Friday, December 04, 2009

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

A lot of acting talent at the top today. Helen Mirren and John Hurt.
Bradley Cooper on the set of A-Team and what looks to be fake teeth?
Brad Pitt looks high as a kite.
No words of wisdom from Courtney Love in her Facebook the past few days. She has uploaded about a million photos of herself though. One at a time. She has a lot of time on her hands.
Love Drew. Not the dress.
Its Clint Eastwood and a bunch of his kids. The only one I know is Alison.
You know how Amanda Bynes always wears the same outfit? Emmanuelle Chriqui does too. Oh sure it might be a dress or a top, but they all have the whole look at my cleavage look about them. It is like she saw that famous Jennifer Lopez Grammy dress and has not evolved beyond that.
If Eva wasn't in this picture it had a chance at the top spot. Hilary Swank looks amazing. Halle always does. Eva looks like she is getting her mug shot taken.
Me on a plane. That guy was happy to see me go.
Jennifer Garner watch. Much less skinny again today. Maybe it was just that photo's angle last week.
It is like an Ed Hardy warehouse exploded. That is Johnathan Schaech by the way.
Kate Beckinsale's turn to take her daughter to a premiere. New Moon it ain't. Just saying.
Lance Armstrong standing next to his portrait.
Old hockey guy photo of the day. Luc Robitaille.
Holy F**k. Look at Meg Ryan. How can you not look? Please, oh please let that be a wig. She is with Andy Ostroy and Cheryl Hines.
Robert Duvall promoting some movie with
a great looking Jeff Bridges.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Straighten up Peter Facinelli.
Lets see. Rupert Friend, Emily Blunt and the producer of the movie Sarah Ferguson.
Santa copping a feel of LeAnn Rimes.
Wanting more he fools her by changing outfits.
That isn't Pinkberry. Very disappointed.


selenakyle said...

U kidding me, there, Enty? Drew's dress is amazing (and I never use that adj.)!

I would look good in that dress; it would hide a lot of flaws...

Kat said...

Holy friggin' hell, Meg. You used to be so cute. Seriously, what's going on there?

sunnyside1213 said...

I think Garner's arms are pretty thin.

Used to love Meg, but seriously. WTH did she think when she went to Dr. 90210 for some stretching. On the other hand, I think this hairdo is better than the scarecrow straight do of last year.

Rupert Friend. I love you. He was amazing in Cheri.

Enty, don't larger than life people have to buy two seats on a plane?

MizCaramel said...

Love Jeff Bridges

Holy Shit Meg Ryan wth did you do to yourself?! I swear that picture alone convinced me to never have plastic surgery!

Great reader pics!

I think Drew's cute, I wouldn't buy the dress myself but I think she pulls it off.

lance armstrong does look awfully skinny.

Peter Facinelli what poor posture!

I love the original Fergie!

Lil said...


lutefisk said...

Kate Beckinsale's daughter needs to get out and absorb some sunshine---immediately!
Enty, I hope that wasn't an international flight---you don't look too comfortable sitting like that.

Missjenny619 said...

Forget everyone in this whole post (except the reader photos, lovely bride, awesome hair!!).... Hellloooo Clint Eastwoods sons! HOTNESS! I gotta know more about those boys, they are gorgeous! Wow! Enty, do you know more about them??

Pookie said...

is john hurt wearing velvet? if so thank you for adhering to the rules. :)

bradley cooper, weird teeth aside, looks hot there.

pitt most likely IS high there.

awww...the eastwoods are a good-looking fam.

eva's extensions look good, and hilary's dress is cute. halle is way too pretty for that dowdy outfit tho.

that was you? i was like 6 rows back. you made it very difficult to get to the bathroom.

wow, a bad beckinsale pic actually does exist. i can't believe it.

is meg wearing a fruit tablecloth? omg, she used to be so beautiful.

awww...readers are adorable couples.

RocketQueen said...

Meg Ryan. Oh my god. It is tragic what she's done to herself. You dodged a bullet there, Dennis Quaid.

I'm with missjenny - need to know the marital status of Eastwood's sons, stat!!

I don't think that dress is doing Drew any favours, but love her anyway.

figgy said...

@Pookie, that's exactly the word that went through my head when I saw Halle: dowdy. ah well, first time ever for her. In 20 years she'll just look classy in that outfit.

And apparently it's official: Meg Ryan is OLD.

When will they learn that a lot of plastic surgery makes you look OLDER, not younger.

figgy said...

