Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Random Photos Part Three - The Met Ball Part Two

Carey Mulligan
Jessica Alba
Cameron Diaz
Karolina Kurkova
Sofia Vergara
Lana Del Rey
Gwyneth Paltrow
Camilla Belle
Renee Zellweger
Nina Dobrev


MontanaMarriott said...

OMG all the metal, my fillings hurt, lol.

I must say I do love that dress on Renee, although can't see the front but the back is lovely.

Cameron dressed to old for her age.

hunter said...

Out of everyone, I think Carey Mulligan killed it! Love that dress.

Gwyneth looks like crap, what a dumb dress.

skeeball said...

LOVE Renee's dress

NernersHuman said...

Nina Dobrev looks gorgeous.

Agent**It said...

Cameron's boobs don't match. That's wierd.

Agent**It said...

I meant weird. I think

chopchop said...

So I guess metallics are "in", huh?

Pookie said...

carey m. has a perfect waist, i wish the dress had been cut slimmer, as opposed to that 50's flair.

random: wth was up w/ all that goth brown lipstick. eww.

cameron is really working that boca raton retiree look.

karolina is a goddess statue. wow.

loooooved sofia's look. only wish the silver/gray had been a warm tone to compliment her skin.

lana needs a push-up bra, stat.

i am about to send my own self into shock w/ this...but i loved how goopy worked that prada, and i HATE prada on principle alone, also no to crazy about goop.

camilla belle's homage to chola hoody east l.a.-meets-the-bronx makeup was spot on.

cheesegrater15 said...

Jessica Alba wins. Carey Mulligan would have won if her dress wasn't A-line. Renee Zellweger is a close 3rd.

WTF happened to your face, Cameron Diaz?

Sofia and Fishsticks, close, but no.

I hope Lana Del Ray falls and is strangled by her stupid ass cape like the mother at the end of Flowers in the Attic.

Camilla's lipstick and expression ruin that dress.

ForSure said...

I actually like all of the dresses in this set, to varying degrees. Lana Del Rey looks much better as a brunette, but the lipstick color is wrong.

Kurkova's dress is okay, but the headpiece is too Sunset Blvd. Gwyneth looks good, would look better without the sideboob.

Camilla Belle's dress is KILLER and she looks great in it.

Beth said...

Carey Mulligan's dress was cool. The rest... more meh.

Actually, Nina Dobrev looked lovely.

Cameron and Karolina look like they are on a night out from the old folks home.

Lana, um... Gwyneth did it better.

Camilla Belle looks like she's got chola lips.

EmEyeKay said...

Carey's dress, no.

I want to like Cameron's dress but to me she looks too matronly.

Don't understand what's going on with KK's head.

Sofia, LDR (a black cape?!), Gwynnie, no.

Camilla looks amazing, except for that lipstick.

Beth said...

Btw, is Cameron rocking There's Something About Mary hair?

nunaurbiz said...

Someone please tell Goop she's too old to pull of that look but who'da guessed she had enough boob to go around to the side?????

Momster said...

Karolina would have ruled at Studio 54.

DixieTheNoble82 said...

Alba has been looking really good lately.

Don't understand the appeal of Lana Del Ray AT ALL.

Lol @Vicki, "Fishsticks". That made me lol earlier a bit when I read it on Dlisted. (Although the Rufus & Bea story wins on laughs for the day.)

Sherry said...

Did a memo go out: Wear your best metallics for the Met Ball? Loved KK's but that headdress..Ugh.
HATED Goopies dress.
Saw Camilla's dress in an add for Ralph Lauren in the Sunday NYTimes. LOVED it but the sheer netting looks better on her than in the add. I actually like her lips there.
What happened to Cary Mulligans face? It looks nothing like her.

cheesegrater15 said...

Dixie, Lana Del Ray's "popularity" is completely manufactured. Her daddy bought her record deal and her "fans".

sylmarillion said...

Love that dress on Jessica.

Has Cammie had some more work done to her face, or is it just the granny hair?

Lana, metallics only work with fifteen layers of spanx...Anyone else thinks she's dead behind the eyes? She just seems so bored to me all the time.

Gwyneth just cannot do sexy. One has to feel it to be it...

DixieTheNoble82 said...

@Vicki - Daddy needs to buy it all back. Barf.

RenoBlondee said...

I think all those dresses are hideous. I kinda like Goopy's though.

Snapdragon said...

Renee from the front:


__-__=__ said...

I think all the dresses are great! Some more than others but all style appropriate. CD needed a better bra though. Those designers should all be proud. These ladies wore it well!

TwinkleTwinkle said...

Everyone is trying to be like Katniss Everdeen.... The girl on Fire...

Liz said...

Carey Mulligan and Jessica Alba look gorgeous.

That dress on Cameron Diaz looks way too old for her.

Jasmine said...

They all look anorexic to me.

Like shiny metal anorexic statues.

With too dark lipstick on.

I do want to eat Carey Mulligan's dress though- that's how much I lurv it.

califblondy said...

Looks like several ladies used the same tube of lipstick.

Jessica Alba looks great.

I wonder how much tape Gwynnie had to use to get some side boob?

Sylvia said...

