. I found this report online:

"This is how the new story goes - Griffin O'Neal had entered Ryan O'Neal's house on Friday night to find Redmond O'Neal unresponsive. Fearing that Redmond had taken a drug overdose, Griffin allegedly chained him to the staircase, handcuffed his ankles together and called some paramedics - who came, listened to Redmond O'Neal tell them that he was just asleep, and left. But, just to make sure that Redmond didn't try buying any more drugs, the chains stayed on. Then Ryan O'Neal came back from a party celebrating that Farrah Fawcett hasn't got cancer any more, and that's where the trouble apparently started, as TMZ reports:

We're told when Ryan arrived home at 11, he tripped over the chain tied to Redmond and became enraged as Griffin laughed it off. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, they believe it was Ryan — not Griffin — who initially began swinging the fireplace poker. And these sources believe it was Ryan who struck Griffin's girlfriend before Griffin wrestled the poker away from his dad. Ryan's people strongly dispute this and claim Griffin was drunk and was the one who grabbed the poker first. We're told Ryan screamed "Get the fuck out of my house you asshole." Griffin and his girlfriend walked out, and we're told, for some reason, came back. It was then that Ryan fired a shot. When deputies arrived, they found Redmond still tethered and shot video to document it. They also shot video of Ryan's injuries."

I have read other reports where Griffin says Ryan accidentally hit his girlfriend when he was drawing the poker stick back. Regardless, if I came home and I found one son drugged up and the other son, drunk, and having chained up his brother, I would be pissed, too.

I'm not saying that Ryan is not faultless here. I have no idea. I am saying that there is more to the story than Griffin's "my dad stabbed my girlfriend with a poker stick and shot at me", which leaves out a lot of details.

Also, if I was Redmond I would've said I was just asleep, too, rather than admitting I was on drugs. It is possible that Redmond was still chained and handcuffed when the police returned because Griffin took the keys with him when he left.

MadLyb said...

Why are people here defending that scumbag Ryan O'Neal? He is one person who should have never been allowed to reproduce. It's as if he's set out to destroy all of his offspring. What a POS.


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