Thursday, December 03, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Aretha Franklin - New York
Blanket Jackson practicing some martial arts.
This might be a first time appearance for Caspar Van Dien.
Long time no see for Dean Cain in the photos.
This was some kind of seafood eating contest. It was for a movie with salmon in the title, but they are wearing bibs with lobsters on them and yet somehow I think they are eating processed crab. That is Michael Clarke Duncan way in the back.
Fergie just doesn't smile as much anymore. She actually looks nice here too.
The cast of Glee hosted some kind of karaoke competition and Mark Salling was there.
As was Cory Monteith who posed here with Nikki Blonsky.
If you guessed Helen Hunt I don't believe you. Not a movie. Real photograph.
Some of the Jonas Brothers and Smokey Robinson.
The one, the only and very lovely Dame Judi Dench. She was at the premiere of Nine tonight in London. Also there were
Kate Hudson who actually looks good.
Nicole Kidman who looks like a teenager going out on her first date.
Penelope Cruz
Daniel Day Lewis in some kind of 1800's western velvet circus performer outfit.
And all of them together.
So, the paps are now following the woman in the middle who is Jaimee Grubbs. Now lets be clear. She is now famous and she seems to be enjoying the fame. She will be famous for having sex with a married guy. Is that how you want to become famous?
Jenny McCarthy is wearing an outfit that is not that far removed from that big couch thing Lady GaGa wore last week. Please. No more 80's fashion. It's like watching Xanadu.
Jessica Simpson looking very nice here.
You can't hear me but I just used my auto tune to say Keri Hilson and T-Pain.
Holding one might be as close as Katy Perry is going to get to a Grammy.
Most awkward hug of the day.
Mark Wahlberg finally shows up at a Lovely Bones premiere.
Usually it has just been these five.
Rhys Ifans doesn't seem concerned that Sienna Miller is sexing it up with Jude Law again. Rhys has Kimberly Stewart.
Rihanna getting frisked at LAX.
A great picture of Rachel McAdams at a Sherlock Holmes press conference.
Robert Downey Jr. was there as well.
Reader Photo #1. In the back.
Reader Photo #2
Sylvester Stallone and his art. Don't laugh too loud.
OK, go ahead. You can laugh.
And then the Muppets did the world a favor by consuming Tyra Banks.
Tea Leoni and David Duchovny managed to piece everything back together. Maybe Tiger and Elin can also.
The thing about weight loss gigs is that if you are good at losing weight you lose your job. Sara Rue is the new Jenny Craig spokesperson.


.robert said...

Did Helen hunt use about a ton of meth or what?

Lady Metal said...

Oh, Puck, please, be mine...he is hot!

Sporky said...

LOVE the reader photo w/ the RHoNJ women. Is he the one looking up at the waitress? He's cute!

Rachel M. and Robert D.J. look like they're being tickled.

Helen Hunt looks older but her body still looks good.

Dame Judy looks fabulous. Nicole K. looks like a female 1st year associate at a Century City lawfirm.

Merlin D. Bear said...

I have this page up at work (bad Merlin! Bad!) and two co-workers saw the pic of Helen Hunt.
I had no idea who it was until I read Enty's comment, but one co-worker said "OMG, is that Helen Hunt?" and the other said "Holy shit! Who is that? She looks like Death!"
I believe we have a blind reveal.

FrenchGirl said...

where is Marion Cotillard at the "nine" premiere?

Helen Hunt doesn't use botox or collagen or plastic surgeon! i'm sure Kidman has Hunt's photo in her bag to justify her plastic surgeon

califblondy said...

I bet Nicole Kidman is pissed she didn't get the "wear a ballgown" memo.

The Dame looks absolutely fab.

I'm more concerned about somebody wearing a bikini drinking a hot beverage than I am about Helen's face. She's not a young girl anymore. She looks like most too thin for too long ladies.

What's the deal with Susan Sarandon? I never figure out the hints.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I couldn't care less if you're Aretha Franklin or some skeevy Housewife of wherever. Douches.

califblondy said...

The Nine ladies had me sidetracked...did anyone see Aretha at the tree lighting last night? Wow.

selenakyle said...