Carey's dress not so great and makeup is horrible.

Jessica's is so so.

Cameron too old.

Karolina too much

Sofia not really liking it.

Lana too gothic.

Gwyneth, you aren't young anymore sweety..

Camilla like the dress not the makeup.

Rene very nice.

Nina, so so

Del Riser said...

I d like Carey's dress better if it wasn't A-line, or if it went to the floor. She and Cameron have the same hairdo just different sides for the sweep.
Jessica A. looks stunning.
Cammie looks very *Olde Guard*
KK, say No to the headgear.
Sophia, nice.
LDR, ugly lipstick, belly pooch, and YOU CAN'T SING!
Gwyneth, very brave.
Camilla, ugly lipstick, nice dress.
Renee, would love to see the front.
Nina, looks great.

Jessie said...

Camilla nailed it. That lipstick colour is so suitable for the era of her dress style.

Anonymous said...

No, Goopy. Just no. That thing she's wearing looks like the gown they give you at a very fancy ob/gyn office.

Love the top half of Carey M., hate the bottom half.

Cameron's hair and new bewbs look ridiculous, as does her frozen face.

I don't know what to say about Karolina's metal swimming cap.

LDR looks lobotomized and style-challenged, as always.

I actually like Camilla Belle's look here.

Turkish Taffy said...

Too bad Alba can't act to save her life. She always looks great.

J Slaughter said...

My favorite isn't here. Claire Danes in Ralph Lauren was lovely. Simply breathe taking.

Sis said...

Renee just oozes glamour, imo, love Jessica Alba's dress.

enver124 said...

nina dobrev does not get enough love. this is her best look yet, and imo the best of the night tied with jessica alba.
the concept of carey mulligan's dress is stunning. but the length is off.
how old is cameron now? i don't know what she's done with her face but she looks so aged. the dress isn't helping.
ugh, not sure about karolina's dress. but it would have been much worse on anyone else.
sofia's curves are her best asset. this dress doesn't do them justice.
lana looks much better brunette. but what is she doing at the met ball...?
goop's dress is beautiful, but not so much on her.
camilla looks stunning, minus the lipstick.

enver124 said...

and renee's dress is incredible on her.

MadLyb said...

Dark colors - glitter and gold. All the women featured look beautiful!

I am putting in writing that I'm no longer a Gwyneth hater, but do not promise not to roll my eyes now and then.

anita_mark said...

I love all the dresses (I love metallics) but I didn't like Renee's (here's a pic from the front).

Gwyneth has the best legs.

poovey-tunt said...

I wonder what the hell Lana thought she was going for there. The dress is maybe not so bad in comparison with the cape and makeup, but it only succeeds in making her look lumpy.

Love Jessica Alba's look, and normally I think her red carpet choices are overrated.

That color is doing absolutely nothing for Sofia Vergara. And I think Nina Dobrev's gown is just flat out ugly (though striking, I'll admit.)

God help me, Camilla Belle's is growing on me. All of it. I may be coming down with something.

Karolina Kurkova might be my favorite, though. The turban is deliciously over the top, which is what the Met Gala's supposed to be about. Oh, and the shoulder pads! So much love, I can't even express.

lutefisk said...

I see Cameron Diaz is going for the Hillary Clinton look.

Susan said...

Cameron Diaz aged about 20 years in that dress.

I think Alba wins.

The last dress on Nina Dobrez is stunning. Who is this broad?

Sarah said...

God can we please lose the peplums again? That look ages you AND adds weight to your middle.

Why all the dark lips? It's spring!

I like Gwenyth in those cool shades, but I do think the dress wasn't really age appropriate. She's older than me, and I am too old for that.

Sofia usually looks amazing. This Marchesa sadly doesn't showcase her many assets.

Cameron's face looks better than it has lately, but that dress makes her look so boxy. I would like the color on her perhaps, with her light eyes, but this is overwhelming for some reason. I wonder if she congratulated Jessica Biel....
Doubt it!!

WUWT? said...

I can't BELIEVE I'm the only one to notice that you can see Lana Del Ray's black thong underwear through her dress. Look, you can even see the strings going to her hips. Tacky. I'm glad she wore the cape so no one had to see what the back view of that thong through the dress was.

Marie said...

Shame you didn't put Christina Ricci in - she totally had the best dress of the night.

mooshki said...

enver124, as gorgeous as she looks, I think Nina's infamous red dress was even more spectacular. I'd call this her "second best look yet."

WUWT?, I was just coming to say the same thing. Nasty!

Jessica Alba was right to go with Brad - he is doing an amazing job styling her.

Amy said...

Ooh, Gwenyth. That just isn't pretty.

C is for Cookie said...

How did Marc Jacobs NOT make it into the lineup?!?

enver124 said...


you are so right! i can't believe i forgot about her in that dress. she looked incredible in it. it fit her perfectly and the color was so stunning. i think that was donna karan also? i know she styled nina for the met ball. she seems to be a great fit for nina.

Mikah's Blog said...

AKA fancyscreenname....
Since we are going all "metallic" up in here, Carey M. does it best. Not to be out done... I can appreciate Marinas "drama".

Anonymous said...

Cameron Diaz looks 55 here.


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