Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Nikki Reed Cries Over Paris Hilton's Ex

Nikki Reed flew from Los Angeles to Vancouver yesterday with lots of the other cast members of Twilight also along for the ride. Apparently this Twilight thing is pretty popular because there were lots and lots of paps at the airport and parents were running around trying to get pictures of the cast to make up for the "I love LA" coffee mug which they had been planning on giving as a gift to their kids.

I am convinced that parents are the reason gift shops in airports sell such high priced merchandise. Go into an airport gift shop and the prices for regular food and cokes and things are not overly outrageous. They are for the most part comparable to a 7-11 or something similar. Gifts though are an entirely different kind of thing. You have the parent who is on their way home from meetings or whatever and they forgot to buy their kids a gift and so there they are in an airport gift shop and looking at a t-shirt which would sell for $10 outside the airport being sold for about $50. What is a parent to do? Sure, they could just blow the kid off and not get them anything, but guilt always wins out and the airport knows it. Things that can't sell in the real world because they are so tacky or awful are huge sellers in airports. Forget outlet stores. From now on just put everything into an airport gift shop and keep it at the regular price and that stuff will sell out.
Anyway, from what I heard, the cast arrived at separate times so it was basically an hour long feeding frenzy for the paps. Just as one cast member would finish, another would show up. Kellan Lutz was there and Bryce Howard and Ashley Greene and then Nikki Reed. Some of the other wolves were there also, but, for now lets just focus on Nikki. From what I understand she was incredibly nice to the customers who were trying to print out boarding passes and checking in for the flight. She apologized to everyone she saw for the intrusion and seemed genuinely concerned. Although she didn't stop and pose for any paps she stopped and posed for any fan.

Checking in with Nikki was Paris Latsis. You might remember Paris. He is the billionaire who used to have sex with Paris Hilton. Well now he is with Nikki Reed and even though he wasn't actually on the flight to Vancouver it appears he bought a ticket for the flight just so he could go through security with her and stay with her until the flight left. That is a perk of being rich.

When the time came for the flight to leave and Paris and Nikki to go their separate ways she apparently couldn't stop crying. So, I'm guessing that this is love. Does anyone also find it odd that Paris broke up with Paris and now dates Paris' sister at least name wise. It is kind of freaky. If he starts dating a Barron the circle will be complete.


Pookie said...

so can we assume that nikki has the herp now too?


califblondy said...

Airport gift shops have sale racks. Sometimes you can find a bargain. Personally, I'd rather spend my travel dollars in the bar. I actually save money on the HUGE glasses of beer.

RocketQueen said...

Oh good, they're back in my city. *braces self for the embarrassing hysteria*

Unknown said...

Gross. Doesn't he have herpes?

jax said...

Rocket, after NYC, i think we can hold our heads..mid high.lol.
that was insanity.

sunnyside1213 said...

The twihards hate poor Nikki. I hope she is happy, but really Paris looks like he shops in a dumpster.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

I wouldn't go near a peen that's been close to Paris Hilton. Sorry, but fuck that.

Eileenie McMeanie said...

I'm with Califblondy...any extra funds allocated go the bartender in whatever area I am in.

LOL Guttersnipey...with ya on that one

gay tallywacker said...

So he bought a ticket so he could go in and say goodbye? Seriously? Must be nice to be rich, dumb and full of cum.

mooshki said...

"I wouldn't go near a peen that's been close to Paris Hilton. Sorry, but fuck that."

You mean DON'T fuck that, right? ;)


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