A ha ha haaa!

Reader #1 was thisclose to monkey-forehead woman!

RJ said...

Dear God,
Please let me age like Judi Dench and not like Helen Hunt. Please help Helen find her false teeth, because it looks like she lost them. Also, please give me one-tenth of Daniel Day Lewis's self-confidence. And thank you for helping Katy Perry's dress stay up. That almost certainly took a miracle. Also, sincere thanks for my non-cheating husband.

selenakyle said...

...who actually looks pretty there.

See--I'm not mean ALL the time.

libby said...

pomme, I was thinking NK has HH's photo in her attic, to age for her.

rim shot.

Anonymous said...


chopchop said...

Daniel Day Lewis can wear whatever the f**k he wants. He's Daniel Day Lewis.

I love Reader #2's photo: A beautiful sunset & a cocktail. What more do you need?

Can Katy Perry go away now? Her album dropped 18 months ago and she's still milking that crap.

libby said...

Ahem, I believe it was MK who called it her "Gorillas in the Mist" forehead.
That made me laugh for 5 straight minutes.

If you don't read Dlisted, what the hell else are you reading (other than CDAN)?

sunnyside1213 said...

Blanket (Prince 2)is so cute, but can't he have a real name or one of his own?

I didn't recognize Helen Hunt or Fergie.

I used to watch Judi Dench in A Fine Romance and loved her then. Amazing Lady!!!

Kate Hudson spoiled a nice dress with some guys white jacket. How cold was it?

Daniel Day Lewis wears whatever the hell he wants and always looks ridiculous. So?

Jessica Simpson can afford to have her roots done. Girl, call Ken asap.

Katie Perry is wearing grown up clothes lately, but this just looked like it would have been worse than an underwire bra. Pointy bodice = ouch. Nick holding Mimi up?

Rhys Ifan. I just don't get it. In my family we refer to him as that unfortunate looking brit in the balloon movie.

Rachel McAdams looks fabulous.

Wasn't Susan Sarandon the answer to a blind about an aging actress finally getting plastic surgery?

Is Sylvester Stallone doing self portraits now?

Merlin, I am bad too. Accounting caught me looking at a funny video about United Airlines. Are you implying that Helen might be Coke Mom?

Adventurous Kate said...

Blanket Jackson looks JUST like MJ.

Are we sure he isn't his?

Ms Cool said...

Helen Hunt does not look ridiculously old for her age (46). Perhaps she has had too much sun exposure. I think it is great that she hasn't changed her looks by going the plastic surgery route.

Can't stand Aretha Franklin or Kate Hudson.

Is Marky Mark the answer to a blind? I feel like there was one about someone not going to their premiers.

Genesis said...

caption for the tyra massacre

"why isnt he putting any hotsauce on her?"
*biting tyra* "She needs some hot sauce"

Nosey Parker said...

I think Helen looks a lot older than 46.

WednesdayFriday said...

Amen, Libby! I also have to thank todays readers for combining my two favorite things- Beautiful Italian wives (we like good company) and wine!

nancer said...

i saw a movie with helen hunt not that long ago and was stunned at how awful she looks. well, one thing---nobody can bitch about her bad plastic surgery!!

good for david and tea. i must say i appreciate it when married couples (especially in hollywood) work at staying together. my hat's off to both of them.

mariah carey makes me vomit. there's not one natural thing about her----especially when it comes to posing for the camera.

daniel day lewis....there are no words. but the pants pulled up to his nipples is my favorite part.

fergie looks good for one simple reason----side part. she should stick with that.

mooshki said...

Now I have to watch 'Starship Troopers' again. NPH is hysterical in that movie.

CANNOT FREAKING WAIT FOR SLAMMIN' SALMON!!!!!!!!!!!!! They showed a clip of it at their live show, and it looks like it's going to be another hysterical one. Michael Clarke Duncan was SO funny in the clip.

"Fergie just doesn't smile as much anymore."

I can't imagine why.

I love Dame Judi!

Dear Nicole, if you stopped using botox, I would love you again.