Oh--and I love Drew's dress!

whole lotto luv said...

"We are being buried beneath the avalanche of your inadequacies, Mr. Creedy!"

Pitt looks stoned in all of the pics I've seen of that Invictus premier.

I think Jennifer Garner still looks scary skinny. Look at her upper chest/neck.

Oh, Meg Ryan. She used to be so pretty.

The Jeff Bridges/Robert Duvall movie is probably "Crazy Heart." I'd like to see it.

Gorgeous readers, of course.

Rupert Friend looks like a Madame Tussaud's. (sp?)

nancer said...

jeff bridges is just the best. i still choke up when i see 'starman.'

drew's a doll but the dress is an atrocity.

meg ryan should just stay home. it's painful seeing what she's done to herself.

i can't help but feel sorry for the fat guy on the plane. his fat ass is all over the internet and his friends, family and coworkers all know it's him. talk about painful.

maybe he could parlay this into a stint on 'the biggest loser.' god knows he needs it.

Missjenny619 said...

Kyle Eastwood:
Born - May 19, 1968

American jazz musician. He has one daughter, Graylen (b. 1994), with ex-wife Laura Gomez.


Scott Eastwood:
Born - March 21, 1986

Also an actor (was in Gran Torino, Flags of Our Fathers and other small films)

Anonymous said...

I think Drew stopped aging in 1994.

Meg Ryan on the other hand... Maybe if she gained some weight her face wouldn't look so...Carol Channing?

RocketQueen said...

Thanks missjenny - race you to them?

warmislandsun said...

Does anyone else see Taylor Momsen in the Courtney Love pic?

Adventurous Kate said...

HAWT Eastwood sons! Damn. The one on the right looks like a better-smelling RPattz.

I may be in the minority, but I miss Halle's long curly hair. She's gorgeous no matter what, though.

Great reader photos.

Okay, LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of the Taylors. How adorable are those two, assuming they're legitimately dating?

Ms Cool said...

Great reader photos.

I've always been hot for Clint Eastwood. He has nice looking sons.

Laughed out loud at your Lance Armstrong comment. Can't stand that dude. He's a lot like Tiger, I believe.

I am wondering -is there any way Meg Ryan can correct what she has done to herself? Maybe remove some implants or something? She looks like she is in the running to play the Joker in the next Batman flick. She used to be so darling and a lot of that was her facial expressions and I'm positive she probably can move her face anymore.

Missjenny619 said...

You're soooo on RocketQueen!! Those boys are HOTTT!! I've always had a crush on young Clint Eastwood (from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly), but in real life, I am old enough to be his granddaughter =( Boooo.

I'll take the next generation though ;)

Mango said...

Brad Pitt does look stoned!

Drew - Cool dress but her breasts look a bit droopy. She needs to quit running around braless; she's just a little too busty for that.

I always think of Halle Berry as being very petite, but she looks almost chubby next to Hilary Swank, who looks wand slender.

Re the "fluffy" guy on the airplane: I hope that they didn't let him fly like that. Horribly unsafe not to mention uncomfortable.

Meg Ryan's hair looks bizarre and her face looks downright freaky. she should sue her plastic surgeon.

SkittleKitty said...

Just when Meg's face was starting to not look so scary, she returns to her surgeon to get it all f'ed up again. I think she's addicted at this point.
So sad/wrong. She could still be cute.

R. said...

I'm gonna disagree with you Enty and that Halle Berry actually looks pretty tired and that outfit is drab too..

Love Jeff Bridges though!
What a wonderfully happy face he has!

Anonymous said...

I am so against Botox and Meg Ryan is a big reason for this. Even though she has stopped the hideous use of restylane in her lips the overdosing on botox has distorted her face and shrunken her eyes, add that to being a body weight at least 45 pounds less than a woman her age should be and we are left looking at a hag. Tox should be outlawed, I can see my reflection on her forehead!

Mindy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lanasyogamama said...

I don't like Drew, but that dress is pretty cool.

I don't feel bad for Meg Ryan, when she was America's sweetheart, she seemed super bitter about it.

Cute readers!

Hi Santa! Mrs. Claus, take note.

MizCaramel said...

Meg's face shocked me so much that I just had to Google and saw the trailer for her latest movie, looks good actually and so does Meg. Maybe that's just a bad pic on a bad angle. Hope so.

Sis said...

Ok, now I am wondering if Meg Ryan is the answer to the wig blind earlier this week (or it could have been last week), she needs to just stop whatever she is doing.

