Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Willie Nelson - Round Rock, TX
There is a very interesting phenomenon going on with me right now. As my like for Jessica Simpson increases, my dislike for Ashlee Simpson increases. Hell, I feel like Einstein right now.
Catherine Hardwicke looks awfully happy standing next to Billy Burke.
Billy Corgan and his "guest." Much better choice than his last "guest."
I haven't seen Bridget Fonda on a red carpet in a long time.
Hell that is more action than Chris Kattan probably got when he was married. That is Pooja Kumar doing the kissing. On the other side is Neha Dhupia.
Lets see. George Hamilton is about 70 and the woman is what? 30?
Halle Berry got a cake. Is it wrong for me to want her to deliver it to the basement?
Ice-T dreaming of Coco.
Jennifer Aniston with an umbrella holder and a fan.
It must be to protect her valuable acting skills. She looks good though.
"Has anyone seen Drew?"
"Umm. Drew?"
"Excuse me. Drew?"
"Where the hell did she go?"
Josh Duhamel doing yard work. Enough said.
James Franco on the set of his new movie.
This is right before Kate Moss got on a yacht. Literally within five seconds of getting on the yacht the dress was off.
You really don't see suits this shiny. Is it plastic?
No it isn't Hailey Glassman going after Jon Gosselin, it is Mariska Hargitay and Stephean Rea on the set of Law & Order.
"Daddy. The ice cream man is over there. Why are we over here?"
Ummm, yeah, Rachel Dratch everyone.
It was Robert Pattinson's turn yesterday to fly to Vancouver.
Seth Meyers is not a bad looking guy.
Probably the best picture I have seen of Taylor Momsen.


Pookie said...

lol @ the mac guy captions!

eep, what's w/ the shiny dude?

oh rachel dratch. no. no. NO.

Paisley said...

Did Bridget Fonda retire? I know she's been doing the mommy thing for awhile, but she stopped acting a few years before the kid.

GladysKravitz said...

Uh, is Ashlee Simpson wearing a matched summer pajama outfit from 1982?

Anonymous said...

lol at the Justin Long comments.

I'm more offended by the Prince's lack of socks with shoes than with them missing the ice cream man.

My darling boyfriend does not understand my lust for Seth Meyers. I think it's the eyes.

Billy Burke isn't so bad looking either.

mooshki said...

Enty, you dislike her so much, you keep getting her name wrong. It's "ASSlee Simpson." :)

Chris Kattan + Bollywood = WTF?

That lady is going to do for nipples what Hamilton did for tanning.

Aw, poor Justin. LOL!

Josh, don't you know when you do yard work you need to TAKE OFF THE SHIRT!!!

That shiny suit reminds me that it's been forever since we saw a velvet jacket. Damn, we were so hoping that trend would really take off!

Okay, Stephen Rea is awesome, but the real news is that Lucille Bluth is also in that ep!!!!!!!!

I'm surprised The Momsen let the show talk her into looking all conventional-like. 'Cause you know what a rebel she is! said...

I think Taylor Momsen modified her look some because Courtney called her out on copying her.

FrenchGirl said...

i love "drew?" story .Really funny!

Maja With a J said...

Aw, poor Mac Guy....*L*

RocketQueen said...

I cannot STAND Asslee Simpson. This is a girl who's been accused of sleeping with so many girls' boyfriends, wrote a song proclaiming she didn't do it, then had people admit they DID fuck her while they were with other people (Pete W. and Nick Carter for a fact). She's a nasty, petty b!tch and that's how I feel about that! lol

Yep, Taylor's looking better, she must be on set?

Ms Cool said...

I will always love Rachel Dratch because of the Parrot sketch she was in on SNL with Liam Neeson. That is one of my favorite sketches and it is darn hard to find on the Internet.

califblondy said...

That picture of Josh is the best thing I've seen all day.

Come on over babydoll, I've got some yardwork and a pool to clean. It's 113 here today so you might lose some of those clothes though.

Anonymous said...

Mooshki - Velvet jackets are a Fall/Winter thing. They're damned warm.

mooshki said...

I see, DN. Given the summer we've had, I forgot about the whole "being too hot" phenomenon. :) (Not that I'm complaining - I LOVE our cool weather!)

sunnyside1213 said...

Pattinson was going to LA. Why do I even know this. Sick, sick, sick.

Babs said...

"Drew? Drew?" Too funny, Enty!

Who's the guy trying out for the Tin Man? All he needs is a funnel on his head.

Ever since Ice-T cut his hair, he looks like one of those guys who walks everywhere and mutters to himself.

Shouldn't George Hamilton's navel be up on his chin by now?

ardleighstreet said...

Good to see Bridget! Is she still married to Danny Elfman?

"Let's see George Hamilton is about 70 and the woman is?" ---In need of a bra.

Is Halle's baby having a B-day?

No sweaty action shots of the yard work Josh was doing? DAMN.Sure crush a girl why doncha.

Is James Franco channeling Tiny Tim? " Tip-toe thru the tulips..."

wonderdiva said...

The girlie with George Hamilton has some serious nip actions going on.

merrick said...

What qualifies one to be an umbrella holder for a star? And why on earth is there need for one? Are Jen's arms broken or something?

Jeff Zawadiuk said...

Kattan got action while he was married...just turned out that it wasn't from his wife.

Katy said...

RE: Kate Moss
Hey, girls just want to have fun !

patricia said...

billy corigan's "date" is a violinist who did some work on his last album. Ysanne Spevack is her name.

Diane said...

Stephen Rea ftw!!! He looks really well preserved since his star-making turn in The Crying Game. I wonder what he's doing on SVU. Hell, his appearance might actually get me to watch SVU.

I was going to comment about how hypocritical it was for '90s rocker Billy Corgan to show up to celebrate the most overrated pop cultural milestone in baby boomer history but then I realized that he was one of the '90s rockers who sold Gen-X crowd up a creek after the exhilirating psychological revolution of the John Hughes-dominated '80s and, prior to that, the major sociological earthquake that was the '70s punk rock/disco/New Wave revolution.

On a less serious note, the Justin Long photo montage and accompanying captions is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. I'm a PC but I still squeed.


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