Penelope has Tyra's 'wind in the hair.' Because of the 'Slammin' Salmon' pic I pronounced her name as "peen-elope" in my head.

"Please. No more 80's fashion."


Okay, so Britney gets to breeze through security with a Big Gulp at LAX but Rihanna gets frisked?

Readers, both of your pics are in places I would love to be.

I wish Sarah Rue would just stay big. That back-and-forth can't be good for her.

RocketQueen said...

@libby - I think Michael K also referred to her as "crouching forehead, hidden hairline" and I just about peed myself.

I knew right away that was Helen Hunt, and I don't think she looks awful. She looks to have aged naturally, and she's always been "jowly" in my opinion.

Both of today's reader photos have been my favourites so far. Utter happiness in both.

Lol @ Mariah - she always poses to get maximum tits and ass profile shots - you can't help but laugh.

Katy Perry grows skinnier and skinnier. Sigh. Same goes for Jenny McCarthy, actually.

Kate Hudson is overdressed, in my opinion. Although I think any dress with a train like that is ridiculous unless you're getting married. Also, I don't like Kate Hudson, so I obviously have issues with the picture ;)

@LadyMetal - you'll have to fight me for Puck/Mark Saling. I mean it. WANT!

nunaurbiz said...

Yeah, I saw Aretha Franklin on that show last night. All I can say is: Worst.Lip-syncing.Ever. Loved the surprised look on her face each time she missed an "oh, yeah" or two.

Anonymous said...

.robert said...
Did Helen hunt use about a ton of meth or what?

I completely agree. The first thing I thought of was Faces of meth off youtube.

Dame Judy Dench always lovely.

Nicole kidman was pretty, when she had her own face. There comes a time when you have to say no more surgery.

RDJ, so glad he made a comeback.

Thisisridiculous said...

I hope someone mistakes Aretha for a bear and shoots her GINORMOUS ass!

Blanket is so cute.

Holy crap that's Helen Hunt?!?!

Jenny McCarthy looks gaunt.

Rachel McAdams has such a nice smile :)

Is that Valery Bartinelli? whoa she looks like that Jungle girl...very nice.

Melody the First said...

Most people look like crap without makeup. Helen's just not wearing makeup. See also ...

Ms Cool said...

OK - I supersized the Helen Hunt picture. I take it back - she has aged quite a bit in her face.

Nadine said...

Pomme, Marion's in France at the moment. She's about to do double duty in terms of press junkets, since Le Dernier Vol comes out in France in two weeks around the same time as Nine.

tflamb said...

I just hope Sara Rue doesn't lose those fantastic curves as spokeperson. The one next to her (blanking on name) is bit a too thin now for my tastes. It seems like that one went from one extreme to another.

Nadine said...

Forgot to add love that Sesame Street one. They're doing what we've wanted to do to Tyra for a while, shut her up. :)

hollase said...

I agree its nice to see Helen Hunt has gone without surgery, but something is off. Her face doesn't look good. I agree with the comment that she needs to put her teeth in. She looks like my 80 year old grandmother before hers are in. I really do think teeth could be the issue here. Or..... she might actually be coke mom!

Sinjin said...

@ Nosy Parker: She's only 46? OMGWTF?! I'm 44 later this month and I don't remotely that old!! Personally, I want to age like Meryl Streep. She's 60 and looks so much more fabulous than a lot of these folks 1/3 her age! (side-eye to Lindsay).

And MAJOR GAG at the seafood eating contest.

Robert Downey & Rachel M. look fabulous.

Rhinna looks like she doesn't like getting treated like "everyday people". lol

TinselSass said...

I hate bare legs a la Nicole's in December. So unpolished. No matter how glamorous she believes herself to be, she's not.

Helen Hunt's face is not the face of a happy person. Every line hangs down. Sad.

Daniel Day... divine!

Kingrey said...

When I saw Reader Photo No. 1, I thought the Real Housewives of New Jersey were readers, then I read the caption. ;-) Seeing that photo of Aretha Franklin reminds me of a few Paul Mooney jokes. But you gotta love Aretha. Nice seeing Sara Rue again. TFLive, I agree with you. I like Sara Rue just the way she is. Me and my Cuban tastes. Anyway, I wanna know how Russell Brand got Katy Perry, although I think I have a good idea.