I am so disappointed in Jennifer Garner's bobble head look, anytime you can see the chest bones it is not good!

I like Drew's dress!

ardleighstreet said...

Enty, where is the arm rest on flight seat? Just saying--- It looks like hitting turbulance could be painful. :) Almost as painful as looking at Meg Ryan's face.

c17 said...

Awwwwww...dude. I used to think Meg was the cutest thing around & wanted her hair from "French Kiss". Wha' happen'?

Lucy T. said...

Meg Ryan is starting to look like a little old lady. She's just freaky to look at.

RJ said...

Remember back in the late 80s, early 90s, when America's Sweethearts were Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts? Now Meg just makes me cringe. She looks like some sort of melting Joker-ette. So very, very sad. And Julia Roberts is apparently the world's biggest, bitchiest snob. It's all sort of depressing.

On a happier note, the Jolie-Pitt clan looks like some sort of modern day Adams Family. Kind of makes me giggle that they are our nation's super-couple.

Interplanet Janet said...

Beautiful readers! :)

Unknown said...

Ah yes, Luc, fun guy that fella... ;) generous too...

Oh my Lord. That poor, poor fat man! That's, just, wow... :(

califblondy said...

Is Fergie gaining weight again or is it that velvet adds pounds?

Poor Meg. Too bad she went to Kenny Rogers' doctor.

Anonymous said...

Meg's dress is awful, looks like a curtain. But,Rocketqueen, SHE is the one who dodged a bullet, not Dennis Quaid. See Quaid cheated on her for many years, is currently married to a golddigger and heavily into drinking.

bitteliten said...

Hehe. And Sarah Ferguson pops up agagin. I didn't know the Dutchess of York had taken to producing movies.

Kinda cool!

Momster said...

Robert DeNiro, Kate Beckinsale, and Drew Barrymore are all in the movie Everybody's Fine. Lily Sheen plays the younger Kate's part in the movie.

The super-skinny look does not suit Garner. I love her, and I'll cook my Southern dishes for her and fatten her up a tad.

Jumps on the Jeff Bridges love train. . .
Seeing Meg makes me sad. Her orgasm scene was one of the best ever!

City Councilman Doug said...

I would still let Dennis Quaid rub his greasiness all over me while he "sings" the blues. Just sayin'.

Anotheramy said...

You're such a liar, that's not you! I am willing to put money down that you're not even overweight.

classalpha said...

... I bet Entertainment Lawyer's not even "male"... ;)

... re: Mr. Fatty Passenger: ... dumba$$ airlines got rid of lounge seating (notably SWA and HP (aka America Worst)). Those were perfect for accommodating the heavies - plenty of extra scooting space and no arm rests. But they took them all out I believe some time in the late '90s. Now, since there are so many more OBESE people like Mr. FP who fly on a regular basis... esp. during the holidays... every "smart" airline should get with it again and revert a couple areas of their a/c's cabin back to a lounge configuration. You can still sell each seat on the lounge individually, and if a porker (or two) happens to be on a flight and some more "slender" pax are already sitting in the lounge seats... those twigs can be asked to move to the regular seat(s) the cow(s) would have originally chosen, thereby saving grief and providing flight-long comfort for all those more "responsible-eating" passengers...

... BTW... I'd "cop a feel" o' cutie pie LeAnn Rimes's *presents*... ANY DAY.

... 'Nuff Said.

mygeorgie said...

It's official. Meg is the new Mrs. Roper.

I too like Drew's dress. It's all kinds of silly. Leave the serious boring stuff to the stiff shirts.

Geez, Clint's son on the far right is a spitting image of his Dirty Harry days. Nice.

LauPow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LauPow said...

What are Helen Mirren and John Hurt doing with Katie Price's implant?

Yep, Brad looks baked, hehe.

Tania said...

So Brad's high and Angelina is auditioning for Morticia. They are such a fun family to watch!

you made a good point about lounge seating, but then you just had to throw in the hate-words like 'porker' and 'cow', didn't you? *sigh*....

Sporky said...

Kinky Bootleg, thanks for pointing that out, I was wondering what the hell they were holding.

Well-said, Tania!

keks said...

oh hey that's me with my husband on our wedding!

thanks, ent!

crichmond1000 said...

Brad Pitt = Garden Gnome

crichmond1000 said...

Brad Pitt = Garden Gnome

crichmond1000 said...

I think Meg may have ridden over with Brad.

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