Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Dating Game Returns - Celebrity Style

Yes, the producers of the show are calling it The Choice because it rhymes with The Voice and uses the same spinning chair gimmick, but if I'm Chuck Barris then I'm going to try and get a piece of the action because they are basically stealing the show the Dating Game. If you don't know who Chuck Barris is, then you have to Wiki the guy. Oh, and read his bio and even watch that wacky George Clooney CIA movie about him.

Anyway, back in the day, there was a show called the Dating Game and one person would be hidden away from their three prospective dates. The person could hear them but not see them. The person would ask questions and then pick someone based on the answers rather than their looks. They would then go on some crazy vacation together for their first date. Chaperoned. However the chaperone would get drunk a lot or end up sleeping with the contestant or the person they picked so this was not your typical chaperone. The Dating Game also had a celebrity version. See below for Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson on the show.

Anyway, The Choice is doing the same thing, but celebrities will be the person and regular people will be asked questions and the celebrity will have to pick who they want to date. Oh, and as for the celebrities? Jersey Shore people, Carmen Electra and Sophie Monk.


discoflux said...

I agree about watching the movie, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Sam Rockwell was great in it. That's another guy that doesn't do as much as I would like. Did anyone ever see Moon? That was a really, really good movie.

Tam said...

I saw Moon. I loved it.

a non a miss said...

Loved moon! Rockwell is so underrated.

hunter said...

I thought it was Chuck Woolery with the whole "two and two, right back atcha" at the commercial breaks.

Anyone else remember that?

Audrey said...

@ Hunter - that was Wheel of Fortune if I remember correctly.

discoflux said...

@hunter - That was Love Connection, not the dating game.

hunter said...

Thanks Audrey, I might have the wrong show but Pat Sajak did Wheel of Fortune.

Bally said...

Confessions of a Dangerous Minds is one of those movies I can watch over and over and never get tired of it. Nice to see it get a mention.

And, yes, Chuck Barris should at least try to sue them.

If you think about it, isn't America's Got Talent just The Gong Show with buzzers instead of a gong?

cheesegrater15 said...

I wonder if this will have a serial killer as a contestant, too.

AKM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AKM said...

Chuck Woolery was the original host of WOF. And the "two and two" thing was said by him on "The Love Connection."

hunter said...

LOVE CONNECTION!! Yes yes that was it. Thanks guys. :)

lazyday603 said...

in the late 60's Howard Hughes was all set to buy the ABC TV network at the request of Richard Nixon when he saw what he thought was an interracial pairing on The Dating Game. He threw a fit, called his business minions & cancelled the whole thing. So Nixon didn't get to have his own early version of Fox News Network to parrot the views of his party. Thank you Dating Game. (BTW, the woman making the selection on the Dating Game that day was a very light skinned African-American, so it was all a misconception on HH's part.)

Comma Chaser said...

Love Connection. Man, what a great show. Chuck Woolery was awesome, if for nothing else than giving us "Two and two" and a series of blingtastic watches he was always wearing. Need a Rolex that you could land a helicopter on? Call Chuck.

parissucksliterally said...

The producers should be put in front of a firing squad.

Goober said...

Hey, I was on The Dating Game (about 20 years ago!). Bachelorette #2 anyone? Hmmm?? Oh well, I guess nobody remembers me. Anyhoo.... I wasn't picked but I met the guy later at a theatre event and had a chance to speak with him. Turns out he never went on the date since the girl he picked was a mega-biotch (could have told him that!). The funny part was he (around 30 years old) asked to go on his date with the 16 year old girl who taped just before us but didn't like her date either. Fortunately it wasn't allowed - but what a perv!! For the record, he said he couldn't remember any of the contestants answers and just picked a number at the last second.

New Life and Attitude said...

I have to admit that I will probably watch at least a few episodes. I always loved the dating game and love connection.

EmEyeKay said...

Michael K. has the full list of contestants, it's pretty bad.

Jasmine said...

The video was FANTASTIC!

Awww, Farrah looks amazing, so young and sweet (musta been before Ryan O'Neil go to her).

Michael Jackson looked so shy and cute!

And they had a clip from In Living Color!

This was basically a video made out of magic and kittens and unicorns. Thanks Enty ;)

ForSure said...

Not watching this show. Tired of Z listers polluting my TV.

Steppy said...

@FS - I'm with you. Remember when contestants played a game then just went home and back to their lives??

What happened to all the old game shows? Joker's Wild, Sale of the Century?

My personal favorite - MTV Remote Control!

NYer said...

sophie monk!!

Unknown said...

Joe Jonas - I wonder what guy he will choose?
Pauly D - I kind of like him
Lil Romeo - who
Tyson Beckford -see Joe Jonas
Rima Faith - I pick...Jose Cuervo!
Carmen Elektra - ugh
Sohpie Monk - YOU GOT HERPES!
Rocco DiSpirito - see Joe Jonas
Warren Sapp - Really?
Finesse Mitchell - what all that snl money run out?
Jeremy Bloom - who
Jason Cook - who
Michael Catherwood - who
Seth Westcott - who
Parker Young - hot guy on Subergetory - see Joe Jonas
Taylor Hicks - I would pay to see the dissapointment when the girls find out who it is
The Situation - See Joe Jonas

Snakeoiler said...

Catherwood, the butler?

Unknown said...

Host of Lovelines? was on Dacning with the stars in fact most of the people on this show have a tie to reality show in some way other than Jonas who must be doing it to prove he is not gay.


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