Green Wave Gal said...

I will fight you all for Mark Salling! He's HOT!!! :)

WBotW said...

NO to Sara Rue losing weight again!!! I was so happy to see her back to her beautiful self in Eastwick; she looked terrible when thin, so WHY must she go there again?

Ice Angel said...

OK...I think the Susan Sarandon thing might be a reveal about the blind that talked about the daughter who makes her boyfriend sleep with her mom....

Ice Angel said...

I absolutely LOVE those pictures of RBJ and Rachel McAdams-so candid and just really cool!

Ice Angel said...

My bad...Susan's daughter is not on a hit network drama, she is on Showtime...RATS! It still seems like a big clue to something. Where is Tim?

This B- list television (hit network drama)and movie (meh) actress is known for being adventurous sexually but her latest twist is something that goes into a whole new realm. Over the past few years she has been seeing one particular C list cable actor and in the past few months he has been seeing not only the actress but also her mom. The actress knows about it, encourages it and makes it a condition of their continued romance.

Oh...and I think we need to back off Helen Hunt. Isn't she just swimming? How many people go swimming in full makeup and have their hair fixed perfectly.

sunnyside1213 said...

No Ice Angel. I think Susan has too much class for that. (And that hunky younger guy Tim Robbins at home.)

Unknown said...

I saw that photo of Jenny McCarthy and I should have went running today. Dammit.

nancer said...

for anyone who thinks helen hunt just took a bad photo, rent 'then she found me.' shitty movie. but i assume they had hair and makeup people. well, THEY couldn't make her look any better. she's painfully thin and looks at least 10 years older than she really is.

B626 said...

Nothing better than watching Denise stomp on Casper's heart.
Helen-what happened?
Urkel-good for you!
They sure know how to make a
thrilling Sherlock Holmes trailer.
I'm in.

HannahPalindrome said...

Reader Photo #1-


GladysKravitz said...

@Nancer: Yeah, I'd forgotten about that movie (And THen She Found Me). I remember watching it and thinking, "Wow, Helen Hunt is really making a statement about middle-aged women finding a place in film." Unfortunately, besides looking haggard, she wasn't very good in it, either. Since she directed it, she really doesn't have an excuse for the way she was portrayed onscreen.

warmislandsun said...

Helen Hunt has always had a squinty old man face, so the photo doesn't surprise me.

Sara Rue, please don't go anorxic. You look good now!!! Some people are meant to be full.

RDJ, yummy. While y'all are fighting over Puck, I will sneak in and grab RDJ.

lutefisk said...

Helen Hunt looks like one of those photos showing woman during the Great Depression fleeing the Dust Bowl.
I am also 46. I find it hard to believe that is the look of normal aging. Something is not right with her...either drugs, an illness, or alcohol problems.

nunaurbiz said...

If you ask me, Helen Hunt's bad karma has come back with a vengeance! (She's NOT a nice person!)



Unknown said...


Pookie said...

dean cain = adorable.

no way helen hunt is in her 40s.

looooove judi dench...but ewwwww to the banana dress.

kate h. looks fantastic.

LOVE the keri hilson/tpain caption!!!

it pains me that mariah's marriage seems to be so fakey...she deserves to be happy.

the youngest little sarandon/robbins is the cutest thing ever.

go readers!

i think sara rue is gonna look even more fantastic after jenny.

Tara said...

Valerie B. looks fab! She's always been gorgeous.

Love those pics of Rachel McAdams and RDJ...they looks so natural and happy.

I feel sorry for Katy Perry's boobs. That looks painful!

Daniel Day Lewis could wear anything and still be wonderful. He is such an amazing actor. I've adored him since Last of the Mohicans and he is in one of my favorite movies (and books), The Age of Innocence. Yeah, it had Winona Ryder, but the others made up for it.

I can't help it, I've always liked Fergie.

Aretha Franklin's head thing scared me. For real. She's like a huge, big boobed lion or something.

ageusia said...

I think Helen Hunt is "coke mom." She has a child, is currently in a relationship with a man who has a child from his former relationship. That may explain the child/ren listed in the blind items. Also, she was on tv in a series and has been in movies, which have tanked and not been very successful. Also, she looks like hell. Just sayin' maybe??

Momster said...

Helen Hunt won an Oscar for As Good as it Gets, and I think Enty might have mentioned Coke Mom being an award winner. I'm 43 myself, and I don't think she's lookin' all that great. LOL at Lutefisk and the Dust Bowl comment.

I want to trust Peter Jackson, but still having a hard time seeing Wahlberg as the dad. Hope the Sherlock film will be good, too.

I TOTALLY forgot NPH was in Starship Troopers!

I'm with Pookie, I love Dame Judi but don't find her banana dress a-peel-ing. God, I slay me.

Alice D Millionaire said...

Fergie looks great. I agree with the person who said she owes it to the side part. When she parts her hair down the middle it is very obvious if her roots have grown out (even just a little). I hope she starts smiling again soon.

Kate Hudson drives me crazy and I hate the white satin shoes with the white satin dress. She looks like she is modeling a wedding dress.

Nicole needs to lay off the injections but I am going to defend her wardrobe choices. She pretty much dresses her age and TinselSass what is she supposed to wear on her legs, black tights? Because NO one wears nylons anymore (except maybe my 93 year old grandmother…she may also own knee highs). My sister lives up in Manhattan and bare legged is how they roll these days.
Jessica looks so much better when she dresses down.

Ugh Rihanna has that “don’t they know who I am”? look.

CarolMR said...

Wasn't Sophia Loren at the NINE premiere? I'd love to see a picture of her.

Elle Kaye said...

This does appear to be the best Fergie has looked in a long time. I didn't think she was petty enough to be brunette but it seems to work here.

Helen Hunt's face is falling off her head. She should just smile as much as possible.

Judi Dench...old and hot. I'll be happy to age so gracefully. And wearing color no less.

Kate Hudson...still sucks.

Jamee Grubb looks way too happy to be famous for being a whore. All three of those outfits are awful and should be thrown into a fire pit.

Jessica is a slob.

Keri Hilson's face is as hot as her voice. She's got it goin' on.

Katy Perry is just annoying.

Mariah is a big, fat C and is the size of a moose.

Awesome pictures of Rachael and RDJ. She's so pretty.

Those housewives are classless, dirty whores. They should just go fuck themselves. That one's head is the size of a dinner plate.

Reader photo the martini glass out in nature. Pretty picture. You look happy.

If there is anything Tyra is actually good for it will be to teach children to love themselves. She does it to perfection.

Tea and David...great couple, love the effort. Once a cheater always a cheater.

I love that Valerie Bertinelli is cool again.

I haven't done that in a while. It felt good.

BigMama said...

Dean Cain - *sigh* missed u
Helen Hunt - I always heard she lied about her age but damn! by 30 years?
Judi Dench - Love her, hate the dress or at least the mustard color
Daniel Day Lewis- you nut
Katy Perry, quit raiding Barbie's closet and find some freaking cloths that fit!

slider1964 said...

OMG!! Helen!! WTF!! I've seen women in their 70's look better!! Emergency Plastic Surgery!!!

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ -- Fergie looks awful. As always. I don't hate her. In fact, I have a lot of sympathy for her recent marital disaster. I just think she's a hard-looking woman 24/7 and in any kind of lighting.

Also, that Helen H. photo is truly horrifying. I was just thinking of her the other day and wondering how she was faring. Now I have some idea. My. God.

Moonmaid said...

Helen Hunt's biggest problem is eylid sag. It's not that big of a deal to get it fixed, and well done it does not look obvious. Sometimes it is even done for people when it affects their vision, no lie. That said, I have just never been able to stand her. I was so upset about that recent film she did with Sex-on-Legs Colin Firth, in which she is his girlfriend. Ugh! She always looks so unpleasant and pinched.

Valerie Bertinelli looks fantastic - not stick thin, very healthy, and happier and sexier than she has looked in years. Good for her.

I love DDL.He just marches to his own tune and is brilliant.

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